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					                                                                                                                               Issue No.8 - November 2005
A newsletter on Indigenous employment issues

                                                                  Department of Corporate and Information Services

                                                                  National Indigenous
   National Indigenous
   Cadetship Program ........................ 1                   Cadetship Program 2006
   NTPS Indigenous
   Employment Tool Kit
   Launch in Alice Springs                                    Are you an Indigenous person interested in pursuing a career with the Northern
   Workshops for managers....................2                Territory Pubic Sector?
   Member Profile
   Lookrukin .......................................... 2     Are you interested to getting paid while you study towards your degree?

   Kigaruk & Lookrukin                                        The Northern Territory Government is offering Indigenous Territorians currently
   Indigenous Leadership Development                          studying full-time or about to commence study at an appropriate university for 2006,
   Programs for men & women .............. 3
                                                              the opportunity to put theory into practice by applying for a Cadetship with the
   Member Profile                                              Northern Territory Public Sector through the National Indigenous Cadetship Program.
                                                              The Cadetship offers:
   Remote Workforce
   Strategy..............................................4    •    Reimbursement of HECS fees;
                                                              •    A fortnightly allowance whilst studying;
   2006 IPAA National Conference                              •    Full time paid employment during semester breaks (12 weeks); and
   Does size really matter?......................4            •    Permanent employment on successful completion.
   DEET - Indigenous Leaders
   Network Forum. ................................5           For further details and how to apply:

   About First Australians
                                                              •    To obtain the selection criteria and application form please phone the 24 hour
   Business (FAB)..................................5               Recruitment Answering Service on 1300 659 247 or visit the web site at
                                                          (quoting vacancy number,250266).

                                                              •    Send your application addressing the selection criteria to email:
                                                          or post to Employment Programs Unit,
                                                                   Department of Corporate and Information Services,

 i    nformation
  Contributions are sought for
                                                                   GPO Box 2391, Darwin NT 0801.

                                                                   For additional enquires please contact: Amanda Holt on (08) 8999 4132
                                                                   or email:
  this newsletter. If you have an
  interesting article or information                          Current NTPS Indigenous employees are eligible to apply for this cadetship.
  on an event or activity please
  contact:                                                    Vacancy Number:          250266
                                                              Closing Date:            11/11/2005
  Wendy Ah Chin
  Tel:  8999 4108
        8999 4148
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      NTPS Indigenous Employment Tool Kit

      Regional Launch and Workshops
                                       The NTPS Indigenous Employment Tool Kit was originally launched in
                                       Darwin in March 2005. John Kirwan, Commissioner for Public Employment
                                       will conduct the first of the regional launches in Alice Springs on
                                       18 November 2005.

                                       The Tool Kit has been designed as a practical reference point for managers,
                                       supervisors and Indigenous employees of the NTPS in developing effective
                                       recruitment and retention strategies.

                                       The launch will be followed by two workshops. The purpose of the workshops
                                       are to provide information and practical advice to managers and to Indigenous
                                       employees and job seekers.

                                       The first workshop is designed to assist managers and HR practitioners in
                                       developing a greater understanding of the issues relevant to the recruitment
       Copies of the Tool Kits         and retention of Indigenous people.
     are available for purchase
     in hard copy or CD format         The second workshop is specifically designed for Indigenous employees and
            from OCPE.                 job seekers to provide them with information to assist them in the workplace
                                       and in seeking employment within the NTPS workforce.
     Cost of the Toolkit is $40 or
         $17.50 for the CD.            For further information, please contact:
                                       Maureen McGregor (Darwin, Katherine, Nhulunbuy) on ph: 899 94170
                                       Robbie Benson (Alice Springs) on ph: 895 15796

      Member Profile
    May Bury is an Aboriginal Islander Education Worker at
    Nightcliff High School. May has worked at the school for 6

    May is currently studying at CDU for a Diploma of Business
    (Frontline Management).

