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									  Market Introduction
Market Facts
Contract Pharma is the magazine that defines outsourcing for the global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical
industries. Why choose Contract Pharma?

  • From an independent market research survey by Harvey Research, 84% of readers surveyed have reported
    taking action as result of reading Contract Pharma.
  • They have referred or discussed an ad or article.
  • They have visited advertisers’ web sites.
  • They have requested additional information from a company.
  • They have bought and recommended the purchase of products.

Reach your target market in the $45 billion Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical contract services and
outsourcing industry. (Source: Kalorama Information)

Contract Pharma devotes more editorial coverage to contract services and outsourcing than any other publication.

Contract Pharma is the advertising market share leader for contract services and outsourcing providers to the
Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industries.

  Global Drug Development Expenditures and                                Global Contract manufacturing Market:
   Outsourced Drug Development Spending                                         Primary, Sterile Secondary,
                                                                                  and Biomanufacturing

                                                                 (in billions)




      $0       $15      $30      $45     $60       $75
                                                 (in billions)


(source: Kalorama Information)

It’s clear that creating a strong advertising message is only the start. The more you repeat it, the stronger
it gets. Our advertisers know the value of a consistent presence. You will see advertisers repeat their
message in CONTRACT PHARMA again and again.

  Circulation: 20,000* BPA Audited

                                                                                                                                Introduction / Circulation / Readership
Contract Pharma is the only worldwide publication focused on contract services for the Pharmaceutical and
Biopharmaceutical industries. Contract Pharma delivers a total qualified circulation of 20,000*

United States - 14,814 • Canada/Mexico - 942 • International - 4,244

The average number of readers per copy is 2.2, which extends the reading audience to 34,412.
(Publisher's own data from Harvey Research)

This targeted and focused circulation is your assurance that your message will reach an outsourcing decision-making audience.

  Subscriber Profile*
                Business / Industry                                                          Reach Top Companies
                                                                                             AKZO NOBEL
                                                                                             ELI LILLY & CO.
               Primary Job Function                                                          GENZYME
                                                                                             JOHNSON & JOHNSON
                                                                                             MERCK & CO.
                                                                                             MERCK KGA
                                                                                             NOVO NORDISK
                                                                                             PROCTER & GAMBLE
                                                                                             SCHERING AG
*BPA qualified subscribers (June 2006 statement)

  Editorial Topics / Columns & Departments
  Every issue of Contract Pharma is devoted to outsourcing — from drug discovery to commercial manufacturing. In the
nine editorial issues in 2006, we published over 550 editorial pages devoted to outsourcing.
  Contract Pharma devotes more editorial coverage to contract services and outsourcing than any other publication.
Contract Pharma is the advertising market share leader for contract services and outsourcing providers to the
Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industries.

  2007 Columns & Departments & Editorial Topics
Columns                              News Departments                   Editorial Topics
FDA Watch                            Industry News                      PAT for CMOs                       Clinical Trials Abroad
Preclinical Outsourcing              Packaging & Tracking               Parenteral Update                  Aseptic Processing
Bio News & Views                     Custom Sourcing                    3PL & Cold Chain                   Contract Chemistry
Financial Analysis                   Trials & Filings                      Management                      Advances in eCTD
Managing Your Career                 Promotions & Moves                 IT Forum                           Contracts and Contracting
The Lowe Down                        Collaborations & Alliances         Site Lines - Site Selection &      Project Management Skills
India Report                         Financial Reports                     Design                          Microbiology Issues
Ask the Board                        Associations & Events              Globalizing Pharma &               Planning CMC
Data Watch                                                                 Biopharma                       Learn and Confirm

        For guidelines on submitting articles and news releases, contact Editor Gil Roth ( at (201) 825-2552, ext. 340
                                              or visit

  Special Editorial Features
April                         June                        July/August                 September                   December
Glossary of Pharma &          Annual Salary Survey        Top 10 Biopharma Report     Contract Pharma             Corporate Capabilities &
Biopharma Terms                                                                       Conference Preview          Contract Services Directory

