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									           BULKY MATTERS in BLACKPOOL - FAQS

Bulky Matters in Blackpool is a new partnership between Blackpool Council and
social enterprise Furniture Matters. From Monday 2nd November 2009 this
partnership will be providing a new bulky household waste collection service for
Blackpool residents; a service that prioritises the reuse and recycling of your
unwanted household bulky items such as furniture and domestic electrical

1. How much is the service going to cost me?

£18 for up to 3 items; £6 per additional items thereafter. 50% discount for people claiming
Council Tax Benefit / Housing Benefit. The charge includes refrigeration and TVs / CRT
monitors – which means it is cheaper to dispose of your fridge than before!

2. What will the new charge be spent on? Is this a profit making exercise?

The income the new service generates will contribute to the costs of providing the brand
new collection service (vehicles, drivers, crew etc), that collects within 3 working days on
an appointment basis, at a time to suit you – including Thursday evenings and all day
Saturdays. We want to collect items from inside your property where practicable, so that
we can re-use and recycle as many of the items as possible. Blackpool Council will not
make a profit from the service; and neither will Furniture Matters.

3. Do you collect 7 days a week?

Almost! Collections will be made every week day, plus Thursday evenings, and all day on
Saturdays (not Sundays).

4. Will I have to wait in all day for Bulky Matters’ staff to arrive?

No. When you make a booking you will be given some collection date choices – once you
pick a suitable slot we will confirm with you the actual collection date and slot. Morning
slots are between 9.30 – 12.30; afternoon slots between 1.30 – 4.30; and evening slots
5.30pm – 8.30pm.

5. I am unemployed and cannot afford to pay for the cost of the service, are there
discounts available for people like me?

Any household in receipt of either Council Tax Benefit or Housing Benefit will be eligible
for a 50% discount on all collections. Ring Customer First on 01253 477477 to check if you
are eligible for a discount.

6. How and when do I pay for the service?

You can book the service by telephoning the council’s Customer First Centre on 01253
477477. You will be required to pay for the service at the time of booking by either credit or
debit card. Alternatively, you can book and pay for a job in person at the Customer First
7. Can you guarantee you will turn up to collect my item when you say you will?

Yes, the Bulky Matters team are committed to ensuring that they always turn up on the
agreed date and within the hours specified. In the event of circumstances beyond our
control (traffic problems, breakdowns etc) we will contact you and let you know when the
collection will be. When you make your booking, please write down when we have agreed
to call in order to ensure there are no misunderstandings.

8. I am disabled and unable to move my unwanted item outside. Will someone help
remove it from my house and can I trust them?

Yes, the Bulky Matters’ driver and crew member will arrive at the agreed time slot and,
with your permission, enter your house and carefully remove the item. We will also ask you
to sign a form to show that you agree to the items in question being removed. All staff are
specially trained to handle your items carefully, and be respectful and courteous whilst in
your home. All staff have undergone full enhanced clearances with the Criminal Records
Bureau, to give householders that extra reassurance.

9. What items will you remove?

Wooden furniture, soft furnishings, domestic appliances, IT and home entertainment
equipment, household toys and games (not garden), all types of bicycles and small
musical instruments (not pianos). See the ‘Green’ list attached for items the Bulky Matters’
service will take. These items will be re-used or recycled wherever possible.

10. Does my item have to be in re-usable condition?

No. Whilst we welcome reusable items, this is a bulky household waste collection service
so an item does not have to be reusable or recyclable for us to collect it. As long as it is on
the ‘Green’ list, and you have named it and paid for it at the time of making the booking
with the Council’s Customer First Centre, then we will collect it whatever its condition.
(N.B. We will NOT collect items if they present a hazard to the health and safety of our staff: for example,
freezers containing decaying food, items that are covered in excrement, mattresses that are so wet they are
too heavy to carry, etc).
However, in order to help us re-use as much as possible, it would be helpful if you could
book a collection at a time when you will be at home, so that we can collect your items
from indoors, to save them from getting wet. Alternatively, if you do have to leave your
items outside, we would really appreciate it if you could cover them with polythene, if

11. Is there anything I will have to do with the items before you come to collect

Bulky Matters staff will collect freestanding items but they will not be able to dismantle
fitted furniture. If you have a fitted wardrobe, for instance, please dismantle it before we
arrive. Also, we will not be able to unplumb washers or disconnect cookers – please make
sure they have been disconnected and are ready to take when we arrive.

12. What if I have things I want to dispose of that aren’t on the ‘Green’ list?

If you have an item on the ‘Red’ list, please still ring Customer First, as the council will still
be operating a chargeable Special Collections service and will be able to take most of the
items on the ‘Red’ list. These items will be collected separately and sent to landfill.
13. Will Bulky Matters collect black bags?

