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									                                      NOTICE OF LETTING

                              EASTON UTILITIES COMMISSION
                                  EASTON, MARYLAND

                          CLASS A BIOSOLIDS SALE CONTRACT

Sealed proposals will be received for the Class A Biosolids Sales Contract by Easton Utilities at
their office located at 201 North Washington Street, Easton, Maryland until 2:00 p.m. local time
on Thursday, March 12, 2009 when they will be publicly opened and read aloud.

The contract will be for the purchase and removal of approximately 750 cubic yards of heat -dried
Class A biosolids. The Contract Documents may be obtained online at
(under the customer info tab) or at Easton Utilities located at 201 N. Washington Street, Easton,
Maryland 21601.

A bidder will not be required to purchase and remove all of the approximately 550 tons of dried
biosolids generated annually, multiple contracts may be awarded. Contract(s), if awarded, will be
awarded to the highest, responsible, responsive Bidder(s) whose proposal in the sole opinion of the
owner represents the best value to Easton Utilities and the acceptance of which is in the best interest
of Easton Utilities.

                                                               Hugh E. Grunden
                                                               President and CEO

                                      EASTON UTILITIES
                                     EASTON, MARYLAND

                                   EASTON UTILITIES
                           2009 CLASS A BIOSOLIDS CONTRACT

       Made this_____________________day of_____________________20______


Business Address_______________________________________________________________

        The Bidder declares that the only person, firm, or corporation or persons, firms or
corporations that has or have any interest in this proposal or in the contract or contracts proposed
to be taken is or are the undersigned; that this proposal is made without connection, collusion, or
agreement with any person, firm, or corporation making a proposal of the same work to bid a fixed
or uniform price; that the attached specifications and form of contract have been carefully examined
and are understood; that as careful an examination has been made as is necessary to become
informed as to the character and extent of the material to be purchased; and that it is proposed and
agreed if the proposal is accepted to contract with Easton Utilities, in the form of contract hereto
attached to do the required work in the manner set forth in the specifications and as shown on the

        The prices on the attached and signed Proposal forms are to include and cover the
furnishing of all equipment, and labor requisite and proper (except those specified as being
furnished by the Owner), and the providing of all necessary machinery, tools apparatus and means
of performing the collection of Biosolids from the Easton Utilities Wastewater Treatment Facility as
stated in the Request for Proposal. If this proposal shall be accepted by Easton Utilities and the
undersigned shall refuse or neglect within 10 days after receiving the contract for execution, to
execute the same then Easton Utilities may at its option, determine that the bidder has abandoned
the contract; and thereupon the proposal and the acceptance thereof shall be null and void.

       I do solemnly declare and affirm under the penalties of perjury that the declaration and
statements contained in the first paragraph thereof are true and correct to the best of my knowledge,
information and belief.

                                         PROPOSAL FORM

                                        EASTON UTILITIES
                                       EASTON, MARYLAND

                                      EASTON UTILITIES
                                  2009 BIOSOLIDS PURCHASE


Business Address_______________________________________________________________


No.     Description                            Unit     Quantity *        Unit Price       Total Price

1.      Bio-Solids                      Cubic Yards                     ___________ ____________

        Total                                                                            ____________

* Maximum 750 cubic yards

Requested frequency of collection:______________ Quantity per collection__________

        I/We propose to furnish all labor, equipment, materials and other facilities necessary and
proper to perform the 2009 BIOSOLIDS PURCHASE CONTRACT in accordance with the
applicable Request for Proposal therefore at the total price(s) provided above.

        The Bidder agrees that this Proposal shall be good and may not be withdrawn for a period of
90 calendar days after the opening of the Bid Proposals.

        Easton Utilities reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to award the Contract in total
or to multiple parties as separate Contracts, whichever in their opinion, represents the best value and
best serves the interest of Easton Utilities.

SIGNED:_________________________                        DATE:____________
                    Easton Utilities – Request for Proposals (RFP)

                      Sale of Class-A Biosolids – Annual Contract

Easton Utilities (Easton, Maryland) owns and operates a municipal wastewater treatment facility
(WWTF) that annually produces approximately 750 cubic yards of heat-dried Class-A biosolids.
The biosolids are a byproduct of sewage sludge which meets all requirements by the Maryland
Department of Environment (MDE) for general distribution to the public. The product is a
granular material that is beneficial as a fertilizer.

