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					Gala Coral Group Limited
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Engagement                                                                                                         Who We Are
                                                                                                                   The Gala Coral Group is the pre-eminent integrated betting

Highlights                                                                                                         and gaming group in Europe. It is the only gambling
                                                                                                                   company in the UK with significant businesses in the
                                                                                                                   bookmaking, bingo and casino markets, both on the high
                                                                                                                   street and online. We are also a growing international

in 2007-08                                                                                                         business, with our expanding betting business in Italy.

                                                                                                                   Gala Coral is a leader in the field of Corporate Responsibility,
                                                                                                                   and the first gambling company to have received full
                                                                                                                   accreditation from GamCare across all its UK divisions.

                           Breakthrough                  Plymouth Gala                                             Why We Are Producing a Corporate
                           Breast Cancer                 Bingo Team                                                Responsibility Report
Bristol Marketplace        Raised Over £173,000          Wridley’s in Plymouth
Bristol                    Overall Total Now             Planning and Delivery                                     We wanted to start communicating the progress we
Half Term Team Challenge   £1.3 million                  of a Party Evening                                        are making in our Corporate Responsibility strategy.
October 2007               October 2007                  December 2007                                             We understand that Corporate Responsibility is a constantly
                                                                                                                   evolving landscape, and we feel it is important to inform
                                                                                                                   our stakeholders about the positive work and impact
                                                                                                                   we are making in this area, whilst constantly looking
                                                                                                                   to improve our Corporate Responsibility approach.

Mark Worsfold and
Chris Gallagher                                          3rd Annual IT
Walked Mount Kilimanjaro   Sue Ryder Care                Team Challenge
Raised Over £18,000        Announced Group Charity       St Stephens Primary
for Action for Children    Target £1 million             School – Nottingham
December 2007              May 2008                      June 2008
                                                                                     1 Who We Are
                                                                                        Why We Are Producing a Corporate Responsibility Report
                                                                                     2 Chief Executive’s Statement
                                                                                     4 Our Corporate Responsibility Strategy
                                                                                     6 Responsible Gambling
                                                                                     8 Community Engagement
Vitalise Community         Central Services Team         Springboard                14 Community Engagement – The Talent Pool Community Project
                                                                                    16 Group Charity – Sue Ryder Care
Garden Creation            Construction of a BMX Track   18th Birthday Fun Casino   20 Gala Bingo Charity – Breakthrough Breast Cancer
Group Functions            Balloon Woods Play Centre     Raised Money Towards       22 Environmental Stewardship
in Barking                 in Nottingham                 £70,000 target             26 Gala Coral People
                                                                                    32 Health And Safety
July 2008                  August 2008                   August 2008                35 Going Forward
                                                                                    36 Contacts and Stakeholder Dialogue

                                                                                                                                                                    GALA CORAL GROUP
                                                                                                                                                  CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008   
    Chief Executive’s Statement

    Welcome to the Gala Coral Group Corporate
    Responsibility (CR) Report, affirming our
    commitment to our core CR values and strategy and
    detailing the progress that we have made during
    the year. We have always strived to be recognised
    as an ethical and socially aware business, and
    I am delighted that this year we have produced
    our first CR report. We believe that Corporate
    Responsibility is a journey and not a destination,
    and the introduction of this report represents another
    stage in our constantly evolving CR strategy.
                                                                                                      Our team at Gala Bingo Warrington, led       Our Group IT Teams now have an            Celebration and Recognition are watch
                                                                                                      by Mark Worsfold the General Manager,        annual Community Project scheduled.       words in Gala Coral Group. In each of the
                                                                                                      raised over £18,000 for the charity Action   Their artwork gets better every year.     areas of our business we hold Awards
    At the beginning of the financial year           Responsibility approach, providing more           for Children. Mark Worsfold undertook                                                  evenings to acknowledge success.
    we decided to review our Corporate              efficient top-down organisation and                a walk up Mount Kilimanjaro with fellow
    Responsibility Strategy, focusing on            logistical support.                               General Manager Chris Quigley.
    the core areas of Responsible Gambling,
    Community Engagement, Environmental             We want to become a leader in Corporate                               to date. Our businesses have a real drive                Looking forward to next year, there are
    Stewardship, our Gala Coral People and          Responsibility for the gambling sector.                               for fundraising, being so closely invested in            many new programmes that we will be
    Health and Safety. These are key issues         As a prominent business in the gambling                               their communities, and both our employees                introducing as a part of our Corporate
    for the Gala Coral Group that represent our     industry, we have played a key role                                   and our customers love to get involved.                  Responsibility strategy.
    responsibilities, as well as opportunities      in promoting Responsible Gambling.
    to improve the way we operate as a business     Gala Coral Group was the first operator                               “Working towards raising £1 million                       After the year end we launched a three
    with a wide ranging social impact. Our          to be accredited by GamCare for our work                              for Sue Ryder Care really brings                         million energy efficient light bulb giveaway
    Corporate Responsibility is underpinned         promoting Responsible Gambling both                                   my team together”                                        with our Group Charity partner (Sue Ryder
    by our Core Values – we want our employees      in our retail businesses and our online                               Donna King, Regional Manager, Coral                      Care) and the energy company Scottish
    to work as a high-performing team, which        businesses; indeed, we continue to hold                                                                                        & Southern Energy. This will help our
    is customer focused, behaves ethically          accreditation across all of our UK divisions.                         We are also proud of our increasingly efficient           customers reduce their CO2 emissions by
    and achieves outstanding results.               This financial year saw the first full year                             Environmental Stewardship initiatives.                   39,200 tonnes per year and reduce their
                                                    of the new Gambling Act 2005 and the                                  These include extending our company car                  energy requirements by 04 GWh. We are
    When developing policies for our Corporate      introduction of the Gambling Commission’s                             scheme green driving programme by                        also targeting a 75% recycling rate for all
    Responsibility we give due consideration        “Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice”                            capping our CO2 levels, increasing the                   Gala Coral Group waste by the end of 2009.
    not only to how these policies are              (LCCP) from  September 2007. We believe                              number of lower CO2 cars in our fleet and                 Internationally we will be increasing the
    implemented, but how they are measured.         that our preparation and proactive attitude                           continuing to contribute to the Woodland                 level of involvement of our overseas
    This helps us better understand their wider     enabled us to be well positioned for the                              Trust. During the next financial year this                businesses in our Corporate Responsibility
    social impact and potential benefit in order     practicalities of the LCCP, and it is this                            will be developed further, and we hope that              activity. An early example is the planned
    to better record our progress, and we are       leadership that we are looking to instill                             lower CO2 vehicles will represent a quarter              expansion of our Sue Ryder Care partnership
    increasingly setting targets in our core        across all areas of Corporate Responsibility.                         of our car fleet by year end.                             to their overseas operations early in 2009,
    areas. Whilst we don’t pretend to have                                                                                                                                         focusing initially around Rome, Italy, where
    targets for all aspects of our CR platform      We were proud to appoint Sue Ryder Care                               Our Gala Coral People strategy continued                 we have an existing retail presence.
    already in place, we are focusing on aligning   as our Group Charity partner this year and                            to bring positive changes across the
    practical and appropriate targets with our      we have set ourselves the target of raising                           business, and we were delighted that we                  Communicating our Corporate Responsibility
    wider business strategy.                        £ million to help increase their hours of care                       won the National Training Award for our                  message is one of our objectives. We know
                                                    from four million to ten million per year.                            BTEC in Casino Management in our Gala                    that by communicating and sharing our
    The implementation of our Corporate             The partnership goes beyond fundraising,                              Casino division. This diploma is a unique                progress it will make us increasingly
    Responsibility Strategy has been                to include knowledge sharing and                                      collaboration with Blackpool and the Fylde               accountable for our impact.
    strengthened this year with the foundation      managerial secondments, and we have                                   College, and we will be in a position to
    of our Corporate Responsibility Steering        already begun an integrated approach to                               report more fully on this initiative next year.          Dominic Harrison
    Committee. The Committee will increasingly      our partnership. Our Gala Bingo division also                                                                                  Chief Executive
    set targets and author and approve future       continues to support Breakthrough Breast
    policy and direction for our Corporate          Cancer, and has raised over £.3 million

    GALA CORAL GROUP                                                                                                                                                                                    GALA CORAL GROUP
2   CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008                                                                                                                                              CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008               3
    Our Corporate Responsibility Strategy

    At Gala Coral Group, we take our commitment
    to Corporate Responsibility very seriously.
    As a business that is so deeply involved
    in the different communities in which we
    operate, it is important to help protect and
    invest in these communities, whether it be
    in terms of promoting responsible gambling,
    environmental sustainability or employment.

