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									LFS 400 Warehouse Management System
                            The integrated total solution

                             Warehouse-Management by E+P
    The internationally leading expert for warehouse logistics
Ehrhardt + Partner –
internationally leading expert for warehouse logistics

                            Founded in 1987 by today’s managing partner Hermann
                            Ehrhardt, warehouse expert Ehrhardt + Partner has
                            developed into an international total solution provider
                            for warehouse logistics. Together with its subsidiaries,
                            the company currently employs more than 120 members
                            of staff at four locations. Company group solutions are
                            successfully employed on five different continents.
                            The E+P Group product range incorporates the LFS 400
                            warehouse management system, Pick-by-Voice as well
                            as wireless and RFID data solutions, material flow com-
                            puters and individual customer specific solutions. In addi-
                            tion to warehouse modernisations, warehouse seminars,
                            warehouse planning and consulting, Ehrhardt + Partner
                            also takes charge of complex warehouse projects as
                            main contractor, on request from customers. E+P also
                            runs a comprehensive Repair and Support Centre.
                            Throughout the world, customers appreciate the sound
                            logistics advice, the extensive expert knowledge of
                            warehouse logistics, professional project management,
                            short project turnaround times, on-time commissioning
                            and reliable support that this warehouse expert pro-

                            Data. Facts. Figures.
                            The success of the Ehrhardt + Partner Group and its
                            high-quality warehouse solutions can be concretely
                            expressed by the following numbers:

                            Number of customers: over 300
                            Completed logistics centres: about 400
                            Number of employees who work daily with the LFS 400:
                            between 30,000 and 35,000
                            Number of system language versions:
                            more than a dozen
                            Number of picks using the LFS 400 worldwide each day:
                            between 25 and 30 million

2 LFS 400

The LFS 400 warehouse management system ................................................................ 4
      A system for all requirements
      The warehouse management system for all platforms
      Open system solution for your IT architecture

LFS 400 as a central solution for your warehouse logistics ............................................. 6
      The total solution for your individual task definitions
      Central software installation for different countries and warehouses
      LFS 400 as an ASP solution

Setting standards with innovations ................................................................................... 8
      Voice service and support
      Multi-order picking

LFS 400 – a system solution all types of work ............................................................... 10
      Professional connection of automatic warehouse units
      Systematic warehouse modernisation

Sound advice and scheduled implementation ............................................................... 11
      Responsibility for implementation as main contractor
      Return on investment and concrete integration results

LFS 400 modules for your individual warehouse management system ......................... 12
      Detailed overview of the LFS 400 modules and functions

Comprehensive service and qualified training sessions ................................................. 17
      International service and perfect support
      Warehouse training sessions and seminars

References ...................................................................................................................... 18
      National and international customer projects from the commercial sector,
      production and logistics service industries

An overview of the LFS 400 warehouse management system ...................................... 19
      Software functions and services

                                                                                                                                       LFS 400 3
The LFS 400 warehouse management system

The modular LFS 400 warehouse management system can be used across various indus-
tries and is designed both for simple and more demanding requirements. The standard
system supported by a relational database controls the entire material and information
flow in logistics centres by means of dialogue supported applications.

A system for all requirements                                The warehouse management system for
The warehouse management system with a capacity              all platforms
for multiple clients and corporate groups is suitable for    With the LFS 400, Ehrhardt + Partner is offering an
international, multilingual use in the commercial sec-       exceptionally efficient and flexible warehouse man-
tor, as well as in the production and logistics service      agement system for controlling the entire material and
industries. LFS 400 guarantees an increase in process        information flow in logistics centres. The system was
and procedural efficiency, facilitates noticeable sav-       originally developed on the IBM i5 platform (formerly the
ings and long-term maintainability at low costs. This        AS/400) and today is fully accessible with all functions
system can be used to automatically optimise the use         for Linux and Windows platforms as well. LFS 400 is
of all warehouse resources, such as staff, warehouse         distinguished by a consistently high performance and
technology and conveyor technology. Furthermore, this        reliability on all platforms.
extremely reliable solution enables continuous transpar-
ency regarding the current situation in all manual and
automated warehouse units.

