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                                                                                                Whittley’s Clearwater 1900 is a capable fishing
                                                                                                      package that represents excellent value.

          In The Clear
          If you’re in the market for a versatile cuddy cab that’s                                      Design & layout
                                                                                                        The Clearwater 1900’s design is modern
          hard to beat for value this might be a contender.                                             and attractive. It seems that most manufac-
          John Willis reports.                                                                          turers have now settled on the well-
                                                                                                        rounded, almost bulbous cabin style that
                                                                                                        not only looks great but also provides
                                                      WHITTLEY earned a huge amount of                  plenty of headroom and storage space. The
                                                      respect from dedicated saltwater fishos           hull has very well defined lines and features
                                                      quite a while back with the introduction of       with a pronounced stepped, reverse chine.
                                                      the Australian produced Sea Legend range.         There are three strakes running from the
                                                      These beautiful packages showed that it’s         bow, one strake finishing amidships, one in
                                                      possible to incorporate a long list of fea-       the rear quarter and the last running right
                                                      tures, quality fittings, appealing trim quality   through to the transom. This combination
                                                      and offshore performance.                         on a deep vee hull works well with excellent
                                                         The Clearwater 1900 Cabin is also Aus-         lift, tracking and turning ability. The
                                                      tralian built, not American, and has obvi-        relatively fine entry cuts down the chop
                                                      ously been produced to provide all the            with ease.
                                                      necessities at a more than pleasing price.           Flotation is provided by two air filled
                                                      It’s an attractive package that at first glance   chambers running either side of the under-
                                                      seems quite simple to the outward                 floor fuel tank and the huge, centrally
                                                      observer, however it actually supplies many       mounted wet box storage. There is more
                                                      practical and desirable design features.          under-floor storage in the cabin and under-
                                                         This package is an ideal family                bunk storage as well. With all of this area
                                                      fish/ski/dive/cruise/play combination. Most       used to its highest available level I have to
                                                      of us change boats quite a few times during       wonder just how much flotation is left in
                                                      our boating careers trying to get the combi-      the hull. I am sure it is more than adequate,
           At the helm the layout is attractive,      nation right. The Clearwater will appeal to a     and it will certainly meet all of the required
           comfortable and neat.                      great range of purchasers either after their      standards, however if at all concerned I am
                                                      first, or last boat package.                      informed that foam flotation is available as

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       an option for a more than reasonable price.
          I must admit that I have found the trim
       quality in previous Clearwaters to be
       adequate but minimal. The 1900 Cabin lifts
       that standard with a simple but nicely
       finished package. There is a terrific amount
       of storage in the boat. There are full-length
       side pockets in the cabin and cockpit,
       secondary side pockets in the panels on the
       upper sides of both the port and starboard
       near the pedestal seats, and even more
       pockets cut into the coaming panels in
       the cockpit.
          Particular attention has also been made
       for operator comfort and safety. Footrests
       are provided for both helm and passenger
       positions and there are dashboard and
       cockpit grab handles in sensible positions.
       The cockpit floor is carpeted which not
       only trims the boat nicely, but I think is           The handling and performance was terrific with the boat turning and riding
       sensible in stopping slippage whilst being           well without any effort or cavitation.
       comfortable in both hot and cold condi-
       tions. It was very pleasing that the well
       padded, upholstered pedestal seats are           tank capacity is 110 litres.                    fold-up legs allowing easy storage when
       very comfortable, and most importantly              At the helm the layout is attractive, com-   not in use.
       wide enough for us that have spent too           fortable and very neat. The seat is easily         The middle section of the lounge back-
       long in that good paddock! Both pedestals        adjusted to the correct height and distance     rest is hinged to allow full tilt on the engine.
       are height adjustable and the driver’s seat is   from the windscreen for all operators. The      This configuration allows a flat transom
       also fitted with an adjustable seat slide.       standard non-feedback steering is more          area with full width fishability and elimi-
          The Clearwater 1900 Cabin should in my        than suitable for the 115hp four cylinder       nates the need for pods or half pods. The
       book be called a cuddy. The bunks are cer-       engines, however should you wish to             transom contains another two wet storage
       tainly not full length. This is in fact a very   increase your engine size remember to           facilities. On the port side a lift up polyeth-
       well designed day boat with bunk cushions        upgrade the steering as well. An old rule of    ylene hatch reveals a small live bait tank or
       that would be more than adequate for the         thumb was to switch to hydraulic steering       a large bait box area. This is moulded into
       kids, not adults. That’s not a criticism, in     on all V6 engines, and as the boat has the      the boat and fitted with a drain but not
       fact I really liked the layout of the 1900.      maximum rated 150hp, this should be             plumbed as a bait tank. The tank would be
       I found that as I looked around the package      considered when discussing options with         suitable for keeping nippers, yabbies or
       I saw features I liked from many brands          your dealer.                                    similar live baits going if a portable aerator
       and styles of boat, all rolled into one. There      Yamaha integral gauges sit well into the     was used, but not big enough for slimies
       are no new ideas, just an assembly of            moulded dash panel, as does the Navman          or yakkas.
       good ones!                                       4432 depth sounder, cup holder and four-           The starboard recess has a matching
          One of those features is the walk-            gang switch panel. The helm is finished         polyethylene hatch that can also be used
       through five piece Perspex windscreen and        with a very comfortable leather type            as a cutting board. Opening this hatch
       opening foredeck hatch. This is just such        steering wheel and standard Yamaha              reveals a handy lift out bait box that may
       a practical feature on a boat of this style.     control box.                                    be placed straight back into the freezer
       A walk through the easy access to the bow           The passenger dash is equally attractive     with unused bait at the end of the day.
       area reveals a very workable bowsprit with       with a good recessed area and another cup       Access to the bilge, battery, isolator switch
       a stainless steel bow fitting well suited to     holder. I found the cup holders an ideal        and bilge pump is an easy affair once the
       a good-sized plough anchor. A split bow          position to hold our mobile phones and          seat bases are removed.
       bollard retains the chain and the rope and       handheld GPS. I found the dash layout to
       is housed in an ample sized hatch.               be simple but attractive and effective and      On the water
          The amount of features on offer for the       still allows more room should GPS, com-         The package as supplied by the local dealer
       low purchase price is exceptional. These         pass or other options be selected.              JV Marine, was fitted with an ever reliable
       include: an attractive stainless steel split        I particularly liked the tail end of the     Yamaha 115hp Saltwater Series CETOX, V4
       bow rail, windscreen grab rail, stainless rod    boat, inside and out. Many manufacturers        oil injected two-stroke outboard. This com-
       holders and a dealer added pair of three-        would do well to take note of the three-        bination gave the package excellent per-
       way rod holders; aluminium bimini cover          piece rear lounge. The thickly padded           formance and provides a terrific
       with rocket launcher, removable Bermuda          backrests are curved around the rear            combination of power, weight and econ-
       bait board, berley bucket, navigation lights,    coamings and allow a high level of comfort      omy.
       ski hooks, bilge pump, spin on fuel filter,      whilst seated, or welcome knee support             I found the performance of the package
       battery isolation switch and well positioned     when fishing without the removable seat         on the water to be exhilarating! The combi-
       cleats and bollards. The under-floor fuel        bases. Each of the three seat bases has two     nation allows a very nice low cruising speed