    Our Corporate Responsibility can be
    broadly broken down into three sections:
    our vision, our objectives, and our focus.                                                       1 Responsible Gambling   2 Community          3 Environmental         4 People Strategy         5 Health and Safety
                                                                                                     All customer-facing      Engagement           Stewardship             We aim to celebrate the   Health and safety is
                                                                                                     employees receive full   Community            We aim to develop       success of our            key to our business
    Corporate Responsibility Vision                                                Our Core Values   responsible gambling     Engagement takes     our environmental       Gala Coral people.        for our customers
    Our Corporate Responsibility vision is                                                           training.                our employees into   credentials.                                      and employees.
    “To Be the Respected Leader in the Field                                                                                  new areas.
    of Corporate Responsibility in the Leisure,
    Hospitality and Gambling Sector”.              value to our business, it adds value to our                         2 To Continue to Build our Corporate            Our Five Core Areas of Focus
                                                   employees and we believe that it supports                             Reputation It is no secret that people        Our three key objectives provide us
    Corporate Responsibility is a broad term,      those we work with. Our CR approach is                                want to work with companies that are not      with five core areas of focus which we
    and there are many definitions and              firmly rooted in the Group’s wider business                            only successful and profitable businesses,     identify as being critical to delivering
    approaches. Every company has a different      strategy and we set targets in our key areas                          but also socially responsible. We believe     on these objectives and our Corporate
    interpretation, with differing goals and       to chart performance and achievement                                  that “Good Companies Keep Good                Responsibility vision:
    strategies, and it is an ever-evolving area.   against this strategy.                                                Company”. There is every reason to want
    We see Corporate Responsibility as                                                                                   to create a great company with a fantastic    1   Responsible Gambling
    fundamentally going beyond simply              Refining a CR vision is a long-term process                            reputation. We believe that by working        2   Community Engagement
    meeting legal and regulatory requirements.     – there is always more work to do, and                                with our growing number of stakeholders       3   Environmental Stewardship
                                                   strategy must be able to evolve to match                              we will be seen as a good organisation        4   People Strategy
    We have many stakeholders concerned            changing social expectations. Above all,                              – this is simply good business.               5   Health and Safety
    with Corporate Responsibility, and we are      our Corporate Responsibility thinking is                              We understand that by operating as
    constantly developing our understanding        based on understanding our externalities –                            a responsible business we will create         This report is divided into updates and
    of what they want to see and where they        understanding the impact our actions                                  an attractive and strong organisation         progress reports on these five core areas
    think our involvement is important within      have on the communities we operate in.                                that people are proud to work with,           of focus.
    the community.                                 This is how we have arrived at our Corporate                          both inside the Group and beyond.
                                                   Responsibility strategy, objectives.                                                                                We truly believe that our progressive action
    A strong focus on Corporate Responsibility                                                                         3 To Sustain our Position as an Employer        in the area of Corporate Responsibility over
    is nothing new at Gala Coral Group. We         Our Corporate Responsibility                                          of Choice People want to work for great       the last five years ensured that we were
    have been working for years on various         Objectives                                                            companies; companies they can feel            ready for the Gambling Act 2005, and,
    community and responsible gambling                                                                                   proud of; companies that challenge            going forward, will prepare us for further
    programmes, but this is the first time          1 To Promote and Ensure Responsible                                   them, recognise them and reward them          regulation and an increase in social
    that we have decided to disclose fully           Gambling As a multi-channel gambling                                for their hard work and achievements.         expectations. Taking a vested interest
    our progress for the last year and offer         operator, this is of paramount                                      People want to work for a company that        in Corporate Responsibility allows us an
    a view on our intended activity and              importance. Understanding how our                                   takes Corporate Responsibility seriously.     opportunity to influence the wider events
    targets for the coming financial year.            services affect our customers and our                               We believe there is great value in            around us, to listen to what’s going on
                                                     communities is critical, and something                              providing employees with a workplace          in the community, and to act where
    We take an active approach to Corporate          our suppliers and our regulator, the                                they enjoy and a brand they can be            necessary. Above all, we believe being
    Responsibility, not only because it is an        Gambling Commission, are deeply                                     proud of, which is why we set challenging     serious about Corporate Responsibility
    ethically and morally positive thing to do,      involved in.                                                        targets for ourselves and our people, and     simply makes sense, both financially
    but because we believe it adds commercial                                                                            engage in issues that affect everyone.        and ethically.

    GALA CORAL GROUP                                                                                                                                                                         GALA CORAL GROUP
4   CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008                                                                                                                                   CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008             5
    Responsible Gambling

    Taking a leading role in the promotion of
    Responsible Gambling is key to the Core Values
    of Gala Coral Group. We take the issue of
    problem gambling very seriously and go to great
    lengths to minimise the risk to our customers.                          Responsibility In Gambling Trust

    Our History and Philosophy                          2 Self-Exclusion – Where a customer opts
    We believe that working within a network              to take time away from our business in                                                                                            Geoffrey Godbold, CEO of GamCare
    of stakeholders to promote responsible                order to address a gambling problem                                                                                               presents Neil Goulden, Executive Deputy
                                                                                                                                                                                            Chairman of Gala Coral Group, with the
    gambling is, both morally and ethically, the          or may be concerned that they could                                                                                               GamCare Accreditation Certificate for our
    right thing to do. Training all of our employees      be developing a problem. A customer will                                                                                          GamCare journey that started in 2002,
    in understanding and recognising the                  typically Self-Exclude for a minimum of                                                                                           and we are still the only gambling group
    symptoms of problem gambling has been                 six months and longer where necessary.                                                                                            accredited across all platforms.
    a priority for many years, and this is a key          After a customer has Self-Excluded for
    reason that Gala Coral Group was the first             a minimum of six months, they can
    gambling company to receive accreditation             request to have their Self-Exclusion                                  “I applaud the work that Gala Coral              Responsible Training
    by GamCare for the work we do across all              lifted. Our customers decide the length                                Group continues to do in the field of            In order to ensure that our businesses
    of our UK channels – both in online and               of their Self-Exclusion.                                               social responsibility and the standards         are operated in accordance with the three
    offline. We aim to ensure that we are at                                                                    We support        it sets for the rest of the gambling            licensing objectives of the Gambling
    the forefront of new developments.                  We serve 8% of the adult population of the             both the          industry in this area. It has once              Act 2005 and our own ethical operator
                                                        UK across our businesses each year – this              In Gambling
                                                                                                                                 again made a superb commitment to               principles, all of our customer-facing
    Progress and Year Review                            equates to 3.7 million customers.                      Trust and         supporting research, education and              employees are provided with full training
    This financial year saw the first full year                                                                  GamCare.          treatment into problem gambling.”               on issues relating to responsible gambling.
    of the implementation of the Gambling               During the year, we worked closely with                                 Malcolm Bruce                                    We have conducted training with our
    Act 2005, with its focus on three                   our regulator, the Gambling Commission,                                 Director                                         employees for over five years.
    licensing objectives:                               to ensure that our obligations under the                                Responsibility in Gambling Trust
                                                        Gambling Act 2005 were fully complied                                                                                    Summary
    1 To keep gambling crime free                       with. The Commission has now completed                                  Gala Coral Group also assists individual         This was the first full year for Gala Coral
    2 To be fair and open                               its initial annual evaluations of all our UK                            research projects and continued to support       Group working under the Gambling Act
    3 To protect children and the vulnerable            divisions and has raised no major issues.                               the work of Dr Gerda Reith at the University     2005, and we are pleased to report that
                                                                                                                                of Glasgow during the year. Dr Reith is          we have successfully integrated the
    Much of the work currently discussed as             Commitment to Research, Education,                                      conducting research into the routes taken        new requirements into our operational
    “responsible gambling” is closely associated        Treatment (RET) and Training                                            by individuals that may lead them to             procedures without substantial issue.
    with the third licensing objective, but all three   Gala Coral Group is fully committed to the                              become problem gamblers. The research is         We believe that our previous work in responsible
    objectives are key to ensuring that we continue     Research, Education and Treatment (RET)                                 co-funded by RIGT and the Economic and           gambling gave us a solid foundation,
    to be an ethical operator.                          of problem gambling. We make donations                                  Social Research Council (ESRC). We have          as we had implemented a number of the
                                                        for RET primarily through the Responsibility                            also received numerous approaches to work        requirements well before they were required.
    It is of course first and foremost an                in Gambling Trust (RIGT) which has a remit                              with Masters and Doctoral students on their      Responsible Gambling is a key part of our
    individual’s personal responsibility to             to conduct activity in each of the areas.                               projects and we are open to working with         Corporate Responsibility, and we are fully
    gamble responsibly and to ensure that it            In the financial year we made a total                                    students, particularly those endorsed by         committed to the continuing progress and
    remains an enjoyable pastime. However,              corporate donation to RIGT of £55,496,                                 RIGT. Our support of access for research stems   development of activities that support
    we can help vulnerable individuals in               and are proud to consistently be amongst                                from our belief that the results of further      responsible gambling.
    two ways:                                           the top donors to RIGT. We have also                                    studies will will help to understand problem
                                                        made a commitment to RIGT to increase                                   gambling in more detail. We are also active
    1 Interaction – Where a member                      our contribution to £700,000 per year for                               participants at conferences and events,
      of management will proactively                    the next three years.We also work with                                  including university engagements, where we
      approach a customer if they feel                  RIGT to address issues surrounding                                      have often been asked to provide speakers.
      the customer may be experiencing                  responsible gambling, including most
      a gambling problem.                               recently providing support for a consultation
                                                        on its website.

