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									GRADE 5 MATH

                                                          Ongoing Skills Grade 5 Math

Application of skills in word problems
Estimation (rounding, front end, compatible, clustering
Check for reasonableness of answers
Problem solving to include sufficient/insufficient information & strategies
Order of magnitude
Mastery of basic facts – addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
Estimation is emphasized all year

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\998fc614-5b22-4a6f-b90a-1b42801034ac.doc                         -1-
                                     GRADE 5 MATH FIRST SIX WEEKS
Benchmark      Page/Activity        Objective or Benchmark              Homework                  Test   Date Taught
N3, G6,        10-11                Use graphs to analyze data          Close & assess            ITBS
D6                                                                      page 11
D1, D2,        12-13                Use a line graph to analyze data    Reteach Another           ITBS
M1, D4                                                                  Look 1-2
G6, D2,        14B                  Use a stem and leaf plot to         #1-8, pp. 14-15           ITBS
D6                                  interpret data                                                L 21
N3, G6, D1,    18-19                Solve problems by using a guide     Reteach #1-5              ITBS
D3                                                                                                L 21
A1, A2, A3,    22 Explore and       Explore algebra by finding a rule   Pg. 23, #1, 3, 5, 7, 9,   ITBS
A4             Connect                                                  16                        L 21
N3, N6, G6,    29 Problem solving   Choose a scale when making a bar    Enrichment 1-8            ITBS
D1, D6         and careers          graph                                                         L 21
P2, P4, D1,    Investigations 1     Using line plots to represent two   Teacher Discretion        ITBS
D2, D6, M1,                         data sets, Comparing 2 data sets,                             L21
M3                                  Finding medians and other
M4, A3, A4                          fractional parts of data sets,
                                    Making hypothesis based on
                                    comparisons of two data sets, and
                                    Making statements based on data
N3M, N5M,      Explore p. 36        Solve problems by using logical     Check, p. 37              ITBS
N6M, G6M                            reasoning                                                     L 21
N3, N6, G6,    30-31 Explore and    Explore making line graphs          Pg. 31, 1-5               ITBS
D1, D6         connect                                                                            L 21
                                   Use assessment on graphing CD to
                                   create appropriate test
D1, D2, D6,    Investigation 2 in  Collecting and examining data                                  ITBS
N2, N4, N5,    book Investigations that involve more than one
N7, A1, A3,    in Numbers, Data,   variable, Making representations
A4, A5         and Space(Patterns  of numerical and categorical
               of                  variables, Using fractions and
               Change).”Examining percentages to understand
               Cats”)              categorical and numerical data,

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\998fc614-5b22-4a6f-b90a-1b42801034ac.doc                                                        -2-
                                        Exploring the way two variables
                                        in a data set might be related, and
                                        Learning to enter and analyze data
                                        in a computer database.
N1, N2, N6, P3 52-55, 58-59             Understand, read, write numbers       Pg. 59, 5-17      ITBS
               Explore p. 52            through billions, explore place
                                        value relationships
N2, N4, P1      60B Another way to      Compare/order whole numbers           Practice WB 2-5   ITBS
N2, N6          66-67, 70-71,           Showing, reading, and writing         Practice 2-9      ITBS
                activity pg. 66         decimals through thousandths
*N4, N6, N7,    112-113 Explore,        Identify patterns and use the basic   Reteach 3-1       ITBS
P3              Connect, Practice       properties commutative,
                (problems that are      associative, and distributive
                multiples of 3)

* N2, N5, N7    114B Learn,             Use rounding to estimate products     Reteach 3-2       ITBS
                115 Problem solving
* N1, N7        120-121 Game            Multiply by 2 digit numbers (open     P. 119 #47-50,    ITBS
                                        lesson with the fact that             Reteach 3-3
                                        multiplication is repeated
* N1, N4, N6,   Learn p. 122,           Use the distributive property to      Reteach 3-4       ITBS
N7              Enrichment 3-4          multiply
* P1, P4, P3,   Explore, Connect, &     (Introduce divisibility rules)        Reteaching 3-6    ITBS
N4              Practice (multiples     Explore patterns with multiples
                of 4) and pp. 33 &
                35, 126-127
* P1, P4, P3,   Practice 3-6 (p. 134-   Explore patterns with multiples       Problem solving   ITBS
N4              135)                                                          3-6

