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									                       City of Lake Dallas Community Development
                212 Main Street, Lake Dallas TX 75065, 940-497-2226, Ext. 110

                                 Application for Fence Permit
Address ________________________________________________________________________

Owner ________________________________________Phone ___ ________________________

Contractor _________________________ Phone __________________Fax No.______________

Contractor’s Address _____________________________________________________________

Cost of Labor and Material _______________________ Total Linear Ft. __________________

New Fence ______________ Replacing or Repairing Fence_ _________________

Residential Fence Permit Fee: $50.00
Commercial Fence Permit Base on Fee Schedule

Read Before Signing

I hereby agree that if a permit is issued, all the provisions of the City Ordinance and State Laws will
be complied with, whether specified or not. All fences must have a permit before erection is
commenced and all fences must be inspected after completion.

_________________________________                           ______________________________
      Fence Contractor/Owner                                          Representative

Inspection Schedule

       All inspections will be scheduled the next business day after requested.
       If a job fails, a $50.00 re-inspection fee will be assessed and must be paid in advance of final
                Green Tag = Passed Inspection.
                Red Tag       = Failed Inspection (Details of failure written on tag). If you have any
                 questions, please call 940-497-2226 Ext. 110.

Office Use Only:                                                                      12/15/2008

Issuance Date __________________ Permit No. _______________ Permit Fee ______________

    ________________________________________                ______________________________
              Permit Tech                                                Date

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