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									                                                              bombay duck                            231 the vale london W3 7QS
                                                                          phone us +44 (0)20 8749 7000 fax us +44 (0)20 8749 9000

Account Application                                                                               

Trading name & registered address                                               Buying contact
                                                                                Accounts contact
                                                                                Telephone no.
                                                                                Fax no.

Invoice address                                                                 Delivery address
(please complete separate application forms if you wish to run
each shop as a separate account)

Type of business                 ltd    partnership       sole trader           Partnership & Sole Trader private address (if applicable)

Business description
Date firm established
Number of branches

Company registration no.                                                        Telephone no.

Please supply 2 trade references (preferably gift/homeware suppliers)
1.Name & address                                                                2.Name & Address

Tel no.                                                                         Tel no.
Fax no.                                                                         Fax no.

Director’s Guarantee
In consideration of Bombay Duck agreeing to grant credit facilities to my company, upon whose behalf an application is being made to open a
credit account, I being a Director of a company, guarantee payment of all sums due to Bombay Duck Ltd by the company. All sales will be made
in accordance with Bombay Duck Ltd standard terms and conditions of sale, which I confirm and declare I have read and understood. In the event
that the company is in breach of its obligations thereunder to Bombay Duck Ltd, I agree to pay Bombay Duck Ltd, on demand, all monies which
may be owing by the company to Bombay Duck Ltd pursuant to those standard terms and conditions of sale.
Name (print)                                                                 Signature
Position                                                                     Date

I/we request to open a credit account with Bombay Duck Ltd. I/we declare that I/we have read and understood Bombay Duck Ltd’s terms and
conditions of sale and that all contacts that I/we enter into with Bombay Duck Ltd will be subject to and incorporate those terms and conditions
of sale (or any reissue then currently in force) and, in particular, the terms of payment for account customers contained therein.
Name (print)                                                                      Signature
Position                                                                          Date

