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									Engaging the Private Sector in
Freight Planning

An Executive Overview

            Presented at
   2007 Ohio Conference on Freight
         September 18, 2007

            Jocelyn Jones
       FHWA-Resource Center
 410/962-2486, jocelyn.jones@.dot.gov

      Understand why it is important to engage
          the private sector

      Define who “freight stakeholders” are and
          what engaging them means to your planning

      Determine how freight stakeholders can
          provide input to future planning efforts

Federal Highway Administration            2 - Engaging the Private Sector
Why...Is the Engaging the Private Sector

       Engaging the                 Public
       Private Sector            Involvement

Federal Highway Administration       3 - Engaging the Private Sector
Key Issues of Interest

       Economic Development

       Congestion

       Capacity

       Financing and Funding Projects

       Environmental Concerns

       Security Concerns
Federal Highway Administration       4 - Engaging the Private Sector
What Can the Private Sector Offer You?
(And what can you offer the private sector?)
Mutual understanding
     • Processes
     • Needs

Political and public support
Trust – an opportunity to build

Access to data, information
plans, and feedback

Federal Highway Administration     5 - Engaging the Private Sector
Why… Mutual Understanding of Divergent

            Public sector                                  Private sector
                 Local / Regional          Scope           National / Global

                    5 to 20+ years                         1 to 5 years
                                         Time Frame

                    Single Mode /                          Multi-modal /End-to-
             Individual Corridor        Analysis Unit      End Trip

               Discrete Location         Data Points       Product/Asset Velocity

                      Asset Focus                          Service Delivery Focus
                                     Performance Metrics

Federal Highway Administration                               6 - Engaging the Private Sector
 The New “Freight Stakeholders”


   Raw Material                                   Receiver / Shipper
Producer / Shipper

  Warehouse / Dist. Center                                Retail Store
    Receiver / Shipper                                     Receiver
Federal Highway Administration                  7 - Engaging the Private Sector
Who....Are Freight Stakeholders?

       Shippers and Receivers of Freight

       Freight Transportation Service Providers

       Owners and Operators of Freight Facilities

       Neighborhoods and Communities Affected
        by Freight Transportation

Federal Highway Administration         8 - Engaging the Private Sector
  Who...Traditional DOT Freight

 Carriers         Railroads
                 Shortline          Waterways
Private          Railroads                           Air
                                    Ports           Cargo       Traditional
Hazmat /         Regional                        Airports
                                    Barge                          DOT
Hazwaste                            Industries
Haulers                                          Airport        Customers
                 Class I                         Authorities
Specialty        Railroads
Carriers                                         Pilots        Driving Public
                                    Pilots                     Transit Users
Drivers                                                        Legislature
                                                               Local Officials

   Federal Highway Administration                                 9 - Engaging the Private Sector
Who... Different Perspectives
for Different Issues

            Shippers / Receivers

            Carriers

            Operators of Freight Facilities

            Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PL)

Federal Highway Administration             10 - Engaging the Private Sector
How…Finding Common Ground

    Planning and Policy

    Design and Construction
    Operations and Maintenance
    Oversight and Revenue Collection

Federal Highway Administration    11 - Engaging the Private Sector
 Access to Data & Information

     Public-domain freight data increasingly
      scarce and/or dated

     Commercial sources often price prohibitive
      for smaller MPOs

     Networking with freight stakeholders builds
      trust and mutual understanding

     Only request the data you need!

Federal Highway Administration          12 - Engaging the Private Sector
Resources for Identifying Stakeholders
          Transportation Professional Groups

          Chambers of Commerce

          Industry Associations

          Business Listing Services

          Commercial Business Directories

Federal Highway Administration         13 - Engaging the Private Sector
 A Continuum of Practice

                                              Programmatic Input
                                               • A process is established for
                                                 regular, consistent interaction
                                                 and feedback
                                    Policy Guidance
                                     • Surveys and other forms of
                                       market research are used to
                                       guide policy and benchmark
                   Information Exchange
                     • Networking / Conferences
                     • Working Groups / Research

Federal Highway Administration                          14 - Engaging the Private Sector
  In Summary...

  Engaging the Private Sector workshop is
   designed to help planners answer:

   Why – Private sector input is part of the
       public sector planning process

   Who – Non-traditional stakeholders
   How – Many ways, formal and informal, short
       and long term

Federal Highway Administration          15 - Engaging the Private Sector
FHWA Training Opportunities

  Integrating Freight in the Transportation Planning

     Freight Forecasting in Transportation Planning

  Engaging the Private Sector in Freight Planning
     Freight Financing

     Freight Data Made Simple

     Advanced Freight Planning

     Freight Planning and Environmental Considerations
Federal Highway Administration             16 - Engaging the Private Sector
Other Resources

  Presentation & Fact Sheets for outreach to private

     Freight Planning LISTSERV

  Talking Freight Seminar Series
     Freight Peer to Peer Program

 FHWA freight websites:
Federal Highway Administration             17 - Engaging the Private Sector

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