              PLUS: Contract Pharma/Nutraceuticals World Annual Manufacturing Supplement (March),
                                      and Annual Outsourcing Survey (May)

  Contracting & Outsourcing Conference
                                In 2007, Contract Pharma will host its 6th Annual Contracting & Outsourcing Conference and
                              Tabletop Exhibition! This event brings together speakers from the FDA, industry leaders, and
                              expert analysts to discuss issues critical to success for Pharma & Biopharma.
                                Featuring a one-day Tabletop Exhibition of more than 125 top contract service providers, this
                              annual meeting provides excellent exposure to outsourcing decision makers. The September issue
                              of Contract Pharma offers the Conference Preview, including the popular Exhibitor Showcase!

  Value-Added Services

                                                                                                                                       Editorial Topics / Value-Added Services
Reaching hard-to-reach outsourcing decision-makers
  In a time when every budget item is under scrutiny, the accuracy of hitting the target market becomes even more
important. Contract Pharma delivers an exceptional value to reach outsourcing decision makers.

  All-Inclusive Value-Added Services
                         As part of our value-added services, all display advertisers receive the following benefits free of charge:

                         • Free Company Showcase – A 1/5th-page, 4-color horizontal display of your company’s literature
                           and web site, this Showcase appears in Contract Pharma and on,
                           with a hot link to your company’s site.
                         • Free Classified Listing in every issue in which your company advertises.
                         • Free Online Company Showcase to appear on
                         • Free Market Research Ad Q Study – Ad performance studies conducted in the June and
                           November/December issues for all advertisers.
                         • Free Ad Lamination – Great for office or trade show display.

  Corporate Capabilities & Contract Services Directory
Annual Special Issue
  The Corporate Capabilities & Contract Services Directory is a separate
annual issue devoted to showcasing the services of pharmaceutical and
biopharmaceutical contract service providers. The Corporate Capabilities
section provides readers with an in-depth company profile, including vital
statistics, company overview, services offered and web listing.
  The Contract Services Directory incorporates more than 250 service listings
and covers hundreds of companies. This issue is mailed to our entire
worldwide subscriber base and distributed at all shows attended by
Contract Pharma. This is an indispensable guide for industry decision-makers.                  Published in December & Contract Pharma Direct
  Every week, thousands of Pharma outsourcing professionals go to to
read current features, find stories in the archives, get breaking news, search the Buyers’ Guide and find
useful links to other important content. They comprise a highly targeted and targetable audience that
comes back time and again for insights into this marketplace and into your products and services.

Contract Pharma Direct
  Our weekly E-newsletter, Contract Pharma Direct, reaches a readership of more than 14,000 people.
Filled with the latest breaking news, our most recent articles, and links to our popular annual features,
Contract Pharma Direct includes sponsorship opportunities in the form of banners, towers, buttons and text ads.
  These visitors and e-mail audience are the target of Contract Pharma suppliers and their online message. Contract Pharma
provides advertising access through targeted content sponsorships, Buyers’ Guide directory enhancements, and breaking
E-newsletter sponsorships that are a perfect way for you to make the right connection.

  2007 Editorial Calendar

                                 JANUARY/FEBRUARY (CLOSES DECEMBER 14)
Editorial Topics: API Manufacturing • Drug Delivery • Semi-Solid Manufacturing
Show Distribution: Informex/ICSE USA • Pittcon
Free 1/5 page 4/C and Online Company Showcase                                                       K Recommended issue

                                           MARCH (CLOSES FEBRUARY 9)
Editorial Topics: Process Development • IT Issues • Solid Dosage Processing
7th Annual Contract Pharma & Nutraceuticals World Manufacturing Supplement
Show Distribution: INTERPHEX • PDA
Free Online Company Showcase                                                                        K Recommended issue

                                              APRIL (CLOSES MARCH 8)
Editorial Topics: Bioprocessing • Aseptic Issues • Bio-Manufacturing Regions
Annual Glossary of Pharma & Biopharma Terms
Show Distribution: BIO
Free 1/5 page 4/C and Online Company Showcase                                                       K Recommended issue