    GALA CORAL GROUP                                                                                                                                                                                  GALA CORAL GROUP
6   CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008                                                                                                                                            CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008               7
    Community Engagement                                                                                             Inside
                                                                                                                     We work on Community Engagement
                                                                                                                     inside our businesses.

    It is very important to Gala Coral
    Group that we are aware of our
    responsibilities within the
    communities in which we operate,
    and look to offer help and assistance
    where we can. Our Community                      Sue Ryder Care       Community               Local
    Engagement model is based on                     Group Charity        Teamwork                Fundraising
    six key areas: our Group Charity                                Community Engagement Model
    Partner (Sue Ryder Care), Community
    Teamwork, Local Fundraising,
    Product Driven Fundraising, Talent
    Pool Development, and Fun Night                  Product Driven       Talent Pool             Fun Night Out
    Out With A Cause.                                Fundraising          Development             With a Cause

    Gala Coral Group has always been proud of       During the 2009 financial year we
    its commitment to Community Engagement,         will further develop our Community
    but we are also always looking to improve       Engagement model by augmenting it
    our methods and procedures. During the          with further activities. We will be looking
    financial year we reassessed our Community       to encourage senior management to
    Engagement strategy, and bolstered our          take roles in charity and community
    activity in this area by creating a full time   organisations, such as trustee positions.
    Community Engagement Advisor position.
                                                    Community Teamwork
    The Community Engagement Advisor’s roles        We encourage our employees to take time
    and responsibilities involve working closely    away from their normal working roles in
    with our local communities, investigating       order to undertake a wide range of projects
    projects that we can provide meaningful         aimed at helping local communities.
    support and assistance with. By appointing      We have a clear time-off policy in place
    a Community Engagement Advisor we               for this. Gala Coral Group has completed
    are increasing our competence and               over 20 Community Teamwork Projects in
    understanding of community issues.              the past year and approaching 50 projects
    We believe we are the first in the gambling      in the past two years across the Group.
    sector to appoint such a role.
                                                    To further support our Community
    Our Community Engagement approach               Teamwork Projects, Gala Coral Group is a
    is based on:                                    member of the Business in the Community
                                                    Nottinghamshire Cares partnership. We
    1 Community Interaction                         have been members of the Nottinghamshire
    2 Organisational Development                    Cares partnership since 2002 and will
    3 Individual and Team Development               continue our commitment to this cause
      (e.g. Team Building and Employee Skills)      in the future.

    From this we have built the Community
    Engagement Model to deliver on
    these objectives.
                                                                                                                     We work on Community Engagement
                                                                                                                     outside our businesses.

    GALA CORAL GROUP                                                                                                                GALA CORAL GROUP
8   CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008                                                                          CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008   9
     Community Engagement continued

     Our Community Teamwork philosophy
     benefits both our employees and our              Community Teamwork for the
     communities. Chris Clarke, Operations           Financial Years 2008 and 2007
     Director for Gala Casinos, has managed
     a number of projects for his team of                                        Number of
                                                                   Number of   Community      Number of   Number of   Financial
     Gala Casinos General Managers:                                  Projects Organisations   Employees      Hours Contribution
                                                     2008                23            2         32        2649    £34,4
 “One of the biggest challenges in the               2007                24            23         36        3208    £24,060
  region was to create a team from a
  collection of general managers who at
  times worked in isolation. This has been
  achieved in part by forcing them together         Comparison
  in different situations – some business           Following the appointment of the Community
  related, some project work and some               Engagement Advisor, Gala Coral Group
  out of work activity. Working together            conducted a slightly lower level of
  on CR challenges has helped build the             community activity in the current financial
  social infrastructure within the Group –          year compared to 2007. In 2007 we based
  and developed trust, respect and mutual           our financial contribution on £7.50 per hour.
  understanding in the team – in a very             This was amended in 2008 in order to reflect
  cost-effective way, at the same time              a more realistic value for the hours spent
  as giving something back to the                   on the projects by a range of employees,
  communities in which we operate.”                 including middle and senior management.

     Community Teamwork – Data for                  Targets for 2009
     the Financial Year                             In 2009 we expect that the role of
     In the financial year Gala Coral Group          Community Engagement Advisor will
     participated in 23 separate community          be fully integrated into our Corporate
     projects with 2 different community           Responsibility strategy, enhancing the
     organisations. Employees at all levels         variety and number of projects we can
     were involved, with the majority of projects   undertake. Following our restructured
     being co-ordinated by our Community            approach to Community Teamwork
     Engagement Advisor. Gala Coral Group           we believe these targets are achievable.
     donated 2,649 hours of Community
     Teamwork across these projects at a value
     of £34,4. We calculate the financial
     contribution by costing each hour at £2,       Community Teamwork Targets for 2009
     and then adding the cost of any materials       Description                                                         Target
     or equipment used. We are not in a
                                                     Community Teamwork Number of Hours                          3,500 Hours
     position to measure the financial impact         Number of Community Projects                                        25
     these projects have had, but we have            Number of Community Organisations                                   5
     been collating qualitative social impact        Number of Geographical Areas                                        0             Main picture: The Team from the
     details for each project from our                                                                                                  North, led by Cliff Shread, a Gala
     community partners.                                                                                                                Bingo General Manager, take on
                                                                                                                                        a Superheroes cycled ride for
     The progress and data on Community             We aim to expand our work with Sue Ryder                                            Breakthrough Breast Cancer.
     Teamwork is reported each period to the        Care projects which will reduce the number                                          Far left: Over 13,000 hours delivered
     Executive Committee of Gala Coral Group.       of different organisations we work with,                                            on Community Teamwork Projects
                                                    and we will be focusing on making a greater                                         to date.
                                                    impact with those organisations by working
                                                                                                                                        Left: A Community Project involves
                                                    in a more concentrated manner.                                                      colour and fun – and is a real boon
                                                                                                                                        to local communities.

     GALA CORAL GROUP                                                                                                                               GALA CORAL GROUP
0   CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008                                                                                         CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008          
     Community Engagement continued

