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					                         Letter of self-recommendation
Dear Sir or Madam,
As an undergraduate, I will finish my study in July 2007, my major is marketing and
I’ve mastered the knowledge correlated with this very well. And also, I have the
ability to communicate with foreigners in English frequently. I hope that I can have a
chance to corporate with your company. This letter includes four parts: personal basic
information, objective, summary and experiences.
Personal Basic Information
Name: 张廷海 (ZHANG TINGHAI) (male 23)
Mobile: 13591994987
Date of Birth: 1983/10
Height: 185cm
Educational level: BBA from Liaoning Technical University
Major: Marketing
Position in class: Monitor
Nationality: China
Political Background: CPC Member
Career Objectives :Relative to International trade, marketing 、Marketing、CRM .
Working Atmosphere Objectives: A place where is full of energy, passion, team- spirit,
development and creation will be my favor, and also the place where I can show my
talents and personality all-sided.
1. Leadership:
I am a good leader which can be shown in many fields, as a monitor in class, I do a
good job and be approved by classmates and teachers, so I am a four years monitor.
As a leader in football team, I lead my teammates to working together and won a lot
of tough battles.
As a leader in the game of the planning of starting a major task, we got a reward from
Liaoning province. That time we worked together like families, and some times
behaved like enemies when we argued with a point. And at last we have a happy end.
2. Study abilities
I have a good knowledge in marketing and skills in study. I’ve got three years the
three-class scholarship, knowing the development and target of the Marketing.
I’ve passed CET4 and CET6 with marks of 530 and 478 ,and also I had BEC(higher)
exam in NOV25th 2006,the results haven't showed yet ,but I am be confident with the
exam ,for I believe the energy I spent.
I’ve passed the National Computer Rank Examination and have achieved the grade
3,and got some basic knowledge s about office software: Word 、 Excel and
During the time in the University, I’ve spent some time in practicing the marketing
1. I’ve sold the students some kinds of anitary-wares at the second year in university
and discover that if you are considering your customers, then it will be easy to sale.
2. I’ve got a chance to be a salesman for the Fanta campus promotion and discover
that most people would like to buy the products above the money's worth, less people
have the loyalty for small wares.
3. Second-hand books selling let me know that some kinds of entertainment books are
more attractive.
4. As a salesman in the Dalian Beer-festival I found out that exciting、lively
atmosphere always create more consumption.

That is something about myself ,I hope I can get an opportunity to corporate with
your company. And at last I would like to show my best wishes to you and hope you
have a good time. Thank you!

                                                          Yours sincerely,
                                                            Zhang Tinghai

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