The high development standard of the LFS 400 ware-
house management system guarantees customers max-
imum investment security and is future-proof; it also
ensures high functionality and an extremely economical
quality product. To safeguard this software investment,
Ehrhardt + Partner also offers its customers a highly
modern, fully furnished logistics centre for demonstration
purposes. Individual processes and warehouse require-
ments can be shown in practice even before purchasing
the warehouse management software. Consequently
E+P gives you early assurance that by purchasing the
LFS 400 you are acquiring a product optimally tailored
to your current and future requirements.

4 LFS 400
Open system solution for your
IT architecture
Due to its open interfaces, the LFS 400 warehouse
management system can be optimally integrated into
existing IT landscapes. It goes without saying that the
LFS 400 system has communication interfaces with all
conventional ERP, MMS and MRP systems; likewise
there are services for use in SOA environments, easy
connection of software systems programmed specific
to the customer or independently developed software
systems. For example, the warehouse management sys-
tem has standard interfaces to ERP systems like SAP,
ORACLE, STEEB, NAVISION / Microsoft Dynamics NAV,
COPA, MOVEX, J.D. Edwards, MAPICS, SoftM, Baan
and many more. Reliable integration of LFS 400 into
these systems and connection to prevailing carrier haul-
age, customs and online shop systems has already been
put to the test in multiple projects. Problem-free data
exchange using computers and other software systems
socket connections, etc. is guaranteed. LFS 400 also
supports requirements stemming from ISO 9000 certifi-
cation with regard to product identification and material
flow control.

                                                            LFS 400 5
LFS 400 as a central solution for your warehouse logistics

The total solution for your individual
task definitions
The basic version of LFS 400 is available as a preconfig-     future, customer-specific processes and procedures.
ured starter package. As a directly operational, inter-site   The LFS 400 grows with your needs and requirements
warehouse solution, this basic package fulfils all the fun-   without having to change existing databases. The ware-
damental requirements of warehouse management with            house management software can be operated and man-
extensively uniform logistical basic requirements. All        aged by employees inexperienced in software use; even
other modules are already pre-installed and can be acti-      comprehensive system maintenance is usually carried
vated at any time as required. By using starter modules,      out by customers themselves. The necessary know-how
the system achieves high economic profit even with            for this is conveyed by E+P in correspondingly planned
small warehouses. Due to the high degree of param-            training and seminar sessions.
eterisation, the LFS 400 can also be easily adapted to

6 LFS 400
With LFS 400 as a standard system for warehouse management, we have created standards
in terms of innovation, development, economic efficiency and reliability, and thereby con-
tinually set new standards for warehouse logistics.

     Efficient warehouse logistics are counted amongst            LFS 400 as an ASP solution
     the deciding factors for success in all areas, such as
                                                                  If the LFS 400 system is used via ASP (Application
     commerce and production, and for logistics service
                                                                  Service Provider), our customers access the warehouse
     providers as well. For Just-in-Sequence strategies, the
                                                                  management system through the internet or a directly
     supply chain must be perfectly organised and function
                                                                  connected line. The software is made available on a cen-
     smoothly. In this respect, the LFS 400 is a central build-
                                                                  tral server. The customer has secure access to defined
     ing block in your supply chain. This powerful system
                                                                  applications but does not actually have to purchase the
     ensures optimised processes, maximum transparency
                                                                  system. The user fee is time-related. The ASP solution
     and efficiency in the warehouse and consequently over
                                                                  can be easily integrated into existing IT structures and
     the entire supply chain. The result is a noticeable reduc-
                                                                  makes it possible for the customer to minimise their own
     tion in your logistics costs.
                                                                  IT infrastructure. Installation, updates and maintenance
                                                                  are carried out by E+P. The lower starter costs and
                                                                  reduced effort in maintenance and data protection cre-
                                                                  ate additional cost advantages in using the ASP.
     Central software installation for different
     countries and warehouses

     The LFS 400 can also be used centrally within a group
     of companies forming an extremely economic solution:                             Swindon

     the entire material flow and stock management of a mul-
     tinational company in countries of different languages
     can be implemented with a single software installation.                               Paris

     The LFS 400 is currently available in more than a dozen
     languages. This saves on high investments in extra EDP
     personnel and cost-intensive hardware at several loca-
     tions.                                                                        Barcelona

                                                                  As shown in this example, international customers use just one version
                                                                  of our LFS 400 software with multi-client capacity to organise their
                                                                  entire material flow and stock management in countries of different
                                                                  languages and in warehouses with differing requirements.