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\998fc614-5b22-4a6f-b90a-1b42801034ac.doc                                        -3-
* N6, N7, P1,   134B Inclusion and    Explore decimal patterns         Enrichment 3-8         ITBS
P2              language
                P. 134 # 1,2,3,
                Connect p. 135
* N2, N7,       Reteaching 3-9,       Use rounding and compatible      Practice P. 137 #6,     ITBS
                Learn p. 136          numbers to estimate products     11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16,
* N1            138B Learn,           Multiply a decimal by a whole    Problem solve 3-10      ITBS
                138 Learn, p. 139     number
                Practice (multiples
                of 5)

* N2, N5        P. 140 Problem        Problem solving using multiple   Problem solving 3-11   ITBS
                Solving Learn,        steps

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\998fc614-5b22-4a6f-b90a-1b42801034ac.doc                                       -4-
                                      GRADE 5 MATH SECOND SIX WEEKS
Benchmark      Page Number and       Objective or Benchmark             Suggested               Tested   Date Taught
               Activity              Description                        Homework
N1, N4, N7     Learn P.168B,         Introduce division as repeated     Reteach 4-1             ITBS
               Lang. Dev. P.         subtraction as demonstrated by
               168B, Learn P. 168    Becky Loupe. Review the
                                     meaning of division.
N1, N4, N7,    Prob. Solving 4-1,    Meaning of division and patterns   Problem Solving 4-2     ITBS
               Inclusion 170B,       to divide
               Explore 170, #1
N4             Learn 178B,           Divide by a 1 digit divisor        Pg. 179 #’s             ITBS
               Inclusion 178B,                                           2, 4, 8, 10, 13, 18,
               Learn 178, Check,                                        20,
               179 #’s
N2             Learn 180B, Learn     Solve problems using remainders    Practice 4-6            ITBS
               180, Check 181,
               Practice 181, #’s
               5,7, 9
A1, A2, A3     Learn 182B,           Estimate to help place the first   Practice 4-7 (Evens     ITBS
               Inclusion 182B,       digit in the Quotient              Only)
               Learn 182, Check
               183, Multiples of 3
D6             Explore 190B,         Explore Mean                       Practice 4-9            ITBS
               Lang. Dev. 190B,
               Connect 191,
               Practice 191 #’s 1,
               5, 8
A1             Explore 194,          Explore products & quotients       Reteach 4-10            ITBS
               Practice Even #’s     (Review Vocab: Factor, Quotient,
                                     Product, Dividend, Divisor,

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\998fc614-5b22-4a6f-b90a-1b42801034ac.doc                                                        -5-
N4              “Don’t Block Me      To practice division skills          P. 214 #’s 1-10, 26,    ITBS
                In Game” 206                                              30
N1, N2, N4     Learn 202B,           Find the factors of a number         Practice 203 #’s 6-26   ITBS
               inclusion 202B,                                            Even
               Learn 202, Check
N1, N2, D3, P2 Explore 204B,         Explore prime & composite            Practice 4-14 (Use      ITBS
               Explore 204,          numbers (Also show stairstep         factor tree or
               Connect 205,          method)                              stairstep)
               Practice 205 #’s 2-
               20 Even
N4, N7,N5      Calculating           To divide whole numbers and                                  ITBS
               Quotients 218G        decimals with a calculator
               Read 218-219
P1, P2, P3, P4 Explore 222           Explore division with multiples of   Enrichment 5-1 #’s      ITBS
               Connect 223           10                                   1-10
               Practice 223 #’s 2-
               16 even and 24-27
N7             Learn 230-231         Divide with 2 digit divisors (Use    Problem Solving 5-4     ITBS
               Check 231 #’s 2-      Becky Loupe’s Method)                #’s 4,5,6B
               25, Multiples of 3
N7             Learn 224-225         Divide greater numbers with a 2      P. 236 #’s 19,24,29,    ITBS
               Check 1-10 Even       digit divisor                        34, 39
               Enrichment 5-5
N1             Learn 242B, Learn     Divide whole numbers with zeros      Reteaching Another      ITBS
               242, Practice 243     in the quotient                      Look 5-7 (Odd #’s)
               #’s 10, 11, 22, 23,
               24, 25, 26
N4, A1, A2,    Explore 241,          Explore Algebra by using             P. 245 #’s 21, 23 25,   ITBS
A3             Connect 245,          expressions                          29, 30
               Practice 245 #’s
               1,3, 7, 13, 14, 19
N1, N6, N7, P1 Explore 252 Work      Explore division of Decimals by      Enrichment 5-11         ITBS
               Together 253          10, 100, and 1,000

