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									       The LINK  November 2008

              Lincoln High School
              6844 Alexandria Place
              Stockton, CA 95207                                                                                   Volume XXXVIII                November 2008

     Inside This Issue                                   Dear Parents,

                                                         I am so proud of the Lincoln community for the Trojan Spirit and good sportsmanship that was exempli-
                                                         fied on October 3 in our football game against cross-town rival, St. Mary’s. As you know, thanks in part to
Ed Planning Center.........................Pg 2
                                                         coverage by The Record and The Lincolnian, a number of people including our School Board of Trustees
Finals Schedule...............................Pg 3       had become increasingly concerned for the safety of our students in regards to this rivalry. Two student
                                                         conflicts within six months of each other resulted in a student from each school being hospitalized. As we
Military Release..............................Pg 3       began to examine the possibility of discontinuing competition between our two schools, it became evident
                                                         this rivalry was very important to our community. It was important enough to take time to examine ways of
Yearbook Sales................................Pg 4
                                                         bringing the rivalry under control so that our schools could compete against one another in a safe, healthy
Engineering/Construction                                 and positive atmosphere.
Academy.........................................Pg 4
                                                         The atmosphere of that game was exciting. Our newly named student rooting section, Lincoln’s Lunatics
ID Badge Policy..............................Pg 5        (renamed to go head to head with Morelli’s Maniacs of St. Mary’s) was packed with loud and cheering
                                                         students. The rest of our bleachers were filled with parents, friends, alumni and families cheering as loud
November/December Calendar.......Pg 5                    as I have ever heard them. Our community rose to the occasion and demonstrated Trojan Pride at its best.
                                                         Our players on the field and the fans in the stands exuded great sportsmanship and established the founda-
Attendance Calling..........................Pg 5
                                                         tion for a new era of competition between our two schools. That Lincoln was not the victor on this night,
Photo Opportunitu...........................Pg 5         while disappointing, was not the point. Our community proved that we can in fact fiercely compete against
                                                         St. Mary’s and ensure the safety of our students at the same time.
Health Services................................Pg 6
                                                         I hope this kind of positive energy supporting our team (rather than cheering against the opposing team) and
Grad Night Info...............................Pg 6       providing a fun and exciting place for all of us to be, continues at each of our upcoming competitions. As
                                                         Student Athlete Jordan Enos told his peers during our recent fall pep rally, the noise and energy created by the
Activities Calendar of Events.........Pg 7               fans in the stands is a tremendous motivating factor to the players on the field/court/pool/track. As we begin
                                                         to look ahead to post-season competition for fall sports and to the winter sports of basketball and wrestling,
Floral Shop......................................Pg 7
                                                         please keep this in mind. Check the schedule at and make plans to attend our upcoming
Tutoring Schedule...........................Pg 7         games. Your presence, your cheering, and the positive example you set does make a difference!

School Rules...................................Pg 7      As the first quarter comes to an end, I have a couple of observations to share and a couple requests of
Band Review...................................Pg 8       •    The number of parents calling and text messaging their students’ cell phones during the school day
                                                              between 7:15 and 3:00 seems to have increased exponentially this year. This has put students in the
Surplus Sale....................................Pg 8
                                                              unenviable situation of facing a detention or Saturday School. If you must contact your child during
PTSA..............................................Pg 8        the day, please know that we will help you do that, if you will call any one of our offices. Otherwise,
                                                              please resist the temptation to call them until 3:00 pm.
School Site Council........................Pg 8          •    Our attendance rate so far this year has slipped below that of months 1 and 2 for the last two years.
                                                              Our goal is to meet or exceed a 95% annual attendance rate. Last year, our attendance rate for the year
Counselors' Info..............................Pg 9
                                                              was 94.69%. Although we are getting closer, we have not yet achieved this goal, so I am concerned
Senior Info......................................Pg 9         about this trend. Students who miss more than 5% of the year, or 8 full school days, are at a distinct
.                                                             disadvantage for learning all that is required of them to pass their classes. Please check your students’
PTSA Minutes (Condensed)...........Pg 10                      attendance on Power School and do all that you can to help your child achieve this goal. If you need
                                                              our help, please give us a call.
Window on Your Future.................Pg 10              •    If you have an email address and have not yet added it to Power School, please call our Attendance
                                                              Office to do so. This will help us communicate with you, and it will make it possible for you to
Membership/PTSA/Ath Boosters..Pg 11
                                                              receive the text of my automated phone calls by email.
SAT or ACT?.................................Pg 12        Sincerely,

