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Corporate Account Manager Job Description document sample

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									Corporate Career Site
                       Career Site – Home Page

•Incorporates your
corporate look and
•Live jobs posted to
Career site in real
time; includes job
title, location and
date posted
•All posting
managed from
you’re My Job
Manager account on
                           Career Site – Job Description

Once job title selected
on Career Site home
page – New page
opens with full job
description, date
posted, job title and
To apply job seekers
select Apply Now
Also contains the
ability to email the job
opening to a friend
                             Career Site – Application

When the job seeker selects Apply on
the previous page, they are defaulted
to the application page.
Applicant details are collected
You can ask up to five pre screening
questions, which you can update in
real time from you My Job Manager
account on Jobshark.
Job seekers insert their cover letter
and resume and hit Apply.
Application sent to the designated
email address or to your resume
centre on Jobshark.
          Career Site Control Centre: My Job Manager

Central Management
All job posting to both
Jobshark and the Career Site
are managed from you’re my
Job Manager account.

•Categorized by job title
•# of JAWS matching emails
sent displayed
•# of applicants displayed

Build jobs
Build jobs for later posting
    Manage Applicants On Line – Improve Efficiency

View Job Applicants
  Method of application
       Job Search
       Corporate Profile
       Career Site

Applicants summary:

   Date resume submitted
   Status: New, Viewed,
   Fin indicates person
applied through JAWS
   Rank applicants:
Excellent, Good, Fair.
   Politely & professionally
send applicants a customized
decline letter.
                            View Applicants & Correspond

                                              •Answers to the five questions
                                              •Applicants skill set profile
                                              •Applicants cover letter
                                              •Applicants resume

Easily Select function for each application

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