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									              MANDATORY DISCLOSURE OF MBA
                 PROGRAMMES 2009-2010
The following information is to be given in the Information Brochure besides being hosted on the
official Website.
I. NAME OF THE INSTITUTION                        DAV Institute of Management
Address including telephone, Fax, e-mail.         NH-3, NIT, Faridabad
                                                  Tel.: 0129-4270813, 4270849
                                                  Fax: 0129-4270849

II. NAME & ADDRESS OF THE DIRECTOR              Dr. N.K. Sharma
                                                H.No. 551, Sector-21/C, Faridabad.

      Members of the Board and their brief background.

    S.No.      Name of the Person                Designation
       1.      Padma Shri Sh. G.P. Chopra        Chairman-DAVCMC
       2.      Sh. Vishwa Nath                   Vice-President-DAVCMC
       3.      Dr. C. Prakash                    Vice-President-DAVCMC
       4.      Sh. Justice (Rtd.) R.N. Mittal    Vice-President-DAVCMC
       5.      Sh. R.S. Sharma                   Vice-President-DAVCMC
       6.      Sh. Justice (Rtd.) Jagdish        Vice-President-DAVCMC
       7.      Sh. B.D. Bali                     Vice-President-DAVCMC
       8.      Dr. N.K. Uberoi                   Vice-President-DAVCMC
       9.      Mr. S.K. Sama                     Vice-President-DAVCMC
       10.     Ms. Punam Suri                    Secretary-DAVCMC
       11.     Mr. Prabodh Mahajan               Secretary-DAVCMC
       12.     Sh. Mohan Lal                     Secretary-DAVCMC
       13.     Sh. M.L. Aeri                     Director (Colleges)-DAVCMC
       14.     Sh. Pradeep Godara                GM-Haryana Roadways
       15.     Sh. Rajiv Chawla                  President, Small Industries Association, FBD &
                                                 CMD, Able Financial Corporation, Faridabad.
       16.     Dr. N.K. Sharma                   Member Secretary, Principal Director, DAVIM,
       17.     Mr. Amit Chakarpani               Asstt. Professor, DAVIM, Faridabad.
       18.     Ms. Ritu Arora                    Asstt. Professor, DAVIM, Faridabad.
   Members of Academic Advisory Body.

1. Dr. N.K. Uberoi                Joint Director, IMT, Gaziabad.

2. Dr. Rajinder Chiller           Reader & Head, Dept. of Computer
                                  Application, M.D. University,

3. Dr. Naseeb Singh Gill          Reader, Dept. of Computer Application
                                  M.D. University, Rohtak.

4. Dr. Daleep Singh               Professor, IMSAR
                                  M.D. University, Rohtak.

5. Dr. Sanjeev Gupta              Professor & Director
                                  IBAT Institute of Technology & Management, Greater

6. Dr. Dharmender Kumar           Professor, Dept. of Computer
                                  Application, Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar.

7. Dr. Ashok Kumar                Professor, Dept. of Computer Science
                                  YMCA, Faridabad.

8. Dr. M.S. Turan                 Professor, Dept. of Business Studies

9. Dr. B.B. Tandon                Professor, University Business School,
                                  P.U., Chandigarh.

10. Dr. D.P. S. Verma             Professor, Dept. of Economics, D.U.,

11. Dr. Mukesh Chaturvedi         Professor, MDI, Gurgaon.

   Frequency of the Board Meetings and Academic Advisory Body.     Twice a year
Organisational chart and processes

                                  Principal Director

          Academic                                                Administration

           Professor                                                Director

                       Asst. Professor           Estate Officer

                          Lecturer              Administrative
                   Research Associates
                                                Account Officer



       Nature and Extent of involvement of faculty and students in academic affairs/improvements.
                                                Teachers and Students are involved in all type of
                                                academic activities, which they plan during the year
                                                like case studies, role-plays, curriculum updation
       Name of the Programmes (Full Time) approved by the AICTE.         MBA
       Name of the Programmes (Part Time) approved by the AICTE.         N.A.
       Name and duration of programme(s), if any, not approved by AICTE and being run in the same
    campus.                                                         N.A.
       For each Programme the following details are to be given :
       Name                                                  MBA
       Number of seats                                       90
       Duration                                              2 years
       Cut off mark for admission during the last 2 years.   Conducted by State Govt. Admission
       Fee                        Rs. 39,000/- per year as approved by State Fee Committee and
                                  approved charges.
       Placement Facilities                                  Yes
       Campus placement in last two years with minimum salary, maximum salary and average salary.

