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    6700 6x4
PowerStar 6700 6x4 Cursor 13

   ENGINE                                                                 COOLING SYSTEM
   Iveco Cursor 13                                                        Radiator area: 8400 cm2
   Type:Turbocharged, aftercooled, electronically direct injected four-   Charge air cooler area: 5700 cm2
   stroke diesel with cruise control and silent Iveco Turbo Brake.        Heavy duty viscous fan drive with 9-blade plastic fan.
   Number of cylinders                  6                                 CLUTCH
   RAC H.P. rating                      67.8                              Single plate self adjusting with air assisted hydraulic actuation.
   Total displacement                   12.9 litres                       Diameter: 430mm.
   Maximum output                       480hp/354kW @ 1900rpm
   Maximum torque                       1622lb ft/2200Nm @ 1000rpm
                                                                          Type: Dual circuit air
   Maximum output                       500hp/373kW @ 1900rpm
                                                                          Front: Meritor S-Cam 419mm diameter x 152mm drum brakes
   Maximum torque                       1696lb ft/2300Nm @ 1000rpm
                                                                          Rear: Meritor S-Cam 419mm diameter x 178mm drum brakes
   Maximum output                       540hp/397kW @ 1900rpm
                                                                          Manual slack adjusters. Desiccant type air dryer.
   Maximum torque                       1733lb ft/2350Nm @ 1000rpm
                                                                          Spring actuated park brake acting on rear wheels.
   406mm Cyclopac two stage air cleaner and single gantry mounted         Semi-trailer air connections and hand control valve.
   exhaust .                                                              Automatic slack adjusters.
   Optional: Dual exhausts                                                Optional
   TRANSMISSIONS                                                          4-channel ABS, trailer ABS power supply and lead.
   Eaton Roadranger RTLO16913A 13-speed overdrive.                        STEERING
   Eaton Roadranger RTLO16918B 18-speed overdrive.                        ZF 8098 power assisted. Gear driven pump.
   Eaton Roadranger RTLO18918B, 18-speed overdrive.                       Adjustable steering wheel. Diameter: 460mm.
   All with oil cooler
   Iveco EuroTronic II 16AS2601 OD automated 16-speed
                                                                          Spicer1810 Series main driveline with Spicer 1710 Series
   overdrive.Two pedal operation with automatic or manual shift
   control and ABS brakes.
                                                                          FUEL SYSTEM
                                                                          Hilton Manufacturing cylindrical aluminium tanks.
   Meritor RT40-145GA
                                                                          1 x 360 litres (left-hand side)                              360 litres
   Meritor RT40-145GP
                                                                          2 x 360 litres                                               720 litres
   Capacity: 18.1 tonnes
                                                                          2 x 450 litres                                               900 litres
   Ratios: 3.73, 3.91, 4.10, 4.33,4.63
                                                                          450 + 270 litres fuel/180 litres oil                         720 litres
   Meritor RT46-160GP
                                                                          2 x 360 litres supplementary*                                1620 litres
   Capacity: 20.9 tonnes
                                                                          2 x 450 litres supplementary*                                1800 litres
   Ratios: 3.73, 3.91, 4.10, 4.30, 4.56, 4.89, 5.38
                                                                          * Requires 2 x 450 main tanks (restricted wheelbase).
   Driver controlled differential locks.
                                                                          Low tare highway service tank supports and cross braces.
   Alloy hubs and centrifuse drums (285mm disc wheels only).
                                                                          Severe service tank supports.
   Hendrickson HAS400
                                                                          Type: Heat treated steel, yield strength: 760 MPa.
   Hendrickson HAS460
                                                                          Standard chassis dimensions 257x89x8mm
   Hendrickson HAS461
                                                                          Standard chassis section modulus 243cm3
   Type: Air
                                                                          L Reinforced chassis dimensions 241x95x6.5mm
   Capacity: 18.0 tonnes
                                                                          L Reinforced chassis section modulus 324cm3
   Neway AD246
                                                                          C Reinforced chassis dimensions 275x97x8mm
   Type: Air
                                                                          C Reinforced chassis section modulus 510cm3
   Capacity: 21.0 tonnes
                                                                          Polished alloy low tare bumper.
   Rockwell AC6P
                                                                          Tapered rear of frame with fifth wheel mounting angle.
   Type: single point steel spring 6-rod.
   Capacity 18.1 tonnes
                                                                          Polished alloy bullbar
   Rockwell AC6S
                                                                          Polished alloy HD bumper
   Type: single point steel spring 6-rod.
                                                                          FRP air dam with steel or alloy bumper insert
   Capacity 20.9 tonnes
                                                                          Square end frame with temporary rear cross member for tipper
   FRONT AXLE                                                             versions.
   Meritor FG941                                                          Single or double tow hooks
   Type: Forged Steel I beam.                                             Alloy deck plate with quick release hold downs (only available with inboard
   Capacity: 6.70 tonnes.                                                 batteries)
   Alloy hubs and centrifuse drums (285mm disc wheels only).
                                                                          ELECTRICAL SYSTEM
                                                                          Type: 24 volt, negative to earth.
   FRONT SUSPENSION                                                       Batteries: 4 x 12V, 540 SAE cold cranking current per battery with
   Four leaf parabolic springs. Double acting telescopic shock            isolation switch.
   absorbers.                                                             Alternator: 24V, 90 amps.
   Capacity: 7.0 tonnes
PowerStar 6700 6x4 Cursor 13