No, this service will not collect black bags full of general waste. General household waste
should be disposed of as part of your weekly rubbish collection; or you can dispose of
multiple black bags by paying for a Special Collection.

14. Where will you take the items?

The items will be taken firstly to the new Bulky Matters’ warehousing and distribution ‘Sort
It’ centre where they will be sorted into what is re-usable, what needs repair, what can be
stripped down for parts, what can be recycled / reprocessed; with the residual waste being
collected and compacted for landfill.

15. Will I ever find out where my furniture ends up, once it is restored?

No. This would break confidentiality and the Data Protection Act. However, we will be
featuring ‘good news’ stories and case studies in the Council’s quarterly magazine – Your
Blackpool, on the Council’s website and in the local press.

16. Who do the regenerated items go to and what criteria do they have to fit?

Re-usable items will be passed on to local re-use charities in order to benefit
disadvantaged people who live in Blackpool.

17. Why am I paying to have an item removed that is going to be recycled?

The £18 payment is to help cover the cost of a changed bulky collection service.
Previously, all items were collected and then land filled. The cost of land filling is
increasing dramatically and Blackpool Council, like all other councils, has to reduce waste
and improve its recycling rate. Re-use and recycling are the most sustainable ways of
managing waste.

18. Can I just drop something off to avoid paying £18?

No, that is not possible. Also, the cost is to cover the warehousing and re-distribution /
disposal of the items, not just the collection.

19. I’m a pensioner, I’ll get a discount won’t I?

Not necessarily. Are you in receipt of Council Tax or Housing Benefit? If so, you’ll get 50%
off the price.

20. I’ve had a carpet taken away before – why won’t you take it now even if I’m
prepared to pay for it?

Carpets / floor coverings cannot easily be re-used or recycled. If you are having a new
carpet fitted your carpet supplier should dispose of your old one for you. Alternatively it can
be taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre or you can arrange for a
quotation from the council for collecting and disposing of it for you (Special Collection
Service) by ringing Customer First.

v.1 October 2009
                      YES PLEASE                                            NO THANK YOU

Wooden furniture                                               Household fixtures and fittings
Chest of drawers / sideboards / dressers / dressing tables /   Doors / window frames / double-glazing units /
wardrobes                                                      skirting boards
Dining / kitchen tables and chairs                             Kitchen units / fitted cupboards / worktops /
Coffee / hall / bedside / occasional tables                    sinks / baths / toilets
Wall units / TV cabinets / desks / bookcases                   All floor coverings incl. carpets
Flat-pack wooden furniture                                     Outdoor items
Soft Furnishings                                               Garden play equipment
Single bed bases & mattresses                                  Rubble / bricks / fence panels, etc.
Double bed bases & mattresses                                  Electrical garden tools
Bunk beds / sofa beds / bed settees / futons                   Hazardous waste
Sofas and easy chairs                                          Unwanted paint
Headboards / ironing boards                                    Chemicals
Cots / prams / pushchairs                                      Asbestos sheeting
Domestic Appliances                                            Fluorescent tubes
Washing machines / washer-driers / twin tubs / tumble          Organic waste
driers / spin driers                                           Garden cuttings, etc
Dishwashers / microwaves                                       Food waste
Fridges / fridge-freezers / freezers
Electric & gas cookers / ovens / hobs / hoods / electric &     Other recyclables
gas fires / heaters                                            Glass / paper / plastic / cardboard
Kettles / toasters / sandwich makers
Food processors / blenders / coffee makers                     Miscellaneous
Slow cookers / steamers / deep fat fryers                      Pianos
Vacuum cleaners / irons / de-humidifiers                       Clothes / curtains / bedding
Table & standard lamps                                         Bric-a-brac
                                                               Fish tanks / rabbit hutches
Kitchen Items                                                  Mobility aids / wheelchairs
Pots / pans / crockery / cutlery                               Commercial refrigeration – e.g. display chillers
IT / Home Entertainment Equipment                              General rubbish
Computer-base units / monitors / keyboards                     Rubbish meant for the wheelie bin / black bin
Printers / fax machines / scanners                             bags
Televisions / video and DVD machines
Hi-fi systems / speakers
Home telephone equipment
Toys / Games / Musical Instruments                               To book your collection, or if you
Electronic games / consoles                                       require any further information,
Large indoor toys and games                                                please contact
Small musical instruments
                                                                     Customer First on
Adults / children’s / specialist                                       01253 477477

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