Year       Discipline         Total no. of     Total no. of students placed   Maximum         Average Salary
                           students passed       through placement cell       Salary          Drawn
                                   out                 (last 3 years)         Drawn
                             (last 3 years)
2008-        MBA                   59            Through Campus – 31          25000/-         15000/-
09                                                Total Placement – 51

2007-        MBA                  60                       52                 5.8+Incentive   3.6+Incentive

2006-        MBA                  60                       43                   4.2 Lac +        2.4 Lac +
07                                                                              Incentive        Incentive
                                                                               (annually)       (annually)

       Name and duration of programme(s) having affiliation/collaboration with Foreign
   University(s)/Institution(s) and being run in the same Campus along with status of AICTE approval.
       Details of the Foreign Institution/University:          --N.A.--
       Name of the University/Institution
       Is the Institution/University Accredited in its Home Country
       Ranking of the Institution/University in the Home Country
       Whether the degree offered is equivalent to an Indian degree?
   If yes, the name of the agency which has approved equivalence. If no, implications for students in
   terms of
       pursuit of higher studies in India and abroad and jobs both within and outside the country.
       Nature of Collaboration
         Conditions of Collaboration
         Complete details of payment a student has to make to get the full benefits of collaboration.
         For each Collaborative/affiliated Programme give the following:     N.A.
         Programme Focus
         Number of seats
         Admission Procedure
         Placement Facility
         Placement Records for last two years with minimum salary, maximum salary and average salary
         Whether the Collaborative Programme is approved by AICTE? If not whether the
      Domestic/Foreign Institution has applied to AICTE for approval as required under notification no. 37-
      3/Legal/2005 dated 16th May, 2005.                              N.A.

       Number of faculty members:                          26 (Full Time)
       Permanent faculty                                   7 (Including Principal Director)
       Contractual faculty                                 19
       Visiting faculty                                    6
       Profile of each faculty with qualifications, total experience, age and duration of employment at the
   institute concerned.
                                            LIST OF MBA FACULTY

Name of    S.No.       Name (s) of the       Designation      Qualifications with     Date of Birth       Total        Date of        Gross total salary as
  the                 Teaching Faculty                              field of                           Experience    Joining the     on date with scale &
Course                                                         specialization                                         Institution         Basic pay
               1.    Dr. N.K. Sharma        Principal-cum-    M.Com, MBA,           3/1/1962          24 yrs        17-07-1998      19400-475-22400
                                            Director          M.Phil, Phd.                                          02-08-2003 as
                     Prof. Neeraj                             MBA, (IIM-                              24 yrs
               2.                           Professor                               04-08-1962                      01-05-2004      16400-450-22400
                     Chandra                                  Calcutta)
               3.    Dr. P.D. Chaturvedi    Professor         M.A., PH.D                    -         50 yrs              -                    -
                     Prof. Harish Paruthi   Professor         B.TECH, MBA, SMP,                       43 yrs
               4.                                                                           -                             -                    -
                                                              MIMA, MCIM(UK)
               5.    Prof. Sunil Kohli      Asst. Professor   M.Sc. (Hons.), MBA    18-09-1950        33 ys         02-08-1999      16400-475-22400
                     Mr. Amit                                 MBA, Pur. Ph.D                          10 yrs
               6.                           Asst. Professor                         01-03-1977                      01-06-1999      12000-420-18300
                     Ms. Neelam Gulati      Asst. Professor   MBA, ICWA, Pur.                         12 yrs
               7.                                                                   03-12-1971                      01-07-1997      12000-420-18300
                     Ms. Ritu Arora         Asst. Professor   M.Com, PGDBM,                           11.9 yrs
               8.                                                                   08-05-1974                      01-11-1997      12000-420-18300
                                                              M.Phil, Pur. Ph.D
                     Ms. Meera              Asst. Professor   MBA, M.Phil                             9 yrs
               9.                                                                   16-04-1978                      01-07-2000      12000-420-18300