                                                MAY (CLOSES APRIL 6)
Editorial Topics: CRO Overview • CTM Manufacturing • Clinical Logistics
3rd Annual Outsourcing Survey
Free Online Company Showcase                                                                        K Recommended issue

                                                JUNE (CLOSES MAY 11)
Editorial Topics: RFID • Technology Tansfer • Process Validation • 8th Annual Salary Survey
Show Distribution: DIA • AAPS National Biotech
Free 1/5 page 4/C and Online Company Showcase
Ad-Q Performance Study                                                                              K Recommended issue
                                          JULY/AUGUST (CLOSES JUNE 20)
Editorial Topics: Top Companies Report
The Annual Report on the Top 20 Pharma and Top 10 Biopharma firms
Free Online Company Showcase                                                                        K Recommended issue

                                         SEPTEMBER (CLOSES AUGUST 10)
Editorial Topics: Analytical Testing • Parenteral Manufacturing • Biomarkers • Contract Pharma Conference Preview
Show Distribution: Contract Pharma Conference & Tabletop Exhibition • RAPS • CPhI/ICSE
Free Online Company Showcase                                                                      K Recommended issue
                                        OCTOBER (CLOSES SEPTEMBER 17)
Editorial Topics: Lean Practices • Formulation Development • GMP Auditing
Show Distribution: AAPS • ISPE
Free 1/5 page 4/C and Online Company Showcase                                                       K Recommended issue

                                NOVEMBER/DECEMBER (CLOSES OCTOBER 19)
Editorial Topics: Third-Party Logistics • Stability Issues • High Containment/High Potency
Free 1/5 page 4/C and Online Company Showcase
Ad-Q Performance Study                                                                              K Recommended issue

          Special Issue - Corporate Capabilities & Contract Services Directory
                                                    (Closes December 1)
     Published in December, this Company Profiles and Services Directory issue will have bonus distribution at every trade
     show CONTRACT PHARMA attends in 2008                                                      K Recommended issue
  2007 Advertising Rates

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Editorial Calendar / Advertising Rates / Mechanicals
  & Digital File Specifications

                               1X        3X          6X           12X           18X                                                           Digital File Specifications
                                                                                                                                           •All artwork must be 300 dpi at 100% repro size except
                                                                                                                                            for vector art saved in EPS format.
    FULL         Black/                                                                                                                    •All ads must be in CMYK format unless they utilize a
                 White         $5,195    $4,995     $4,795        $4,650         $4,295
    PAGE                                                                                      8.25” x 11”               7” x 10”            PMS color.
                                                                                           209 mm x 279 mm          178 mm x 253 mm        •Acceptable file formats include: .pdf*, .tif, .eps, .jpg or .psd
                                                                                               w/Bleed                 Live Matter
                                                                                                                                           * CONTRACT PHARMA uses the industry standard PDF/X1-a
                                                                                                                                             workflow. All material submitted must meet the X1-a
   TWO            Black/                                                                                                                     requirements. See the prepress section of our web site
                  White        4,345     4,125      4,025          3,898         3,625
  THIRDS                                                                                                                                     for more information:
                                                                                              4.5” x 9.5”                          
                                                                                           114 mm x 241 mm
                                                                                                                                           • Acceptable application files include:
                                                                                                                                            QuarkXpress, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.
    HALF          Black/                                                                                                                    Mac-based files are required. Please include all Mac
                  White        3,825     3,550       3,425         3,295          3,025
    PAGE                                                                                                                                    fonts as well as all embedded and linked images.
                                                                                             horizontal        Island         vertical
                                                                                            7” x 4.875”     4.5” x 7.5”    3.375” x 9.5”
                                                                                         178 mm x 123 mm 114 mm x 190 mm 85 mm x 241 mm    •Contract proofs are required with all color ads.
                                                                                                                                            Ads sent without proofs will be charged for having one
                                                                                                                                            made. We cannot guarantee color accuracy if the
    ONE           Black/       3,095     2,950      2,850          2,795         2,595
                  White                                                                                                                     advertiser has not seen the contract proof; therefore it
                                                                                                                                            is best for the advertiser to supply a SWOP-compliant
                                                                                                square                    vertical
                                                                                               4.5” x 5”               2.125” x 9.5”        proof. Files smaller than 6MBs in size can be sent via
                                                                                           114 mm x 127 mm           54 mm x 241 mm         e-mail. Changes or corrections to the file will result in
                                                                                                                                            additional charges to the advertiser. Files can also be
                                                                                                                                            accepted on CDs or via FTP.
    ONE   Black/
                               2,550     2,395      2,295          2,195         2,025
                                                                                                                                           • Trim size: 8” x 10.75” (203 mm x 273 mm). Keep
                                                                                                horizontal               square             live matter at least .5” (12.7 mm) from trim edges.
                                                                                               7” x 2.375”           3.375” x 4.875”        Bleed page and insert page size: 8.25” x 11” (209 mm
               COLOR                                                                        178 mm x 60 mm          85 mm x 123 mm          x 279 mm); max weight of insert stock: 100 lb. cover.
   COLOR                   PAGE                                 RECRUITMENT                                                                  Send all materials to:
   standardO*                $695                                                                                                            Lisa St. Charles, Production Manager
   matched*                   850                      Full Page                          $3,100                                             CONTRACT PHARMA
   metallic*                  950                      2/3                                 2,700                                             70 Hilltop Road, 3rd floor
                                                       1/2                                 2,200                                             Ramsey, NJ 07446 USA
   4 color*                 1,250                                                                                                            E-mail:
                                                       1/4                                 1,200
                                                                                                                                             Pre-printed inserts: call for instructions,
 O standard yellow, green, blue or red                 1/8                                   850                                             (201) 825-2552, ext. 350
 * Per page or fraction

