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					                  Slides for Pakistan Flood Relief Fund
                             Raising Activities
                   Fareena Sultan and Adnan Pathan
Please feel free to distribute and use these Pakistan Flood Relief slides
                for awareness and fundraising purposes.

        Please acknowledge the authors of this presentation:
                         Prof. Fareena Sultan
                         and Adnan Pathan,
         Members of the Pakistan Flood Relief Group (PFRG)

  Please acknowledge that these slides are based on the presentation
from the ICB Wayland Fund Raiser organized by the PFRG Aug 13, 2010
                 Slides Distributed August 16, 2010

   Fund Raising Iftar
     ICB Wayland
      Fareena Sultan
       Adnan Pathan
 Presented at ICB Wayland
      August 13, 2010       2
Extent of Flooding

        Source: 8/12/2010
                              Current Facts
• The flood is “Pakistan’s worst natural disaster” since the country’s creation
  63 years ago.

• 14 million affected (about 8 percent of the population), in terms of the
  number of people who have lost their homes or livelihoods, and will need
  short or long-term help.

• 1,600 dead.

• Over 300,000 homes destroyed.

• 10,000 + square kilometers (4,000 square miles) of Pakistan under water.
                floods-affect-13-8-million.html, 8/11/2010 and
       , 8/9/2010)                               4
                           Comparative Damage
• More people are suffering from the massive floods in Pakistan than the
  combined total of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir
  earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake, according to the United

• "The number of people affected by the floods is greater than the other
  three disasters combined," Maurizio Giuliano, spokesman for the U.N.
  Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

• The United Nations said in terms of the number of people who have lost
  their homes or livelihoods, and will need short- or long-term help, the
  floods were worse than the 2004 tsunami, which killed 236,000 people
  around the Indian Ocean.
(Source:, 8/12/2010)

                 Human Devastation

• Pakistani flood survivors already short on food and water began the
  fasting month of Ramadan on Thursday, a normally festive, social time
  marked this year by misery and fears of an uncertain future.

• Damage to crops, roads and bridges has caused food prices to triple in
  some parts of the country, adding to the pain of those marking the fasting

             (Source:, 8/12/2010)

                                 Damage to Land
                                 and Commerce

• Pakistan’s deadliest floods in its history damaged more than a million
  acres of sugar cane, cotton and rice fields and caused 250 billion rupees
  ($2.9 billion) of agricultural losses, a farmers’ group said.

• U.S. concerns are growing over the disaster's impact on Pakistan's fragile
  economy and how Washington's robust development plan may be
  slowed down to deal with the crisis. Pakistan's economy will need huge
  injections of foreign aid.

(Source:, 8/12/2010)

                                   Relief Efforts

• U.S. military helicopters supporting relief and rescue operations in
  partnership with the Pakistani military so far have rescued approximately
  916 people and transported 89,000 pounds of relief supplies.

• The Lahore-based American Business Forum has collected donations from:
  Coca-Cola, Levi Strauss Pakistan, General Electric, Monsanto, Abbott Labs
  and Proctor and Gamble among others.

• Britain, France, China, the US, and Australia have already promised tens of
  millions of dollars in response to the disaster.

(Source: 8/10/2010 , 8/10/2010)
     officials , 8/8/2010)

                            Residual Damage

• The floods hit the country at a time when the government is already
  struggling with a faltering economy and a war against Taliban militants
  that has killed thousands of people.

• The floodwaters first struck the western province of Baluchistan on July 22
  before inundating the Khyber Pakhtunkwa province. Punjab and Sindh
  were the next hit. Thunderstorms are expected to bring more rain to the
  north of Pakistan in the next 24 hours.

   worst-flooding.html, 8/12/2010)

               Immediate Needs

• Provision of Shelter

• Food and Water Filtration

• Medicine

• Small, 20 bed, Field Hospitals

• Measures to avoid outbreak of any epidemic

Update from Dr. Fawzia Wali Khan
  in Gilgit: Current Conditions

       From e-mail sent to APPNE
  Circulated to our group Aug 10, 2010

                             Update August 12 2010
                        From Dr. Fawzia Wali Khan in Gilgit:
                             Items Needed Urgently
Via Container:
    –   Tarpaulin, Battery Operated Fans and Flashlights,
    –   Water Suction pumps, Generators with fuel-or diesel
    –   Digging equipment, Metal sheeting.
    –   Mosquito Netting, Lanterns. (Candle wicks are in short supply)
Other needs: (“Think camping-out in the hot rain forest”)
    –   Insect repellant,
    –   Bedding, pillows and sheets
    –   Water coolers,
    –   Charpaiis,
    –   Plastic sandals (chappals)- plastic shoes.
    –   Biscuits- beans-lentils-(livestock and poultry are dead)
    –   Tylenol Syrup
    –   Clothing-chaddars, thin-coverings and metal utensils..
    –   Cooking kerosene stoves.
    –   For carrying and storing: Backpacks, Plastic bags (borries)
    –   Floor mats, (Chattaies)
                              How to Help
          Today: Cash, Check, Credit Card!
• By Texting: Working with mGive, Americans are contributing to Pakistan flood
  relief by texting the word "SWAT" to 50555.
  The text will result in a donation of $10 to the U.N. High Commission for
  Refugees (UNHCR) Pakistan Flood Relief Effort.
   (Source: , 8/10/2010)

• Corporate Fund Raising
• Fund Raising Events: Local Mosques, Interfaith Organizations, Student

AWARENESS (Word-of-Mouth/Word-of-Mouse)
• Email your Listserv: Please reach out to the members of your organization. If
  you are a student, reach out to your MSA or other student bodies
• Twitter/Facebook: Send a link to your followers and friends on Facebook
• PAGB, APPNE, NEPA, OPEN, CGOP, ICB Wayland, Other Local Mosques
• India Kabob and Grill of Shrewsbury
• Team
                            Tahir Chaudhry
                             Anwar Hakam
                            Barry Hoffman
                               Malik Khan
                              Jamila Khalil
                             Yasmin Khan
                               Siraj Khan
                              Khalil Khatri
                          Noorjahan Panjwani
                             Adnan Pathan
                            Himayun Mirza
                            Fareena Sultan                          14
• 8/12/2010
  damage-after-deadliest-floods-affect-13-8-million.html, 8/11/2010
  html, 8/6/2010
  n_flood_misery_rivals_tsunami_haiti/, 8/9/2010
• 8/10/2010 ,
•, 8/12/2010
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• , 8/9/2010

                 FLOOD VIDEOS

Please use sources such as UN, CNN or BBC for videos and
               updates of facts and figures!

              For Facts and Figures UN Site:

                     For BBC Videos

                      For CNN Videos

Update and Q&A



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