                                                                                                                          LFS 400 7
Setting standards with innovations

Pick-by-Voice                                               Voice service and support
As one of the first warehouse management systems in         The Vocollect Repair Centre means that E+P can offer
Europe, the LFS 400 enables unproblematic Pick-by-          Vocollect users a comprehensive, immediate after-
Voice use in warehouses. Pick-by-Voice technology has       sales service (certified by the manufacturer Vocollect)
been available for many years as part of the standard       for all products from this globally leading supplier of
scope of the warehouse management system and can            voice-based picking systems. The E+P support services
be activated easily and quickly at any time, or it can      include, for example, complying with individually defined
be adapted by parameterisation to new processes             deadlines and exchange guarantees within the context
and procedures. Efficiency can be increased by up to        of maintenance and repair work as well as free provision
35 percent depending on the project, type of use and        of preconfigured hire equipment. With the aid of online
environment of use. Fundamental results of using Pick-      monitoring, Repair Centre customers receive maximum
by-Voice with the LFS 400 are a considerable reduction      transparency during repair and maintenance work.
in the error rate and sales returns, an extremely high
user acceptance and an increase in picking accuracy by
more than 99 percent.

As a certified Vocollect Voice Solution Provider, the E+P
Group fulfils the highest quality requirements and stand-
ards in terms of development, integration and support of
Pick-by-Voice solutions.

8 LFS 400
RFID                                                            Multi-order picking
E+P was already integrating RFID technology years ago           The picking cart for multi-
into the logistical processes of the LFS 400 warehouse          order picking as developed
management system. RFID technology is therefore                 by Ehrhardt + Partner ena-
included in the standard scope of this warehouse                bles time and path optimised
management software and is available at all times to            parallel picking of up to 40
customers of this software specialist. Furthermore, the         orders. LFS 400 guides the
E+P subsidiary ITL (Institut für technische Lösungen in         warehouse employee with his
der Logistik; trans. the institute for technical solutions in   picking cart from one picking
logistics) offers a detailed examination of the potential       station to the next, using an
use of RFID within customer environments using feasi-           optimised path route. At each
bility studies. Close collaboration with scientific research    picking station, the employee
and development facilities is also characteristic for this      is prompted to pick the required item quantity for an
company group’s area of work.                                   order and to place this quantity in a container marked
                                                                with a light signal, and then to acknowledge the proc-
                                                                ess. This continuously ensures targeted allocation of the
                                                                picked item to the corresponding order. A substantial
                                                                reduction in picking errors is the result.

                                                                                                              LFS 400 9
LFS 400 – a system solution for all types of work

Professional connection of automatic                         Systematic warehouse modernisation
warehouse units                                              Modernisation of warehouses places the highest
The LFS 400 is also outstandingly suited to professional     demands on software systems’ flexibility, functionality
use in manual and automated warehouse units. Over the        and reliability as well as on the specialist knowledge of
last 20 years, the system has been reliably connected        the partner company commissioned with modernisa-
to all warehouse and conveyor technologies available         tion. An essential focus of work for Ehrhardt + Partner is
on the market. For example, this includes automated          reliable and deadline compliant modernisation of man-
high-bay warehouses, paternoster or shuttle systems,         ual and automated logistics centres in line with the set
automated guided vehicles, electronic scales technol-        budget. Over the last few years, LFS 400 has been reli-
ogy, as well as online wireless systems for picker and       able, successful and quick integrated within the context
forklift control. Moreover, extremely varied material flow   of many complex modernisation projects. We are happy
computers have been successfully connected to the            to present you with reference projects which match your
LFS 400 in multiple reference projects.                      task definitions. The E+P modernisation experts look
                                                             forward to your enquiry.

10 LFS 400
Sound advice and scheduled implementation

On the basis of more than twenty years of extensive project experience, Ehrhardt + Partner
offers its customers sound warehouse expertise in warehouse planning and consulting,
warehouse restructuring, design of material flow and process structures as well as in
selecting hardware, software and warehouse equipment.