               10.   Ms. Hema Gulati        Asst. Professor   MBA                   07-12-1960        24 yrs        01-08-2003      10000-325-15200
               11.   Ms. Gurjeet Kaur       Lecturer          M.Sc (B Level)MBA     28-09-1972        11 yrs        25-07-2002      10000-325-15200
               12.   Dr. Sunita Bishnoi     Asst. Professor   MBA, M.Phil, Ph.D     19-02-1979        6 yrs         01-04-2003      10000-325-15200
                     Dr. Ashish Goyal                         MMM,                                    7 yrs
               13.                          Lecturer          PGDBM,MBA, M-         25-07-1977                      20-03-2003      8000-275-13500
                                                              Phil, Ph.D
                     Ms. Bhawna                               CA, CS                                  8 yrs
               14.                          Lecturer                                23-11-1979                      01-08-2001      12000-420-18300
               15.   Ms. Priyanka Gaur      Lecturer          MBA                   15-02-1982        5 yrs         01-08-2004      10000-325-15200
               16.   Ms. Kareena            Lecturer          M.Sc., MBA            21-08-1980        5.6 yrs       28-02-2004      8000-275-13500
               17.   Ms. Parul Gupta        Lecturer          MBA                   03-09-1980        3 yrs         01-08-2006      8000-275-13500
               18.   Ms. Jeanie             Lecturer          PGDMC, MBA            26-04-1983        3.1 yrs       01-07-2006      8000-275-13500
               19.   Ms. Dhrity Gulati      Lecturer          MBA                   07-02-1985        2.2 yr        01-06-2007      8000-275-13500
               20.   Ms. Nupur Mehta        Lecturer          MBA                   06-01-1985        3 yrs         15-06-2007      8000-275-13500
               21.   Ms. Saru Bhardwaj      Lecturer          MBA                   23-11-1981        5 yrs         01-08-2004      8000-275-13500
               22.   Ms. Jyoti Malik        Lecturer          MBA                   11-08-1984        3 yrs         15-06-2007      8000-275-13500
               23.   Ms. Anju Panwar        Lecturer          MBA                   04-07-1975        5 yrs         01-10-2008      8000-275-13500
               24.   Ms. Puja Malhan        Lecturer          MBA                   14-06-1975        11 yrs        01-10-2008      8000-275-13500
                     Mr. Sumit Saini        Software                                                  6 yrs
               25.                                            MCA                   18-10-1983                      20-01-2006      8000-275-13500
               26.   Mr. Ashwani            Lab Faculty       PGDCA                 01-06-1981        2 yrs         08-02-2008      14000 consolidated
      Number of faculty employed and left during the last two years

                              2007                   2008                  2009              Remarks
     Faculty            Ms. Nupur             Mr. Ashwani           Anju Panwar                 -
                        Ms. Jyoti                       -           Pooja Malhan                -
                        Ms. Ramanjeet                   -                  -
                        Ms. Dhrity Gulati               -                  -                    -
                        Mr. Sudershan                   -                  -                    -
                        Mr. Sunil Kumar                 -                     -                 -
                        Mr. Sumit Saini                 -                     -
     Total                        7                     1                     2
     Faculty Left                 -           Mr. Sunil Kumar            Mr. Vaibhav            -
                                 -            Mr. Sudershan                   -                 -
                                 -            Ms. Ramanjeet                   -
     Total                       -                    3                       1                 -

       Profile of Director/Principal with qualifications, total experience, age and duration of employment
   at the institute concerned.


1. Name                      :       Dr. N. K. Sharma

2. Father’s Name             :       Late Sh. Shiv Dutt Sharma

3. Address                   : H. NO. 551
                               Sector-21C, Faridabad
4. Educational Qualifications: B. Com. (Hons.), M. Com, M. Phil (Commerce),
                               MBA, Ph.D (Management)

5. Present Occupation:                Principal cum Director, D.A.V. Institute of Management,

6. Background:                       -Director (Academics)       since    1997    in   DAV    Institute   of

7. Experience       :                      -22 years Teaching experience for Under-Graduate
                                     Classes of Commerce and Management and more than 6 years
                                     for Post-Graduate classes (MBA, PGDBM, CA courses etc) in
                                     Commerce and Management
8. Area of Specialization :     Accounting; Management & Cost Accounting,
                                Strategic Cost Management; Venture Capital;
                                Marketing of Financial Services

