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Q: What is it?
A: EyeEarn is a new, global “personal advertising network” that launched on January 2, 2008
that allows you to earn money for doing simple forms of advertising while just “going about your
day.” Get paid for driving your car, walking your dog, wearing T-shirts, or even just drinking
coffee! Get seen—get paid!

Q: Why would I want to participate?
A: It’s one of the easiest ways ever to make extra money. You don’t have to know about
computers, advertising, or marketing. You don’t have to set up your own domain or Website.
Just take your place in the EyeEarn advertising network and you can start earning a monthly
commission check. Keep participating every month, and it can be grown into a full-time income!

Q: How do I get started?
A: Getting started with EyeEarn is super-easy; Just purchase a $20 EyeEarn Starter Kit. Included
in the kit are three EyeEarn banners for your car(s), an EyeEarn T-Shirt, 20 EyeEarn stickers,
100 EyeEarn X-Cards, and a complete how-to guide. Once you’ve verified with us that you’ve
outfitted your car with a banner, you will begin receiving a share of the fruits of the entire,
worldwide EyeEarn advertising network!


Q: What if I don’t want to buy the EyeEarn Starter Kit right away?
A: There’s no obligation to buy the kit. We welcome you to join as a free SFI Affiliate and check
us out as much as you’d like before ordering a kit. You can order your EyeEarn Starter Kit
whenever you wish…or never.

Q: Who is “SFI?”
A: EyeEarn is administered by SFI (Strong Future International), a pioneer in Internet marketing
and the world’s largest affiliate network. SFI is now in it’s 10th year.
Q: So I just buy the Starter Kit? That’s it? There’s seriously no other cost to participate?
A: EyeEarn is a ONE-TIME cost. Unless you wish to buy more EyeEarn T-shirts, car banners,
etc., there is absolutely no other purchase requirements or fees of any kind. The only ongoing
requirement is that you must complete a simple EyeEarn Reactivation Form each month to
confirm your ongoing participation and to continue to receive EyeEarn shares, but this is cost-
free and takes only a few minutes each month.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee on the EyeEarn Starter Kit?
A: Yes. If for any reason (or no reason at all) you decide EyeEarn’s not for you, you can return
the kit for a full refund (shipping excluded). Note that the kit must be in salable condition (e.g.
T-shirt not worn).

Q: EyeEarn sounds too good to be true.
A: The Internet has made many breakthroughs in communications, marketing, and business
possible. EyeEarn is the simply the latest to employ the Internet in a revolutionary way.

Q: Where is EyeEarn available?
A: Everywhere! EyeEarn is available in every country in the world.

Q: How and when do I get paid?
A: EyeEarn commissions are paid monthly (on or about the 10th of each month for the preceding
month’s revenues). You can receive your commissions via check, direct bank deposit, or PayPal.
An SFI debit card is also available which allows you to get your earnings instantly, in your
country’s currency, via ATM machines worldwide.

Q: How can you provide all that EyeEarn delivers each month for a one-time starter kit cost of
just $20?
A: Don’t underestimate the value of the advertising you’re providing each month to the EyeEarn
network! You provide advertising, we provide you with a share of the advertising network’s
results. It works because EyeEarn replaces the inefficiency of individualized advertising with
CO-OP advertising—a method that leverages the power of thousands of network members. It is
“strength in numbers” or SYNERGY—something that becomes much greater than the sum of its


Q: How does wearing an EyeEarn T-shirt or displaying an EyeEarn sticker on my automobile
make anyone money?
A: People who see your advertising will go to to find out what EyeEarn is about.
Many will decide to join and become “EyeEarners” (people from whom you can now earn sales
override commissions). Additionally, many will become customers of the companies in the
EyeEarn online shopping center, MaxMalls (more on MaxMalls in a moment). By being a part of
the EyeEarn advertising network, you get a share of all the EyeEarner signups AND a share of
all sales at MaxMalls.
Q: So I make commissions on the people who see my T-shirt or car sign?
A: Close, but what actually happens is much more powerful! As noted earlier, EyeEarn is a
GLOBAL advertising network. Tens of thousands of people will be participating all over the
world. Eventually it could be millions of people! As a participant you get a share of not just
YOUR efforts but also shares from the efforts of EVERYONE ELSE in the network—from
EVERY participant and EyeEarn customer in the world!

