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City University Cass Business School APPLICATION TO RESIT


									                                         City University
                                      Cass Business School


 NB There is a separate form for resits for purposes other than exemption, which you
          must complete and send to the Registry with the appropriate fee

This form must be completed and sent, with the appropriate fee, to Nick Howes, Course Officer, BSc
Actuarial Science, Cass Business School, Parkes Building, Sebastian Street, London EC1V 0JA (020
7040 8472). The form should be submitted as soon as possible after the examination results are
known, and must arrive by Friday, 5th August 2005 at the very latest.

The special exemption resit fee is £40 per paper, which is in addition to the University’s examination
administration fee of £6 per paper (up to a maximum of £18). Cheques etc. should be made payable
to “City University”. Please note that payments by credit card or debit card will not be accepted.

Your transcript will confirm any examinations that are to be taken as a first attempt. No fee is payable
when you are sitting the examination as a first attempt and your paper will automatically be
considered for exemption purposes, so you do not need to complete this form.                        See for further details of exemption papers.

Students will NOT be permitted to resit examinations for exemption purposes only unless the
application form and appropriate fee have been received BEFORE the examination takes place.
Please note that no refunds will be given, except in the event of extenuating circumstances which
prevent a student from attending the examination. Any such refunds must be applied for within 4
weeks of the date of the examination.

Please complete in BLOCK CAPITALS
Surname                                               Forename

Degree Part                                           Student
(1, 2 or 3)                                           No.

Please indicate which exams you wish to take by ticking the box next to the exam title.
Part     Subject    Title                                               Tick
1        CT1        AS1201 Financial and Investment Mathematics
1        CT7         AS1071 Introduction to Economics
2        CT1b        AS2101 Financial and Investment Mathematics 2
2        CT1         Financial Mathematics (single paper)
2        CT2         AS2108 Finance & Financial Reporting
2        CT3b        AS2101 Probability & Statistics 2
2        CT3         Probability & Mathematical Statistics (single paper)
3        103         Stochastic Modelling (single paper)
3        104         Survival Models (single paper)
3        105         Actuarial Mathematics 1
3        106         Actuarial Mathematics 2
3        109         Financial Economics (single paper)
                     TOTAL FEE ENCLOSED (£40 per paper)


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