NJROTC........................................Pg 12

Phone/Fax Numbers......................Pg 13             Debbi Holmerud

                                                                            A Drug Free Mary’s 1
                                                         P.S. In case you are wondering a St. Zone jersey was not run up our flagpole after our loss on October
                                                         3. The feedback both schools shared at the second “rivalry” meeting made it clear they should abandon
                                                         the idea.
                                                                                                         November 2008

                                 Educational Planning Center
                                                                                 th  th
Open lunch (11:20 a.m. – 12:05p.m.), closed 5th period (12:05 – 1:00 p.m.) Open 6 , 7 period and after school until
4:00 p.m.

                                         Important Dates to Remember

CSU & UC College Application Deadline: November 30, 2008
                                                              th   th
Harvard College Presentation @ LHS – Thursday, November 6 – 6 period
LHS PTSA Senior Information Night: Wednesday, November 5 7 p.m.
LHS Financial Aid Night: Wednesday, November 19 – 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. @ the Science Lecture Hall, Room 1113.
Mr. Lynn Fox, Director of Financial Aid from the University of the Pacific will be the presenter.
FAFSA Financial Aid Forms: January 1 - You may start submitting your FAFSA forms online.
LHS Financial Aid Workshop: Monday, January 26 @ LHS – 3 pm – 6 pm. Sponsored by Delta College – LHS Media
Center. A $1,000 Scholarship Drawing will be awarded to students who submit their FAFSA forms during the work-
CAL Grant Deadline: March 2, 2009
Academic Awards Ceremony: Tuesday, May 20, 2009 @ Alex G. Spanos Stadium – 6:30 p.m.

                                           Financial Aid Information

LHS Financial Aid Night
Mr. Lynn Fox, Director of Financial Aid from University of the Pacific will be conducting a Financial Aid Workshop
for parents & students of Lincoln High School. The workshop will be held on Wednesday, November 19th, 6:30 p.m.
– 8:30 p.m. Room 1113 (Science Lecture Hall). Please remember to bring your tax information from last year. If you
have any questions, please contact the Educational Planning Center at 953-8949. SENIORS! Please do not miss this
important workshop!

CAL Grant GPA Verification Form
Applying for a Cal Grant Award is a two-step process. You must 1) submit a Cal Grant GPA Verification Form, and 2)
Fill out and submit a FAFSA. Your 2009-2010 FAFSA and GPA form must be submitted on or before March 2, 2009.

FAFSA Pin Number & FAFSA Worksheet
If you plan to apply for the Federal Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) online, both parent AND student
need to register and get a pin number at A copy of the FAFSA worksheet can be downloaded at: www.

Federal Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA)
Priority deadlines are from January 1 through March 2 . Applications will not be processed prior to January 1, 2009.
You may apply online at:
CAL Grant/GPA Verification forms maybe picked up at the Educational Planning Center before Winter Break.

There are numerous scholarships available! (Frank Buck, Gates Millennium, Elks Lodge, plus many more). If you
would like us to send you an e-mail copy of our LHS scholarship database, please e-mail The
information in this scholarship database can change without notice. It is your responsibility to check with the original
source for updates or contact the Educational Planning Center to get an updated list of the scholarship base. Current
scholarships are bolded. You can also request that a Student Information Sheet and a Local LUSD/SUSD Scholarship
form be sent to you.

                                                    Fifty Years of
                                               2         excellence
                                                       in every endeavor
November 2008

     STUDENT DIRECTORY                                                                    Reminder
    Military RELEASE POLICY                             Stay up-to-date with
                                                                                       When Attending
                                                       LHS sports schedules
 Education Code §49061 and §49073-76—Fed-
 eral Privacy Act (34 CFR §99.30)                                by                     Football Games
 The ESEA No Child Left Behind Act of 2001                    visiting             ~No backpacks or ice chests
 now requires release of Student Directory                                          are allowed in the stadium
 information to military recruiters, except in
 cases where the parent(s) provide written                                        ~Once you enter the game you
 notice to the school distict not to release such
 information.                                                                      may not leave and re-enter

 If you would like to deny access of your                                         ~Students must present student
 student's records to the military, please                                           I.D. card/sticker to receive
 provide written notice to: Linda King, LHS
 Registrar, 6844 Alexandria Place, Stockton,
 CA 95207.

o       No Cell Phone Use 7:20am to 3:00pm on Campus—No Exceptions!
 Students may walk off campus to use their cell phone once their school day is over.
 Parents, please read page 13 in your student's handbook for consequences. Please
 make a note of the following correction: 2nd offense will result in the assignment of
 Saturday School (not detention).

