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					Blogging to the Bank 2011 Review-Brand New Traffic,
Conversion and Profit Tactics!
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Blogging to the Bank: Updated for 2011 with brand new traffic, conversion and profit tactics!

Blogging to the Bank 2011 is a blogging blueprint by a famous internet marketer, Rob Benwell
and part of his blogging course series that he is delivering from past two years. Blogging to the
Bank 2011 is a complete blogging course and isn’t full of fluff or filler… It gets direct to the
point and the step-by-step process to setting up your own profitable blogs using a unique system.
It also shares the ‘MONEY TACTICS’ used to raid the market for millions. It’s easy to follow
so even someone new would be fine following along.

I finally purchased this course and here I gonna post my honest review regarding to the latest
version of Blogging to the Bank series’s course.

Rob Benwell?Rob Benwell??Never heard about this guy before?Ouch,who is
this guy??

Blogging To The Bank creator Rob Benwell is a self made millionaire through blogging. You
might be surprised that he is relatively a young chap at 25 years of age and residing in the north
of the UK. Rob Benwell has been blogging since he was 20 and has made well over a million
dollars in the process.

It simply says: Rob currently is regarded as one of the top blogging superstars in the online
marketing world. He has authored best selling e-books and spoke on stage in front of hundreds of
people about blogging for a living. Through his bestseller Blogging to the Bank course, a lot of
people got rich by just using a blog and using simple techniques teach by Rob Benwell. That’s is
the reason why I wrote the review of his latest Blogging to the Bank 2011 product, because I
knew it’s useful and not the another rehashed IM product!

Back to Blogging To The Bank Review.

Since it’s first launch in way back in 2006, Blogging to the Bank have sold over 100,000 copies
and there are thousands of success stories and testimonials from people making anything from a
couple of hundred dollars extra to people now running businesses. If you already own a previous
editions of Blogging to the Bank then a number of things will be familiar to you with the latest
edition and you’ll have no problem flying through the system and creating highly profitable
blogs that could be a good source of income.

However, If you have never heard of Blogging to the Bank then you are in for a discovery of
one of the world’s most prized guide on blogging, written by a blogger who has made millions in
blogging. You may already been blogging for years but you will find in Blogging To The Bank
how to take your blog to the next level in monetizing it and make bank. Be assured that you are
in good hands as Rob Benwell will guide you through all the proper steps in developing a
successful blog that can make you cash day after day!

What’s you gonna get when you reach the download page of Blogging to the
Bank 2011?

   1. 78 pages step by steps PDF blueprint.

Firstly, Blogging to the Bank 2011 PDF blueprint started off by introducing to you four different
type of the blogs you need to know and choose between which type of blog you want to build!
Then choose a niche by using several funnels. I’m not going to say it is a brand new way of
niche researching, but the way Rob teaches how you get a profitable niche is clear and easy to
understand with. He wrote down more than 15 ways of finding a profitable niche but I think you
just need three of these methods is more enough. SWOT method, a real business strategy also
well explained by Rob Benwell in the e-book too.

After you have all the basic steps set up, like getting a domain name and hosted your blog, Rob
the revealed his secret formula which made him a millionaire blogger: TCM formula. I can’t tell
you what’s TCM is seeming it is the main secret formula that helps you to cash in money by
using a blog. Next, Rob will give you the list of nine MUST-HAVE plugins for your blog so that
it can rank high at the majority search engines. At the last part, Rob Benwell gives you the idea
of getting targeted traffic by using either free traffic or paid traffic. If you have an enough budget
I recommend you to go for a cheap paid traffic cause you will get a result more faster than using
free traffic methods.

2. 8 downloadable videos that give you a clearer guide compared to only using PDF blueprint.
There are 8 videos in total and the length of all the videos is over 5 hours. These videos are not
recorded in a high quality. However you are still able to understand what Rob Benwell is
explaining in the videos.

                          Snap shot on the download page of BTTB 2011.


Blogging To The Bank 2011 Edition is the latest blogging blueprint for creating successful
blogs as well as advanced blogging strategies that you can put to use to super charge your blogs.
This guide is suitable for both new bloggers to get started and also for serious bloggers who
know some of the blueprint steps to get their teeth into the advanced methods without having to
read every word of this guide.

As you may have known, the world of blogging move and changes constantly, what used to work
in the past may not be working now. As such, Blogging To The Bank introduces new exciting
blogging technology with its frequent revisions throughout the years. With the 2011 edition, who
knows what these super techniques will bring to the table!

Rating for Blogging to the Bank 2011: 4.5/5
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By John YLeong.

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