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\998fc614-5b22-4a6f-b90a-1b42801034ac.doc                                          -6-
N2, P1         74-75, Explore 75      Compare/ Order decimals use        Practice 2-11        ITBS
                                      10X10 grids
N2, P1         76-77 Open with        Round decimals to nearest whole,   Practice 2-12        ITBS
               problem solving        tenth, and hundredth
               worksheet 2-12
               make transparency
N5, A1, A2,    90-91, Use grid        Adding and subtracting decimals    Problem Solving 2-   ITBS
A5             paper to plot out                                         16
               decimals. Put each
               number and
               decimal in one
               square to teach
               them to line up
               decimals. Use
               problems 1-14 P.91
N4             92-97 Use graph        Add/Subtract decimals through      98 #’s 1-15          ITBS
               paper as in 90-91 to   the hundredths
               line up decimals
               teach skill by

N2, N5, A5     100-101 Learn 100      Analyze word problems by           101 #’s 3-7          ITBS/L21
               and check              choosing an operation
N4, N1, D3     144B 3-12, 3-13,       Introduce lesson using another     150 Multiples of 4   ITBS
               154 3-15               way to learn 154
               Practice skill again   Multiplying decimals               Practice Worksheet   ITBS
               (Reteach)                                                 3-15

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\998fc614-5b22-4a6f-b90a-1b42801034ac.doc                                          -7-
N4             200-201 (Note:       Divide decimals to thousandths   Practice 4-12   ITBS
               Place decimal in
               quotient before
               dividing activity-
               close and assess
               201) Use as a
               guide; pair
               students and have
               each write 5
               problems and trade
               problems to solve
               & check

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\998fc614-5b22-4a6f-b90a-1b42801034ac.doc                             -8-
                                       GRADE 5 MATH THIRD SIX WEEKS
Benchmark         Page/Activity                         Objective or Benchmark        Homework       Test     Date Taught
M5, M1, G4        388, 389 Use Investigations           Measure length using            Pg. 389, 7-17 ITBS/L21
                  Session 3, pg. 19 from Estimating     fractional parts of an inch
                  and Measuring to intro. Measuring
M5, M1, G4, P2    390B-390, 391. Do activity on pg.     Change units among feet,          Workbook         ITBS/L21
                  390B to familiarize students with     yards, and miles                  practice 8-15
                  converting measurements
                  (Give students cheat sheet on
                  measurements ie. 1 ft = 12 inches)
M1, M3, M4, M5    Give cheat sheet on measurement.      Change among ounces,              Another Look     ITBS/L21
                  Give students examples to work        pounds, and tons                  or re-teach
                  after you model skill. Use practice                                     11-6
N6, M1, M3, M4    (Refer to measurement sheet from      Changing between grams and        Practice 11-7    ITBS/L21
                  above.) Activity pg. 48               kilograms
                  Investigations Estimating and
N6, M1 M3, M4     504B Learn 11-8                       Read temperature on a             Pg. 505 (1-11,   ITBS/L21
                                                        thermometer and calculate         19)
                                                        changes in temperature. Find
                                                        differences in Celsius and
M1, M3, M4, M5    Investigations Estimating and         Explore volume, measure with      Pg. 61         ITBS/L21
                  measuring pg. 58 session 4            liters; compare metric and U.S.   homework
                                                        standard measures of liquid       student sheet
                                                        quantity                          16
N6, M1, M3, M4    (Use cheat sheet on measurement)      Change between milliliters and    Practice 11-11 ITBS/L21
                  Learn pg. 512. Do check pg. 513.      liters
                  Have students do journal from
                  close and assess pg. 513

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\998fc614-5b22-4a6f-b90a-1b42801034ac.doc                                                       -9-
M1, M3, M4, M5    514 Do learn and check               Connect units of volume,         Pg. 515 #1-9   ITBS
                                                       capacity, and mass
                  Assess measurement using test on
                  CD rom