                                       Cut and keep for a handy reference!

                                                    Fall Finals Schedule
       Monday, December 15                                          Thursday, December 18
       Normal Monday Schedule                                       Final I—Period 3 (8:20-10:20am)
                                                                    Break (10:20-10:50 closed campus)
       Tuesday, December 16                                         Final II—Period 4 (10:50-12:50pm)
       Normal Tuesday Schedule
                                                                    Friday, December 19
       Wednesday, December 17                                       Final I—Period 2 (8:20-10:20am)
       Final I —Period 1 (7:15-9:15am)                              Break (10:20-10:50 closed campus)
       Final II—Period 5 (9:20-11:20am)                             Final II—Period 6 (10:50-12:50am)
       Break (11:20-12:00 noon)
       Final III—Period 7 (12:05-2:05pm)

                                                       A Drug Free Zone 3
                                                                                                                 November 2008

               A Note From Health Services
Families, faculty and staff at schools should be aware of the possibility of dis-
                                                                                           GRAD NIGHT
ease transmission; including respiratory diseases and diseases that are spread
primarily through direct contact or contact with contaminated objects (such as
scabies, lice and staph). The media has recently focused on the spread of skin
infections caused by methicillin –resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).
Most skin infections, regardless of cause, can be easily treated if identified in
a timely manner.
Because of the real potential for an outbreak in schools, we must work doubly
hard to ensure our students stay healthy. The best way to keep the bacteria from               June 4, 2009
spreading is simply by washing your hands, avoiding sharing personal items
and keeping any wounds or sores covered at all times. Most staph infections                   GRAD NIGHT is a safe and sober celebration
are mild and very treatable. Even the more antibiotic-resistant MRSA responds       sponsored by the parents of graduating seniors and willing
when given prompt medical attention and treatment.                                  parents of juniors.

                                                                                    Here are ways you can volunteer to help make it an event
               When should hands be washed?                                         to remember:
 •   Whenever the skin comes into contact with other people or with shared          I would like to help on the following committee:
        surfaces or equipment;                                                      Fundraising     Security Clean-up Ticket/ T-shirts sales
 •   Before and after athletic practice, games, or working out;                     Decorations     Volunteers Set-up      Games/Activites
 •   After sneezing, coughing, blowing or touching the nose;                        Food             Check-in              Obtaining Prizes
 •   Before and after touching the eyes, nose, or mouth, or skin that has open
        sores, boils and skin rashes;                                               I can donate/obtain at a low cost:
 •   After using the toilet or urinal;                                              Prizes/gifts      Lumber/plywood       Fabric and netting
 •   After touching any item soiled with wound fluids, such as bandages,             Poster paints     Nails, bolts, wire   Large pieces of
                                                                                    cardboard         Paint                Electrical supplies
        dressings or bedding;
                                                                                    Paper goods       Food                 Bottles of water
 •   After cleaning the bathroom, changing your bedding, or doing laundry;          Fresh Juices      Pizza                Subway sandwiches
        and                                                                         Carpet remnants
 •   Before preparing food, eating, or drinking.
                                                                                    I can lend / have access to:
                                                                                    Truck or pick-up Paint brushes Miniature white lights
       What else can be done to help prevent MRSA                                             Extension cords    Coffee carts
                  and staph infections?                                             Garbage containers/liners    Electric generators Ladders

 •   Bathe regularly,
 •   Take good care of the skin; avoid skin damage, clean damaged skin              Special talents/skills:
        promptly with soap and water,                                               Electrical          Construction Painting
 •   Keep cuts and scrapes clean and covered with a bandage until healed. Pus       Design              Fundraising
        from infected wounds can contain staph and MRSA.
 •   Don’t share personal items such as towels, clothing, or other items that       Watch for contact information in
        touch skin, and use a barrier (e.g., clothing or a towel) between your
        skin and shared equipment such as weight-training benches.                  future editions of The LINK!
 •   Wash soiled clothes, sheets, and towels with water and laundry detergent
        and dry completely in a hot dryer.

