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									                                   The Knowledge
                                   7 January 2011                                                                      Issue 32 | 2010/2011

Quick links                        Meetings
   Rural Services Network news    Meeting                                      DSO      Date                   Time      Location
   East Devon AONB news                                                                 Tuesday 11 January     9.30am    CANCELLED
                                   Licensing & Enforcement Sub Committee        CL
   Blackdown Hills AONB news
                                   Recycling and Refuse Partnership Board       AT       Tuesday 11 January     10.00am Room 1
   Exe Estuary Partnership                                                     Kim                                       Room 69 (Mark
                                   Corporate Risk Management Group                       Tuesday 11 January     10.00am
                                                                                Carter                                    Williams’ office)
   THG (Thelma Hulbert Gallery)
                                    Development Management Committee           CEH      Tuesday 11 January     2.00pm Council Chamber
   EDDC Countryside Service
                                    Communities Overview & Scrutiny Cttee      CEH      Wednesday 12 January   6.30pm Council Chamber
   SW Councils News
                                    Housing Review Board                       AT       Thursday 13 January    6.00pm Council Chamber
                                   Service Planning and Budget Task and
                                   Finish Forum – All day meeting (lunch will   DM       Monday 17 January      9.00am    Council Chamber
   EDDC News                      be provided for TAFF members only)
   Waste crews catching up        Licensing & Enforcement Sub Committee        CL       Tuesday 18 January     9.30am    Council Chamber
    after ‘perfect storm’ caused
                                   Asset Management Forum                       CL       Wednesday 19 January   9.30am    Committee Room
                                   Service Delivery & Performance Overview
                                                                                DV       Wednesday 19 January   6.30pm Council Chamber
                                   & Scrutiny Committee
                                   Local Development Framework Panel            DM       Thursday 20 January    10.00am CANCELLED

                                   Audit and Governance Committee               CEH      Thursday 20 January    2.30pm Committee Room

                                   Economy Overview & Scrutiny Committee        CL       Thursday 20 January    6.30pm Council Chamber

                                   Planning Inspections Committee               CEH      Friday 21 January      TBA       Council Chamber

                                   Executive Board decisions

                                   Members are notified of decisions from the Executive Board meeting held on 5 January 2011.
                                   Please click on the following link to read the minutes of the meeting:
                                    http://www.eastdevon.gov.uk/exec_board_mins_050111.pdf

                                   The Executive Board decisions will become effective on 13 January 2011 at 9.00am unless “called
                                   in”. The published procedure for a “call in” is on pages 139-141 of the Council Constitution, or
                                   contact Democratic Services for assistance or explanation. Recommendations by the Executive
                                   Board to Council are not subject to “call in”.

                                   Portfolio Holders’ decisions
Contact us:
knowledge@eastdevon.gov.uk         Decision put to Portfolio Holder A decision will be published in a future edition of The Knowledge
Democratic Services Officers       Economy               Acquisition of land for the proposed ’Connect 2 Cycle Way’, Ottery St Mary
Diana Vernon 01395 517541          Graham Godbeer        To agree the terms and conditions for the freehold acquisition of a strip of
Christopher Holland 01395 517543                         land required to facilitate the construction of a cycle way and public footpath
Chris Lane 01395 517544
Debbie Meakin 01395 517540
                                                         at Ottery St Mary.
Alethea Thompson 01395 517525                            Further details: Rob Speers, Senior Estates Surveyor, Ext 1588
Hannah Whitfield 01395 517542

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South West                        Decisions by Portfolio Holders
Observatory                       Economy              Increase in charges for Knowle, Sidmouth; Elizabeth Hall, Exmouth; Town
In recent analysis on life        Graham Godbeer       Hall, Seaton 2011/12
expectancy data by the South                           Agreeing that the charges for all three halls be increased by 2% rounded up to the
                                                       nearest 10p. Seaton Town Hall bookings are being taken over by Seaton’s Voice
West Observatory, East Dorset
                                                       from 1 January 2011. However, in case of any problems arising and the bookings
came out top in the South
                                                       being returned to EDDC, we have set charges in place.
West with men averaging 81.4
years and women 85.4 years.       Environment          Price increases for sports pitches 2011/12
The current UK average for life   Graham Brown         Agreeing that no increase to hire a sports pitch be applied, in accordance with
expectancy is 77.9 for men and                         the report.
82 years for women, with the                           Agreeing that the price of weekday matches be reduced to try to increase
England average slightly higher                        midweek usage.
at 78.3 for men and 82.3 for                           Boat and winch licences on beaches and water taxis
women.                                                 Agreeing that for 2011/12, annual boat licences be increased from £65 to £67.
Other areas where high life                            Annual winch licences should be increased from £75 to £77.
expectancy above 80 for both                           Annual water taxi licence be increased from £75 to £80.
men and women is recorded                              Price increases for allotments 2011/12
include all other districts in                         Agreeing to the proposed increase of 1p per square metre in the pricing of
Dorset, South Somerset, East                           allotments.
Devon, Teignbridge,                                    Agreeing that the re-alignment of the charges to the cultivation season
Cheltenham and Cotswold in                             October to September be adopted.
Gloucestershire, Bath and
North East Somerset and South                          Price increases for beach huts and beach huts sites 2011/12
Gloucestershire.                                       Not agreeing to the proposed price increases for Beach Huts and Beach Hut
                                                       Sites for 2011/12.
Click here to access the full
briefing.                                              Price increases for events 2011/12
                                                       Not agreeing to the proposed price increases for event bookings for 2011/12.
                                  The above decisions will become effective on 13 January 2011 at 9.00am unless “called in”. The
                                  published procedure for a “call-in” is on pages 139 -141 of the Council Constitution, or contact
                                  Democratic Services for assistance or explanation.