     Higher Level Community Engagement               “I think the Fun Casino was a real hit!
     Gala Coral Group realises that one of its        Thank you so much for organising
     greatest assets as a gambling business           that for us, it all went so smoothly.”
     is employing people who are rooted in their     Helen Bainbridge
     communities and have an enthusiasm for          Corporate Development Executive
     organising local events. During the year we     Vitalise
     also contributed in other ways. In September,
     we worked with the Neighbourhood                Fun Night Out With A Cause
     Development Company (NDC) in                    This is a new initiative for Gala Coral Group
     Nottingham on a trustee recruitment             where we intend to offer our facilities to
     programme. Two of our senior managers           our community partners to raise awareness
     supported the independent recruitment           and support for them. Our venues offer
     process, and contributed approximately          a superb day or evening of entertainment,
     50 hours to the project. Towards the end        and we see them as valuable resources           Using our products in fun ways           Community Teamwork in action               Our Nottingham in Bloom support
     of the financial year, one of the senior         that can be used to support communities.        to raise money is a hit with our         in our new Gala Bingo club at              has been running for five years.
                                                                                                     Community Partners.                      Clydebank, Glasgow.                        A real community event.
     managers who took part was recruited            A recent Fun Night Out With A Cause event
     to the NDC as a trustee to support the          took place this summer in Nottingham as
     development of the organisation.                our Gala Bingo clubs promoted a month-
                                                     long club event, raising £6,000 for local
 “I think, on the basis of lots of experience,       charities by tailoring products to the                              Right to Read                                        This year we accepted eight partners on
  that this represents one of the best               customers and linking directly with the                             Our office-based employees visit local                to a work placement position of which six
  examples of corporate giving through               local charities.                                                    schools on a weekly basis to support the             completed the full work placement period
  the sharing of expertise that I have ever                                                                              reading abilities of students. Gala Coral            at Bristol Harbourside and Nottingham
  been directly involved in. It demonstrates         Local Fundraising and                                               Group has been involved since 2002 and               International. Two partners were offered
  how powerful corporate organisations               Community Work                                                      continues to support the Right to Read               permanent roles in Gala Casinos. One of
  can be in supporting excellence in                 Gala Coral Group continues to work at a local                       programme. In 2008 we donated almost                 the successful partners at our Bristol
  public and voluntary sector practice.”             level with smaller community organisations                          250 hours of employee time to Right to               Harbourside casino has now progressed to
     Christina Ashworth                              such as local charities and schools. Two such                       Read in Nottingham, Liverpool and Ipswich.           act as a “buddy” for future partners. In total,
     Consultant on behalf of Neighbourhood           examples are detailed below:                                                                                             since the scheme began in 2007 we have
     Development Company, Nottingham                                                                                                                                          offered 3 partners work placements, with
                                                     Berridge Junior School, Nottingham                                                                                       six accepting permanent roles in that time.
     Product Driven Fundraising                      We made our third annual contribution
     We are often asked to provide fun bingo, fun    of £3,000 to the Berridge Junior School to                                                                               We intend to maintain our relationship with
     races or fun casinos for charity and other      support their Breakfast Club. The Breakfast                         Business Action on Homelessness                      the scheme in the Bristol and Nottingham
     fundraising events. We try to accommodate       Club is a pioneering programme based                                The Business Action on Homelessness                  marketplaces in 2009. In the 2009 financial
     these requests whenever possible, and we        in Nottingham with the goal to provide                              scheme, which is organised through our               year we will also begin “job coaching” within
     do not charge for these events, with all of     a healthy breakfast to all students.                                relationship with Business in the Community          the scheme, which will help develop the job
     the proceeds going directly to the charity      The school has studied the impact of the                            (BITC), is designed to support people trying         searching skills of our partners.
     involved. The contribution from Gala Coral      programme, discovering it does make                                 to find work. We provide opportunities for
     Group is an in-kind donation of employee        a marked difference to the educational                              people in a sensitive and supportive
     time and the operational knowledge to help      performance of the students. We are very                            workplace in our Gala Casinos division
     support the event. We call these events         proud to support this programme and we                              where “partners” are provided opportunities
     “Product Driven Fundraising”, essentially       aim to continue funding it in the future.                           in our hospitality departments, particularly
     using our skills, products and assets to                                                                            in our food and beverage functions. The
     support fundraising at external events.         “The contribution has made an                                       scheme is structured from initial work
                                                      improvement to attendance of children,                             placements and then subsequent job offers
     This year we aimed to support at least           providing healthy breakfast, teaching                              if the partner and Gala Casinos feel that
     one event per month, which represented           life skills, providing good childcare and                          there is a suitable career path available.
     a contribution of over £7,500 towards the        improving behaviour of children at school.”                        Partners are not always recruited for
     event through employees’ time and input         Jackie Fuller                                                       a position, but are always given full
     costs. As a result, the Gala Coral Group        Breakfast Clubs Project Manager                                     support during their placement with us.
     contribution to fundraising in this area        Business in the Community
     was over £7,500, and it’s help that is very
     much appreciated:

     GALA CORAL GROUP                                                                                                                                                                              GALA CORAL GROUP
2   CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008                                                                                                                                        CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008           3
     Community Engagement
     The Talent Pool Community Project

     The “Talent Pool” is another key aspect of our
     Community Engagement programme, working with
     community organisations at the management
     level. Based around consultancy projects delivered
     by small teams of Gala Coral Group junior middle
     management, the Talent Pool represents an
     increased level of involvement in our Community
     Teamwork activity and has augmented our
     Community Engagement programme.

     Our Talent Pool is a management                   To add valuable logistical experience running
     development programme that draws on               community projects we worked with Three
     members of junior middle management               Hands – the consultancy specialising in
     who have shown the potential to move on           socially responsible development – to help
     to senior management. The programme               develop our programme. After consulting
     is an integrated development programme            with Three Hands, we chose to work with
     coordinated by the Group Management               Headway, the brain injuries charity; The                                           RAPt, HMP Wandsworth
     Development Manager and draws employees           Friary, a charity in Nottingham supporting                                         From left: Steve Humphries, Chris Rome,
     from across the Gala Coral Group.                 the homeless; and RAPt, a charity that                                             Steve Rose and James Davis.
                                                       assists the rehabilitation of addicted
     We wanted to undertake a management               prisoners (our project centred around the
     level community project to extend the work        charity’s operations at HMP Wandsworth).         THREE HANDS
                                                                                                       BUSINESS : PEOPLE : COMMUNITIES

     we had previously carried out, adding value       These were all hard-edged community
     at a higher level. We also recognised that        organisations where the consultancy
     our managers wanted to use their skills           support of our Talent Pool made a real
     in a strategic setting and move out of their      business and community impact.
     comfort zones, and so made the decision
     to expose our teams to completely new             Gala Coral Group is proud to say that each
     situations outside of their ordinary job roles.   Talent Pool project delivered excellent
                                                       value to the community partner involved,
     One module within the programme is                enhanced relationships, helped develop the
     dedicated to Community Engagement,                skill sets of our employees, and allowed our
     where teams perform consultancy services          teams to work in different social contexts.
     for community organisations. The aim of           Only by actively engaging in the reality
     the activity was to broaden the social radar      of the projects could our Talent Pool build
     and strategic skills of our managers by           a real sense of the issues involved and
     undertaking a valuable activity that delivered    develop an understanding of the wider
     real value to our community partners. By          sphere beyond our business.
     integrating a Community Engagement activity
     into the programme we are promoting               We are passionate about Community
     Corporate Responsibility as a natural             Engagement and embarking upon the Talent
     consideration in future senior management.        Pool Community Project really helped us to
                                                       achieve a new way of working with community
     We wanted participants to understand that         partners that added even more value.
     working with community organisations
     can deliver value by encouraging different        “It was a pleasure to work with the Gala Coral Group team
     approaches to problems and by developing           and I feel that the benefit was enormous on both sides.                            Headway House
     new skills. The success of the Talent Pool         The work that was presented to us will be invaluable in helping                   From left: Alex Rutherford, Rob Black,
     proves that Corporate Responsibility is            us to make decisions on how to proceed with the enterprise.”                      Peter Meacock and Per Christensen.
     of real benefit to both the community              Karen Stenning
     and the business.                                 Head of Fundraising and Communications
     GALA CORAL GROUP                                                                                                                                      GALA CORAL GROUP
4   CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008                                                                                                CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008       5
     Group Charity

     During the year we appointed Sue Ryder Care –
     a leading healthcare charity providing expert
     care and support to people living with serious
     illnesses and other conditions – as the Gala
     Coral Group Charity. All of our employees were
     given the opportunity to vote for their choice
                                                                                      One of the many ways we will reach
     for Group Charity, with Sue Ryder Care winning                                   our £1 million target is through the
     by an overwhelming margin to become                                              Pennies from Heaven scheme,
                                                                                      which encourages our employees
     the exclusive Group-wide national scale                                          to donate the odd pennies in their
     charity partner.                                                                 pay packets each month.

     Sue Ryder Care                                  Selection of the Group Charity
     Sue Ryder Care provides expert and              This is the first time that Gala Coral Group
     compassionate care and support for people       has selected a Group Charity partner.
     living with many conditions, including          We undertook a transparent selection
     cancer, multiple sclerosis, stroke,             process. We refined a list of 8 charities
     Parkinson’s disease, motor neurone disease,     that expressed an interest in working with
     Huntingdon’s disease, brain injury and          Gala Coral Group to four, based on different
     dementia. Sue Ryder Care helps people get       criteria including geographic footprint
     the best from their lives by helping give       and level of involvement. Each shortlisted
     back what these conditions take away.           charity presented their strategy and goals
                                                     to the business, before a Group-wide
     Sue Ryder Care provided four million hours      employee vote took place. Sue Ryder Care
     of care in 2007 and is looking to increase      gained over 50% of the employee vote and
     this to ten million hours by 208.              was duly recognised as our Group Charity
                                                     in May 2008. Our employees voted for
     Sue Ryder Care is our first Group Charity        Sue Ryder Care because they felt that it
     partner. We have straightforward goals for      matched their personal values and our Core
     our partnership:                                Values as a business. Our employees told
                                                     us that the work that Sue Ryder Care does
     G   To raise £ million through a               has a real resonance for them, and that they
         combination of employee fundraising         knew we could help make a real difference.
         and product based fundraising initiatives
     G   To raise awareness of the relationship      We aim to raise £ million across our business,
         between Gala Coral Group and Sue            using our employees’ skills and passion,
         Ryder Care                                  and our products. We are still at the foothills
                                                     of our fundraising, but are fast approaching
     G   To promote the organisational               £200k raised. We have also provided access                                    Main picture: Sue Ryder Care
                                                                                                                                   also undertakes critical work
         development of both Sue Ryder Care          to race meetings at Sandown and Haydock                                       internationally. We aim to work
         and Gala Coral Group. This will include     where we have improved the visibility of                                      with them outside the UK in 2009.
         the development of programmes that          Sue Ryder Care. We are also integrating
         enhance both organisations that are not     fundraising with our products, for instance                                   Far left: Sue Ryder Care wants people
                                                                                                                                   to get the best out of their lives.
         directly fundraising based, for example     our is operating a Sue Ryder
         offering a temporary “exchange”             Care game on a weekly basis. In 2009 we                                       Left: It’s about providing care
         programme between Gala Coral Group          aim to engage our International division                                      and support.
         and Sue Ryder Care employees.               to support Sue Ryder Care in Italy.