If soap and running water is not available and hands do not have visible dirt
on them, staph germs can be killed by using an alcohol-based hand rub.
                             STAY HEALTHY!

                                                         Fifty Years of
                                                    6        excellence
                                                           in every endeavor
     November 2008

                                                            Student Activities
          School Rules                                      Dates to Remember
 •        Wear visible ID
 •        Swenson Park is off
          limits during the          November 5        Club President Meeting @ lunch
                                     December 3        Club President Meeting @lunch
          school day
                                     December 13       Winter Formal, 8-Mid, UOP
 •        No cell phones to be
                                     Bids Sold: 11/3, 5, 7, 12, 14, 17, 19, 21, and 12/1, 3, 5 at lunch in the
          seen or used 1st-7th       football stadium box office; $40 with ASB and $45 without.
          period                     December 10       Link Crew Cookies & Cram, 5:30pm, End Zone
 •        No flowers or
          balloon deliveries

     Need Math Tutoring?

Mu Alpha Theta Math Club pro-
                                                       LHS HELP CENTER
vides student tutors each lunch
                                                       After School Tutoring
period. Drop by room 1510 to                                       2008-09
receive help in math.
                                                               Where: LHS Library
                                                   When:     Tuesdays, Wednesdays, �ursdays
                                                                    2:00 – 4:00 pm
                                                            What: Tutoring offered in
                                                     Math, English, Science, Social Science
       November Specials                                   Students will sign in and out.
        Mixed Fall Flower Wrap                           Students may earn 1 unit of elective credit
     Thanksgiving Centerpieces                              for a�ending 15 hours of tutoring.
                                            Students will be given a log sheet to document their hours.
       December Specials
                                              A student assigned to a�er-school detention may serve
         Dozen Rose Wrap                             his/her detention by going to tutoring.
 Holiday Horizontal Centerpiece
         with Candles                                         Receive School
        Holiday Wreaths                                    Information via Email!
  Christmas Tree Centerpiece
        mas                       If you have an email address and are not yet receiving attendance information
                                  or special messages via email you can add your email address very easily.
                                  Follow these simple steps:
The flower shop is open at lunch
  for orders and pick-up. You     1. Log on to Powerschool
may pre-order by visiting room    2. From the home page click on the "Email Notification" icon
 1124, call 953-9595, or email    3. Type in your email address in the box        We would love to have the opportunity to notify you in this manner. It only
                                  takes a minute, so please give it a try.

                                     A Drug Free Zone 7
                                                                                                     November 2008

    Lincoln High School
      Music Boosters                                             LUSD Surplus Sale
 “Where Music is a Tradition”                       Beginning Monday, October 27, the district will hold a
                                                    surplus sale. If you are interested in buying surplus items
                                                    from the school district, stop by the Education Center,
                                                    2010 W. Swain Road, and ask for the surplus packet. Bids
                                                    will be received until Friday, November 14.

The Lincoln High School Award-Win-
ning Trojan Marching Band will host the                          Lincoln High School PTSA
32nd Annual Lincoln Band Review on                                  “Parent Connection”
Saturday, November 15, 2008. With                            “SENIOR INFORMATION NIGHT”
more than 60 bands and 6,000 students
attending, the LHS Band Review is one              The Lincoln High School PTSA will offer our first
of the largest and most prestigious band           Parent Connection on November 5, 2008 at 7:00pm in the
competitions in Northern California.               Staff Lounge, located on Stanton Way.
Bands will compete in various events
such as parade, drum line, concert band,           This will be a great opportunity for parents to get in-
jazz band and a spectacular field show.             formation on graduation requirements, scholarships,
                                                   financial aid and other important information parents
                                                   of seniors should know. School representatives will
Please join us for the free parade at              be available to offer assistance and answer questions.
9:00 a.m. on Benjamin Holt Drive near
Presentation Church. Plan to enjoy a               Linda Haack
delightful day of entertainment as each            PTSA President
school presents their finest performance
in the competitions. We also invite you to
attend all the festivities at LHS including                      School Site Council
the awesome performances of the field              LHS Site Council meetings are held the first Monday of
show competition at 4:00pm in the A.G.            every month, 4:30 to 6:30pm, in the administration
Spanos stadium at LHS. The entrance               conference room.
fee for the field show is $10.00 for adults,
$5.00 for students/seniors, and children          Parents are welome!
under six are admitted free.                      Thoughts to Ponder...
                                                  "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before
  Auxiliary • Band • Choir • Orchestra             starting to improve the world."
                                                                                             ~Anne Frank (1929-1945)
                                                                                              Dutch-Jewish Diarist