                                                                                                                                                        FTP INFORMATION:
     CLASSIFIED- rates per issue                     Frequency 1X                     3X           6X           9X                             Our FTP site can be accessed with FTP software.
      1   inch            by      3.25   BOX AD                            695         595         495           395                                 (FETCH, TRANSMIT, CUTEftp, etc.)
                                                                                                                                                    Web browser access is not permitted.
      2   inch            by      3.25   BOX AD                            895         795         695           595
      3   inch            by      3.25   BOX AD                            1095        995         895           795                         
      4   inch            by      3.25   BOX AD                            1395        1295        1195          995                                        username: adguest
      • Color included FREE •                                                                                                                               password: rodman
                                                                                                             effective January 2006
                                                                                                                                               Refer to our web site for more information:
Covers and Special Positions: Non-cancellable. Special position premium 10%.             
Rates are 15% agency commissionable. There is no charge for color bleed.
Insert Rates: Consult your sales representative for pricing and production specifications.
Cancellation: Cancellations must be made in writing by the 1st of the month prior to ad placement.
Payment Terms and Methods: Payment is accepted by wire transfer and by check or draft via U.S. bank payable in $U.S.
Payment option instructions will be included with all billing.
Publishers Policy
1. Invoices are rendered at date of publication and are due upon receipt. Agency commission will be disallowed on all overdue invoices.
2. Rodman Publishing holds both the advertiser and its dedicated advertising agency jointly and severally liable for all monies due and payable to Rodman Publishing.
3. In the event an account is placed for collection, customer agrees to pay Rodman Publishing for all reasonable collection and/ or legal fees incurred.

 Other Rodman Publications


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Rodman J. Zilenziger                      SALES DIRECTOR                             Lisa St. Charles
(                          Damaris Kope                               (
EXECUTIVE VICE                                                                       CIRCULATION MANAGER
PRESIDENT                                 EDITOR                                     Ellen Pfister
Matthew Montgomery                        Gil Roth                                   (
(                  (
PUBLISHER                                 ASSOCIATE EDITOR                           REPRESENTATIVE
Gary Durr                                 Kristin Brooks                             Verena Loewenthal
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        Contract Pharma • 70 Hilltop Road, Suite 3000 • Ramsey, NJ 07446 • Phone: (201) 825-2552 • Fax: (201) 825-0553

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