….. to be the first to drive a vehicle from Cape Town to Cape Horn by dfsiopmhy6


									….. to be the first to drive a
vehicle from Cape Town to
Cape Horn, via the Bering

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                     … expedition seats available …

                                    Steve Burgess
                                   Liley Hall Farm
                                      Liley Lane
                                     WF14 8EG

                                     01924 493095
                                     07745 017285



1979       Arno de Rossnev crosses the Bering Strait using a hang glider

1987       Lynn Cox swims from Little Diomede to Big Diomede Island

1994       Ford Overland Challenge, London to New York by vehicle. A prototype vehicle;
           the Arktos, was flown to Siberia and used for the crossing which failed.

1997/98    Land Rover Global Expedition. The aim was to complete an 18,000 mile journey
           with three Land Rovers from the west coast of Ireland to New York undertaking
           the sea crossings of Irish Sea, English Channel and Bering Strait. Sea trials were
           carried out but the expedition never took place.

1997       Dr Dmitry and Matvey Shparo ski across the Bering Strait.

2002       Steve Brooks and his Expedition crosses in “Snowbird 6” from Alaska to the
           International Date Line.

2006       Karl Bushby and Dmitry Kieffer walk across the Bering Strait to Russia
                         50,000 miles, 4 continents, 33 countries desert,
                           rain forest, mountains, snow, ice, sea, river …

                                …all in the same vehicle!
The Challenge…

…driving across Siberia and the Russian Far East is only achievable during the winter months when the rivers and
swamps freeze solid. Temperatures can drop below - 50˚C and high winds can cause blizzard conditions for days at a
time. The Land Rovers will be severely tested at this time as will the team. Sufficient supplies of both food and fuel
need to be carried along with our equipment. The expedition has secured the services of renowned Russian explorer
Dr Dmitry Shparo to provide logistical support and more importantly help us secure the necessary permissions that
will allow us to venture into this sensitive area.

                                                                                           The Bering Strait crossing
                                                                                           will take place in June /
                                                                                           July from near Uelen to
                                                                                           Little Diomede and then
                                                                                           on to Cape Prince of
                                                                                           Wales. Our journey then
                                                                                           takes us down the Alaska
                                                                                           coast and into the Yukon
                                                                                           Delta travelling along the
                                                                                           river to rejoin the road
                                                                                           network at Manly Hot

                                          Since the creation of the Darien and the Los Katios National Parks it is not
                                          permissible to drive through the Darien Gap between Panama and
                                          Colombia. We will reach the coast by following a remote and seldom used
                                          track over the mountains from El Llano to Carti. There the Land Rovers
                                          will revert to their amphibious state and we will follow the San Blas island
                                          chain down to Colombia to rejoin the road at the port of Turbo on the
                                          Golfo du Uraba.

             50,000 miles, 4 continents, 33 countries desert,
               rain forest, mountains, snow, ice, sea, river …

                    … all in the same vehicle !

        September – December 2007
                10,000 miles
South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya,                           North and Central America
       Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt                                   July – October 2008
                                                                             15,600 miles
                    Asia                                         Alaska, Canada, U.S, Mexico, Belize,
       December 2007 – March 2008                               Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa
                12,000 miles                                                Rica, Panama
 Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan,
      Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia                                       South America
                                                                      October – December 2008
          Bering Strait Crossing                                            14,400 miles
                June 2008                                      Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia,
                 56 miles                                             Paraguay, Argentina, Chile

                                                             Expedition Leader:
                                                              Steve Burgess…

                                            Yorkshire farmer producing quality Aberdeen Angus beef
                                            cattle and spending every available opportunity discovering
                                            the world from exploring the mountains of former
                                            Yugoslavia as a teenager to reccying the coast of Panama by
                                            dug out canoe. Other expeditions include Ethiopian
                                            Highlands, Darien rainforest, Bering Strait and Ultar glacier,
                                            Hunza. Steve also competes in mountain marathons such as
                            Robert Ashton

                         50,000 miles, 4 continents, 33 countries - desert,
                          rain forest, mountains, snow, ice, sea, river …

                             … all in the same vehicle !                                        www.capetocape.org.uk

                                            The Vehicles…

                                            … 2008 sees Land Rover celebrate 60 years at the forefront of vehicle
                                            led exploration, discovery and adventure. Its rugged construction,
                                            dependability and adaptability make it the obvious choice for an
                                            expedition of this magnitude. Two Land Rover Defender 110 double
                                            cabs will complete the entire journey. The vehicles are modified to
                                            meet the expedition unique requirements.

                                            For the sea and river sections the vehicles will be waterproofed, this
                                            does not interfere with conventional running. Before entering the water
                                            the addition of buoyancy tubes, propeller and rudder as used in the
                                            successful Irish Sea crossing in 2004, complete the transformation

For the Russian winter section the already winterized vehicles
will exchange wheels for tracks and be fitted with additional
heating to permit operation in temperatures as low as -50˚C.

During the Siberian section the Land Rovers will be supported
                                                                                                                      Mac MacKenny

by our own Hagglund tracked carrier or the renowned Ural 6x6
truck provided by our Russian partner Dmitry Shparo.


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