     GALA CORAL GROUP                                                                                                                          GALA CORAL GROUP
6   CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008                                                                                    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008          7
     Group Charity continued                                                                        We have found it really rewarding to directly
                                                                                                    engage Sue Ryder Care staff and residents.

 “We have only been working with the Gala Coral Group for a short
  time, but what is evident is the huge enthusiasm and energy there
  is across their organisation in working with us. There is absolutely
  no shortage of creative ideas and this makes it a really exciting
  programme for us and I hope for the employees of Gala Coral Group.”
     Paul Woodward FCA FCPP(Hon)
     Chief Executive
     Sue Ryder Care

     Organisational Development                     Community Teamwork with
     Members of our management teams have           Sue Ryder Care
     invested their time to get involved with Sue   One of the aims of working with Sue Ryder
     Ryder Care on particular projects or think     Care is to integrate a wide range of our
     tanks. We take a pro-bono approach to          existing community-based activities with
     “Learning Through Partnership” and record      one organisation in order to create a greater
     data from this in terms of benefit to Sue       impact. One such project took place at
     Ryder Care and approximate cost to Gala        Cuerden Hall in Preston this year.
     Coral Group. We have also been speaking
     to Sue Ryder Care about short-term             Over 30 managers from Gala Bingo spent
     property lets. Allowing Sue Ryder Care         two days working on a renovation project
     to use shops that we no longer actively        at the centre, which cares for people living
     operate allows Sue Ryder Care to make          with neurological conditions.
     a foothold in a local marketplace at
     no risk.                                       Many Sue Ryder Care centres such as
                                                    Cuerden Hall have meeting facilities that
     …Swap Shop                                     allow us an opportunity to combine our
     The partnership works both ways. Gala Coral    regular Regional or Departmental Meetings
     Group are well matched to Sue Ryder Care       with a Community Teamwork session.
     both in terms of values but also in terms
     of retail skills – Sue Ryder Care operates     Looking Forward
     over 370 shops across the UK, and has an       In 2009 we aim to approach the £ million
     excellent retail team. Many managers are       target figure by increasing our involvement
     also finding valuable skills transferable.      in all areas whilst continuing to raise
                                                    awareness for Sue Ryder Care and supporting
 “The team at Sue Ryder Care are smart              its organisational development. We have
  operators. They operate a successful              also just launched our Pennies from Heaven
  chain of over 300 shops. When we met              scheme, whereby all Gala Coral employees
  to discuss shops, we really picked up             can contribute to the fundraising by making
  some useful tips. The team there have             a direct donation of less than 99 pence per
  a great deal of experience that gave              pay period.
  me refreshing ideas.”
     John Kerr
     Property Director
     Gala Coral Group

                                                                                                    Sue Ryder Care is dedicated to helping
                                                                                                    people get the most from their lives.

     GALA CORAL GROUP                                                                                                    GALA CORAL GROUP
8   CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008                                                              CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008         9
     Gala Bingo Charity

                                                                         Top Fundraising Performances
                                                                         at Our Gala Bingo Clubs
                                                                         G Gala Bingo Scunthorpe raised £4,120
     Gala Bingo has been an active supporter of
                                                                            Top Fundraiser – North
     Breakthrough Breast Cancer since 2003, as part
                                                                         G Gala Bingo Gateshead raised £3,300
     of a wider bingo industry initiative, Bingo for
                                                                            Top Fundraiser – North East
     Breakthrough. It helps us to further raise awareness
                                                                         G Gala Bingo Newcastle raised £3,036
     of breast cancer amongst our customers and raise
     money for a good cause. To date, Gala Bingo
     has raised nearly £1.3 million, and the industry
     as a whole has raised over £2.75 million.
     Our employees and customers have shown
     incredible enthusiasm in backing the campaign.

     In 2006 we moved the campaign beyond
     our Gala Bingo clubs, incorporating, and we repeated this
     for the 2007 campaign.
     provides another channel to raise awareness
     of the issues and increase our fundraising,                         “Gala Bingo continues to be the
     and enables us to reach a vast audience                              highest fundraiser for Breakthrough
     to talk about the work of Breakthrough                               Breast Cancer.”
     Breast Cancer.                                                      Amy Pearcey
                                                                         Corporate Partnership Manager
     Gala Bingo raised £82,723 through Gala                             Bingo for Breakthrough
     Bingo clubs and the website,
     at an average of over £,000 per club.                              “The majority of customers
     We believe this is an impressive achievement.                        are women of a certain age.
                                                                          Everyone has been affected
     Many of our employees go to extraordinary                            somehow by cancer, or knows
     lengths to raise funds – in 2007 one Gala Bingo                      someone who has, therefore
     team in Scotland produced and sang on a CD,                          fundraising receives strong
     which was bought by staff and customers.                             support from customers.”
     Others do a little of what they enjoy to help,
                                                                                                                       Main picture: The Bingo for
     such as being sponsored in the Annual Gala                          “Events and information give                  Breakthrough campaign is always
     Bingo Team Building Golf Day or taking a                             people the chance to talk about              a well-supported event. We have
     sponsored 30-mile bike ride around Yorkshire.     The fundraising    breast cancer and make them                  a great deal of fun, which is
     Our many fundraising mechanisms also              for the            more aware of illness.”                      underpinned by a serious message.
     include sales of merchandise such as the          is supported                                                    Left: The Team at Gala Bingo
     Breakthrough hippo (featured right) and           by the sale of    “It’s good for the customers to               Gateshead raised money by
     specially branded bingo dabbers.                  merchandise.       see we are doing things to help              organising cycle rides and
                                                                          people… not just taking money                an “It’s a Knock Out” event.
                                                                                                                       They raised over £12,824 for
                                                                          but also giving something back               Breakthrough Breast Cancer.
                                                                          to our customers.”

                                                                         Employee Testimonials

     GALA CORAL GROUP                                                                                                              GALA CORAL GROUP
20   CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008                                                                        CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008      2
     Environmental Stewardship                                                                                         Consumption and CO2 Emissions – Electricity
                                                                                                                                                               CO2                    of CO2
                                                                                                                                                        Emissions           CO2     Absolute
                                                                                                                                                 kWh      (Tonnes    ± Absolute      Change
                                                                                                                                          Consumption      of CO2)       Ct. lyr      Ct. lyr

                                                                                                                       Bingo             76,360,78      39,937       -8.34%        -3,635
                                                                                                                       Casino            2,088,68      ,029       -.4%          -27
     Environmental Stewardship is a key part of our                                                                    Coral             7,0,834      37,85           N/A          N/A
     Corporate Responsibility strategy, and is based
     on two key areas:
                                                                                                                       Total            168,551,296      88,151                                   Overall CO2 Targets
     G   CO2 Reduction and Energy Management                                                                                                                                                      Description        Target 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                                  G                  G
                                                                                                                       Consumption and CO2 Emissions – Gas                                            Group offices       To gain clear data
         Resource Management                                                                                                                                                       Allowance                             on kWh + CO2
                                                                                                                                                                                                  G                  G
                                                                                                                                                               CO2                 for Degree
                                                                                                                                                        Emissions           CO2     Days CO2          Bingo              6% reduction
                                                                                                                                                 kWh      (Tonnes    ± Absolute      Absolute
                                                                                                                                          Consumption      of CO2)       Ct. lyr        Ct. lyr                          in kWh + CO2
                                                                                                                       Bingo             76,422,79      4,38      +7.72%         -0.59%        G   Casino         G   4% reduction
                                                                                                                       Casino            2,63,960       2,334      -0.85%         -0.47%                               in kWh + CO2
                                                                                                                       Coral                    N/A         N/A          N/A            N/A
                                                                                                                       Total             89,036,751      16,472                                   G   Coral          G   To gain clear data
     We aim to reduce our            We have made progress          We aim to recycle 70%
     CO2 emissions by up             on establishing our            of our waste from our                                                                                                                                on kWh + CO2
     to 6% in 2009                   Carbon Footprint and           operations by the end
                                     have put in place              of 2009                                            G   Total for CO2 for Retail Operations = 104,623 tonnes of CO2
                                     actions to decrease it

