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					                                      Donner Ski Ranch
                                         PO Box 66
                                      Norden, CA 95724

                                    FAX: (530) 426-9350
                                  PHONE: (530) 426-3635

                       2007/2008 Season Pass form instructions
After downloading the form (2 pages) please fill one out completely for each person purchasing a season
pass. If you will be mailing the forms back, please include one of the following forms of payment:

                                           -Personal Check
                                            -Money Order
                   -Credit Card information (filled out on form in appropriate boxes)

                                    PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH

 If you will be faxing the forms, please include credit card information in the appropriate
boxes on each form. Both pages of the form must be filled out completely for each season pass holder in
order for us to process your request. Be sure to initial and sign all areas on page 2.

Thank you for your purchase. We look forward to seeing you next season!

And don’t forget to check the website this summer for event information, and stop in for a
hot dog and a beer! The bar will be open all summer, and we have several events scheduled. See our
website, for more details.

Have a great summer!

                                     Donner Ski Ranch Season Pass

          Pass Holder Name: ____________________________________________________________
                                                       PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY
          Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________

          City: ______________________________ State: ________ Zip Code: _________________

             Phone: (____)__________________________                                Birth Date: ____/_____/____
                                                                *NOTE: Pricing based on your age at the time of purchase*

                        (   ) SKIER (       ) SNOWBOARDER (        ) TELEMARK SKIER (          ) SKI BIKER

                   Email Address: ________________________________________________________________

        Check out Donner Ski ranch’s incredibly low unrestricted season pass prices for the 2007/2008 Winter Sports Season

                 Adult            Adult             Young               Child            Senior           Super
                                  Add-a-            Adult                                               Senior 70+
                 18-59            Friend            13-17               6-12              60-69             and
                                  18-59                                                                 child 5 and
                 $299              $250              $199               $99               $150           FREE!!
                                                                                                          ($25 Processing
                                                                                                            Fee Applies)

Please complete one form per person. Donner Ski Ranch reserves the right to cancel or retract this offer at any time. There will be
NO REFUNDS. Pass may be transferred to another person prior to opening day of the winter sports season with a signed letter
indicating to whom the pass will be transferred, age, address, telephone number and reason for transfer. Passes purchased after May
15th 2007 are valid for the 2007/2008 Winter Sports Season.

                                             Send completed form and payment to:
                                                     Donner Ski Ranch
                                                         PO Box 66
                                                     Norden, CA 95724
            OFFICE USE ONLY
                                                                           Date purchased:______/_____/_____

            Credit Card Number: ________________________________ Exp. Date:_____________

            Check #_________            Paid by Cash (      )   Comp (         ) _____________Manager Initial

            (    ) EMPLOYEE             (    ) NATIONAL SKI PATROL                  (    ) DEPENDENT

            Primary Pass Holder’s Name if Pass is for a Dependent ___________________________

     Please read the “Liability Release” on the next page. Initials and signature are required for pass to be issued.

                                                         Donner Ski Ranch
                                                  2007/2008 Winter Sports Season Pass

                                                Terms, Conditions, and Liability Release

The following information outlines the Donner Summit Resorts, LLC. season pass policies. To the make system work, it is imperative
that all pass holders follow these simple rules and agree in writing to be bound by the policies and conditions of this application. In
issuing this season pass, Donner Summit Resorts, LLC., makes no guarantees as to opening date, closing date, days of operation, lift
or trails in operation, or snow and weather conditions. Season Pass holder agrees to visibly wear his/her season pass whenever loading
any chair lift and present it upon demand for inspection.

All skiers, snowboarders, pass holders and ticket holders are expected to abide by Your Responsibility Code and Donner Summit
Resorts, LLC., regulations. There will be strict enforcement of all safety regulations. Due to safety concerns, Donner Ski Ranch
maintains roped and signed fence lines to close or control hazardous areas. Please pay attention to these signs and do not enter closed
areas. Do not ski/snowboard under/over rope lines. Donner Summit Resorts, LLC., reserves the right to cancel pass/ticket without a
refund for failure to comply with the regulations set herein/disregard for the safe use of lifts, slopes or other facilities at the area. This
includes, but is not limited to: reckless and excessive speed; tucking; skiing outside the area boundary; skiing in closed areas; theft of
goods, services or equipment; disorderly conduct; profanity; lift line violations; inverted aerial acrobatics; skiing under/over rope
closure lines; parking in no parking areas, ambulance areas or emergency routes.

Do not tamper with your pass. Once a pass is sealed it must not be opened or changed. If your pass becomes damaged, bring it to the
Business Office for repair/replacement.

Lost or Forgotten Passes: If your season pass is lost or stolen you must report immediately to the Business Office. A replacement
pass may be obtained for Twenty-Five Dollars ($25). In the event that you have forgotten your season pass, a one time only “I
forgot” lift ticket may be obtained at the Ticket Office for a Five Dollar ($5.00) fee. After first “I forgot” ticket is obtained you
will be required to purchase full price lift tickets. If your ticket or season pass is found on another person you will lose your pass
privileges for the remainder of the season with no compensation. This misuse is considered “Theft of Services” and you may be
fined up to Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00).

The purchaser/user of this pass agrees and understands that skiing/snowboarding or other activities on the snow are hazardous sports
and accepts and assumes the inherent risks including but not limited to: changing weather conditions; bare spots; variation in snow, ice
and terrain, along with bumps, moguls, stumps, forest growth, rocks and debris; grooming equipment on the slopes; lift towers and
other structures and their components; collision with other skiers/snowboarders; and the skier/snowboarder’s failure to ride within
their own ability. In using this pass and skiing/snowboarding at Donner Ski Ranch, such dangers are recognized and accepted whether
they are marked or unmarked. The purchaser/user realizes that falls and collisions do occur and that serious injury or death may result
and therefore assumes the burden of skiing/snowboarding under control at all times. In consideration for each and every ride on any
lift device, the purchaser/user of this pass hereby releases Donner Summit Resorts, LLC., Donner Summit Tramways, Inc., and it’s
agents from any and all claims and liabilities for personal injury/property damage arising out of or in connection with the use of this
pass including, but not limited to skiing/snowboarding activities    → ______←Initial
On behalf of myself and all other names on this season pass application, including any minor children, I hereby release Donner
Summit Resorts, LLC., Donner Summit Tramways, Inc., and it’s agents and employees from any and all liability for damage or
personal injury to myself and all others on this Winter Sports Season Pass application, accepting myself the full responsibility for any
and all such damage or personal injury of any kind which may result directly or indirectly from the use of this pass or from any other
skiing/snowboarding activities   → ______←Initial
I have read and understand the above agreement. I am signing it freely and of my own accord, realizing it is binding upon myself, my
heirs and assigns, and in the event that I am signing it on behalf of any minor, that I have full authority to do so, realizing its binding
effect on them as well as myself.

                        Pass Holder Name: _______________________________________________________

                                                       Date: ______/______/______

Pass Holder Signature:_____________________________________________________________________________
                                (Parent or Guardian Name and Signature if under 18 years old)

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