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                                      It’s all about balancing your business.

                                                                        All packages can be tailored to suit your needs,
                                                                     and services can be rendered with a flat hourly fee.
Listing Support Services
Is your To-Do list too long? Overwhelmed, but aren’t ready to hire an Admin? Our Listing Support
Services will provide top-quality customer service to your listings, allowing more time for you to
concentrate on lead generation. We’ll begin by creating or polishing your Listing and Closing
Action Plans (a separate service necessary for this support). Next, we’ll determine the services you
need and frequency of assistance. Rates vary based on your needs.

Basic Listing Initiating Package –                                                                              $45
Input your new listing into Trend MLS* -

                • Photos provided by agent
                • Publish & print listing from Trend
                • Upload Seller’s Disclosure to Trend
                • Convey showing instructions to showing desk receptionist

Basic Listing PLUS Flyer Package –                                                                              $89
Basic Package, plus flyer creation using preexisting template. Send out flyer or “general
announcement” email via your TopProducer.

ADD ON! (or individual service) Custom flyer or brochure template design –                                  add $45
One-time fee for personalized, high quality template that you can use for future listings.

Quick Flyer                                                                                     $25
Need a last minute, quick flyer for listings, open houses, broker’s opens, using a general template?

Photo Package (photographs only) -                                                                            $65**

Photo Package Plus -                                                                                        $104**
Includes Basic Package, plus Cornerstone photographer will take photos.

CD Rom Photo Package –                                                                          Price Coming Soon!
20 labeled CD’s with up to 20 photos of property or Virtual Tour.

*Listing Load in Trend and flier creation requires a completed Listing Packet from agent.
**Plus $0.50/mile travel expense

                                 Packages may be adjusted to meet your budget.

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