     CO2 Reduction and Energy                        Our most challenging reduction target is for                                     Our Travel Arrangements                                     Working with an environmental focused
     Management                                      our Coral retail estate, where a high number                                     After our retail premises, Gala Coral Group’s               operator gives us the confidence that comes
     The level of CO2 each business produces         of shops with relatively small individual                                        second key area in reducing Group                           with a partner that understands the
     from its operations and travel arrangements     carbon footprints only have scope for                                            CO2 emissions is travel arrangements.                       environmental impact of travel. This is
     has a significant impact on global CO2           limited reductions. To ensure that we have                                       We began to measure and manage our                          the first year we have been in a position
     emissions. We are focusing on reducing          accurate energy measuring across the                                             train and plane CO2 emissions this year                     to readily monitor and report on the CO2
                                                                                                    We have had
     our CO2 emissions in two key areas: our         estate and our Gala Bingo and Gala Casinos     an interesting
                                                                                                                                      through our travel agent advisor. We also                   emissions caused by Group travel, and
     buildings and our travel arrangements.          sites, half-hour energy metering for           journey with                      capped the CO2 emissions of our company                     therefore provides us with a benchmark to
                                                     electricity was put in place in November       the Carbon                        cars and continued to make donations to                     monitor against during the 2009 financial
     Our Buildings                                   2008. We are working with our utility          Trust. We have                    the Woodland Trust for every new low CO2                    year. This will put us in a position to set
                                                                                                    worked closely
     As a business that operates in a large          provider for Coral premises to undertake       with the Trust
                                                                                                                                      car ordered for our company car drivers.                    clear targets for the business going forward.
     number of premises across the UK, our           a review of the implications of installing     to determine
     energy consumption is a key issue in our        half-hour metering in these buildings          where we can                      Our Group travel arrangement partner                        As a business with an increasingly global
     Environmental Stewardship. Led by our Group     during the 2009 financial year in readiness     make positive                     now has responsibility for arranging all                    footprint, we acknowledge that it is likely
                                                                                                    reductions on
     Energy Manager working in collaboration         for the Carbon Reduction Commitment            our carbon
                                                                                                                                      plane and train travel – as well as booking                 that CO2 emissions caused by Group travel
     with the Carbon Trust, we were able to reduce   (CRC) that comes into force in 200.           footprint, and                    accommodation – and is both ISO 900                        requirements will increase in the short
     our kilowatt hour (kWh) energy consumption                                                     meet on a                         and ISO 400 accredited.                                   term. However, we will look to offset these
     by up to 6% during this financial year           We are also working with the Carbon Trust      quarterly basis                                                                               increases internally via reductions in
                                                                                                    to update them
     across our retail operations. This reduction    and other consultants to gain a greater        on our progress
                                                                                                                                      We made the decision to employ a                            other areas, such as our company car
     was largely centred on our Gala Bingo           understanding of our commitments under         and explore the                   one-stop travel partner both to increase                    fleet, over which we have a greater level
     estate, where there is the greatest scope for   the Carbon Reduction Commitment, so that       latest thinking.                  efficiency in our travel arrangements,                       of control over CO2 emissions.
     reduction. The energy reduction investment      we are well placed to report on and reduce                                       and critically to allow us to improve
     programme targeted our highest-emission         our emissions going forward.                                                     environmental monitoring.
     Gala Bingo clubs and undertook engineering
     work to reduce CO2 emissions. We have
     identified a further series of works at
     Gala Bingo clubs that will further reduce                                                                         CO2 Emissions – Mode of Transport
                                                                                                                                                        Number of               CO2 Emissions
     CO2 emissions.                                                                                                                                      Journeys              (Tonnes of CO2)
                                                                                                                       Rail                              3,350                         03
                                                                                                                       Planes                             3,954                       ,057
                                                                                                                       Total                             17,304                       1,160

     GALA CORAL GROUP                                                                                                                                                                                                   GALA CORAL GROUP
22   CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008                                                                                                                                                             CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008        23
     Environmental Stewardship continued

     Company Car Fleet                                Summary of Current Car Fleet – At Year End
     In February 2008 we undertook a root and                                      Number         Number
                                                                                of Vehicles    of Vehicles        Increase/
     branch review of our company car scheme          Green                    at Financial   at Financial       (Decrease)
     and merged five company car badges to two.        Label                       Year End       Year End          Between
     We took this opportunity to introduce a          Band          CO2 g/km          2008           2007    Financial Years

     “rolling reduction cap” on the CO2 emissions     A           ≤00                 0              0                  0
     of all cars in the fleet. We have capped          B        0-20                26             9                  7
     the CO2 emissions at 200g/km and this            C        2-50                47             36                 
     will reduce emissions by a minimum of            D        5-65               78            203                (25)
                                                      E        66-85                96             87                  9
     0g/km per year for all new cars ordered.
                                                      F        86-225                27             32                 (5)
                                                      G           226+                4             6                 (2)
     As part of our company car tendering                                                                                                     During the financial year we became a member                   We asked the Energy Saving Trust to undertake
                                                      Total                          388            393                  (5)
     process we asked car manufactures to                                                                                                     of The Prince’s May Day Network – a consortium                an independent analysis of our company
     tell us what they were doing to reduce                                                                                                   of businesses working together to reduce CO2.                 car fleet.
     their impact on the environment. We were
     pleased to appoint Toyota and Ford as our       Teleconferencing – Alternative to Travel                                                 Resource Management                                           number of suppliers focused on supply
     company car fleet providers based on their       This year we changed our teleconference                                                  Understanding the manner in which we                          routes to our Gala Bingo division. With so
     enhanced environmental credentials.             supplier to BT and began to measure our                                                  consume resources is key to maintaining                       many suppliers to the business this is an
     We operate a donation scheme whereby            teleconference use – data since June 2008                                                our commitment to Environmental                               ongoing process.We have not set targets
     for every company car driver that chooses       is shown below. We continue to promote the                                               Stewardship. Our approach to resource                         for this but we aim to operate to the highest
     a Toyota Prius, Ford Focus or Mondeo            use of teleconferencing as a management                                                  management is based on three key areas:                       standards in our procurement processes.
     Econetic, Gala Coral Group makes a donation     tool for effective communication and
     to the Woodland Trust.                          alternative to face to face (F2F) meetings                                               Procurement                                                   Operational Processes
                                                     where appropriate, further aiding CO2                                                    We are paying ever greater attention to                       Understanding how we use our resources
                      At the end of the financial     reduction by eliminating the need for travel.                                            what we use and where it comes from,                          is as important as how we procure them.
                      year we had 25 Toyota Prius    We will report fully on our teleconferencing                                             and the associated environmental impact.                      We are increasingly asking our managers
                      cars in our fleet; this will    progress with a full year of data in our next                                            Our Group Purchasing Team is actively                         to take environmental considerations into
                      expand rapidly over the next   Corporate Responsibility Report.                                                         involved in ensuring that the products                        account when making process decisions
                      financial year. In order to                                                                                              we use across the business are from                           and when working with our Group
                      get a more robust view of                                                                                               ethical and sustainable sources.                              Purchasing. For example, when tendering,
                      our company car fleet we                                                                                                                                                               we formally ask suppliers to provide energy
                      worked with the Energy          Teleconferencing – Reducing Our CO2 Emissions                                           We are constantly improving our supplier                      ratings for the equipment they will be
                                                                                                                   Total due
                      Saving Trust during the                                                                          2008                   screening policy which is applied to all                      supplying. Again, as an ongoing process
                      year to undertake an                                                                      to Financial                  companies that we ask to tender for our                       we have not set targets in this area.
                                                      Description                                                  Year end
                      analysis of our fleet and                                                                                                business, which includes questions about
     to provide recommendations, which will           Number of Active Users                                        25                       their environmental responsibilities and                      Waste Management
     be factored into future CO2 policies. During     Total Number of Calls                                         535                       the sustainable nature of their businesses.                   Waste management is critical to our
     the year we undertook a mapping exercise         Average Calls per Person                                     5.8                       During the financial year we worked with                       Environmental Stewardship. Towards the
                                                      Total Number of Attendees                                   2,28
     of the CO2 levels of our company cars                                                                                                    the ethical audit consultancy CMI to                          end of the financial year we invited tenders
                                                      Average Number of Attendees per Call                         6.8
     which is shown at the top of this page.          Total Number of Minutes                                   08,830                       undertake specific work with a small                           for the Group Waste Management contract,
     We aim to report progress on this on             Average Duration Minutes                                     49.                                                                                     with the target of a minimum of 70% waste
     an annual basis in subsequent Corporate                                                                                                                                                                to be recycled by the end of the next
                                                      Total £s Saved by Teleconferencing                       £248,49
     Responsibility reports.                                                                                                                                                                                financial year. We aim to increase this to
                                                      CO2 Saved @ 2.44 Tonnes p.a. per Meeting                    108.8        Recycling Report – Gala Bingo and Gala Casinos                               90% over the subsequent four-year period.
                                                                                                                                                                          Number of                         In order to increase the amount recycled,
                                                                                                                                                                          Businesses                        we will undertake further work within the
                                                     Gala Coral Group is also pleased to note                                                     Number of Number of         Paper/                   %
                                                                                                                                                                                                            procurement and operational processes in
                                                     that we are members of the Business                                                          Businesses Businesses   Cardboard/   Total Materials in   order to ensure that what we procure and
                                                     in the Community “May Day” CO2 reduction                                                       Actively Recycling       General Number    Business     use has a high level of recycling potential.
                                                                                                                                                   Recycling      Glass    Recycling of Bins   Recycled
                                                     network, and are actively working with other                                                                                                           We are pleased with the start we have made
                                                     companies to reduce overall UK industry CO2                               Gala Bingo Clubs         93        3           7      554       33.2     in recycling (see table to the left) but we
                                                                                                                               Gala Casinos             2         23            4       74       36.49
                                                     emissions. We are also members of the National                                                                                                         have set expanding targets going forward.
                                                     Business Travel Network, an organisation
                                                     that aims to reduce CO2 emissions from UK
                                                     company travel.
     GALA CORAL GROUP                                                                                                                                                                                                            GALA CORAL GROUP
24   CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008                                                                                                                                                                      CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008         25
     Gala Coral People

     Gala Coral Group continues to work towards
     sustaining our position as an employer of
     choice in the gambling sector. We have a range
     of initiatives across the Group focused on
     recruiting, retaining and developing our people.

