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Festival Performance Contract by dyv66640


Festival Performance Contract document sample

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									 3605 W. National Avenue  Milwaukee, WI 53215  414.645.1700 

                          PERFORMANCE CONTRACT
                      SILVER CITY’S ASIAN FESTIVAL 2007


Performance Description:

Performance Date:

Contact Person:

Artist/Organization Current Address:

Artist/Organization Current Phone #:

Sound and Lights:

Special Provisions:

# of member(s) in Act:

# of support staff:

X                                                     X
              Signature                                       Print your name here

Artist / Organization

Return signed contract to:
Silver City Main Street/Asian Festival
Pom Ozolins - Entertainment/Stage Manager
1993 S. 102nd Street
West Allis, WI 53227
414-545-2055 (h)
Please provide in the space below, a description of your performance, i.e. how you
would like the emcee to introduce your presentation. Such things as history,
costumes, cultural meanings or a language translation are of interest to the
audience. Remember, they are here to learn of Asian Culture. Also, very important,
tell us how you wish to be named in any printed materials.

Performance name for program _______________________________________

Brief description of performance

Silver City Asian Festival reserves the right to control content of a performance up
to and including halting said performance if content is deemed inappropriate to a
family festival. Artists must be sensitive to the fact that we attract a varied clientele
from multiple ethnicities and must treat our audience with respect. Profanity and
suggestions of violence will not be tolerated.

Silver City Asian Festival cannot be held responsible for cancellations due to
weather or other “acts of God”.

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