   Headlamps: 70/75 Watt circular headlights and 100 Watt driving         Finish
   lights in hood.                                                        Fully trimmed cab with seats, bunks and padded door trims in
   Work light at rear of cab.                                             matching fabric.
   7-pin semi trailer socket.                                             Grey dash panel. Cab treated with anti-corrosion protection and
   Optional                                                               metallic joins treated with vinyl sealant. Anti scratch treatment on
   70 Watt fog or 100 Watt driving lamps in air dam.                      cab underbody. Baked enamel finish coat.
   Manual reset circuit breakers in lieu of fuses.                        Instrumentation
   Outboard-mounted batteries.                                            Electronic speedometer and tachometer, fuel level gauge, dual
   24-12 volt trailer converter                                           needle air pressure gauge, voltmeter, and gauges with integral
   Trailer connections to rear of frame.                                  warning light for engine oil level and engine coolant temperature.
                                                                          Warning lights in cluster for power divider, park brake, engine brake,
   WHEELS & TYRES                                                         high beam, parking lights, turn signal, hazard lights, low air pressure,
   Wheels: 6-spoke cast hubs with 8.25DC x 22.5 demountable rims.         EDC fault, engine pre-heat, blocked air filter, and low battery charge.
   Tyres: Front Michelin XZE2 295/80R22.5, Rear Michelin XDE2             Warning lights and buzzer for low levels of engine coolant and
   11R22.5.                                                               power steering fluid.
   Spare wheel without tyre.                                              Fully adjustable steering column.
   Optional                                                               Air controls mounted in floor-mounted console for park brake,
   Plain or polished 335mm or 285mm PCD aluminium disc wheels             trailer brakes, inter-axle locks (where fitted), cross-diff locks (where fitted)
   9.00 steer axle wheels and tyres.                                      and rear air suspension dump.
                                                                          Integrated sleeper cab with single bunk, privacy curtains for
                                                                          windows and bunk area, lockers below lower bunk with access to
   Type: 2280mm wide, double zinc coated steel day cab with low
                                                                          centre section from cab and left side external access door, under
   height roof.
                                                                          cab lockers each side.
   Four point cab mounting system with rear suspension including dual
                                                                          Medium roof sleeper cab.
   air springs/damper units.
                                                                          Full length fuel tank fairings.
                                                                          Aerodynamic roof deflectors and cab side extenders.
   Fully adjustable Isringhausen self levelling air suspension driver’s
                                                                          914mm low or medium roof sleeper box with Iveco Prestige
   seat with headrest, adjustable shock absorber and integral lap sash
                                                                          Trim mounted on a sub-frame with rear air suspension and
   retractor seat belt.
                                                                          including dual exterior doors with vents, insect screens, privacy
   Fixed Isringhausen passenger seat with lap sash retractor seat
                                                                          curtain, fan, fluorescent dome light, reading lamp, clothes hanging
   belt and folding armrest.
                                                                          rails, control panel, side extenders and two exterior lockers. Exhaust
   90˚ opening doors fitted with electrically operated windows.
                                                                          mounted on rear panel of box.
   Stowage compartments in overhead console, both doors and rear
                                                                          Two stowage compartments above windscreen (medium roof only).
   cab wall on day cab.
                                                                          Folding upper bunk (medium roof integrated sleeper only).
   Integrated sleeper cab with 670mm x 2090mm single bunk. Lockers
                                                                          Iveco Prestige Trim including diamond button trim and fan in
   below lower bunk, with access from cab and left side external
   access door. Privacy curtains for windows and bunk area.Two
                                                                          Woodgrain dash panels.
   stowage compartments above windscreen on medium roof option.
                                                                          Quad speakers (sleeper cab only)
                                                                          CD player with remote control.
   Two internal sun visors with shade cloth blinds on side window.
                                                                          12 CD changer unit for CD player.
   Grey acrylic exterior sunvisor.
                                                                          VHF CB or UHF radio.
   Aerodynamic powered and heated mirrors, with a flat and convex
                                                                          Rear axle oil temperature gauge
   spotter mirror on each side.
                                                                          Engine oil temperature gauge
   Air conditioning.                                                      Transmission oil temperature gauge
   Heater demister with 4-speed fan. Demist ducts to door glasses.        Engel15-litre multi-voltage refrigerator mounted on slides under
   Electrically operated roof hatch with medium roof.                     lower bunk (integrated sleeper cab only).
   2-speed and intermittent action twin windscreen wipers/washers.        Insulated food container (day cab only).
   AM/FM radio cassette.                                                  Air suspension passenger seat.
   Dual roof-mounted air horns.                                           Ventilation doors on both sides of sleeper.
                                                                          Driver travel kit.
PowerStar 6700 6x4 Cursor 13