                                                    Fifty Years of
                                              8         excellence
                                                      in every endeavor
November 2008

           Counselors Visit Classrooms and Offer College Information

Seniors                                 Freshman Class Visits                California Community
        Counselors visited                      Counselors will be vis-      Colleges:
American Government/Eco-                iting freshman classes in late       California Private Colleges:
nomic classes the last week of          October or November. They   
September. Seniors received             will review graduation require-
transcripts and got information         ments and university require-        For scholarship and financial aid
about graduation requirements           ments, discuss career paths and      information:
and college applications. To            vocational opportunities, explain
be “on track” for graduation,           the importance of the Exit Exam
seniors should have a minimum           (CAHSEE), and give sugges-   
of 160 credits. If they have less       tions for improving academic 
than 160 credits, they should be        success.                     
enrolled in an additional class
at Lincoln High. Some seniors           Plan for Life beyond High
might also be enrolled in courses       School!                                      Senior Information
at Adult School.                                LHS Counselors and the
                                                                             Seniors received cap, gown and graduation
        To be considered for a          Educational Planning Center          product packets at an assembly on October
high school diploma, students           have prepared an information            th
                                                                             30 . The Josten’s representative will return
must pass both parts of the CAH-        sheet entitled, “Plan for Life Be-   to the high school on November 4 to take
SEE. Seniors who take the test          yond High School.” This sheet        orders. If your senior does not come home
on October 7 and 8 will learn           was distributed to seniors and       with an ordering packet, a limited amount
                                                                             of packets will be available on the A-L side
their results in mid December.          is available in the Educational      of the Student Service Center. All seniors
They will also have another op-         Planning Center. The informa-        need to place their cap and gown order on
portunity to take the test (in April,   tion sheet includes college, col-    November 4 to avoid the late fee. The only
2009). Students who earn the            lege entrance examination, and       item in the packet that is required is the cap,
230 required credits but do not         financial aid web sites. Parents      gown and tassel unit priced at $25.00.
pass both parts of the CASHEE           may also be interested to know       If you have questions regarding the order or
will not earn a diploma and may         these useful web sites:              if you need assistance filling out the order
not participate in graduation                                                form, the Josten’s representative will be
                                                                             available to parents from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.
ceremonies. Special Education           For college information:             in the gazebo outside of the End Zone on
students who earn 230 credits but        Links to all California colleges:   November 4 .

do not pass the CAHSEE have an
                                                                           SENIOR PARENT NIGHT is coming
opportunity to earn a Certificate          University of California:                  th
                                                                           November 5 at 7:00 p.m. in Lincoln High
of Completion.                       School Staff Lounge. Important information
        In late November, par-           California State Universities:      about graduation, senior activities, scholar-
ents of seniors will receive                      ships and other senior information will be
an individual letter from their          Delta College:                      presented. If you have a graduating senior
                                               it is VERY important that you attend.
child’s counselor that analyzes
the graduation status of their                                               For graduation questions, please feel free to
student.                                                                     contact Suzanne Krenecki at 953-8932.

                                           A Drug Free Zone 9
                                                                                                              November 2008

