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									     A Personal Odyssey by Thomas

                              A Personal Odyssey

The economist Thomas Sowell IS a hero, as well as a tough guy, as two
other reviewers respectively describe him here, not only for his formidable
intellectual accomplishments, but more important, for his lifetime dogged
insistence on seeing things as they actually were, and unflinchingly
reaching his conclusions based solely on the data and the rigorous
application of logic to that data, no matter where that led him. I have never
seen anyone with a greater commitment to the truth and to intellectual
honesty, discipline and integrity.

I read this memoir because I had always admired Sowells columns in the
Post,in which he never displayed any interest in playing to the public, or in
advancing any personal agenda, or in gratifying his own ego, but , instead,
a completely serious interest in telling the unvarnished truth. I was curious
about the man behind the scowling face that appeared next to his columns.
I wonder where Sowells confidence came from so early in his life, but
maybe even he doesnt know, and he doesnt seem to be big on nave l-
gazing. But he is truly an exceptional man.

We would be better off if we had a lot more teachers - and students - like

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