A Suddenly Season

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					A Suddenly Season
Isaiah 38:1-5

This prophetic word has been in my spirit for quite some time. I have praying about the
time in which God would have me to release it to you. It would benefit your life if you
take this prophetic word with all seriousness and diligence… We are in a Suddenly

Suddenly - happening, coming or done quickly without warning or unexpectedly ---
occurring without transition from a previous state.

In other words we are entering a time where the things that are going to happen in your
life will come quickly, without warning – this manifestation will occur without logical

We are in a season where God is going to do things suddenly. If you are walking in faith
and believing God for manifestation, be on the LOOK-out for a sudden, rapid, swift

You can expect God to move suddenly. It will not take God a long time to move on your
behalf. But you can expect Him to move in an instant, a moment, in a flash. We are
prophetically moving in a time where one minute you may be in a depressing situation,
and by the end of the day, your life could change forever!

Today, we are going to look in the scriptures for sudden moves of God. This will build
your faith and to get you to believe God to move quickly. Let me make mention that
God is not in a hurry! But this is an anointing where God takes eternity and dips it
into time! The result is an instant miracle that you’ve been expecting!

Isaiah 38:1-5
     1- King Hezekiah is sick unto death. The Lord tells him you are getting ready to
     2-King Hezekiah turns his face to the wall. Sometimes you have to turn your face
       against everyone else and turn it to the wall. But, with his face to the wall, he
       turned to God.
     3- He cried out to God. He wept sore. When was the last time you just cried
       out to the Lord?
     5- Isaiah goes back to Hezekiah and tells him that God will give him 15 more
Numbers 12:3-8
   2- God steps in and esteems Moses’ name and reputation. The people were
     complaining saying that “Does God only speak to Moses?”
   4 – The Lord speaks suddenly, and appears suddenly. You can expect a
     suddenly word – an instant word that is designed to change your mind and give
     you new faith and new hope.
   8- God will suddenly speak mouth to mouth. This means that in this suddenly
     season we should expect a sudden prophetic word! And instant prophecy that will
     adjust your life.
   God will send an instant news bulletin. He may interrupt your dinner and your
     workout or your time on the phone to give you an instant word for your husband,
     wife, friend, mother, or father.
   An instant word is an on-time word.

2 Chronicles 29:36
    You can expect instant preparation. God will suddenly prepare you, and prepare
      the people. In this suddenly season things will happen so quickly, we are
      going to need instant preparation. You will be prepared.
    God is preparing your for this season. You will learn quickly, retain information
      easily and respond to every situation with wisdom and grace.
    Your work will be suddenly finished! You will not labor and toil over projects.
      God is going to expedite your labor. What you thought was going to take a
      long time to finish and complete, you can expect to get it done in less time.
    God is taking the toil out of your labor, the pain out of work. Your project will be
      completed with efficiently and excellence in a short amount of time.

Luke 2:13
   The shepherds are keeping watch in the field and suddenly there was the presence
      of an angel before them, and after that. There was a multitude of angels praising
   You can expect a sudden visitation! You may be riding in your car, feeding
      your dog and suddenly sense and detect the presence of God.
   In your visitation, you can expect sudden vision and dreams! For all of you
      prophetic people, you should expect sudden open dreams and visions.
   The keys to Luke 2:13 are that those angels had been there the whole time, God
      simply chose to show them what was happening. --- You should expect the same
      time anointing. God suddenly clue you into what is happening behind the
      scenes in the spirit.

Acts 2:2
    A sudden move of God! I believe this for our church, I expect a sudden moving
       of the spirit of God suddenly. We have one direction, and God has another
Acts 9:3
    A sudden change in direction. You may have made decisions that you have
       already made, but you can expect a sudden change in direction. God may
       suddenly direct you down a different path!
    God is not changing his purpose for your life, but he adjust how you get

Acts 16:26
    Suddenly delivered. God will suddenly shake loose what has held you bound
       and shackled! A sudden shaking and you must be loosed!

Acts 28:6
    Sudden Popularity. God is going to suddenly move on your behalf in a public
       forum and those around will see and declare that there is something special and
       significant about your life.

Acts 22:6
    A Suddenly Testimony! Paul is retelling his account on Damascus road. You are
       going to have a suddenly testimony in our suddenly season!

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