    Lincoln High School PTSA Board Meeting                                               Window on Your Future
               October 1, 2008 6:00pm., Staff Lounge
      Present: Linda Haack, Debbi Holmerud, Karen Lynch, Julianne Nakashima,
Karen Natsuhara, Donna Sinnock, Kalleann Sokbour, Jacklyn Uweh, Marcy Wong.
The meeting was called to order at 6:08 p.m. Minutes from the 9/3/08 meeting were      The 13th Annual Window On Your
approved. Treasurer (Karen Lynch): The Treasurer’s Report, showing a balance           Future Career Education Month,
of $1,679.09, was approved. A Proposed PTSA Budget for the 2008-09 school              sponsored by the LHS PTSA, will be
year, based on income at $3,458.69 and expenses at $3,435.00, was approved.            held during the month of February
Membership (Julianne Nakashima and Marcy Wong): 126 people (43 students, 1
staff member and 82 parents) have joined LHS PTSA this school year
                                                                                       2009. This event offers juniors and
      Principal’s Report (Debbi Holmerud): * Excitement is building for the            seniors a glimpse into their future by
games with St. Mary’s, dubbed “Pursuing Victory with Honor.” * Changes to              teaching them to write a resume and
eliminate crowding at the snack bar in the stadium will be completed by the next       cover letter, complete a job applica-
home game. * is a new online service where students submit papers         tion, provides an opportunity to listen
electronically and the work is checked for plagiarism and properly cited sources.
A report comes back directly to the teacher. * The LHS Library is open until 4:00      to a variety of career speakers and
p.m. every day for tutoring and students needing to use computers and/or work          allows them to participate in a mock
on homework. Students who receive 15 hours of tutoring will receive one hour           job interview. The dates for the event
of elective credit.                                                                    are: February 10-13, 2009 Resume
      President’s Report (Linda Haack): * The first Parent Connection Meeting
will be on November 5 . It’s a Senior Information Night where parents will receive
                                                                                       Writing Workshops, February 18,
information about graduation. * The speaker for the Lincoln Council Meeting was        2009 Classroom Career Speakers, and
Tod Anton, a former LHS head coach and LUSD superintendent. Every year, he             February 25, 2009 Mock Interviews.
offers a $500 scholarship which PTSA helps fund. Past LHS PTSA Presidents
Lynne Kamaiopili and Peggy Bernier are in charge of the scholarship this year.         We are looking for parents and friends
They’re looking to transition it to a perpetual award and perhaps increasing the
amount or offering more than one. * Back to School Night had a good response.          of LHS students to participate in this
Linda Haack thanked everyone who helped and brought cookies.                           event. We need volunteers to help on
      Student Council (Kalleann Sokbour and Jacklyn Uweh): * Student Council           our planning committee to contact/
has been promoting Reflections by targeting English and Performing Arts teachers.       recruit potential speakers/interview-
Some teachers are offering extra credit for participation. * Plans for Red Ribbon
Week are underway. They have been asked to extend the planting of red flowers
                                                                                       ers, as well as community members,
district-wide. * At the recent rally, fall sports athletes and Lincoln Lunatics were   who would like to participate by
introduced to all students. Students were taught a couple of cheers by the Spirit      speaking to our students about their
Team. * The first student information pod cast will be shown this week. * Spirit        career or to conduct mock interviews.
Week plans have begun with the announcement of Homecoming Court and each
class selling t-shirts. * Drug Dogs have been on campus. LHS is contracted for
two random visits each month.                                                          If you are interested in helping, please
      Windows on Your Future (Karen Natsuhara): The first Windows on Your               call Karen Natsuhara at 471-5656,
Future organizational meeting will be on Tuesday, October 14 . Karen Natsuhara         Gail Wardell at 481-2405 or e-mail
is looking for sponsorships to bring Dr. Alfredo Quinones, Neurosurgeon and head       to We thank
of the Brain Tumor Unit at John Hopkins University, to speak.
      New Business (Possible Fund-Raisers): It was approved to try a Juice It
                                                                                       you in advance for your participation
Up fund-raiser over an upcoming weekend. Other fund-raisers and online op-             and support of this worthwhile event.
portunities were discussed.
      The next PTSA Business Meeting will be on Wednesday, November 5, 2008,           The LHS Window On Your Future
at 6:00 p.m. in the Staff Lounge. Adjournment was at 7:35 p.m.                         Committee, Karen Natsuhara, Gail
     Submitted by Donna Sinnock, Recording Secretary                                   Wardell and Dede McKinley

                                                           Fifty Years of
                                                    10          excellence
                                                              in every endeavor
     November 2008

                                            LHS ATHLETIC BOOSTERS, INC.

               $40 Gold Member                                                                        $30 Silver Member
      Includes: (1) T-shirt & (1) LHS seat cushion                                          Includes: (1) LHS seat cushion
                                            Please mail your check to:
                                                        Lincoln High Athletic Boosters
                                                        6844 Alexandria Place
                                                        Stockton, CA 95207
      Family Name:
                                  Last Name                                        First                        (Spouse)

      Address:                                        /                                               /
                                                                         City                                   Zip Code

      Telephone:                                                 Email Address:

      Student(s) Name(s):

                                                         Prepare to win...
                                                     Never Let Lincoln Fall...
                                       For more information contact Linda Rosso, at 601-8918.
                                                 LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL

                                             PTSA MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
                                              Parent-Teacher-Student Association

                                         Membership dues help support PTSA sponsored progams.
                                     PARENTS $10.00 ea.   STUDENTS $10.00 ea STAFF $10.00 ea.

