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									Medinol Receives CE Mark for Presillion Cobalt Chromium
Coronary Stent on Rx System, an advanced evolution of the NIR®
family of stents.
Provides the Optimal Combination of Scaffolding, Deliverability and Conformability

Medinol is proud to announce that it has received CE Mark for its Presillion CoCr
Coronary Stent, enabling physicians to treat coronary artery lesions with a
technologically innovative flexible closed cell design stent.

Presillion preserves the superb scaffolding the unprecedented balance of flexibility
and conformability identified with the NIRflex flexible closed cell design. The unique
geometry of the Presillion complies with the long term needs of patients for both
safety and efficacy in addition to ease of delivery for the physicians. The alternating
rings provide simultaneously optimal flexibility and enhanced scaffolding. Dr. Kobi
Richter, chairman of the board and chief technology officer of Medinol says, “Cobalt
Chromium enables us to reduce the strut thickness and overall cell size by up to 25%
compared to stainless steel while retaining superior scaffolding through the unique
flexible closed cell design; this material also maintains a much higher fatigue resistance
and radiopacity than the common stainless steel stents.”

“Medinol is proud to introduce a new family of stent systems to the market, the first of
which is the Presillion. By utilizing its expertise and IP Medinol is proving itself once
again as a leading developer, designer and manufacturer of stents and stent systems”
says Dr. Judith Richter, chief executive officer for Medinol.

Medinol partnered with Cordis, a Johnson and Johnson company, last year, and will be
distributing the Presillion globally. “We are happy that we are able to enrich Cordis’s
Cath Lab Cubed offer to market” says Dr. Richter.
Recent research recognized the value of Bare Metal Stents and the growing versatility of
treatments of complex coronary artery disease. The introduction of the Presillion
enhances the physicians’ ability to choose the most suitable stent for each patient and
the long term benefits provided for each individual vessel and lesion.

The Presillion comes in diameters ranging from 2.5-4.0 mm. and in lengths ranging from
8-32 mm. The Presillion stent system and can be used to treat various lesion types: de
novo, restenotic lesions, total occlusions, bifurcations, and acute myocardial infarction.

Medinol continues setting new standards in the stenting industry through design
innovation and advance technology manufacturing methods. Medinol is constantly
enhancing its technology and producing stenting solutions for: coronary and vascular
systems, bifurcation stenting and biliary stenting. Medinol is currently developing
advanced technology stents and additional therapeutic solutions for the treatment of
vascular disease that will be introduced to the market in the near future.

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