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					How to Receive                                                                          Emergency Management Institute
Your PDS Certificate                                                                    Professional
The Professional Development Series (PDS)
Certificate of Completion will be prepared
automatically when the student has successfully
completed and passed the seven courses. The
award will be sent directly to the student.                                             Series
All courses are considered independent studies,                                         Building Professional Emergency
whether done in the distance learning mode        Federal Emergency Management Agency
                                                                                        Management Skills
or in the classroom as group study.               Emergency Management Institute
                                                  16825 South Seton Avenue
The Independent Study Program Office              Emmitsburg, MD 21727
will score all tests, issue individual course
certificates, maintain students’ records, and     Contact: Katie Hirt (301) 447-1164
issue PDS Certificates of Completion.             or katie.hirt@dhs.gov
The Professional                             How to take classes:                                 Required Courses
Development Series                           Independent Study                                    IS-230.a
                                                                                                  Fundamentals of Emergency Management
has served for over twenty years to train    Visit http://training.fema.gov/emiweb/is.
professionals in the fundamentals of         Enroll online and then all materials will
emergency management.                        be provided for you. Each class takes                IS-235
                                             approximately10 hours. After finishing,              Emergency Planning
 Training is the key to building cadres of   an exam will be given online.
disaster coordinators and managers at all                                                         IS-242
levels for all hazards in all phases of
emergency management.
                                             Classroom                                            Effective Communication
                                             Some States offer group study versions of these

                                             courses in classrooms. Contact your State Training
                                             Officer to get a schedule of classroom offerings.
                                                                                                  Decision Making and Problem Solving

                                                                                                  Leadership and Influence

                                                                                                  Developing and Managing Volunteers

                                                                                                  Exercise Design

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