   MASS RATINGS                                                                                      CHASSIS DIMENSIONS                          (dimensions in mm)
   GVM                                                           24.5   tonnes                       WB                     4500          4800           5000          5250         5250**
   GCM                                                           50.0   tonnes                       AF                     1460          1460           1750          1750         1460**
   Optional GCM*                                                 90.0   tonnes                       CA#                    2550          2850           3050          3300         2390**
   Chassis mass front                                            4.01   tonnes                       CF#                    4010          4310           4510          5050         3850**
   Chassis mass rear                                             3.15   tonnes                       L                      7180          7480           7680          7970         7930**
   Chassis mass total                                            7.16   tonnes                       FWS~                   350           250            NA            NA           200**
   Day cab chassis with oil and coolant, but no fuel, spare wheel or tyre.                           Turning circle*        16100         17200          17900         18800        18800**
   *Suitably rated engine, transmission and suspension components are required.                      *For wall to wall, add 850mm         #Deduct 440mm for integrated sleeper cab
                                                                                                     **Applies to vehicles with Iveco 914mm sleeper box
                                                                                                     ~ FWS is maximum fifth wheel setting to give clearance with 1.9m swing radius trailer.

   Suspension (dimensions in mm)                                                               B                       C                             D                               E
                                                                                                                                       Laden               Unladen
   Rockwell AC6P                                                                              620                     700                996                1055                    154
   Rockwell AC6S                                                                              620                     700               1016                1081                    108
   Hendrickson HAS400/460/461                                                                 620                     658               1000                1025                    105
   Neway AD246                                                                                660                     660               1000                1030                    130

                      6700 6x4
                                 Cursor 13

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                                                                  Australia Limited
                                                                  A.B.N. 86 004 065 061
                                                                  Princes Hwy,
                                                                  Dandenong.Victoria 3175

                                                                  The information in this literature is intended to be of general
                                                                  nature only. Iveco reserves the right to modify or change
                                                                  specifications at any time. For more detailed information
         G23B (OCT 2002)                                          refer to your dealer.

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