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									How To Become A Successful Sports Arbitrage Trader

                   Make £1000 From Bookmaker Bonuses Right Now

You might have heard that it’s possible                    They assume you understand all the
to make money from the bonuses that                        colloquialisms and what trends are
bookmakers pay out when you set up a                       catching on in bookmaking. There’s
new account with them or deposit                           nothing wrong with that, but for the
money on account with them.                                benefit of anyone who is completely new
                                                           to online gaming, I’m going to try to
Did you know that you can do this                          explain it all from basics.
systematically and earn quite a lot
more than £1000 doing so?                                  Cut to the Chase: What’s Bonus
Harvesting bookmaker bonuses is not
new. It’s also known as bonus scalping,                    Bonus betting is made possible by the
bonus betting, bonus hunting and even                      fact that many bookmakers will offer
bonus whoring! It is explained elsewhere                   bonuses to first time users who sign up
on the web, however, many of the sites                     and also sometimes to existing
providing those explanations ten to                        customers when they make fresh
assume that you already know most of                       deposits.
what they’re talking about, the terms
they’re using, the way bookmaking                          These bonuses can be anywhere from
works.                                                     £10 – £500 and they various forms –
                                                           sometimes as extra money in your
                                                           account sometimes as free bets.

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How To Become A Successful Sports Arbitrage Trader


The downside for normal bettors is that this
bonus has to be wagered X amount of
times before it can be withdrawn. This is
known as the rollover requirement.

You probably already see where I’m going
with this.

Most punters lose the bets they place.
That’s why bookmaking is such a thriving

By requiring their customers to bet the
b o n u s e s s e v e r a l t i m e s o v e r, t h e
bookmakers are virtually guaranteeing that
the customers will not hold onto their
bonus money.
However, when you take advantage of bonus betting by using with arbitrage betting
techniques, the rollover requirements lose their sting.

By constructing a trade similar to a sports arbitrage trade, you’re able to take full
advantage of the bonus and create a no risk profit situation. It’s actually even easier
than a genuine arbitrage trade: Even if you don’t find any great arbitrage opportunities
through the bookmakers offering bonuses, all you have to do is find a break-even trade
and that will allow you to walk away with most of the bonus.

When Should You Start Scalping Bonuses?

The perfect time to start scalping bookmaker bonuses is right now – if you’re at the
start of a sports arbitrage project then you have to open lots of new bookmaker
accounts anyway. Why not get paid handsomely to do so?

How To Become A Successful Sports Arbitrage Trader


Finding Great Bookmaker Bonuses

Finding the bookmakers who offer bonuses to first timers for signing up actually isn’t
that tricky. The only reason these bonuses are offered is that it’s a great way to
advertise and get people who might not be interested in betting to give it a try. And
so, you can bet, if you’ll excuse the pun, that these bookmakers want to advertise
their great bonuses.

Here’s a current list of bookmakers and their bonuses. You can also use the links
provided in ArbSurfer Pro. As well as the convenience of automatic application form
filling, the links in ArbSurfer Pro are updated dynamically and will always take you to
the best current offers available, including exclusive extra bonuses.

As you will see from the offers listed, if you start scalping today, you can expect to be
at least £1000 better off within a week or so. Give it a little more attention and time
and you will be able to squeeze as much as £5000 out of them.

OK, So I Sign Up For The New Accounts. Then What?

How To Become A Successful Sports Arbitrage Trader



In this example, we take advantage of VCBet’s offer of a £50 free bet for new
customers. According to the rules at VCBet regarding this bonus, our bet must be
placed at odds equal to or higher than 1/1 (aka evens or 2.00)
We first have to place a bet with VCBet using our own funds in order to qualify for the
free bet. We’ll lay the bet off at Betfair for a very small loss.

First bet (placed in order to qualify for the free bet)

      BOOKIE            BET TYPE              OUTCOME      STAKE          PRICE
       VCBET                 BACK              NEWCASTLE    50              2.90

      BETFAIR                 LAY              NEWCASTLE   50.52            2.92

With the bets above:

  1    If Newcastle wins, we will receive £95 from VCBet and lose £97 at Betfair
       i.e a loss of £2

  2    If Newcastle does not win (i.e draw/lose), we lose £50 at VCBet and win (after
       commission) £48 at Betfair
       i.e a loss of £2

Now we’re ready to move to step 2...

How To Become A Successful Sports Arbitrage Trader



Having lost £2, however, we now have a free £50 bet to use:

      BOOKIE            BET TYPE              OUTCOME        STAKE         PRICE
       VCBET                 BACK                    DERBY    50             4.35

      BETFAIR                 LAY                    DERBY   36.02           4.70

With the bets above:

  1    If Derby wins, we will receive £167.50 from VCBet and lose £133.28 at Betfair
       i.e a profit of £34.22

  2    If Derby does not win (i.e draw/lose), we lose £50 at VCBet and win (after
       commission) £34.22 at Betfair
       i.e a profit of £34.22

Taking into account the £2 lost in the first phase of this operation, the net profit from
this free bet is £32.22

£32.22 may not sound like much but you can easily repeat this same process
with different bookmakers 40 times over the course of a week to make well
over £1000 completely risk-free.

How To Become A Successful Sports Arbitrage Trader


With the follow-up bonuses offered by most of the bookmakers, your total
profit could be as much as £5000 – just for doing the preparation work you
need to anyway if you want to become a sports arbitrage trader!

So why not start right now? It will only take you about 20 minutes to make your first
£30 profit…

Remember, ArbSurfer will automate the form-filling aspect of opening the new
accounts, saving you a lot of time and effort and you can download the starter version
for free.

When you start using ArbAlarm to trade arbs in the TraderZone, the trades you make
with bonuses and free bets will become considerably more profitable. In fact, the
TraderZone has a bonus-scalping module freely available for you to use.

You simply tell it which bookmakers you’re currently holding bonuses at and the
software will display all arbitrage and break-even trades which involve those
bookmakers. It as easy as that!


How To Become A Successful Sports Arbitrage Trader


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