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2010 Flight AttendAnts/Flight techniciAns
scholArship ApplicAtion
The Flight Attendants Committee of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) is dedicated to promoting
education and training as a means for business aviation flight attendants and flight technicians to enhance their
professional careers. To support this position, NBAA offers aspiring and current flight attendants/flight technicians
the opportunity to receive scholarships in conjunction with the following sponsors:
    •	 Air Routing International
    •	 AirCare International
    •	 Aramco Associated Company
    •	 ASI Group
    •	 Beyond and Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training
    •	 Bombardier Aerospace
    •	 Cornerstone Strategies LLC
    •	 Corporate Flight Attendant Training by Susan C. Friedenberg
    •	 The Corporate School of Etiquette
    •	 The Darden School at the University of Virginia
    •	 Dassault Falcon Jet
    •	 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
    •	 FACTS
    •	 FlightSafety International
    •	 GA Food Safety Professionals
    •	 Jet Professionals, LLC
    •	 M Foods Ltd.
    •	 Corporate Flight Catering
    •	 MedAire, Inc.
    •	 Pelham Training
    •	 STARK Survival
    •	 Survival Systems USA, Inc.

The deadline for application submissions is March 31, 2010. Award recipients will be notified by e-mail or phone by
May 31, 2010, and the awards will be given by June 30. Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Scholarship awards will
be redeemable under the conditions established by NBAA and its sponsors, and applicants are limited to receiving
one award per person every other year; i.e., recipients of the 2009 scholarship are not eligible to apply in 2010, but
they will be eligible to apply again in 2011.

Recipients must complete all training by July 31, 2011, or risk forfeit of the award. Recipients also are responsible for
costs associated with the scholarship, such as travel and lodging expenses, unless otherwise noted.

The Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Scholarship is one of many scholarships offered by NBAA to promote
professional development and business aviation careers. For all NBAA scholarships, applicants are limited to receiv-
ing one award per person, per year. For more information, visit

safety & aircraft operations   legislative & regulatory advocacy       networking & commerce           education & career development     business management resources

National Business Aviation Association           1200 18th Street NW, Suite 400                  Washington, DC 20036               (202) 783-9000
2010 NBAA Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Scholarship Application

scholArship AwArds
Sponsors will make the following scholarship awards available to recipients selected by the NBAA Flight Attendants
Committee. Applicants should research each award to determine its potential in meeting their personal career goals.
Rank all awards below in order of preference, starting with “1” as your preferred choice. Indicate only one number
per award, and indicate “N/A” for awards that are not desired.
____ Air routing international (1 award) –
      Monetary award worth $500 to be used for professional flight attendant/flight technician training of choice.
____ Aircare international (2 awards) –
      AirCare’s in-flight emergency medical training program includes in-flight CPR/AED, BBP and general in-flight
      medical emergency training, and is a component of the FACTS Emergency Procedures Training curriculum.
      AirCare training value may be applied toward any standard FACTS initial or recurrent training tuition rate.
____ Aramco Associated company (1 award) –
      Monetary award worth $500 to be used for professional flight attendant/flight technician training of choice.
____ Asi group (1 award) –
      ASI’s corporate aviation security training (CAST) program for the entire flight department is designed to
      educate flight personnel on proven methods to identify and mitigate the unique risks associated with operating
      a business aircraft. CAST exposes aviation personnel to proven security methods that can protect them against
      potential threats, including theft, kidnapping, sabotage, extortion, harassment, illegal trafficking and acts of terror.
____ Beyond and Above corporate Flight Attendant training (5 awards) –
      Flight attendant training programs will be offered on the following: duties and responsibilities of a business avia-
      tion flight attendant, resume writing, interview guidelines, time management, emergency ground school, wine
      tasting/presentation, grooming (including professional consultation with a renowned makeup artist), etiquette
      training, business protocol, garnishing and dinner. Located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
____ Bombardier Aerospace (1 award) –
      Monetary award worth $1,500 to be used for professional flight attendant/flight technician training of choice.
____ cornerstone strategies llc (1 award) –
      One NBAA Professional Development Program (PDP) Course of the recipient’s choice. PDP Courses are offered
      several times each year in various locations; review the NBAA event listing online at
____ corporate Flight Attendant training by susan c. Friedenberg (2 awards) –
      This extensive four-day training program covers the skills and tools needed by today’s business aviation flight
      attendant. It details the standard operational procedures utilized by most business aviation flight departments in
      the United States. Visit web site for dates and locations.
____ the corporate school of etiquette – Advanced training (1 award) –
      This three-day advanced course is designed for the experienced flight attendant looking to enhance service
      and culinary skills. Topics include hands-on knife skills, basic and advanced plating techniques, menu planning
      and recovery exercises with an award-winning chef instructor. Classroom instruction and service techniques
      onboard an aircraft include introductions, etiquette, table settings, meal timing, menu design and service styles.
      Located in Long Beach, CA.
____ the corporate school of etiquette – Aircraft service training (1 award) –
      This one-day practical flight assignment course simulates an actual timed flight from start to finish. It is de-
      signed to help the new flight attendant or flight technician gain confidence by utilizing menu planning, service
      procedures and culinary skills onboard a business jet. Located in Long Beach, CA.
____ the darden school at the university of virginia (1 award) –
      Recipients may take one of the following Darden Executive Education courses: Developing Leadership
      Capability in the Corporate Aviation Function (at $3,450 reduced rate) or Managing the Corporate
      Aviation Function (at $3,850 reduced rate). All fees, meals and accommodations are included in this rate, ex-
      cluding transportation fees. See web site for class details.
____ dassault Falcon Jet (1 award) –
      Monetary award worth $500 to be used for professional flight attendant/flight technician training of choice.