Easton Utilities is soliciting proposals for bulk sale of the Class-A biosolids on an annual

Product Details:

It is estimated that in 2009, the Easton WWTF will produce approximately 750 cubic yards of
Class-A biosolids, which has an average solids content of 90% (10% moisture). Each cubic yard
weighs approximately 1,460 pounds (0.73 tons). Therefore the total estimated annual production
in 2009 will be approximately 550 tons.

Results of sampling / analysis of the product constituents are provided in Attachment A.
Bidders are welcome to conduct their own analyses of the material and samples will be provided
for this purpose to the bidder by Easton Utilities.

Biosolids Collection and Transportation:

The purchaser will be responsible for transportation from the Easton WWTF, which is located at
30770 North Dover Road, Easton, MD.

Trucks used for transportation must be in good condition and registered with the State of
Maryland – Department of Transportation – Motor Vehicle Administration. The beds must be
free of holes and other openings that would allow passage of the granular material outside the

Easton Utilities will not be responsible for damage to vehicles used for transportation of

The dried biosolids are stored in a 7,500 cubic ft (278 cubic yard) elevated silo. Dump trucks can
drive and park under the silo chute for easy loading. Easton WWTF staff will operate the silo
chute and load the material into the truck. The amount loaded onto the truck will be according to
the truck operator’s instructions.

After loading and prior to leaving the WWTF, the truck operator will be responsible for placing
and securing a cover over the material in the bed and cleaning loose material from the truck
body, frame, and exposed portions of the bed. This cover and cleaning will be inspected by
Easton WWTF staff prior to the truck leaving the premises.

The purchaser and Easton Utilities will negotiate a hauling schedule that works for both parties,
however the minimum frequency for hauling will be quarterly (once per three months). The
purchaser will establish a collection frequency, but in no event shall the quantity collected during
a collection be less than 7 cubic yards. The purchaser must collect a minimum of ¼ of the
contracted amount each 90 days.

Biosolids Application:

The purchaser will be responsible for environmentally sound use of this product. Agricultural
operations should follow an approved nutrient management plan. The purchaser shall be
responsible for complying with all Federal, State, and local laws and regulations regading the use
and disposal of the product. If regulatory authorities cite misuse or over application, Easton
Utilities reserves the right to terminate the contract.

Terms of Sale:

Easton Utilities and the purchaser will enter into a contract covering the period from date of
award to December 31st, 2009.

The purchaser will be invoiced for the amount collected with payment required within 14
business days. Biosolids not collected by the terms of the contract period will be made available
to others.

                                    GUARANTEED ANALYSIS

                       Total Nitrogen (N)                                5.0%*
                       1.0% water soluble organic nitrogen
                       4.0% water insoluble nitrogen
                       Available Phosphate (P2O5)                        3.0%
                       Soluble Potash (K2O)                              1.0%
                       Calcium (Ca)                                      2.0%
                       Iron (Fe)                                         1.0%
                       Nutrients derived from municipal biosolids (sewage sludge)
                       *This product contains 4.0% slow release nitrogen


                    Nitrogen Requirement                       Biosolids Product Needed

                         100 lbs./acre                             2.0 tons/acre
                         125 lbs./acre                             2.5 tons/acre
                         150 lbs./acre                             3.0 tons/acre
                         175 lbs./acre                             3.5 tons/acre
                         200 lbs./acre                             4.0 tons/acre

                   Use above table or following formula to calculate application rates:

                lbs./acre of nitrogen needed by crop / 2000 = tons/acre Biosolids needed

                           Please read carefully before use

Apply according to label directions. Refrain from applying on steep slopes. Do not store or apply
in or near any public or private water supplies including wells, streams, or lakes. Do not apply to
flooded or frozen land or on wetlands. Store in a cool dry place. Agricultural operations should
follow an approved nutrient management plan and shall adhere to State Laws and Regulations. This
product meets the U.S. EPA’s “Exceptional Quality” standards. For other uses not listed on this
label, please contact your distributor for additional information.

As with all fertilizer products, keep out of reach of children and pets. Avoid ingestion and
inhalation. Wash hands after use.

                                      EASTON UTILITIES
                                 201 N. WASHINGTON STREET
                                  EASTON, MARYLAND 21601

Attachment A

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