     Responsibility for implementation as                           Return on investment and concrete
     main contractor                                                integration results
     Ehrhardt + Partner has efficiently implemented complex         Experience has shown that our customers notice a return
     customer projects for a long time now on account of its        on investment in 18 to 20 months. The capacity of trans-
     expertise. Over the last few years, this warehouse expert      port equipment is exploited between 50 and 70 percent
     has managed and implemented an increasing number               better as a result of software implementation.
     of major projects as main contractor. This means that          Furthermore, sales returns stemming from picking errors
     customers can award their projects entirely to E+P             likewise drop by around 50 to 70 percent. Customers
     (whether a new-build or warehouse modernisation) and           also record a noticeable reduction in employed person-
     profit from this “one-stop” solution: from initial idea to     nel capacities by around 20 to 40 percent.
     developing strategies and support during implementa-           Due to the LFS 400’s high level of functionality and relat-
     tion up to the final realisation, Ehrhardt + Partner is your   ed simplicity in changing parameters, you can achieve
     accountable contact partner.                                   savings of up to 70 percent with future upgrades and
                                                                    modifications in comparison to other systems.

                                                                                                                    LFS 400 11
LFS 400 modules for your individual
warehouse management system

The modular layout of the LFS 400 is the basis for individual tailoring software to suit your
requirements. The system’s high level of standardisation and vast number of available,
tried-and-tested modules has a beneficial effect on costs for you.

Maintenance and management
of warehouse sites and bin locations
• Dynamic-random bin allocation taking into     • Two-stage bin allocation
  account A-B-C criteria                        • Use of technical aids, e.g. Pick-by-Voice,
• Cross-section bin allocation                    mobile data acquisition, transport equipment...
• Controlled overflow onto larger bins          • Management of several stock modules at one
• Consideration of customer specific              bin location or loading unit
  warehouse requirements, such as e.g.          • Management of empty goods, pallet account
  temperature zones, etc.                         keeping
• Fixed bin allocation (automatic and manual)
                                                Stock control
• Storage routines
                                                • Classification of total stock by:
• Manual bin allocation
                                                  - blocked inventory
• Dynamic field allocation                        - reserved inventory
• Bin segmentation                                - freely available inventory
• Warehouse without bin allocation              • Differentiation between own inventory and
• Block storage                                   consignment inventory

• Flow rack aisles                              • Separation into duty-paid and non-duty-paid
Storage                                         • Controlled reservation of individual stock
                                                  modules for particular orders or customers
• Splitting, repacking
                                                • Display of the reserved quantity arranged by
• Cross-docking
                                                  orders, users, etc.
• Quality control
                                                • Differentiated identification of stock by batch,
• Product labelling
                                                  goods-in No. BBD, orders...
• Data transfer from customer’s goods-in or
                                                • Article types
  MRP/BDE system
• Batch management, batch tracking, serial
  number management, BBD, FiFo
• Barcode labels

12 LFS 400
Retrieval/picking                                        Shipping
• Retrieval of complete work packages based              • Routing for Post, DPD, UPS, GLS etc.
   on the provision of bills of delivery, customer and   • Loading scanning
   production orders or internet shop orders             • Handling of master shipping units
• Optional allocation of each retrieval by               • Management of empty goods, pallet account keeping
   cost centre, customer/production order,
   cost unit, project number, etc.                       Stocktaking
• 1-stage/2-stage picking                                • Sample stocktaking via interface
• Pick and Pack principle                                • Zero level control stocktaking

• Multi-order picking, path optimised processing         • Permanent stocktaking, stocktaking on a specific day
                                                         • Interface for commercial settlement of stocktaking
Packing station dialogue                                   differences

• Registration/scanning of serial numbers                • List of stocktaking differences

• Generation of package content lists
                                                         Control of various types of storage
• Packing goods into shipping units, generation          technology, such as:
   and printing of barcode addresses/delivery
                                                         • Automated high-bay warehouses
   labels, e.g. for parcel services such as UPS,
                                                         • Paternoster and shuttle systems
   GLS, DPD, SYSTEMPLUS, POST and generating
   SKU and IDS router labels                             • Automated guided vehicles (AGV)