                                                                  name (type or print neatly): ________________________________________
2010 NBAA Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Scholarship Application

____ embry-riddle Aeronautical university (2 awards) –
      This professional development course focuses on topics for flight department managers such as the evaluation
      of strategies, crew resource management, time management, scheduling and personal management, industry
      trends and staff requirements. This PDP/SPDP-approved course is part of ERAU’s Corporate Aviation Manage-
      ment Certificate Program and qualifies for eight credit hours. It must be taken either online or by live seminar in
      March, June and September 2010. Course reference number CE-2124.
____ FActs career essentials training (2 awards) –
      This intensive half-day program, titled “                                         ”
                                               Adding Professionalism to Your Flight Bag, covers resumes, winning cover
      letters, creative self-marketing and promotion techniques, mock interviews, and professional e-mail, telephone and
      business etiquette guidelines.
____ FActs emergency procedures training (2 awards) –
      This five-day initial or two-day recurrent emergency procedures training for business aviation crewmembers is
      available at any of 50-plus FACTS Training programs throughout the United States. The initial training is divided
      into two-day indoctrination/galley safety and service training and three-day FACTS initial emergency procedures
      training. All training meets FAR Part 135 requirements, industry best practices and IS-BAO standards.
____ Flightsafety international – cabin Attendant recurrent training (1 award) –
      This two-day course is suitable for the experienced business aviation cabin crewmember and covers emergen-
      cy situation training, aircraft fire fighting, unplanned and planned landing/ditching, evacuation and sea survival.
      Courseware meets the requirements for the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO).
      Four locations.
____ Flightsafety international – initial cabin Attendant training (1 award) –
      This five-day course encompasses all facets of the business aviation flight attendant profession, including
      ground training, emergency situation training, aircraft fire fighting, unplanned and planned landing/ditching,
      evacuation, sea survival, aircraft terminology, hazardous materials recognition and an introduction to business
      protocol and service procedures. Courseware meets the requirements for the International Standard for
      Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO). Four locations.
____ Flightsafety international – general emergency training (1 award) –
      This one-day course provides flight crewmembers with knowledge and procedures for handling emergency
      situations. This course meets the regulatory requirements of FAR Parts 121.417 and 135.331 and covers the
      actual use of emergency equipment such as window and door exits, fire extinguishers, oxygen equipment, life
      vests, and life rafts. Courseware meets IS-BAO requirements. Four locations.
____ gA Food safety professionals (2 awards) –
      This aviation food safety training course is a one-day concentrated class for all aviation employees. The class
      will cover the most important food safety topics, including information from the Center for Disease Control and
      real-world examples of foodbourne outbreaks.
____ Jet professionals, llc (1 award) –
      Monetary award worth $1,500 to be used for professional flight attendant/flight technician training of choice.
____ M Foods ltd. corporate Flight catering (1 award) –
      Monetary award worth $1,000 to be used for professional flight attendant/flight technician training of choice.
____ MedAire, inc. (4 awards) –
      Recipient has the choice between two training options: (1) management of in-flight illness and injury training
      (either two-day initial or one-day recurrent), which includes AED/CPR certification, aviation medicine, travel
      health, medical and traumatic emergencies, or (2) two-day hangar safety training course, which includes
      traumatic injury training, oxygen training and other topics that meet OSHA training requirements, and certifica-
      tions, including an OSHA 10-hour general industry card and AED/CPR certification. Courses offered at specific
      FlightSafety and Simuflite locations, as well as other facilities worldwide.
____ pelham training (1 award) –
      This 14-day course provides medical knowledge and skills, and is ideal for business aviation professionals
      seeking to improve job safety conditions by preparing for emergency situations. The course includes extensive
      classroom work, emergency skills practice and 16 hours of clinical observation time in the emergency room and
      on an ambulance. Travel/meals not included. Located in Bloomington IN.