P3                270B Lang. Development; p 270        Show and name lines and          Practice 6-1
                  Learn (Be sure to emphasize          angles
                  vocabulary) Check and Practice, p.
G2                Explore and work together P 272-     Explore measuring angles         Practice 6-2
                  273 Connect p. 273 Practice P 273
G7, D3            Learn, p. 274; Check, p. 275;        Classify triangles               Practice 6-3   ITBS/L21
                  Practice P 275
G7, D3            Reteach Another Look 6-3,            Classify triangles               Problem        ITBS/L21
                  Enrichment 6-3                                                        solving 6-3
G5, G1, G2        31 investigation in Numbers, Data,         Reasoning and             ITBS/L21
                  and Space Picturing Polygons                communicating about
                  “Triangles and Quadrilaterals”              properties of geometric
                                                             Sorting & classifying
                                                              triangles and
                                                             Developing vocabulary
                                                              to describe special
                                                              triangles and
                                                             Generating geometric
                                                              figures from
                                                              descriptions of their
                                                             Estimating and
                                                              measuring the size of
                                                              angles and turns

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\998fc614-5b22-4a6f-b90a-1b42801034ac.doc                                                   - 10 -
G7                276-277                              Classify quadrilaterals               Practice 6-4    ITBS

G3, G7            Learn, p. 284B, Learn, p. 284,       Identify similar and congruent        Practice 6-6
                  Check, p. 284, Practice, p. 285      polygons                              ITBS/L21
G1, G2, G4, G5,   Investigations in Number, data, and      Distinguishing between           Use suggested   ITBS/L21
G6, G7            space; Picturing Pg. 3-27; “Identify         polygons and shapes           homework in
                  Polygons”                                    that are not polygons         the book
                  THIS TAKES SEVERAL DAYS                  Drawing polygons                 Another Look
                                                           Locating points on a
                  Vocabulary – copy pg. 27 and                 coordinate grid
                  share with students                      Using the geo-lego
                                                               commands to setxy and
                                                               jumpto to draw
                                                               polygons on the
                                                           Recognizing and
                                                               naming polygons by
                                                               number of sides
N4, G7, G3        286B explore and Language            Explore geometry in motion            Practice 6-7    ITBS/L21
                  Development; understanding
                  p. 286-287 Connect and Practice
                  P. 288 Explore
                  p. 289 Connect; p. 289 Practice
G2, G3, G5        Investigations 3 Picturing Polygons      Distinguishing between                           ITBS/L21
                  “Regular Polygons and Similarity”            regular and non-regular
                                                              Exploring the relationship
                                                               between the number of sides
                                                               a polygon has and the sums
                                                               of its turns and angles
                                                              Exploring relationships
                                                               among angles, line lengths,
                                                               and areas of similar
                                                              Comparing areas of shapes

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\998fc614-5b22-4a6f-b90a-1b42801034ac.doc                                                         - 11 -
N1, N2, N3, N5,   Investigation 1 Name that Portion         Relating fractions,        Use as           ITBS/L21
P1, P3            Exploring Percents and Fractions           decimals, and percents     suggested in
                  P. 2                                    Using fractions to           book
                  3-5 days                                   describe how many in a
                                                             group share a particular
                                                          Represent fractions and
                                                             percents on a number
                                                          Finding equivalent
                                                             fractions and percents
                                                          Ordering fractions and
                                                          Interpreting common
                                                             uses of percent
                                                          Illustrating and
                                                             identifying percents on
                                                             10X10 grids
                  476B, 476-477 Explore, Connect,     Explore circumference             Practice 10-16    476B,
                  Practice                            Language Development                               476-477
                                                      Pay particular attention to

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\998fc614-5b22-4a6f-b90a-1b42801034ac.doc                                                     - 12 -
                                    GRADE 5 MATH FOURTH SIX WEEKS
Benchmark      Page Number and     Objective or Benchmark            Suggested             Tested      Date Taught
               Activity            Description                       Homework
N1, N3, N5,    304B optional       Explore equivalent fractions       305 #’s 1-13          ITBS/L21
N8             Inclusion Activity
               Egg carton
               fractions (gather
               egg cartons before
N1, N2         (Review factors)    Find the greatest common factor   Reteach 7-4 Another    ITBS
               308B Inclusion                                        Look
               Venn Diagrams
               Use practice 7-4 as
               whole group
N1             310B Greatest       Find the simplest form of a       311 #’s 8-24 even,     ITBS
               common factor       fraction                          and #40
               activity Use check
N1             Introduce the task  Use a calculator to simplify a    None                   ITBS
               on 312. Work        fraction
               together and
               exercises 313 Go to
               extension &
N2             Use enrichment      Compare and order fractions       315 #’s 1-15           ITBS
               sheet 7-6 as a
               whole group lesson
               God over Connect