• Two-stage packing                                      • Online wireless systems for picker and
                                                           forklift control
• Provision of data for all products in a package
                                                         • Electronic scales
   with batch No., BBD/expiry date, serial number,
   etc. for passing on electronically to the receiver,   • RFID

   corresponding with consignment number and             • Pick-by-Voice
   consignment tracking                                  • Pick-to-Belt
• Printout of delivery lists according to parcel         • Pick-by-Light
   service, provision of consignment data for the        • Integration of material flow computers to control au-
   corresponding parcel service                            tomated warehouse components

                                                                                                      LFS 400 13
LFS 400 modules for your individual
warehouse management system

Transport control system
• Path calculation for each means of transport,         • Turnaround rates of individual items and
  avoidance of empty trips                                reach analysis
• Priority control of pending transports,               • Frequency of individual items at
  inc. time-dependent                                     the picking station
• Registration of idle time at handover points          • Individual queries by internal or central
  and buffer locations for improved calculation           data warehousing
  of transport times
• Automatic transmission of optimised transport         Graphic user interface
  orders to forklift drivers                            • Display of digital product images during
• Support for multiple transporters,                      stock inquiries or during picking
  e.g. clamp forklifts, triple forklifts                • Interface operated via internet browser
                                                        • Access to all functions via the internet
                                                        • Graphic display of statistics
• Comprehensive availability of statistical functions
                                                        • Graphic warehouse control station
• Warehouse occupancy
                                                        • Supports touchscreen wireless data equipment
• Picking numbers and times
• Performance statistics                                Kit-building
• Order numbers                                         • Supports formation of sets for the display structure
• Order, goods-in and transport monitoring              • Supports goods kit-building
• Cycle times for each order                            • Administration of piece lists

14 LFS 400
       Quality assurance
       • Handling of freely definable quality statuses            • Statistics about access frequency, overviews of
       • Generation and processing of quality assurance             allocation, occupancy, stock lists, A-B-C analysis
         orders                                                   • Different concepts for organisation and provision
       • History of changes in quality statuses (user, data...)     of emergency operation

       • Definition of quality assurance personnel via            • Barcode labels for machine processing or product
         authorisation rights
                                                                  • Invoicing of logistics services
       Other functions                                            • Sending of e-mail or SMS when defined events
       • Monitoring of the reported stock level with automatic      occur or notifying delivery
         generation of restocking suggestions                     • Notification of delivery by electronic data transfer
       • Parameter control, e.g. for restocking at a picking        for each package/pallet
         station, label printouts, etc.                           • 3-D visualisation of warehouse processes

Your individual requirements can be best established on-site in a personal advisory meeting. In this context, we
would be happy to show you concrete possible solutions and to uncover optimisation potential. We will illustrate the
current requirements you have of your prevailing warehouse processes in our logistics centre and will present these
processes to you under live operating conditions. Take this opportunity for your warehouse.

                                                                                                                 LFS 400 15
LFS 400 modules for your individual
warehouse management system

Integrated picking technologies
Paper-based picking by picking lists
• Implementation of paper-based picking               • Immediate, event-controlled online restocking
   by picking lists or paper-based picking            • Use of collective transport equipment or MDA
   by picking lists accompanied by other                 for storage, retrieval and relocation
   picking technologies
                                                      • Easy and quick learning as communication is
• Picking lists for individual warehouse locations       dialect-neutral
   or collective picking lists for several orders
   over several warehouse locations                   RFID
• Printout and use of barcode labels                  • Can be used for product identification (batch,
• Path optimised picking lists                           EAN, serial numbers) and for loader identification
• Precalculation of consignment loading unit             (pallet or SKU)
   (Pick and Pack principle)                          • Connection of an RFID supported picking cart
• Multi-order picking                                    for multi-order picking
• Multi-stage picking                                 • Connection of RFID group detection, e.g. for
                                                         industries and sectors such as pharmaceuticals,
Wireless                                                 entertainment electronics, electronic products,
• Advantages compared with paper-based                   textile industry and document management
   picking by picking lists: high data security,
   reduction of picking errors and a considerable     Pick-by-Light
   increase in productivity amongst personnel         • Supplementary option for fast and extremely
• Immediate, event-controlled online restocking          reliable picking by using optically unique light
• Continual online overview of order progress and        signals
   corresponding time stamps                          • Reduction of erroneous picks during picking
• Clarity and transparent quality assurance           • Short picking paths as a container conveyance
• Overview and history of personnel use                  system is usually connected to the Pick-by-Light
• Character-oriented and/or graphic interface            technology