9. Development programmes attended          :

   S.     Venue                     Name of the Programme /          Duration      AICTE /
   No.                              Conference                                     UGC
   1      The Associated            People First : The New           2 days        Yes
          Chambers of               Dimension of Business (Sharing   (12-13
          Commerce and              Lessons from Successful          Sept.’03)
          Industry of India         Companies)
   2      Indian Institute of       Programme on Project             6 days        Yes
          Management,               Management                       (1-6
          Ahemdabad                                                  Sept’03)
   3      Management             Quality Improvement                 12 days       Yes
          Development Institute  programme on General                (8-19
          (MDI, Gurgaon)         Management Programme for            Jan’01)
                                 Senior Executives
   4      School of Management Faculty Refresher-cum-                19 days       Yes
          Studies, GGSIPU, Delhi Development Programme               (11-29
   5      Management                Quality Development              3 days        Yes
          Development Institute     Programme on Activity Based      (7-9
          (MDI, Gurgaon)            Costing                          Feb’00)
    6     Department of Business    Participated in the seminar      One day       Yes
          Management, Guru          on “Management in 21st           (19
          Jambheshwar               Century”                         Dec.,97)
          University, Hisar
   7      The Institute of          Participated in Faculty          5 days        Yes
          Chartered Financial       Development Programme            (15-19
          Analysts of India,                                         May’95)
   8      Academic Staff            Refresher Course for College     3 weeks       Academic
          College, Himachal         and University Lecturers         (27th June-   Staff
          Pradesh University,                                        16th          Orientation
          Shimla                                                     July’94)      Scheme of
   9      Department of             All India Commerce               3 days        Yes
          Commerce,                 Conference                       (29-31
          Kurukshetra University,                                    Dec.,93)
   10     The Institute of          Faculty Development              6 days        Yes
          Chartered Fianncial       Programme                        (2–7
          Analysts of India,                                         Aug.’93)
    11        Academic Staff               Orientation Course sponsored   27 days       Yes
              College, Jamia Millia        by UGC                         (16 June –
              Islamia, New Delhi                                          12 July’93)
    12        National Institute For       Trainers Training Programme    13 days       Yes
              Entrepreneurship and         for Enterprise Launching &     (14-26
              Small Business               Management                     Apr’86)
              Development, New

10. Academic Contribution              :    Authored and Co-authored various books and articles

    List of Books
          No     Title of the book                            Author                Year    of
          .                                                                         on
          1    Strategic Management of Venture                Dr. N. K. Sharma      2002
               Capital – An Indian Perspective
          2    Financial Accounting (Study Material for  Dr. N. K. Sharma      2003
               MDU, Rohtak for BBA Industry Integrated   Ms Samta Gupta
               Programme)                                Ms             Mridul
          3      Research Methodology                    Dr. N. K. Sharma      2003
                 (Study Material for MDU, Rohtak for BBA Ms Hema Gulati
                 Industry Integrated Programme)
          4      Foundations of Management (Study Dr. N. K. Sharma             2003
                 Material for MDU, Rohtak for BBA Ms Meera Arora
                 Industry Integrated Programme)
          5.     Dakshta – The Training Manual for BBA Dr. N. K. Sharma        2003
                 Industry Integrated Programme.

          6.     9 Books of Content Development for Dr N.K. Sharma                  2003
                 Punjab Technical University.       (Project Director)

List of Articles:

          S.        Topic
          1         Presented a paper on “Management of Venture Capital in India:
                    Strategies & Prospects” in National seminar on Emerging Trends in
                    Financial services & International Business organized by Department of
                    Business Management, Guru Jambheshwar Unviersity, Hisar (Haryana)
                    (The compilation of the seminar is likely to be released shortly)
          2         Presented a paper on “Role of Marketing in Insurance” in National
                    Conference on         “Privatization of Insurance sector: Corporate
              Challenges & Strategies” organized by Institute of Management Studies
              and Research, MD University, Rohtak. (Published by IMSAR)
       3        “Study of Venture Capital Industry in India with special reference to
                IT industry” –A Report submitted with KUK. For M. Phil.

       4         “Reforms in the Power Sector of the State of Haryana” prepared by
                 Sh. R. R. Jowel and Dr. N. K. Sharma & under print at MD University,

 11. Functions/Events Organized:   - Launched the Annual Personality Development program
                                   as Sanskaran -06 for inculcating the cultural and
                                   traditional values of DAV with modern techniques.

                                   -Initiated an on-going Faculty Development Programme
                                   in DAVIM.

                                   -Participation in Educare 2004 – An Education and Job
                                   oriented Career fair

                                   - Organised a National level seminar on “Environmental
                                   Management” in 2004.

                                   -Ist Convoction Programme of DAV Institute of Management
                                   on 12th October’2003

                                   -One day Career Fair at Gurgaon in Jan’2003

                                   -Lakshya –2002 : a two days Cultural & Academic Fest in
                                   DAV Institute of Management with Prize distribution

                                   -Prize Distribution function for DAVIM in 2000 and 2001

                                   -Participation in an Industiral Fair “FarIndex-2000

                                   -Computex’97 – An Exposition in Computer (Multimedia
                                   and Internet)

                                   -Softek’96 – Exposition in Software in Computers

                                   Careers’95 – 2 Days Exposition in Management and

12. Innovative Developments         -Visualized and Conceptualized the concept of National
                              Level BBA
                                    Industry Integrated Programme, launched by MDU,
                              Rohtak running
                                         successfully throughout the country