                                           STUDENT—PARENT VOLUNTEER FORM
                     ~Any LHS senior interested in applying for a PTA or PTSA scholarship must be a member of PTSA


       ___ Chaperone dances                               ___ Window on Your Future Program
       ___ Call me as needed                              ___ Help with Reflections Program

       PTSA business meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the LHS staff lounge. All parents, students and
       staff are invited to attend.

                                             Thank you for your interest and support.
                                                                                                                Mail this form to:
                                                                                                           Lincoln High School PTSA
       PHONE (home)__________________________________________(work)______________                            6844 Alexandria Place
                                                                                                              Stockton, CA 95207
       STUDENT’S NAME AND GRADE_____________________________________________

                                                     A Drug Free Zone 11
                                                                                                             November 2008

                                SAT or ACT?
Both the SAT Reasoning and ACT can be used for college entrance (for 4-year colleges
and universities). More students in the Stockton area choose the SAT, but the ACT is
accepted by virtually all institutions. Take one or both tests!                        We look forward to another great
                                                                                       year for NJROTC! Welcome new
                                SAT Reasoning                   ACT                    Company Commander (CO) C/LTJG
What’s on it and how          Critical reading, math,     English, math, reading,      Selina Sem.
is it scored?                 and composition are         and science are re-
                              each reported on a          ported on a 1-36 scale.      November Upcoming Events
                              200-800 scale. An           An arithmetic average
                              “average” score is 500      or “composite” score is      November 1, 2008-Luther Burbank
                              on each part (1500 to-      also given. Maximum          drill competition in Sacramento. This
                              tal). The maximum           composite score is 36.       is the biggest drill competition in the
                              score is 2400.                                           year and students will compete in armed
                                                                                       drill, unarmed drill, armed exhibition,
                                                                                       and unarmed exhibition.
When it is given?             Seven times a year          Six times a year, be-
                              (Saturdays), between        tween October and June       November 4, 2008- Color guard at
                              October and June.           (not on the same Satur-      Sierra Middle School for the Political
                              You can take the test       days as the SAT’s). You      Convention.
                              more than once, but         can take the test more
                              all scores are sent to      than once and choose         November 7, 2008- Color Guard for
                              the colleges.               which scores are sent to     the varsity football game.
                                                          the universities.
                                                                                       November 14, 2008- Color Guard for
When should I take            When you have com-          When you have com-           the varsity football game.
it?                           pleted enough high          pleted enough high
                              school coursework so        school coursework so         November 21, 2008- Area Manager
                              you will score well,        you will score well,         Inspection/Annual Military Inspection
                              which usually means         which usually means          (AMI). Parents, staff, and all other
                              you are in your third       you are in your third        guests are welcome and encouraged
                              year of college-prep        year of college-prep         to attend the Drill Parade and Awards
                              math. Try to complete       math. Try to complete        Ceremony in the Lincoln Gymnasium
                              all entrance exams by       all entrance exams by        from 0930-1000.
                              the end of junior year.     the end of junior year.
                                                                                       Thank you for you support!
                              Do well in your high        Do well in your high
How can I                     school classes. You         school classes. You are      HOORAH!!
improve my chances            are learning the skills     learning the skills and
for scoring high?             and knowledge that          knowledge that are on        NJROTC Public Affairs Officer
                              are on the test. Go         the test. Go online and      Cadet Midshipman Kendall Hurst
                              online and take a           take a practice test, get
                              practice test, get a        a study guide, or enroll
                              study guide, or enroll      in a test-prep class.
                              in a test-prep class.

Penalty for guessing?         Yes.                        No.


                                                        Fifty Years of
                                                  12         excellence
                                                           in every endeavor
November 2008           Please post on your fridge for a handy reference !

