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                                                                                                                  Published: May 2007

                    Never compromise on quality!

                   B2 FIRE FOAM
                   Aerosol and Gun Grade Expanding Foam
                   A fast setting, multi-purpose PU foam which bonds, fills, seals and insulates most construction
                   materials, which has a fire rating to class B2 (DIN4102:1).
                   Bond It B2 FIREFOAM is a one-component                 prepared prior to foam application. It is advisable
                   polyurethane assembly foam, and is based on a          to have Foam Cleaner at hand.
                   moisture curing polyurethane prepolymer. The           The ideal working temperature for both the can and
                   development and manufacture of our products is         environment is +20°C. Chilled cans must be
                   subject to an approved quality assurance system        carefully warmed in luke-warm water before usage.
                   according to ISO 9001/EN 29001.                        However, the can must not be heated above
                   Uses                                                   +50°C, as there is a risk of bursting. Cans which
                   The fresh foam adheres to all common building          are too hot, for example after having been left in a
                   materials except from surfaces such as                 vehicle during summer, must be cooled in water.
                   polyethylene, silicone, oil and grease and similar     The can should be shaken occasionally during this
                   substrates.                                            process to obtain the required temperature faster.
                   Areas of Application:                                  Prior to work, and before the adaptor is attached,
                       window setting (where a clean and controlled       the can must be shaken thoroughly at least 15 - 20
                       backfill is required),                             times. Then the adaptor is attached firmly to the
                       roller shutters (sealing of connection joints),    valve. Care must be taken not to overtighten the
                       entrance door linings,                             adaptor and not to activate the valve during this
                       any kind of small breakthroughs in walls and       process.
                       other cavities,
                       pipe and cable entries.
                                                                          The instructions for the can must strictly be
                   The use of this product in certain fire rated          observed. The fresh foam will expand by 2-2½
                   situations may breach Building Regulations - if        times. Therefore care must be taken not to overfill
                   in doubt consult your local Building Control           joints. Fresh foam spills must be removed
                   Office. For maximum fire resistance the cured          immediately within the tack-free time with Foam
                   foam should be overcoated with Bond It                 Cleaner. Cured foam must be removed
                   FIRESHIELD INTUMESCENT SEALANT.                        mechanically or with Bond It CURED FOAM
                   Please note: this foam will burn in contact with       REMOVER.
                   flames but will self-extinguish when source of flame
                   is removed.                                            Please Note: Moisture is needed for an even and
                                                                          rapid curing of the foam. Inadequate moistening or
                   Properties                                             overfilling of joints and cavities may lead to an
                   The foam can be used at temperatures from +5°C         unwanted post-expansion of the foam. Foam
                   to +30°C. The cured foam is semi-rigid and             extrusion can be controlled accurately by varying
                   predominantly close-celled. It is resistant to         the pressure. For foam extrusion the valve is
                   temperatures ranging from -40°C to +100°C and to       pointed down. The valve lever is to be activated
                   ageing, but not to UV-rays. Noise and heat             carefully. Once a can has been started, it should be
                   insulation values are excellent.                       used within four weeks.

                   Preparation                                            Container Size
                   Surfaces to be bonded must be firm, clean, dry and     750ml aerosol and gun grade canisters.
                   free from dust, grease or contaminants that may
                   hinder adhesion. They must be moistened well with      Storage Conditions
                   water. It is advisable to apply a primer well          Store and transport upright, in cool, dry conditions
                   penetrating into the ground if necessary. All          (Considerably higher temperatures may
                   construction components must be properly               reduce the shelf-life). Shelf life is 12 months.
Disposal of Containers                                       wash with running water for 15 minutes
Do not leave empty containers where residue could            and seek medical attention. Wear goggles.
be harmful to children, animals or the environment.          Ensure good ventilation - avoid breathing
Replace lids and remove any containers to a central         vapours - harmful by inhalation. In case of
disposal point in accordance with local regulations.        insufficient ventilation, wear suitable
Do not pierce can.                                          respiratory equipment. In case of accident or
                                                            if you feel unwell, seek medical advice
In the event of spillage remove all sources of ignition,    immediately (if possible show the label).
ventilate the area, remove people from confined             Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Cured
areas. Material should be mopped up immediately             material will leave a brown stain, allow stain
with an inert absorbent material such as sand.              to fade naturally over 2-3 days. Do not try to
                                                            remove with abrasive. Wear gloves.
Health & Safety                                             Thoroughly wash hands with soap and water
Bond It B2 FIREFOAM contains combustible components         or a proprietary hand cleaner after use.
and isocyanate.
                                                            Keep out of reach of children.
   Flammable - remove all sources of                        See separate material safety data sheet for
   ignition. Do not smoke.                                  full handling, use and storage.
   Avoid eye contact. In the event of contact

 Specification Summary

 (determined at +20 °C, 50 % relative air humidity)
 Yield, free expansion                                                   bulk density approx 18 kg/m³
 750 ml can                                                                            approx 38 litres
 Raw density (confined space)                                                     approx 25-30 kg/m³
 Cell-structure                                                                           medium-fine
 Tack-free                                                                               8-10 minutes
 Cuttable (30 mm bead)                                                            after 30-40 minutes
 Full stability load bearing (20 mm bead)                                       after approx 12 hours
 Minimum working temperature (Can, application surfaces)                                           +5 °C
 Maximum working temperature (Can, application surfaces)                                         +30 °C
 Optimum working temperature (Can, application surfaces)                                         +20 °C
 Tensile strength (in accordance to DIN 53430)                                                10 N/cm²
 Flasfpoint of cured foam                                                                         400oC
 Shear strength (in accordance to DIN 53427)                                                    8 N/cm²
 Compressive strength at 10% stress (in accordance to DIN 53421)                                3 N/cm²
 Water absorption (in accordance to DIN 53433)                                              0.3 Vol.-%
 Thermal conductivity approx.                                                              0.04 W/mK
 Temperature resistance of the cured bead
 Long-term                                                                            -50 °C to +90 °C
 Short-term                                                                          -65 °C to +130 °C

                                                                                        The data given herein is
                                                                                        intended as a general
 Container Sizes:                                                                       guideline only. Actual results
                                                                                        achieved may vary with
                                                                                        working conditions and the
  Code:             BDEFB2            BDEFGB2                                           materials involved; which are
                                                                                        beyond the control of the
                                                                                        manufacturer. Results
  Size:              750ml           750ml Gun                                          achieved may not constitute
                                                                                        any ground for a claim against
                                                                                        the manufacturer. The
                                                                                        manufacturer can only
                                                                                        guarantee the quality of the
                                                                                        product itself.
                                                                                        This data sheet cancels and
                                                                                        replaces all previous editions.
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