                                                                  name (type or print neatly): ________________________________________
2010 NBAA Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Scholarship Application

____ stArK survival (2 awards) –
      This two-day program provides in-depth knowledge of open-water survival training, including working with
      emergency equipment, first aid, CPR, AED, blood-borne pathogens, raft and dunker training. To be used either
      in July–October 2010 or April–June 2011, hotel and meals included. Located in Panama City, FL.
____ survival systems usA, inc. (2 awards) –
      This two-day course covers aircraft ditching, AED training and other required ground-school topics using lecture,
      discussion, demonstrations and practical training sessions. Located in Groton, CT.

ApplicAtion requireMents
1. Fill out this application form in its entirety and sign it. You must type or print your name on every page and rank
   scholarships in order of preference for the application form to be considered complete.
2. Submit a 150-word, typed, double-spaced essay on a separate sheet answering one of the following questions.
   Your typed name must appear at the top of the page.
  a. Give three examples of how a flight attendant/flight technician can add value to a flight department.
  b. What do you think the position of a flight attendant/flight technician entails, and how will this scholarship assist
     you with meeting this expectation?
  c. What was your reasoning in selecting your preferred scholarship award (the award you ranked #1); what do you
     hope to achieve by using this specific training program or financial assistance; and how will it assist you in meet-
     ing your career goals?
3. Submit a current, one-page resume with permanent home address.
4. Submit two signed letters of recommendation, dated within the previous calendar year, from those qualified to
   comment on your career aspirations and qualifications, especially as they relate to business aviation.
5. Completed application package, which includes this form, one essay, one resume and two letters of recommenda-
   tion, must be received by NBAA no later than March 31, 2010.

                                                                                                      (Application continues on next page)

                                                                  name (type or print neatly): ________________________________________
2010 NBAA Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Scholarship Application

ApplicAnt inForMAtion (type or print neatly)

Last Name:                                                            First Name:

Company Name (if applicable):

Street Address:

City, State, Zip:

q Daytime Tel:                                                        q Evening Tel:                                                  (check preferred)

E-mail Address:                                                       Fax Number:

Please complete the following questions. Continue answers on a separate sheet, if necessary, and staple to form.

1. Have you ever attended the NBAA Flight Attendants Conference?       ______ Yes ______ No
If yes, briefly state what speaker, demonstration or topic was most memorable or useful for you.

2. How did you hear about the Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Scholarship? (check all that apply)
______ NBAA Flight Attendants Conference              ______ NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention
______ NBAA web site                                  ______ Training vendor web site
______ Caterer, flyer, or handout                     ______ Referred by someone
______ Other (please specify): ____________________________________________________________________________

3. If awarded a scholarship, how will the training benefit you as a professional flight attendant/flight technician?

4. Briefly describe a community or industry event you volunteered for during the past year.

I certify that all information provided in this application and accompanying documents is correct. I authorize the release of this information to members
of the NBAA Flight Attendants Committee. If granted a scholarship, I agree to the publication of my name and likeness by NBAA and this scholarship’s
sponsors. I understand that this award is contingent upon the financial support of sponsors and that neither NBAA nor its Flight Attendants Committee
members and related individuals are responsible for any financial liability.

Applicant Signature:                                                                                      Date:
(must be hand signature in ink, not digital signature)

Direct all questions about this application to NBAA at (202) 783-9250 or
Mail completed application and other required documents to:

Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Scholarship
Attn: Jay Evans
National Business Aviation Association
1200 18th Street NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20036
Fax: (202) 331-8364; E-mail:
                                                                                                              ApplicAtion deAdline
(note: any e-mailed materials must be hand signed and then scanned in pdf format.)

                                                                                                                  march 31, 2010

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