     Our philosophy – based on our Core Values –
     is about creating a positive working culture                       Gala Coral People Strategy
     and promoting positive behaviour that makes       “To become the best Employer of Choice within
     the workplace an enjoyable one for all our         the Leisure, Hospitality and Gambling Sector.”
     people. Focusing on operational excellence,                Improved Business Performance
     we believe that investing in our employees
     not only benefits them as individuals, but
     also the business as a whole.
                                                                                Employee Engagement
     We have also faced challenges. During
     the year we have continued to restructure
     our operations to adapt to a leisure sector
     dealing with the smoking ban and a weaker        Reward                               HR
     economic environment. Gala Coral Group           Strategy                             Strategy
     continues to invest in the area of Learning      G   Competitive Basic Pay            G   Training
     and Development and we have created              G   Bonus                            G   Communication
     new roles in this area to further improve        G   Flexible Benefits                 G   Recognition
                                                      G   Pensions                         G   Health and Welfare
     skill levels.
                                                                                           G   Recruitment and Retention
     Management Development
     We are particularly proud of our Certificate
     in Management programme, which is                Management                           Corporate
     undertaken in conjunction with Nottingham        Development                          Responsibility
     Trent University. This programme gives           Strategy                             Strategy
     employees at management level the                    Talent Management                    Responsible Gambling
                                                      G   Career Progression                   Community Engagement
     opportunity to develop their strategic
                                                      G   Leadership Style                     Environmental Stewardship
     thinking capabilities. The programme
                                                      G   Performance Management               Gala Coral People
     represents an investment of £3,28 per                                                G
                                                      G   Coaching                             Health and Safety
     manager, and with 9 graduates this year,
     that meant a total course total of £6,50.

     During the financial year  of our                                                Core
     managers completed the Diploma in                                                Values
     Management Studies at a course cost                                                                                             It’s all about winning, achievement
                                                                                                                                     and recognition. We celebrate in
     of £3,363 per manager, a total of £36,993.                                 Employee Proposition                                 many ways: Bingo Caller of the Year,
     This meant that the total investment in                                                                                         Croupier of the Year, Manager of the
     management development this year was                                                                                            Year and many others.
     £98.43. In addition, one member of            Length of Service of Gala Coral Group Employees
     our management team also completed
     a Doctorate in Business Administration,        Length of Service (Years)                            Number of Employees
     which was funded by Gala Coral Group,          0-9                                                            ,960
     further demonstrating our commitment           20-29                                                              806
     to the academic achievement of our             30-39                                                              26
     employees.                                     40-49                                                               8

     GALA CORAL GROUP                                                                                                                            GALA CORAL GROUP
26   CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008                                                                                      CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008         27
     Gala Coral People continued

                                                                  Our internal communications are bold,   We aim to deliver strong training and    We work closely with Blackpool and the     Our croupiers undergo strict assessment
                                                                  bright and fun, reflecting the culture   development in our core product areas.   Fylde College on employee development.     during the Croupier of the Year contest.
                                                                  of Gala Coral Group.

     Gala Casinos                                    Our collaboration with Blackpool and the Fylde                          This year we went one step further and in             Gala Bingo
     During the year we continued to work            College has also attracted the attention of                             line with our international ambitions we              Gala Bingo has a strong record in employee
     closely with Springboard UK, the charity        the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).                            participated in the “European Dealer of the           satisfaction. We have twice been named in
     organisation focused on encouraging             The CBI is presenting our relationship in a                             Year” competition by sending two of our               the Times 00 best companies list and this
     professionals to enter the leisure industry,    forthcoming guide encouraging further and                               highly acclaimed croupiers.                           year, despite responding to the challenges
     and People st, the Sector Skills Council       higher education colleges to engage with                                                                                      of the smoking ban, we have once again
     for the leisure, tourism, hospitality and       businesses to develop business-related                                  E-Commerce                                            achieved reaccreditation with the Investors
     gambling sectors. We invested £5,000            academic programmes.                                                    In our E-Commerce division we have focused            In People Standard, reaffirming our
     with Springboard UK to help fund a leisure                                                                              on developing employee skill sets through             commitment to our employees.
     resource pack to be distributed across          Our Gala Casinos division continues to                                  enhanced Learning and Development
     further and higher education to educate         be at the forefront of HR practice in the                               activities. The division has developed               “Your workforce remains totally
     views on leisure careers. Working with          sector. During this financial year we have                               a programme called “T.E.A.M” (The                     committed, firstly to their team, their
     People st we awarded 47 of our Gala           continued our commitment to employee                                    E-Commerce Academy of Management),                    customers, their club and Gala Bingo.
     Casinos team leaders the UK Skills Passport     communications with the Gala Star                                       designed to give those participating                  However, this would not be achievable
     for their successful completion of the BTEC     internal magazine, and our “Gala Difference                             a practical insight into the role and                 without strong leadership, a clear vision,
     in Casino Management programme with             in Business” programme, a continuing                                    responsibilities of an effective manager.             a commitment to training and staff
     Blackpool and the Fylde College.                programme of cultural development aimed                                 The long-term development of our                      development and sound people
                                                     at ensuring our position as an innovative                               management team is essential to future                processes.”
     During 2008 our relationship with Blackpool     brand in the casino market.                                             success in this rapidly growing division              Lisa Toohey
     and the Fylde College entered its fifth year                                                                             and the course includes monthly training              Assessor
     and Gala Coral Group was a winner of the        We organise awards events across all of our                             modules and the completion of an open                 Investors In People
     National Training Awards for our BTEC           divisions conducted at multiple levels of the                           learning workbook and a development log.
     diploma in the Collaboration Award category.    business to recognise high performance and                              Modules on the programme include skills               We also commission an annual Employee
     The investment to date from Gala Casinos        reward strong results. In our Gala Casinos                              such as Coaching, Feedback, Motivation,               Survey. Listening to employee concerns
     stands at over £300,000, whilst Blackpool       division we present “Croupier of the Year”                              Delegation and Negotiation.                           and responding to their needs is a
     and the Fylde College (along with the North     and “Hospitality Manager of the Year”                                                                                         fundamental part of our Gala Coral People
     West Development Agency) has invested           awards, and we are developing a “Chef of                                We will continue to develop the careers               philosophy and has often led to new
     over £230,000 in facilities at the college to   the Year” programme. These initiatives look                             of our E-Commerce team through direct                 initiatives being developed.
     develop a centre of excellence and expertise    to reward employee achievement and                                      investment in skills and career development.
     in gaming. This has allowed the college to      motivate our people to constantly improve
     offer NVQs in gaming, machines and betting      already high standards. We aim to ensure
     in the North West of England.                   we have the best development programmes
                                                     in place that help raise the standards for
                                                     the industry as a whole.

     GALA CORAL GROUP                                                                                                                                                                                   GALA CORAL GROUP
28   CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008                                                                                                                                             CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008               29
     Gala Coral People continued

     Gala Bingo Conference The divisional             Walk a Day in My Shoes Darren Nickless        5-a-Side Football Tournament The Gala   Colin Jackson presents the Award to         Steph Davies wins the Racing Post Betting   Michael Edwards won the Bingo Caller
     conferences give us a great opportunity to       takes to the floor as part of our Walk a Day   Bingo 5-a-side tournament is just one   Joanne Shawcroft of Gala Casinos and        Shop Manager of the Year Award.             of the Year.
     present recent results and future initiatives.   in My Shoes programme.                        of the fun team events that we hold     John Swannie of Blackpool and the Fylde
                                                                                                    each year.                              College for the National Training Awards.