Pick-by-Voice                                         Pick-to-Belt
• Increases picking speed by up to 50 percent along   • Time-saving processing of several parallel orders
   with high picking reliability                      • Short paths due to parallel and cross-order picking
• Free hands for the picker and no visual contact     • Automatic sorting of picked goods by a downstream
   with a display necessary                              sorter into individual orders or receivers

16 LFS 400
Comprehensive service and qualified training sessions

As one of the leading warehouse experts internationally, Ehrhardt + Partner will also support
you competently and extensively following project conclusion in all questions and areas
of warehouse logistics. E+P offers its customers worldwide a comprehensive service,
support and training programme.

      International service and perfect support                    Warehouse training sessions and
      After project completion, Ehrhardt + Partner offers its      seminars
      customers a multilingual service hotline for comprehen-      It is important that warehouse personnel are qualified
      sive support. Qualified warehouse experts are available      for the new requirements and tasks, in particular when
      to help you round the clock, seven days a week. This         changing over to a new warehouse management sys-
      ensures that E+P can help every customer worldwide           tem or when installing new technologies. With their own
      in just a few minutes. E+P experts can access the cus-       logistics centre measuring 900 m2, Ehrhardt + Partner
      tomer system online by remote data transfer or via an        offers ideal prerequisites for professional warehouse
      internet connection. Corresponding maintenance con-          training sessions and international seminars. Multilingual
      tracts prove their worth with flexible terms and perform-    teachers with experience in the industry teach theoretical
      ances and can be individually adapted to suit customer       know-how but most importantly practice-related expert
      wishes.                                                      knowledge at this logistics centre which is equipped
                                                                   with state-of-the-art equipment.

                 The range of training sessions offered by Ehrhardt + Partner includes
                                 the following courses and workshops:

                                          The fundamentals of warehouse processes

                        Key user training for the LFS 400         Statistics and KPIs with the LFS 400

                                     System support for the LFS 400          RFID workshop

                                                                                                                  LFS 400 17

The LFS 400 warehouse management system is being successfully used internationally
in commerce, production and service providing, as well as by haulage companies and
logistics service providers. Renowned referee customers for the warehouse management
system include for example the following companies:

18 LFS 400
An overview of the LFS 400 warehouse management system

   • Warehouse management with dynamic administra-             • Packing station handling with package contents
     tion of bin locations                                     • UPS, GLS, DPD, SYSTEMPLUS, POST address
   • IBM Series i5, Linux and Windows system platform            labels, SKU and IDS router labels
   • Integrated relational databases                           • Loading control/scanning
   • Preconfigured starter solutions available                 • Graphic user interface
   • Can be expanded/upgraded by standard modules              • Total LFS 400 functionality available via the internet
   • Can be modularly constructed according to cus-              and intranet
     tomer requirements                                        • Integrated material flow computer
   • Terminal or client/server solutions
   • Interfaces to ERP and MMS systems such as                 Services
     SAP/R3, Navision or MOVEX
                                                               • Reorganisation of existing warehouses
   • Interfaces to online shop systems
                                                               • Substitution of existing warehouse software systems
   • Administration of batch and serial numbers,
                                                               • Single, multiple-user and corporate group licences
     product tracking
                                                               • Professional project management
   • BBD control
                                                               • Reliable and secure project handling/
   • Differentiated stock control of items with different
     kit-building characteristics                                commissioning

   • Control of fully automated warehouses or                  • Use of LFS 400 via ASP
     warehouse units                                           • International hotline (24/7), online support via
   • Integration of barcode, wireless option, Pick-by-Voice,     modem, ISDN or Internet
     Pick-by-Light, Pick-to-Belt and RFID                      • Modernisation of automated logistics centres

                                                                                                              LFS 400 19
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