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									   the 100th human by Chris Fenwick

                              The 100Th Human

December 2012 - The final day of the 5000 year old Mayan calendar
nears. The world is in turmoil - as wars and international tensions continue.
People everywhere seem lost in the complications of day to day struggles -
poverty - misfortune - anger and greed. A small team of scientists have
uncovered a riddle concerning this End of Days. As they reveal the
symbolic meaning of the riddle, their serendipitous mission is discovered
by the Ancient Fraternity of the Veni Victus - determined to thwart such
revelations. These two powers - of good and evil - converge. Only the
spirits of the ancients know the outcome. The 100th Human is a spiritual
quest delving deeply into matters of physics, metaphysics, evolution and
the human condition. Join Jack, Apu and Alana as they race against time
searching for those who can assist in revealing the mystery of the ancient
symbols - before time literally runs out. See the Book Trailer on YouTube! -

Personal Review: the 100th human by Chris Fenwick
I loved this book. It really made me feel like I wanted to tell the whole
world how important this time is coming up to 2012 and why.I couldn't put it
down, which is unusual for me with a book. Well done Chris Fenwick, I
just had to keep reading the next page. And the End, yes the End - perfect.
I told all my Facebook Friends about this book and recommended they
read it. Tried to find at local bookstores, but no-one had it so I ordered it
off Amazon. Thanks Chris Fenwick and to my friend Sue who passed it to
me to read..:-)

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