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									                    SEEC Project Management System
                                      USER MANUAL
The SEEC PMS is intended to provide information in both detailed and summary form for use by
all involved in generating and running SEEC projects and in related administrative activities. It
       A system for project estimation and costing;
       A summary of individual project progress for regular reporting;
       A summary of all current SEEC projects;
       A sheet to assist project entry into the UniSA PQS system.

Related Documents
Project Workbook
This is an Excel Workbook. There is one for each project. The Project Workbook contains the
following work-sheets:-
       A Header sheet, with all data required for entry of the project into the PQS;
       A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) sheet;
       A Computation sheet, providing details of project costing;
       A Schedule sheet, providing information of cash flows vs time;
       A Salary sheet, providing salary charges per unit time;
       An Overheads sheet, providing details of salary on-costs and other charges;
       A Code sheet, providing codes useful for entry in the PQS system.

Project Summary
This sheet provides a summary of all current SEEC projects. It shows budgeted, actual and
committed expenditure over the reporting period, linked to whole-of-life data. It also shows the
profit from each project and the total for the Centre.

PQS System
The Project Quality System carries project information required by the University. It is necessary
to enter all projects into the PQS in order to provide the required information to the University
and to obtain a cost centre code for the Project.

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Adding a Project
Project Initiation
A new Project will be triggered by an event such as a Request for Quotation. This will lead to the
following action…

Create new Project Workbook                                                     Project Leader

Using the master (filename Project), modify the worksheet headings to reflect the new Project
and save it using the filename xxx Project, where xxx is the name by which you want to refer to
the Project. The name xxx should be short – 1-3 words. The new Project Workbook must be
saved into your folder in the Seecforum server. The individual Project Leader‟s folder will be
password protected, accessible only to the Project Leader, the Director and the Admin Manager.

Enter Header Sheet                                                              Project Leader

Enter the detail requested.
NOTE: The data entered here will then be reflected, where applicable, to other sheets within the

Structure Work-Packages                                                         Project Leader

In the WBS sheet of the new Project Workbook, set out the work-packages involved in carrying
out the Project. Identify the people required (by name if known, otherwise by level, taken from
the Salaries sheet). Include the time estimate for each person involved.

Even for the simplest projects, there will normally be two Work Packages:
    WP-1 Administration
    WP-2 Doing the job

More complex projects will require a more complete Work Breakdown Structure. Remember that
the WBS provides the basis of the cost estimation for your Project.

Complete the Computation Sheet                                                  Project Leader

Using the data from the WBS sheet, enter the cost items. Where possible, do this by linking to
the WBS sheet, not by data re-entry. Using data from the Salaries sheet, create links to the salary
rates to be used. Using links to the Overheads sheet, ensure that the correct overhead rate is
entered for each participant (some are not at the standard 30%).

Check the Uni, Division and School as well as SEEC off-takes. If they DO NOT apply, signify
this by putting a „0‟ in the “applicable” column. Don‟t do it any other way as it may confuse the

Check all aspects of project cost, making entries or changes where necessary. Note the

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       The project cost is based on the time spent on the job plus other costs. It is not based on
        what the market will bear.
       The Profit box is used by the Project Leader to derive the amount to be charged to the
        client. All projects should make a profit. If a Project is to be undertaken at a loss, it must
        be approved by the Centre Director.
       The Project profit will be allocated to the SEEC Trust Account. If this is to be changed,
        it must be with the authorisation of the Director.

Complete the Schedule Sheet                                                       Project Leader

Complete the top part (budget estimate) of the Schedule Sheet, linking to the Project quoted price
from the Computation sheet. Spread out the project income over the proposed project period.
Complete the Budget costing, spreading it out over the project period.

Confirm with people nominated in the project that they are able to commit to the work as and
when it is proposed in the Project Workbook.

Identify milestones and mark on sheet. Mark invoicing dates. Note: these dates are to prompt the
Admin Manager to check with the Project Leader to see if the project has progressed as intended
and invoicing is appropriate. If not, this is to be marked on the Schedule sheet, with a new
proposed invoicing date.