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\998fc614-5b22-4a6f-b90a-1b42801034ac.doc                                                      - 13 -
N3             Do “learn” 324        Write improper fractions as mixed      325 #’s 8-12, 18-22    ITBS
               together. Discuss     numbers and mixed numbers as
               and check. Use        improper fractions
               practice 7-10 as
               whole group
N1             Acvitivy like         Add/subtract fractions with like       349 #’s 6-20           ITBS
               denominators          denominators
               348B. Do “Check”
N1, N2         Learn & check 352.    Find the least common                  Reteach Another        ITBS
               Use practice 8-3 as   denominator for 2 or more              Look 8-3
               whole group           fractions
N1, N6         Do “learn” 354        Add fractions with unlike              Another look           ITBS
               examples 1-3 and      denominators, find LCD (least          Reteach 8-4
               Talk about it 355.    common denominator)
               May use calculator
               to find LCD
               Do Check 355
N1, N4         Do Learn 360 Talk     Subtract fractions with unlike         361 #’s 7-16           ITBS
               about it and check    denominators and find LCD
               Do practice 8-6 as    Calculators can be used to find
               whole group           LCD
N2, N4         Review briefly        Students will practice skills taught   Any unfinished class   ITBS
               adding/subtracting    in lessons 1-6                         work
               fractions with
               Assign 1-41

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\998fc614-5b22-4a6f-b90a-1b42801034ac.doc                                           - 14 -

N1, N3, N4     Review skill of      Add and subtract mixed numbers   373 #’s 8-24       ITBS
               Model using whole
               numbers. Do
               “Learn” examples
               1, 2. Discuss 372
               Check 373
N1, N6, N7     Do “Using mental     Multiply whole numbers by a      Another Look 9-2   ITBS
               math” 406B Learn     fraction
               406 examples 1 & 2
N1, N4, N6     Do “Learn” 412 Go    Multiply fractions               413 #’s 7-19       ITBS
               over examples
               orally and discuss
               practice sheet 9-5
               as whole group
N1, N3         Do “Learn” 422       Multiply whole numbers and       423 #’s 8-17       ITBS
               examples 1 & 2       mixed numbers
               Talk about it. Do
               enrichment 9-8 and
N1, N4         Do “division         Explore division of fractions    429 #’s 7-21       ITBS/L21
               techniques” 428B
               Explore 428
               Connect 429

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\998fc614-5b22-4a6f-b90a-1b42801034ac.doc                                    - 15 -
                                       GRADE 5 MATH FIFTH SIX WEEKS
Benchmark       Page Number and      Objective or Benchmark               Suggested            Tested      Date Taught
                Activity             Description                          Homework
D2, D4, D5      Explore & work       Explore probability and fairness      Another look 12-8    ITBS
                together 546 do
                practice 547 as a
D2, D3, D4,     Do “Explore &        Explore predicting from samples      Another Look 12-9     ITBS
D5              work together” 548
                Connect 549
D2, D3, D4,     Explore 550 and      Explore predicting from              551 #’s 1-7           ITBS
D5              work together Do “   experiments
                Talk about it 550
                Connect 551
D2, D3, D4,     Learn & Work         Solve problems by making a list      Practice Worksheet    ITBS
D5              Together 552-553,                                         12-11
                Check 553 Orally
D2, D3, D4,     Learn 554B 554-      Express probability as a fraction    555 #’s 3-16          ITBA
D5              555
N5, P2, P3 ,P4, Explore & Work       Explore percent patterns             Another Look 12-5     ITBS
P5              together 538 Do
                connect orally
                Practice 539 as
                whole group
N5, N6, N7      Review Previous      Find the percent of a number         Another Look 12-7     ITBS
                skill taught. Do
                learn 542 Talk
                about it & check
N2, N4, D2      Investigations       Represent population as a fraction   None                  ITBS/L21
                Work book            and percent, Choose survey
                (Fractions,          questions, and plan how to collect
                percents,&           data
                decimals) 102

