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									Mobile Marketing for the Entrepreneur
In today’s world, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of almost everyone’s life.
It’s no wonder that business people are now targeting mobile marketing as a means of tapping
into this segment and earning lucrative returns on investment. If you too are planning on a
mobile marketing campaign, here are some tools that can help:
Google Analytics App: A majority of website owners use their computer’s browser to check and
analyze their site stats to know more about what drives traffic to their sites. You too can use the
same, albeit on your mobile phone, to stay productive even when you are in a meeting, on the
road, or having a cup of tea with friends. With Google Analytics App for the iPod Touch and
iPhone, you can now get access to all your reports and data, generate reports with deeper analysis
of the same and even get reports of traffic, content, visitors and more.
Tools for those on a budget: In case you are unable to hire professionals to build a mobile
friendly website, try using some free tools like the automated Instant Mobilizer or free mobile
site builder that help you to create your own mobile website within minutes. Take time to see
how your mobile website measures up to your expectations and in case you are satisfied with the
development, consider hiring professionals to get a customized mobile website.
Geo-targeted mobile display ads from Google: Google has recently announced mobile display
ads for both Android and iPhones that can help you target clientele based at a particular location.
Once you check a box marked “location extension for display”, your ads will become geo-
enabled when mobile browsers or apps are used to view them. The basic principle is that your
ad-unit will have a small double-arrow that would expand into a full ad on being touched. This
full ad will show a map overlay with your business being pinned on a Google Map. The map
overlay also has call-to-action areas that urge users to “get directions” or “click-to-call”, both of
which are sure to bring some traffic your way.
Develop your own games: Mobile games have emerged as a lucrative part of mobile marketing.
You too can create your own games to lure clients and have a call-to-action button at the end or
somewhere in the middle to entice users into visiting your site. You may think of solitaire and
puzzles related to your offerings, with some prizes and gift coupons for those who turn out to be
frequent downloaders of the games.
iPhone app for email marketing: For managing your e-mail campaigns using your mobile device,
you can use the iPhone application for marketers offered by Constant Contact.
Social media apps: With a large number of people using various social networks like Facebook,
MySpace, Twitter etc, using social media apps on mobile phones can help your customers create
a buzz about your offerings on the World Wide Web and spread the word within their networks.
Twitter apps like Hootsuite, Seesmic, Tweetdeck, Tweetie, and EchoFon, Facebook app etc
make it easy to network on the social media platforms using the iPhone.
Google Buzz: To know more about what’s going on in the neighborhood, following your
business partners and friends on the go, posting a message tagged with your location, nothing
beats the Google Buzz. You can now even have it on your phone and use it for mobile marketing
even on the go.
All the above mentioned apps and ideas were some mobile marketing tools that can help
entrepreneurs advertise their products and services on the web, anytime, anywhere!

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