Obtain Director’s Approval                                                                Director

The Project must be approved by the SEEC Director and signed off. Particular issues which must
be approved include:-
       SEEC capacity and capability to do the job.
       Workload implications.
       Allocation of profit (for example, to recharge accounts).

The signed Project Workbook becomes the instruction to the SEEC Administration Manager on
when, where and how to allocate funds.

Provide Quotation                                                                 Project Leader

Provide letter to Client with quotation for the Project. The letter should follow the standard
format provided on the UniSA web site, including standard Terms. There are several alternatives
for different sizes of project. See .

Create File                                                                     Admin Manager

Create a file for the new Project (actually, only a proposal at this time) containing copies of the
Project Workbook sheets, as authorised by the Director, and the Quotation.

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Receive Acceptance                                                              Project Leader

Receive customer‟s acceptance of the quote. If this is oral, send an email confirming the
conversation to the Director, cc Admin Manager. Whatever mode of acceptance is used, a copy
is to be placed in the Project File.

Update Workbook                                            Project Leader, Admin Manager

Update the Project Workbook with any changes. Revise the Schedule sheet as needed. Take a
copy in this accepted form and add it to the Project File.

Add to PQS
Complete PQS sheet                                                              Project Leader

Complete the PQS sheet in the Project Workbook.

Insert new Project into PQS                                                   Admin Manager

Insert the Project into the PQS. Process it through the system and obtain Cost Centre code. Add
Cost Centre code to Project Workbook.

Add to Summary Sheet
Add Project to Summary Sheet                                                  Admin Manager

Insert the new Project into the Project Summary Sheet, on the Seecforum server. This Summary
Sheet is password accessible only to the Director and the Admin Manager.

Monitoring a Project
Regular Update
Update Summary Sheet                                                          Admin Manager

Once the Project has been launched the only sheet within the Project Workbook which is to be
updated is the Schedule Sheet. At regular intervals, normally monthly, the Admin Manager is to
add information from the University‟s Financial Reporting system to the Schedule sheet. This
will normally cover actual receipts and expenditure. If there has been no activity for the month,
enter “0” in some appropriate lines to indicate that this month has been added.

The progress chart on this sheet should update automatically, but should be checked and modified
if required.

Review Summary Sheet                                                            Project Leader

The Project Manager should print out a copy of the updated Schedule Sheet and review progress
of the Project. Notes on the project progress and status should be hand-written onto this print-out.
If invoicing is appropriate, notify the Admin Manager.

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Review Project Progress                           Project Leader, Director, Admin Manager

The Project Leader is to meet with the Director at regular intervals (normally monthly) to discuss
the progress of the project, as shown on the Schedule Sheet. Any notes from this meeting are to
be hand-written on the sheet. This annotated sheet (or a copy of it) is to be placed in the Project
File by the Admin Manager.

Update Project Summary Workbook                                               Admin Manager

The updated Project data is to be incorporated into the Project Summary workbook.

Completing a Project
Confirm Project Completion                                          Project Leader, Director

The Project Leader is to meet with the Director to confirm completion of the Project, delivery to
the Client of Project Deliverables, and to report client feedback. A current print-out of the
Schedule Sheet is to be marked as “Complete” and handed to the Admin Manager for filing.

Close Project in PQS                                      Admin Manager, Project Leader
The Admin Manager is to close the Project in the PQS, with assistance of the Project Leader
where required.

The Project File
The Project File should contain the following:-

       A print-out of the WBS, Computation and Schedule sheets (including any mark-ups) of
        the Project Workbook in the form in which the Project was quoted.
       A copy of the quotation.
       A copy of the quotation acceptance.
       A print-out of the WBS, Computation, Schedule and PQS sheets of the Project Workbook
        in the form in which the Project was accepted by the Client.
       A print-out of the information sheet on the new Project from the PQS.
       Copies of monthly reports on the Project from Finance 1.
       Copies of the Schedule sheet, including all mark-ups, from the regular review meetings.
       Copies of all project correspondence, including copies of relevant emails. Not all emails
        need be filed so long as all are retained and backed-up, and can be accessed if necessary.
       A copy of Project Deliverables.

The Project File is to be maintained by the Admin Manager.

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