     Over the past 12 months we have undertaken                    Coral                                                                                        During the year we undertook our Retail                 Learning Vouchers and Scholarships
     further analysis of the employee survey                       At Coral we are investing in supporting                                                      Review Restructure and focused on further               We have continued to invest in our Learning
     and we have initiated programmes and                          our workforce, developing new skills and                                                     developing skills, particularly in customer             Vouchers and Scholarships scheme. This
     events that have further improved the way                     promoting internal communication to                                                          service, following our move to extended                 programme, open to all employees with
     Gala Bingo operates. Some of these events                     improve performance. We have a number of                                                     opening hours. We believe that this will                over 12 months’ service, offers investment
     and programmes include:                                       initiatives in place to provide this support.                                                continue to help both our high quality                  in personal academic development.
                                                                                                                                                                service standards, and help our
     G   The Gala Bingo Conference, held once                      Shop Manager Roadshows give our                                                              employees’ progress.                                    The scheme supports non-business related
         a year.                                                   managers the opportunity to hear directly                                                                                                            qualifications (Learning Vouchers) by
                                                                   from the Coral management team about the                                                     There was also reason for personal                      making a contribution of up to £200 in
     G   Quarterly Conference Calls with                           performance and direction of the business.                                                   celebration this year as Steph Davies,                  courses delivered at local colleges, whilst
         members of the Bingo Executive Team.                      They also provide an open forum to discuss                                                   Manager at our Hindley shop, was crowned                the Scholarship makes a contribution of
                                                                   current in-shop issues and swap recent                                                       Betting Shop Manager of the Year by the                 £1,000 for business-related qualifications.
     G   Meet the Exec, where members of                           success stories. Coupled with our internal                                                   Racing Post. This is the eighth time a Coral            Over the past year we made a further
         the Bingo Executive Team visit each                       magazine Inside Track, this helps keep                                                       manager has won this accolade, making                   contribution to this scheme of £20,000,
                                                                                                                                            We have
         of the regions.                                           the division informed and up to date.                                    contributed         Coral by far the most successful company                which brings our total contribution to
                                                                                                                                            over £100,000       in the award’s 20-year history. Steph worked            the scheme to £100,000 since it began.
     G   Walk a Day in My Shoes, a new                             Our current Training and Development                                     to our Learning     her way from cashier to relief manager, to
         programme that encourages members                         Plan is based upon our training roadmap,                                 Vouchers and        shop manager, in just one year, and has
         of the divisional support teams to go                     which offers a top-down view to skills and                               Scheme.             consistently beaten all budgeted targets.
         back to the floor and work in a Gala                       progression throughout the retail side of                                                    Steph is now enrolled in the Trainee Area
         Bingo club for two days a year.                           the business, from new starters to senior                                                    Manager Programme, and is a fantastic
                                                                   managers. We also introduced the Trainee                                                     example of our “promote from within”
     G   We have an ongoing staff consultation                     Area Manager Programme this year,                                                            philosophy.
         programme chaired by the Managing                         designed to help shop managers make
         Director.                                                 the next step to area manager. Over the
                                                                   past 12 months, 13 new area management
     G   Launched a new Gala Bingo magazine                        appointments have graduated from the
         for all Gala Bingo employees.                             programme, emphasising our commitment
                                                                   to internal appointments and promoting
                                                                   from within.

      GALA CORAL GROUP                                                                                                                                                                                                                        GALA CORAL GROUP
30    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008                                                                                                                                                                                  CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008           31
     Health and Safety

     Gala Coral Group takes the health and safety
     of its employees and customers very seriously.
     We have developed a number of key areas of
     concern that we monitor on an ongoing basis
     to ensure that we are operating safe working
     environments for all Gala Coral people.

     We pay a great deal of attention to the           Corporate Accountability Training
     health and safety of customers, our               Update of Current Legislation
     employees and the wider public in the areas       Corporate Accountability training sessions
     we operate our businesses. Our health and         have been held with Senior Executives
     safety approach is continuously evolving          and Management. The aim of the course
     and in this section we give a snapshot of         was to provide an understanding to the new
     recent progress and planned works.                corporate manslaughter rules/legislation and
                                                       the principles of risk assessment. The defining
     As a business that operates a large property      of responsibilities and accountabilities
     portfolio, employs thousands of staff and         was the key message for attendees based
     supports millions of customers each year,         around the Health and Safety Executive’s
     we have a wide range of health and safety         HSG65 code of practice covering safety
     responsibilities. Ensuring that our premises      management systems.
     are safe for both customers and employees
     and that employees’ roles do not expose           Gambling Industry Sector
     them to dangers to their health and safety        Health and Safety Forum
     are just some areas that are constantly           Gala Coral Group has established an
     assessed to ensure that we have the               Industry Sector Forum, which allows
     necessary processes and controls in place.        consultation with Industry Health and
                                                       Safety Practitioners across the sector to
     Gala Coral Group is working towards a robust      formulate a platform of communication
     health and safety management system that          to discuss industry health and safety
     is always in a state of evolution, reacting       issues as a whole.
     to new challenges and responsibilities to
     create a comprehensive health and safety          The overall aim of the forum is to establish
     strategy. Different safety structures are in      best practice through the exchange of
     place across each individual division, as well    non-business sensitive health and safety
     as the Executive Team, involving training on      information and to discuss common
     responsibilities, accountability and budgeting    or adverse emerging trends and methods
     for health and safety requirements. The Group’s   of managing risks throughout the industry.
     Health, Safety and Environment Team sets          The content of the meetings provides the
     policy at both the divisional and Group level.    participants with an opportunity through
                                                                                                              We have to have fun, but health and
                                                       networking to build a community of best                safety is always a key consideration.
     Health and safety accountability lies with        practice which will enable us to benchmark
     the Managing Director of each division,           ourselves against industry standards.
     but is delegated to every employee who
     has a responsibility to uphold the health
     and safety practices in place.

     GALA CORAL GROUP                                                                                                     GALA CORAL GROUP
32   CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008                                                               CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008          33
     Health and Safety continued                                                                     Going Forward

     Coral Consultation Forums                        Lead Authority Scheme                          At Gala Coral Group we believe that Corporate Responsibility
     Coral Consultation Forums have been              A Lead Authority Scheme is in operation        is a journey, not a destination. We have made great progress
     introduced which will cover all Coral            between Gala Coral Group and Nottingham        this year in delivering on our CR strategy, but we are not
     employees The Coral Consultation Forum           City Council with regards to health
     are chaired by the Coral Managing Director       safety and environment and food safety.        satisfied and will continue to strive for greater standards
     and attended by other members of the             The scheme has a number of benefits,            in each of our core areas of focus: Responsible Gambling,
     Senior Management team including the             offering informal advice and guidance,         Community Engagement, Environmental Stewardship,
     Health, Safety and Environment team so           and verification of our current and             People Strategy and Health and Safety.
     that broader business issues and ideas can       proposed policies and procedures.
     be discussed. Health and safety will be an
     agenda item at all forums, which will give       Health, Safety and Welfare Audits              We expect many initiatives that have been in the early
     an ideal opportunity to specifically discuss      Health, safety and welfare audits are          stages of development this year – such as our partnership
     health and safety issues in all areas            carried out annually to identify areas of      with Sue Ryder Care, the expansion of our Talent Pool
     of the business.                                 non-compliance within our premises and         programme and our relationship with the Carbon Trust
                                                      to test our current policies and procedures.   – to make significant progress over the next year.
     Direct Enquiries                                 The audit has been developed to track and
     Direct Enquiries is a UK-based company           provide management data on areas of
     that offers a web-based database that            compliance. The system uses “escalation
     allows clients and their customers to            policies” based on a commensurate risk
     display site-specific access arrangements         rating to automatically report and notify
     and facilities available for disabled persons.   points of non-compliance to relevant
     This free service is used to identify whether    parties, facilitating accurate tracking
     a person will be able to access the services     of the Group’s risk exposure.
     on offer and the physical premises according
     to their own specific needs. This allows
     disabled people greater freedom of choice
     and helps them to plan how they can
     maximise their day-to-day activities.

     Initially set up as a Nationwide Disabled
     Access Register, Direct Enquiries has a
     strong belief in equality and has developed
     into a sophisticated database, helping
     anyone needing specific access or facilities
     to goods, services and premises.

     Gala Bingo has been directly involved and
     a valued customer and advocate of Direct
     Enquiries since 2003. The partnership
     with Direct Enquires has enhanced our
     CR Strategy and assisted with legal
     compliance in respect of the Disability
     Discrimination Act (DDA).

     GALA CORAL GROUP                                                                                                                                                       GALA CORAL GROUP
34   CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008                                                                                                                 CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2008   35
     Contacts and Stakeholder Dialogue

     This is our first public document outlining our Corporate
     Responsibility progress. We believe we have travelled a great
     distance, but we know there is much to do. We would though
     like to invite our stakeholders to provide us with constructive
     feedback on areas where we can improve and to give us
     support and encouragement where you feel we have done
     well and challenge us in areas we should go further.

     Please direct your feedback to:

     Dr Colin Morgan
     Group Corporate Responsibility Manager
     Gala Coral Group
     New Castle House
     Castle Boulevard
     Nottingham NG7 1FT


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