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3 Crucial Muscle Building Tips for Hardgainers


									3 Crucial Muscle Building Tips for Hardgainers
So you think you are a hardgainer? Even how you train or eat, you find it difficult to gain muscles? Then
here is an answer for all your problems. Before moving on to the actual meat of this article, you need
the right mindset. Many hardgainers believe that building muscles is impossible for them. This is
completely wrong. A hardgainer doesn’t mean a no–gainer. You can gain muscle and that is a good
thing. Always remember before lifting or having your meals that you are not a no gainer and you can
build muscles. Some muscle building tips for hardgainers.

But you also have to alter your training and diet to make it work well for you. If you are doing endless
number of sets and reps, then first you need to stop that. Volume training doesn’t work for hardgainers.
You will only overtrain your muscles if you follow the volume training methods.

So for a hardgainer, it is better to start with HIT or High Intensity Training. HIT is designed around less
number of sets with high intensity and progressive overload. You will only train 3-4 times a week which
allows enough room for recovery. So overall, HIT suits well for a hardgainer. If you need to know more
about different training techniques then download You Too Can Build Muscle eBook.

Nutrition is another important factor to your overall success. But I can’t give all the information here in a
small article. So I will just give you the main points. First you need to change the concept of eating 3 big
meals a day and should start eating 6-7 meals a day. Even if you don’t want to worry about fat gains, It is
still recommend to get most from clean foods. Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats are the base of a good
nutritional program. So make sure you are getting the right amount every day. You can also substitute
some of your meals with supplements. It may not also be possible to consume 6 or 7 larger meals a day.
You can substitute 2 or 3 meals with supplements for faster results.

If you need more information on nutrition, then I highly recommend you to download You Too Can Build
Muscle eBook now. Everything is clearly stated in it and best of all its free now!

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