                                  Devon and Cornwall Police Authority Conferences in Devon
                                  Wednesday 16 February 2011 at Exeter Conference Centre, Northernhay Street, Exeter, EX4 3ER
                                  Tuesday 15 March 2011 at The Barnstaple Hotel, Braunton Road, Barnstaple, EX31 1LE
                                  We have received further details of these conferences: Both days will run from 10am to 3pm, follow
                                  a similar format to each other and cover the same topics on significant, high level, policing issues
                                  such as target setting, budget setting, use of resources. You can attend either conference.
                                  In order to ensure catering is provided for the appropriate number of people and to provide you with
Beer  Photo by Jamie Buckley
                                  conference pre-reads (to inform discussions about use of money in particular) if you wish to attend
                                  you must ‘book’ a place. To do so please email polauth@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk providing
                                  your name, address, email address where appropriate and whether you need any assistance to
                                  attend or participate in the day (such as an interpreter, documents in bigger text or on primrose
                                  paper). There is no cost for attendance; the Authority is managing a strict budget in order that funds
                                  are diverted from other engagement activities to provide these events.
                                  These events do not reduce your ability to raise local concerns with your local neighbourhood
                                  policing team. You can find information about and contact your neighbourhood policing team at
                                  http://neighbourhoodpolicing.devon-cornwall.police.uk or by calling 08452 777444 (24hours non-
                                   You can view the latest edition of Devon & Cornwall Police Authority newsletter, ‘Authority
                                    Matters’ here.
                                   Compare crime levels in your neighbourhood with others: http://maps.police.uk/ This website
                                    provides you with information on crime and antisocial behaviour in your neighbourhood. It also
                                    enables you to access and compare the latest information on a range of crime types with other

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   Devon Grapevine                 Neighbourhood Management Training
This is an online community for     The Police are offering to provide partner agencies a one day course on Neighbourhood
people from different cultures      Management. This will cover topics such as partnership working, community engagement, problem
to find services in Devon, ask      solving, tackling anti social behaviour, awareness of harm, risk and vulnerability. It will give guidance
for advice, and make contact        as to how we can all work better together in partnership to tackle the issues that our local
with others.                        communities highlight to us. This is of course very important in this current financial climate when
                                    the impact on the public sector is clear for all to see. The East and Mid Devon Community Safety
                                    Partnership has secured funding to enable this training to take place in both districts. In East Devon
                                    the training will take place on Thursday 24 March and Tuesday 5 April 2011.The venues will be
                                    dependant on where most of the interested parties are based.
                                    The Partnership will pay for the cost of the training, the venues and provide a light lunch and tea
                                    and coffee throughout the day. There will therefore be no cost to partners which we felt was very
                                    important. The training is aimed at staff from a number of agencies, members of Local Action
                                    Groups and other interested parties. Up to 20 persons can be accommodated per session and if
                                    demand is high we will arrange further sessions. If you are interested would you please contact
                                    Gerry Moore (Community Safety and Anti Social Behaviour Co-ordinator) as soon as possible on
                                    01395 273802.

                                    In the national press
                                      UK loses millions as foreign drivers flout parking fines
                                    Millions of pounds worth of parking fines have been written off across Britain by councils who can’t
                                    trace the owners of foreign vehicles. It is claimed that a failure to reach agreement on sharing
                                    information with other countries is to blame. Westminster City Council is quoted: “We would like to
                                    see a more rigorous system put in place to hold these drivers to account.”

                                     Homelessness 'could double' after housing benefit cut
                                    A coalition of homeless charities has warned that housing benefit cuts could double the number of
                                    people sleeping on the streets. The charities claim that young, single people will be hit the hardest
                                    because authorities have 'no duty' to help them.

                                      Pubs lifeline
                                    Local pubs at risk of closure have been thrown a lifeline following a
                                    Government review. Communities Minister Bob Neill wants to stop pub
                                    chains exploiting a rule which prevents small pubs which go bust reopening as
                                    licensed premises, allowing larger rivals to dominate the area.

                                      Charity chief: cuts may doom PM's big society
                                    David Robinson, founder of the Community Links charity, has warned that massive spending cuts
                                    could doom the 'big society' project to failure because of the damage he believes it will cause to
                                    Britain's poorest neighbourhoods. The charity chief said poor areas faced a 'double whammy' of
                                    rising unemployment and cuts to services.

                                     Slash your parking charges, Pickles tells councils
                                                 The Government claims parking fees could be cut following the removal of planning
                                                 guidance designed to encourage more public transport use. The changes also mean
                                                 councils no longer have to obey rules restricting the number of parking spaces when
                                                 new homes are built. Communities secretary Eric Pickles is quoted: “We’re getting out
                                                 of the way and it’s up to councils to set the right parking for their area.” An LGA
                                    spokesman is quoted: “Councils can’t use parking as a revenue-raising exercise but they should have
                                    the freedom to set charges at a level which covers the cost of providing parking.”

Democratic Services produces this    Care cuts leave older people in hospital
weekly information sheet every
                                    A survey of 502 doctors working in 251 UK hospitals has revealed that bed-blocking is once again on
Friday for Members of East Devon
District Council. Please contact    the increase. The coalition's cuts to council budgets is reported to be a contributing factor.
Diana Vernon if you have any
comments about the newsletter.        Simpler road signs ahead
                                    Confusing road signs blamed for accidents and unfair parking fines are to be
www.eastdevon.gov.uk                reviewed. The Department for Transport has announced a review of dozens of
                                    traffic markings as part of a shake-up of the Highway Code.
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