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									Social Media Tools to Automate Blog Processes
If you have a blog, perhaps you know how important it is to get the new posts on the radar of various
social media. However, most people think social networking to be a time consuming process and often
shy out from using the same to get some leverage for their blog posts. If you have been doing the same till
now, it’s time to change path and use some social media tools that will help you automate various
processes and reach out to a wider network of people. If you are now wondering what these tools are and
how to use them, here are some cues:
Setup an RSS feed on your blog: With this step, you can help people subscribe to your feed and read
any new post or interesting update using their feed reader without actually visiting your blog. So, every
time you plan to launch a new product or service, or want to offer special deals to new and old clients,
you need not send them individual mails. Rather, just post an entry on your blog and everyone on your
subscriber’s list will come to know about the news in a jiffy.
Link your Facebook fan page to your blog: If you already have a Facebook fan page, you can link it
with your blog so that your new blog entries are posted automatically to your profile wall. You can even
promote your Facebook account by creating a Facebook Badge, which you should put on your blog’s
sidebar or footer. Even if you don’t have a Facebook fan page, you can easily create one for your blog,
get it linked to the blog and start promoting your blog at no extra cost by using the automated option as
mentioned before.
Bring Twitter into action: Everyone these days - from the common people to the celebrities, seems to be
on Twitter. So, you should not forget this medium while using automated tools for your blog’s social
media promotion. One great tool to use is TwitterFeed, which you can set and forget. Every time you hit
the “Publish” button to make your new blog posts go public, they are queued up to be announced on
Some other applications to use: There are quite a few other user friendly apps available in the market
that can help you connect your various social networking accounts and make the job of letting people
know about your blog posts simpler. For example, TweetDeck – which is a free app, can help you connect
and post to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Buzz , FourSquare and more. You will just need to click
once and the automated process would help your network on these platforms get informed about what you
wish to talk about. Be it an excerpt from your blog posts, or a link to something interesting, the world can
be informed within a few seconds, thanks to TweetDeck. If you want to post some selective tweets to
your FaceBook fan page that you feel may drive traffic to your blog, check out the app at , which requires you to type #fb at the end of the tweet so that it
gets posted to your FaceBook fan page or account instantly.
So, choose the apps and automated tools based on your needs to automate your blogs’ social media
promotion campaign. for more!

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