3 Muscle Gaining Secrets to Gain Muscle Like a Pro

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					3 Muscle Gaining Secrets to Gain Muscle Like a Pro
Have you ever wondered how these pro bodybuilders live with so much muscle that an average man
can’t even think of. Off course your first answer would be steroids and I’m not going to deny it. But
there are also 3 little secrets that these pro’s uses to build muscles faster than an average lifter.

The first one is massive eating. These guys don’t care about fats and they don’t want to stay in shape all
year round. So in the off season, they will eat as much they can without worrying about fat gains. If you
do not believe me then just use google to find some off season pictures of top bodybuilders and see
yourself how different they are at this time.

You can also use this technique, but as a natural lifter it is recommended to stay on a clean bulk, that
means you will be “massive eating” with only healthy foods and not junk foods.

So you can add 500 – 600 more calories than your total daily calorie maintenance levels. If you don’t
know how to calculate these, then download you too can build muscle guide, everything is clearly stated
in it.

After calculating the required calories, get 50% of them from carbohydrates, 30% from proteins and 20%
from fats. Again if you are confused on how to calculate these, I recommend you to read you too can
build muscle eBook.

The second technique is strength training. A pro bodybuilder includes strength training to his workout
routine at least twice a year than an average lifter who trains all year round without training for
strength. So what is the actual benefit of strength training? After the strength training period, you will
achieve more power and will be able to lift heavy weights which will then leads to massive muscle gains.
So you can use a strength training routine 1-2 months a year. I recommend to mix it with your regular
routine, so the last set should be for strength.

The third one is overtraining. It is a common fact that more than 85% people over train their muscles.
You need to avoid overtraining to build muscles quick. Overtraining is one of the major cause for slow
muscle gains or no muscle gains. Make sure that you are not overtraining. If you see any signs of
overtraining, take enough rest. Rest is the best medicine to cure overtraining. Also it is recommended to
take a week rest after 8-12 weeks of intense training.

So I hope now you have understood the three techniques that pro’s uses to build huge muscles. You can
also use these tips to build muscles faster. To learn how to achieve your dream body, I suggest you to
download and read You too Can Build Muscle ebook.

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