Q: How do I activate my position in the EyeEarn advertising network?
A: There are two requirements: First, you must purchase the $20 EyeEarn Starter Kit. Secondly,
after you receive your kit, you are required to outfit at least one of your cars with an EyeEarn car
banner and send us a photo of the car. The photo can be digital and downloaded instantly at the
SFI Affiliate Center, or you can mail in a physical snapshot.

Q: Why do you require a photo?
A: We feel it is necessary to ensure that participants “pull their weight.” We cannot have people
simply buying a kit and then, due to procrastination or any other reason, fail to get their cars
outfitted. Indeed, the reason that EyeEarn has no ongoing monthly fee requirement is because
each participant is providing advertising to the network. If that advertising is not being provided,
ALL the other participants in the EyeEarn network are being cheated. The photo requirement
helps minimize this issue.

Q: What about subsequent months? Are there any requirements to continue to receive EyeEarn
A: Yes. After your initial activation month, to continue to receive shares, you must log in at the
SFI Affiliate Center ( monthly and complete an EyeEarn Reactivation Form.
The Reactivation Form consists of a short questionnaire, 1-3 brief marketing surveys, a
confirmation of your active participation in EyeEarn, and your commitment to doing your online
shopping through (see Q&As on MaxMalls below). One or more miscellaneous
additional activities may also appear on the Reactivation Form each month. You should be able
to easily complete everything on the Reactivation Form each month in less than 15 minutes. If
you fail to complete the Reactivation Form, you will not receive any EyeEarn shares for that

Q: What if I forget to complete the Reactivation Form on time? How do I get back in?
A: Once you complete the Reactivation Form, you will be reinstated. However, you may receive
a reduced share for the period of time that you were listed as inactive.

Q: What if I don’t have a car on which to put an EyeEarn banner?
A: It is required that you outfit at least one car with an EyeEarn car banner to activate your
position in the EyeEarn network. If you do not have a car, you are allowed to use a friend or
family member’s car in lieu of your own.

Q: What if there is no one else’s car I can use to fulfill the minimum one car requirement—or I
simply don’t want to put an EyeEarn car banner on my car?
A: Shares of EyeEarn can be purchased for $35 per share per month. That is the only other
option if you cannot or don’t wish to fulfill the one-car minimum requirement.
Q: Does the EyeEarn car banner go on the inside or the outside of the glass?
A: The inside.

Q: Is the EyeEarn car banner a permanent sticker?
A: No, it is a “cling” sticker that adheres via static cling. Hence, it can be moved as needed.

Q: What are the dimensions of the EyeEarn car banner?
A: The EyeEarn car banner is approximately 5.5″ tall x 15″ wide.

Q: Does the EyeEarn card banner have to go in the rear view window of my car?
A: No, you can also place it atop your windshield or on a side window if you prefer.

Q: What MaxMalls stores can I can earn commissions from?
A: Since this the list of stores is growing all the time, the best way is to just go to and check out all the stores listed. Note that we will be adding many more
stores over the coming weeks and months.

Q: Why would I want to shop at MaxMalls?
A: Using MaxMalls takes you to your favorite online stores—with the exact same prices you’d
find on their direct sites. But by starting your shopping trip at MaxMalls, your purchases will put
money into the MaxMalls revenue pool, which you can share in every month. We also donate a
portion of every MaxMall sale to the nonprofit organization “Save The Children.” So by adding
a couple extra click to your online shopping excursions, you’ll be helping yourself, and you’ll be
helping children in impoverished countries around the world. A great win/win! Also, we’ll
continue to enhance MaxMalls with valuable, new features to help you compare stores, find the
best prices, and more.

Q: Are there any plans to add more features to
A: Absolutely, yes! We have a lot of ideas to make MaxMalls a highly popular shopping
destination on the Web.


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