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					                                  NHS WALSALL

REPORT TO        NHS Walsall Board

REPORT FROM Nicky Bourne, Corporate Affairs Manager, Governance

SUBJECT          NHS Complaints - Report for 1st July – 30th September 2008

To provide information to NHS Walsall Board regarding complaints received during
the period July to September 2008 (quarter 2).

All National Health Service organisations must have processes in place to receive,
investigate and respond to complaints from patients and other members of the
public about health care and health service issues. Complaints also provide us with
a valuable indicator of patient experience, and contribute to our understanding of
what it feels like to be a patient. The Complaints Manager provides a report to the
Board on a quarterly basis to highlight issues around complaints and compliments.
The Board are asked to note that from 1st April 2008 both Mental Health Services
and NHS Walsall Community Health have adopted procedures for reporting
complaints about their services to their respective Boards, the minutes for which are
copied to NHS Walsall Board.         Therefore, from 1st April 2008 all NHS Walsall
complaints reports will deal exclusively with reporting complaints about NHS
Walsall, as well as complaints about Independent Contractor Primary Care Services
raised via NHS Walsall.

To receive and note the contents of the attached report.

2      Risks
Matters of significant concern, either in relation to identified trends or serious
complaints, are routed to Clinical Governance, Risk Management, the Medical
Board Report – NHS Complaints (2008/09 Q2 Report)
Date –27th November 2008
                                  NHS WALSALL

Director/Associate Medical Director and/or Heads of Service for investigation, action
and ongoing monitoring as necessary.

3     Resource implications
Not applicable

4      Implications for our priorities
Learning from individual complaints within service areas provides opportunity to
impact on items 4.1 to 4.6.

      4.1    Health Service not illness service
      4.2    Evidence based excellence
      4.3    Alliances the key to success
      4.4    Listening to local people
      4.5    True choices, accessible services
      4.6    Hitting the hard targets

5 Implications for the environment
May vary, dependent upon the nature of each individual complaint.

6     Timescales and implementation

7     Review

Board Report – NHS Complaints (2008/09 Q2 Report)
Date –27th November 2008

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