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                                                                                          REVIEWED                       WHITTLEY CLEARWATER 1900

                                                                                           The stern features a three-piece lounge with thickly
                                                                                           padded backrests that offer a good level of comfort
                                                                                           whilst seated, or welcome knee support when fishing.

                                                                                          of 6.5kts at 2100rpm. The transition to the plane occurred at
                                                                                          13kts at 3200 rpm and the boat loved to sit on
                                                                                          a comfortable speed of 24.3kts at 4500rpm. At this speed the
                                                                                          noise is minimal and the fuel consumption is still relatively
                                                                                          economical. The package really seemed to be scooting along
                                                                                          at WOT with 35kts at 5800rpm with a standard stainless 19”
                                                                                             Whilst the test day proved virtually windless we did chase
                                                                                          down the wakes of some much larger vessels to have a good
                                                                                          play. The handling and performance was terrific. The boat really
                                                                                          turns and rides well without any effort or cavitation.
                                                                                             Even putting it through its paces at full speed, full lock turns
                                                                                          didn’t phase the package at all and it displayed absolutely no
                                                                                          bad habits. Stability is as you would expect, not as good as
                                                                                          some but loads better than others.
                                                                                             The freeboard is exceptional. Climbing in and out of the boat
                                                                                          whilst on the trailer is reminiscent of a much larger boat. The
                                                                                          hull feels safe and sound, and is very quiet on the water. A quick
                                                                                          check of the fibreglass thickness around the hull and deck
                                                                                          revealed a good standard of laminate.
                                                                                             This is a very good and extremely price sensitive package
                                                                                          offered by the dealer at $38,700, including full inshore saltwater
                                                                                          safety equipment for five passengers, engine flushing muffs, tie
               Exceeds class D European specification                                      downs, 12 months registration and additional hull graphics. It is
                                                                                          an attractive boat with terrific inherent features for the whole
               Compact and waterproof                                                     family. The manufacturer backs up the product with a 5-year
                                                                                          hull warranty; the Whittley reputation for over 50 years is
               2nd station remote option                                                  unquestionable and this will ensure a high resale value in the
                                                                                          future should this be a purchasing consideration.
               Full function keypad microphone
                                                                                              WHITTLEY CLEARWATER 1900
               Chartplotter compatibility
                                                                                             Length: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.80m
               Simple user interface, mobile phone                                           Beam: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.26m
               style operating system.                                                       Deadrise: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 degrees
                                                                                             Fuel: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 120 litres
                                                                                             Power: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Maximum 150hp,
               Multiple mounting options, backwards                                          as tested 115hp Yamaha CETOX two-stroke
               compatible with all GME radios.                                               Weight: . . . . . . . . 1550kgs towing weight
                                                                                             Price: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . As tested $38,700
        w w w. g m e . n e t . a u                                                           Contact:
                                                                                             Test boat supplied by JV Marine (03)9798
     SYDNEY (02) 9879 8888 MELBOURNE (03) 9798 0988 BRISBANE (07) 3278 6444                  8883; Whittley Cruisers (03) 9358 9600; web-
     PERTH (08) 9455 5744  ADELAIDE (08) 8234 2633  AUCKLAND (09) 274 0955                   site:

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