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					                 Sock by Penn Jillette

                          Penn Rocks! Monkey Socks!

Twisting the buddy cop story upside down and inside out, Penn Jillette has
created the most distinctive narrator to come along in fiction in many years:
a sock monkey called Dickie. The sock monkey belongs to a New York
City police diver who discovers the body of an old lover in the murky
waters of the Hudson River and sets off with her best friend to find her
killer. The story of their quest swerves and veers, take s off into
philosophical riffs, occasionally stops to tell a side story, and references a
treasure trove of 1970s and 1980s pop culture.

Sock is a surprising, intense, fascinating piece of work.

Personal Review: Sock by Penn Jillette
I am a big fan of P&T and have enjoyed many of their prior books (How to
Play in Traffic, et al.). I really like what Penn has to say even though I
don't always agree with him. I also don't mind the way he says it, but I
agree with some other reviewers that, in thinking about it, he could
probably get the message out there as well or better by toning some
elements down just a pinch (i.e., sexuality, language and blasphemy).

That said, I'm sending this book to my closest pals because I think that
there are some incredible ideas in here presented in a magnificent way.
The story was very good--a nice, simple taut thriller. The characters,
however, were brilliant. Penn has tremendous insight into people and I
feel like I learn so much by his observations and characterizations.
Philosophically, the book is powerful and, by presenting itself in the context
of characters and story, it is able to convey more complex ideas in a way
that really gets to the heart of things.

Religion, sex, prejudice, love, faith--I mean, he covers ALL of this and then
some. He peppers it with observations, pet peeves, and pop-culture that I
really enjoyed.

You have to get past his brashness to see his point--well, he might argue
that the brashness is part of the point--but I think this is powerful stuff. A
neat book to read and discuss with lots of fun, self-aware moments.

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