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\998fc614-5b22-4a6f-b90a-1b42801034ac.doc                                                          - 16 -
                 Session 1 Activities
N1, N4, N8       Do “Learn” 528         Write and simplify ratios           529 #’s 4-13        ITBS
                 Talk about it 528
                 Do “Check” for
                 understanding Use
                 worksheet 12-1 as
                 whole group
N8, P1, P2, P4   Go over vocabulary     Use ratio tables to write           Another Look 12-2   ITBS
                 530 Do “Learn”         proportions
                 examples 1& 2
                 Talk about it Check
                 531 Practice 12-2
                 as whole group
N8, A3, A4,      Do Explore 532         Explore equal ratios                533 #’s 1-9         ITBS
A5               together Connect
N1, N4, N8,      Review Ratio 536       Review ratio and proportions and    Practice Ch. 12     ITBS
P1, P2, P4                              Use ratio to write proportions      Section A
N3, N5, D1,      Investigation-         Interpreting circle graphs,                             ITBS/L21
D2               (Name That             Matching circle graphs with data
                 Portion, 145)          statements, Interpreting everyday
                 Interpreting           situations what involve percents,
                 Percents 114           and Compiling and organizing
                                        survey results
N6, M1, M2,      Explore 440,           Explore estimating and measuring    Practice 10-1       ITBS/L21
M3               Connect 440,           length
                 Practice 441
G1, G2, G5       Explore, Connect,      Explore perimeter of polygons       Practice 451 (Odd   ITBS/L21
M3               Practice (Even)                                            Only)
G1, G2, G5       Problem Solving        Explore perimeter of polygons                           ITBS/L21
                 10-5 Reteaching
                 Another Look 10-5

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\998fc614-5b22-4a6f-b90a-1b42801034ac.doc                                            - 17 -
M1, G1, G2,    Explore 452         Explore perimeter of a rectangle   Practice 453 #’s 1-14    ITBS/L21
G5             Connect 453                                            Even
               Practice 10-5
M1, G1, G2,    Practice 10-8       Explore area of a rectangle        Practice 459 #’s 1, 5,
G5             Explore & Connect                                      10, 15

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\998fc614-5b22-4a6f-b90a-1b42801034ac.doc                                           - 18 -
                                        GRADE 5 MATH SIXTH SIX WEEKS
Benchmark                                          Objective                      Homework       Tested      Date Taught and Comments
A1, A2, M6,      472b Lesson 10-14    Explore algebra by balancing         Problem solving 10-   ITBS/ L21
G1                Practice 10-14      equations; inclusion                 14
                                      Cultural Connections
M6, G1, G2,      Explore              Explore area of right triangle       Practice workbook     ITBS/ L21
G5               Pg. 464-465          Use a geoboard and calculator        10-10
                 Connect & practice
M6, G1, G2,      Explore p. 466-467   Area of a right triangle             Another look 10-11    ITBS/ L21
G5               Connect & practice
                 1,2,3, 5, 8
M6, G1, G2,      Explore p. 468 &     Explore area of other polygons.      Practice workbook     ITBS/ L21
G4               connect p. 469       Use geoboards                        10-12
                 Use practice pg.
                 469 as whole group
N6, M6, G1,      Explore & Connect    Explore area of parallelograms       Another Look 10-13    ITBS/ L21
G2               pg. 470-471
A3, A4, M6,      Learn, check &       Solve problems by looking for a      Another Look 10-15    ITBS/ L21
G1               practice pg. 474-    pattern
N1               106 Math Magazine    Addition & subtraction               None                  ITBS/ L21
                 1-13 all             Identify & write Roman numerals
N1               163 # 1-3            Practice cumulative review for 6th                         ITBS/ L21
                 pg. 297 #1-6         grade
N1               435 & 563            Practice cumulative review for 6th   None                  ITBS
                 Investigation 2      2 days                               None                  ITBS/ L21
N1, P1, P2, P3   from Between
                 Never and Always
                 Investigations pg.   8 to 10 days to complete
                 28-51 session from
                 Patterns of Change

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\998fc614-5b22-4a6f-b90a-1b42801034ac.doc                                                        - 19 -

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