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Client Instructions for Request for Quotation (RFQ) for

1     Title of Service

2    Introduction - Provide a brief background of the agency and the recruitment requirement.
Please provide any information which may be relevant to the context of the service.

2.1 Services and Contract Material – itemise types of services that are to be provided eg.
    scribing services, advertising, referee check, security checks etc

3     Position Details

3.1 Level and number of position/s – Indicate the number of positions against the equivalent level

Trainees               _____________                   APS 6             _____________
Graduates/Cadets       _____________                   EL1               _____________
APS 1                  _____________                   EL2               _____________
APS 2                  _____________                   SES B1            _____________
APS 3                  _____________                   SES B2            _____________
APS 4                  _____________                   SES B3            _____________
APS 5                  _____________

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3.2   Anticipated commencement date

3.3 Location of position

3.4 Role description – Broad description of the position/s that need filling

Consider whether the role has responsibility for other staff members, whether there are specific position
requirements, qualifications etc.

3.5   Duty Statement / Selection Criteria

Have you developed duty statement/selection criteria for this recruitment exercise? Yes/No

        If Yes - please attach to these client instructions

        If No – would you like providers to assist in their development?

3.6 Position Details – Please Circle

        Ongoing -         Will the agency conduct interviews from shortlist? Yes/No
        Part Time -       What are the hours/days of work? ___________________
        Non-ongoing - (Paid by agency as an employee)
        Temporary -       (Paid by recruitment service provider via timesheets)

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3.7 Security Clearance – Do candidate/s require security clearance? At what level? Will agency
      sponsor clearance?

3.8   Additional candidate requirements

Are there any specific technical requirements for this position?

Are there any OH&S considerations etc?

4     Organisational Context and Impact

4.1 Links to existing organisational processes

Does this recruitment exercise compliment other organisational priorities?

Are there any existing models/frameworks that need to be taken into account?

4.2 Resource document or references - What documents or other reference materials do
providers need to consider in preparing their submissions. Include instructions on how suppliers can
access this information (e.g. websites addresses ie aligned to APS ILS)

5     General Details

5.1 Contacts Details for RFQ, Contract and Invoicing

Agency Representative for the RFQ:
Telephone / mobile:
Alterative Agency Representative for the RFQ:
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Telephone / mobile:
Agency Representative for the Contract:
Telephone / mobile:
Agency Representative and postal address for tax invoices:
Postal address:
Telephone / mobile:

5.2 Procurement Timeframes - Please notify your client service officer of any changes to
timeframes or of any additional critical dates

Quotations are to be submitted by:

The anticipated commencement date of contract is:

The anticipated completion date of contract is:

5.3 Evaluation of Proposals - Evaluation Methodology

What evaluation criteria will be used?

Will the criteria be weighted?

6     Agency/Panel Service Team use only

6.1   Preferred suppliers - this information will be deleted before sending to panel providers.

The preferred suppliers are:

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6.2 Feedback Details

Who will be providing feedback to unsuccessful bidders:

Name:               Telephone:          Email:

How will the feedback be provided telephone, email or both:

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