How to Choose the Best Muscle Building Program

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					How to Choose the Best Muscle Building Program
There are number of different muscle building programs out there. Choosing the best muscle building
program became one of the most difficult problem nowadays. The only answer to find out the best
program for you is through experimenting.

Every individual is unique. The one works for you may not work for someone else. So the only answer to
find out the best muscle building program is through experimenting. In other words, experimenting Is
the key to success in bodybuilding.

So to do this, you have to write down your results each week and track the one that best works for you.
Write down everything - your workout routine, meal plan, weight, body part measurements every week.
This will easily helps you to analyze what worked well for you.

After finding the one, it is recommended to stick with the one that worked very well for you, no the
easiest program, but the one that gave you the maximum results.

That being said, if you take a closer look at any best muscle building program, there is one thing in
common – Progressive Overload. Every muscle building program is designed around this progressive
overload principle. That means you need to lift more weights or add an extra reps or two for the next
workout for a specific muscle group. Even how good your training program is, if you ignore this
progressive overload principle, then your results will suffer.

Lastly, you need to also remember about nutrition. Keep in mind that your 80% muscle gains will only
achieve after getting the right nutrients. Like training, there is a lot of experimenting needed here too.
But as a general guideline, you need to get at least 1-1.5 g of proteins per pound bodyweight and 2-4 g
of carbohydrates per pound body weight. Make sure to at least achieve these requirements to build
muscles fast.

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So you have learned the importance of experimenting, progressive overload and nutrition. Now its time
to take action. Reading without action will not lead you anywhere. If you need more information on how
to gain muscles faster with the right training and nutrition program, I recommend you to check out “You
Too Can Build Muscle” eBook.