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					600-1450 C.E.

All You Need to Know
• 600-1450 is referred to as the Post-
  Classical Era.
• The chapters about this time period cover
  the Middle East, Europe, South America,
  Africa, Asia
Timeline, Wooohooo!
500 C.E.               600 C.E.                       700 C.E.
•570-632 Muhammad      •618-907 Tang Dynasty          •750 Abbasid Caliphate
•589-618 Sui Dynasty   •661-750 Ummayad Caliphate     •777 North African Islamic
                                                                kingdoms form
                       •668 Korean Independence

800 C.E.               900 C.E.                       1000 C.E.
•800-814               •960-1127 Song Dynasty         •1054 Schism between Eastern
Charlemagne Empire                                    and Western Christianity
                       •Tula established by Toltecs
                                                      •1055 Abbasid caliphate
                       •Vladmir I converts to
                                                      controlled by Seljuk Turks
                                                      •1066 Feudal monarchy on the
                                                      •1096-1099 First Crusade (to
                      Even More Timeline
1100 C.E.               1200 C.E.                        1300 C.E.
•1100 China invents     •1231-1392 Korea ruled by        •1320s Europeans use
exploding powder        Mongols                          first cannon in war
•1150 Toltec Empire     •1236 Mongols capture Russia     •1320-1340 Bubonic
declines and ends                                        plague originates in
                        •1258 Baghdad captured by
                                                         Gobi desert and
•1185-1333 Kamakura     Mongols, Abbasid caliphate
Shogunate               ends
                                                         •1325 Rise of the
                        •1265 First English parliament
                        •1279-1368 China ruled by
                                                         •1338-1453 Hundred
1400 C.E.               Mongols
                                                         Years’ War
•1405-1433 Chinese
                                                         •1350 Rise of Inca
trading expeditions
•1453 End of
Byzantine Empire
•   bedouins            •   three-field system
•   Umayyad             •   feudalism
                        •   vassals
•   Quran
                        •   Magna Carta
•   five pillars        •   Parliaments
•   caliph              •   Hundred Years War
•   Sunnis              •   guilds
•   Jihad               •   black death
                        •   bushi
•   Abbasids
                        •   samurai
•   Mongols             •   seppuku
•   Sufis               •   shogun
•   manorialism         •   daimyos
•   serfs               •   sinification
Important People!
                       United Western
Muhammad                   Europe
Founded Islam
                       Regarded as the
His revelations
                         Founder of
inspired writing of
                         France and
                             Mansa Musa
Vladimir I of Kiev
                             Ruled the Mali Empire
Introduced Christianity to
the Rus’                     Had almost half of the world’s gold
Major Developments
          Major Developments
•   Rise of Islam
•   Bubonic Plague
•   Parliamentary Government
•   World Trading Network
•   Tang/Song Dynasty
•   Byzantium and Orthodox Christianity
•   American Empires
•   African Empires
•   Feudalism
             Rise of Islam
• Muhammed (570-632)- bedouin tribes in
  present-day Saudi Arabia.
• Arabian tribes eventually united by Islam
  and the booty from continued raids against
  other areas
• Bedouin tribes take over Iran, Iraq, North
      World Trading Network
• Strong Muslim Empires bridged gap
  between East and West
• Technology spread due to trade
           Bubonic Plague
• 13th to 16th century- Black Death swept
  through Eurasia
• 1/3 of population was killed
   Parliamentary Government
• Began in England in the 1100s
• Idea spread from England to rest of
        Tang/Song Dynasty
• Scholar-gentry
• Examinations
• Expanded territory west to Caspian Sea
  and north to Lake Baikal
      Byzantium and Orthodox
• Created from eastern part of Roman
• Russia inherited Orthodox Christianity and
  the Byzantine tradition
• The Byzantine Empire was surrounded by
  Muslims to the south and Turkic tribes to
  the East
       American Civilizations
• Maya-Yucatan Peninsula
• cities abandoned in 700s
• Toltecs-came after Mayas, set up capital
  city in 968 in central Mexico
• Aztecs-came after Toltecs
• Incas-1300-1400s, took over much of
  western South America
            African Empires
• Originally mostly stateless society – no
  bureaucracy or professional military
• Islam spread quickly through Africa, with its
  ideas of equality
• In Northeast Africa, the Sahel, several kingdoms
  emerged. In order: Ghana, Mali, Songhay.
• Before the 400s, there were already Christian
  converts in Egypt and Eastern Africa
• Ethiopian kingdom and Copts in Egypt were
• Rome fell, chaos reigned from 500s to
• Catholicism provided only organization
• Charlemagne created feudal empire based
  on Papal support
• Soon other groups also did this

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