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									                         FENCE REMOVAL REQUEST

Date:_______________                                         Unit#___________
                                                                   T/S File
Permit #_____________

I/We                                             member(s) at

am/are requesting GHI to remove the following type fence from my yard:

[ ] Chain link fence [ ] Wood fence [ ] Other

The location of the fence is in the following:

[ ] Serviceside yard [ ] Gardenside yard [ ] End yard.

Attached to this form is a diagram indicating which sections are to be removed.

I/We understand that another fence may not be re-erected for a period of three
years from the date of this agreement.

GHI Representative                                    Date

Member                                                Date

Member                                                Date

After a GHI representative has reviewed and approved this agreement, a copy will
be mailed to you and routed to the Maintenance Department authorizing a work
order to remove your fence.
 Consent for Fence Removal on a Shared Yardline where Fence
                   Affects Yard Enclosure

My adjacent neighbor at          ________________           has requested that GHI
remove the _______ __________ fence that is located between my unit and
his/hers/theirs, in accordance with a the policy approved by the Board of Directors.
They have agreed not to re-erect that fence for a period of three years.

I/we consent to this fence removal.

Member                                             Date


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