                                      -Visualized and Conceptualized the concept of BBA
                                      Programme, launched by G.G.S.Inderaprastha University
                                      Delhi, running successfully in more than 5 Institutions in

                                        -Assisted Principal Director, DAVIM in getting various new
                                        courses (MCA, BCA etc) the institute

                                        - Assisted Director in establishment of M.DU Centre of
                                        Management Studies for MBA Evening Programme in the

                                        - Worked as Associate Director (Training & Development)
                                        and presently as Director (Training), TDCC, DAV Institute
                                        of Management, Faridabad Actively involved in getting
                                        the ISO 9001 Certification for the T.D.C.C. Centre of the

                                         -Organized various Industrial visits & interactions

                                         -Conducted Counselling, Career Planning, Personality
                                         Development Programmes for Undergraduate and
                                         Postgraduate students

                                         -Directing placements and institute-industry interface

                                                             ( Dr N. K. Sharma)

      Whether student assessment of faculty is in force.     Yes ( Regular feedback of the faculty
                                                                   is collected from the students)
      Details of fee, as approved by State Fee Committee, for the Institution.
                                                      Fee Structure Attached As Annexure-H
      Time schedule for payment of fee for the entire programme.           Annually
      Fee waivers granted with amount and name of students.
      S.No.             Name                     Class                Stipend         Remarks
        1        Swati Garg               MBA                          5000               -
        2        Nidhi Mehta              MBA                          2500               -
        3        Chetna                   MBA                          2500               -
        4        Richa Arya               MBA                          2000               -
          5             Tripte Arora              MBA                              1500                      -
          6             Virender                  MBA                              2000                      -
          7             Rajbir                    MBA                              1500                      -

        Number of scholarships offered by the institute with the name of students, duration and amount.
        Criteria for fee waivers/scholarships.                 Merit and Economic Weaker Section
        Estimated cost of Boarding and Lodging in Hostels.                  Rs. 5000/- p.m.

        Number of seats sanctioned with the year of approval.             90 (2008-2009)
        Number of students admitted under various categories each year in the last two years.

                    Enrolment                                       Boys               Girls           Total

              A.    Total                   XI Batch                 43                 17               60
                    Enrolment               2007-2009
                                            XII Batch                53                 38               91
              B.    Scheduled               XI Batch                 4                  2                 6
                    Caste                   2007-2009
                                   XII Batch                         4                  1                 5
              C.    Scheduled Tribe Enrolment                        --                 --               --
              D.    Backward       XI Batch                          7                  2                9
                    Class          2007-2009
                                   XII Batch                         9                  3                10

        Number of applications received during last two years.                  Applications are called by the
                                                                                State Govt.

       Mention the admission test being followed, name and address of the Test Agency and its URL
    (website).                                   MAT, AIMA, New Delhi.
       Number of seats allotted to different Test Qualified candidates CAT, MAT, XAT, JMET, ATMA,
    CET, JEE (State conducted tests/University tests). All admission were made through MAT,
                                                               conducted by AIMA, New Delhi.
Class     Total    M        F    HOGC/MAT         Gen.        AIC          SC                BC       Minority       PH
        Students                                                                                      Students

                                    M         F    M     F    M      F     M       F         M    F      M       F   -

MBA       87       49      38       8         6   29     27   1      1     2       1         8    3      1       -   -

Total Students                   -      91
Counselling Seats                -      24 MAT
MGT. Seats                       -      22
Vacant seat filled against MGT   -      45

     Calendar:                                  The Admission schedule is Attached as Annexure-L
     Last date for request for applications.
     Last date for submission of application
     Dates for Group Discussion (GD)/Interviews
     Dates for announcing final results
     Release of admission list (main list and waiting list should be announced on the same day)
     Date for acceptance by the candidate (time given should in no case be less then 15 days)
     Last date for closing of admission.
     Starting of the Academic session.
The waiting list should be activated only on the expiry of date of main list
     The policy of refund of the fee, in case of withdrawal, should be clearly notified.

                                                        State Test Merit list is followed. The qualifying
                                                        examination merit is considered if the seats
                                                        remain vacant. The relevant information
                                                        attached as Annexure-M
       Describe each criteria with its respective weightages i.e. Admission Test, GD, Interview etc.
       Mention the minimum level of acceptance, if any, for any criteria.
       Mention the cut-off levels of percentage & percentile scores (section-wise and/or total as case
   may be) of the candidates in the admission test who are called for GD/Interview
       Mention last two years cut-off percentage & percentile (section-wise and/or total as the case may
   be) of the candidates called for GD/Interview.
       Display marks scored in Test, GD, Interview etc. and in aggregate for all candidates who come
   for GD/
       Interview etc.

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