                               PHONE NUMBERS YOU MAY NEED
                    Check all sports schedules by visiting
                          Visit frequently!
  ADMINISTRATION                                               DEPARTMENTS
  953-8921 Debbi Holmerud           Principal                  953-8931 Activities Office
  953-8916 April Scott              Vice Principal             953-8924 Athletic Office
  953-8924 Joe Schallberger         Athletic Director          953-8949 Career Center
  953-8921 Vicky Trent              Office Supervisor           953-8939 Safe & Drug Free Schools
  953-8916 Maria Costa              Staff Secty/CST            953-8955 Drafting Technology
  953-8920 Gloriel Santillan        Acct Clerk/Secty           953-8948 Journalism (Newspaper)
  953-8946 Adele Harlow             Academic Support Team      953-8984 Library
                                    Counselor                  953-8983 Library Media Center
                                                               953-8942 Multilingual Center
  STUDENT SERVICE CENTER                                       953-8919 Music
                                                               953-8970 Physical Ed - Women
  A-E TEAM                                                     953-8972 Physical Ed - Men
  953-8933 Kelly Flanagan           Asst. Principal            953-8915 Registrar/Data Processing
           Brenda DeVecchio         Staff Secretary            953-8954 ROTC
  A-Can    Joan Jacobs              Counselor                  953-8961 Special Education
  Cao-E    Carrie Hake              Counselor                  953-8988 Speech Therapist
                                                               953-8978 Retail Sales
  F-L TEAM                                                     953-3301 Student Store (New Number!)
  953-8932 Joseph Hancock           Asst. Principal            474-8502 Swimming Pool (New Number!)
           Suzanne Krenecki         Staff Secretary            953-8957 Theater
  F-He     Kelly Jensen             Counselor                  953-9595 Trojan Floral Shop
  Hf-L     Iris Bouchard            Counselor                  953-8956 Wood Lab
           .                                                   953-9513 Yearbook
  953-8934 Scott Denero             Asst. Principal            952-4646 Administration FAX
           Cathy Tirapelle          Staff Secretary            953-8929 Student Service Center FAX
  M-Oh     Jane Burhoe              Counselor                  476-0235 Administration, Annex FAX
  Oi-R     Teresa Garcia            Counselor

  S-Z TEAM                                                     You may leave a brief, non-confidential
  953-8935 Katherine Bender          Asst. Principal           message for any teacher by calling 953-8508.
                Carol Della Maggiora Staff Secretary           Student office aides will retrieve messages
  S-Th          Sabrina Eshaghi      Counselor                 and deliver to teachers.
  Ti-Z          Vanessa Shuping Counselor

  ATTENDANCE OFFICE                                               Email any LHS staff member by using their
  953-8915 Registrar - Linda King (transcripts/records)           first initial, last name; i.e.,
  953-8928 A-Z (Call this number to report absences after hours.)
  953-8926 Anne Whitaker, A-L                                           
  953-8927 Bea Chase, M-Z

  MULTILINGUAL CENTER                                           Stay up-to-date with LHS calendar
  953-8989 Kae Gowen     Teacher                                events. Visit:
  953-8942 Diane Fuhrman Outreach
  953-8947 Antonia Rosas Outreach                               often!

                                         A Drug Free Zone 13
                                              Mark Your Calendar!                                                                November 2008

                                  PTSA Mee
                                 Veterans' D
                                               ay (no school                             11/5
                                 LUSD Boa                    )
                                              rd Mtg, 7pm                                11/10-11
                                 LHS Band
                                             Rev                                        11/12
                                Thanksgivin iew
                                               g Holiday (n                             11/15
                                LUSD Boa                       o school)
                                            rd Mtg, 7pm                                11/24-28
                               Winter Con
                                            cert                                       12/10
                               Winter Form , 7pm
                                             al, 8-Mid -U                             12/11
                               Finals (End                    OP
                                           of Sem 1)                                  12/13
                               Winter Bre
                                          ak (no scho     ol)                        12/17-19

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                                                           Lincoln High School
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                                    (to view LHS calendar of events)

     (calendar of events)     

    every day.
    Students must wear their ID badge

     school hours.
     Swenson Park is off limits during
                                                                                            to the parents of:
school day has ended.
off campus to use phones once their
with a 1-6 period schedule may walk                                          Parent Newsletter
schedule. No exceptions. Students
and 3:00pm regardless of the student's
No cell phone use between 7:20am
                                                                The LINK
     PERMIT NO. 269                                                                                                Stockton, CA 95207
           PAID                                                                                                    6844 Alexandria Place
     U. S. POSTAGE                                                                                                 A Drug Free Zone
     NON-PROFIT ORG.                                                                                               Lincoln High School

                                                                 Fifty Years of
                                                          14          excellence
                                                                    in every endeavor

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