Please keep a copy and return the original to Bombay Duck at the address above. Thank you!                   Company No. 02830808 VAT No. 627 111 862
Bombay Duck Terms and Conditions
A carriage paid order within the UK is £400 (four hundred pounds) exclusive of VAT.
A minimum order is £200 (two hundred pounds) exclusive of VAT with a £12.50 carriage charge. Carriage will be charged on the first invoice only
and not on back orders.
The minimum cash and carry order is £100 (one hundred pounds) exclusive of VAT. We do not accept back orders in cash and carry.
Accepted purchase orders are considered a binding contract.
Order quantities must be in multiples of the pack size. Bombay Duck reserves the right to increase order quantities to meet the specified pack size.
A carriage paid order within the EC is €600 (six hundred euros). A minimum order is €300 (three hundred euros) with a €20 carriage charge.
Rest Of The World
A minimum order is £400. Delivery to a UK address is free. Deliveries outside of the UK are charged at cost.
All new accounts are on a proforma basis. A Credit account may be applied for after £1,000 has been spent on a proforma basis and after receipt of a
fully completed account application form and satisfactory trade references. All accounts are due for payment in full within 30 days from the date of invoice.
The Company reserves the right to withdraw credit facilities from customers who do not settle their accounts in accordance with these terms and
conditions of trade or for any other reason. The Company reserves the right to recoup any costs incurred should litigation be necessary in order to recover
monies legitimately owed to the Company.
Payment can be made by cheque, by credit card (we accept Mastercard, Visa and Switch) or by BACS. All bank charges relating to BACS payments must
be paid by the customer.
Pound Payments to HSBC Bank account number 41411489 sort code 40-01-01, Swift code MIDLGB2139T, IBAN code GB86MIDL40010141411489.
Euro Payments to HSBC Bank account number 67349909 sort code 40-05-15, IBAN code GB10MIDL40051567349909.
Proforma deliveries will not be released until the cheque payment has cleared.
There is a charge of £10 for cheques which are represented and/or returned to Bombay Duck unpaid.
Returns and Claims
All products supplied by Bombay Duck are covered by our ‘Bombay Duck Guarantee’. We will replace or credit any product that is faulty.
If you wish to return a product to Bombay Duck please contact us for a RAN (Returns Authorisation Number). Please note that returns cannot be
accepted by our warehouse without a RAN. We strongly recommend that you use recorded delivery or obtain a certificate of posting when you return
your parcel. Certificates of posting are available free of charge at the post office and will enable us to action your refund should your parcel be lost or
delayed in the post.
Our Customers
Bombay Duck works with retailers with fixed premises (ie a shop) and those who produce a mail order catalogue that we have seen and approved. We do
not work with market traders, charity fairs or party planners. Sales to companies who work solely through a website are at the discretion of Bombay Duck.
We do not offer exclusivity on any of our standard products.
While we try to maintain our printed prices, they are subject to change from time to time and we will endeavour to inform you of any changes. The price
payable by you will be that shown on our Order Confirmation at the time of despatch. All prices are shown exclusive of VAT.
Most Bombay Duck merchandise is handcrafted, therefore there may be some variations in colour, texture or finish. These are not considered flaws.
All dimensions are quoted in cms and measured at the widest point (excluding photo frames).
Stock availability
Every effort will be made to send orders complete. However, if stock is not available part deliveries will be sent (unless otherwise instructed).
Bombay Duck reserves the right to cancel back orders at its discretion. To ship a back order outside the UK the value of the available stock must be at least
£100 or €150
Retention of Title
Subject to the following provisions:
(1) All goods shall remain the absolute property of the Company until they have been paid for in full. Until such time the Customer shall hold them as
     bailee only and keep them clearly marked as the property of the Company and separate from other goods in the Customer’s possession.
(2) If the Customer defaults in payment of the purchase price or any part of it, or if, before the purchase price is paid in full, a reserver is appointed over all
      or any part of its or his assets or if the Customer goes into voluntary or compulsory liquidation or the Customer does any act which in the case of a
      natural person would be an act of bankruptcy, then:
(a) The Company shall be at liberty and is hereby authorised to enter upon the Customer’s premises and to retake possession of the goods or any of them.
(b) The Company may give 14 days notice to the Customer to pay the purchase price of the balance, thereof and if the Customer does not do so the
     Company may (without prejudice to any other rights it may have) treat itself as discharged from further performance of the contract deal with the goods
     or any of them as its own property and claim damages from the Customer for any resulting loss.
(3) Notwithstanding that the goods remain the property of the Company they shall be at the Customer’s sole risk in the case of specific goods from
      the date of the agreement and in the case of unascertained goods from the time that they are unascertained and unconditionally appropriated to the
      contract by the Company.
(4) Where the Customer has made known to the Company before the contract is made that he wishes to acquire the goods for resale the Customer
     is licensed to sell the goods while they remain the property of the Company but only upon the following terms:
(a) As between the Company and the Customer, the Customer will sell as agent of the Company.
(b) As between the Company and the Customer, the Customer will sell as principal and not as agent and has no authority to contract as agent of
     the Company.
(c) The Customer shall keep proper records of each such resale and shall account to the Company for the proceeds thereof and shall not mix such
    proceeds with any monies of his own or pay them or cause them to be paid into any account other than a separate bank account in the name of the
    Company specially designed by the Customer for the purpose in a bank which is on notice of the fiduciary nature of such receipts.
(d) The price at which the goods are resold shall not be less than the contract price hereunder (after making such appointments as may be reasonable).
(e) The Company shall hold such proceeds upon trust to pay to itself the purchase price of the goods the subject of the contract and to pay the balance
    if any to the Customer.
(f) This license shall be terminated forthwith upon notice by the Company to the Customer should the Customer commit any breach of the terms of
     the contract or should the Company become entitled to retake possession of the goods or any of them.
These conditions shall take precedence over any conditions which may appear in the Customer’s Purchase Order, and we shall not be bound by the
Customer’s terms and conditions unless expressly agreed by us in writing. These conditions supersede all conditions previously stated.

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