    The name of the group is Lookrukin - an Indigenous Women’s
    Leadership Development Program, which is coordinated by
    the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment.

    The academic component of the course runs from August to
    December 2005, followed by an action learning component
    that will be completed in April 2006. The Lookrukins will
    graduate in May 2006.                                                         Lookrukin Participant, May Bury

    May is also studying for an Associate Degree in Applied
    Science – Community Management Development, May is
    in the 3rd year of her studies in which hopes to complete
    next year through Curtin University.

Kigaruk and
Indigenous Leadership
Development Programs for
men and women
Following the successful Kigaruk Indigenous Men’s
Leadership Development Pilot Program in 2003/2004,
which all 25 participants graduated with a Diploma of
Business (Frontline Management), a second program is            Some of the Kigaruk participants at the Crab Claw
                                                                Residential in July 2005
currently underway with 18 participants.

The pilot of the Lookrukin Indigenous Women’s
Leadership Development Program is also underway
with 35 participants.

Kigaruk and Lookrukin commenced in July 2005 and
both programs are being conducted concurrently.
Participants will graduate at Charles Darwin University
in May 2006.

Both programs aim to redress the lack of representation
of Indigenous men and women in senior management
and executive officer positions in the NTPS and provide
an opportunity for participants to gain the knowledge
and skills necessary to compete on merit for senior
positions.                                                      Lookrukins with Residential facilitator, Nita Cherry
                                                                (standing, far right), at Crab Claw in August 2005.

                                                          Member Profile
                                                               David Simmons is an Aboriginal and Islander
                                                               Education Worker (AIEW) at Nhulunbuy High
                                                               School, Arnhem Land. Dave has been a tutor at
                                                               Yirrkala CEC since 2004. Prior to coming to the
                                                               NT to live, Dave spent 20 years in middle and
                                                               senior management positions in Federal, State and
                                                               Local Government in his home state of Western

                                                               David graduated from Curtin University in 1999 with
                                                               a degree in Aboriginal Community Management &
                                                               Developement. He gained employment at Miwatj
                                                               Health in 1999, then commenced work with the
             Kigaruk Participant, David Simmons.               Night Patrol at Yirrkala Community in 2001. Dave
                                                               was the night patrol officer in the documentary
                                                               “Lonely Boy”.

                                                               David is a current participant on the Kigaruk
                                                               Indigenous Men’s Leadership Development

Published by the Office of the Commissioner Public Employment                                                           3
                                                              programs, said “thanks to RWD funding, which covers
Remote Workforce                                              course fees and contributes towards the costs for travel
                                                              and accommodation, remote based employees can

Development                                                   participate in these Indigenous leadership programs to
                                                              further develop their skills and knowledge and enhance
                                                              their career opportunities…..”
Strategy                                                      The RWDS has also provided funding to NTPS agencies
                                                              for professional development activities for remote
Now well into the second year of implementation, the
                                                              employees through an Innovative Grants programs.
Remote Workforce Development Strategy has been
helping remote Indigenous NTPS employees to gain
                                                              The three agencies Department of Health and Community
new skills.
                                                              Services, Department of Employment, Education and
                                                              Training, and Police, Fire and Emergency Services have
The Scholarships program, which provides financial
                                                              all been awarded Innovative Grant funding to undertake
assistance to remote employees to undertake study or
                                                              a range of activities that will assist remote Indigenous
other professional development, is helping a number of
Indigenous employees to upgrade their qualifications,
and attend conferences and workshops relevant to their
                                                              In November this year, teaching teams from Ngukurr,
                                                              remote communities in the Katherine West region, and
                                                              Utopia Homeland Schools are attending the World
Being awarded an RWD Scholarship allowed Sharon
                                                              Indigenous People’s Conference on Education in New
Mununnggur and Sharon Wallace from the East Arnhem
region to attend the 12th Annual Australian Women’s
Health Conference in April this year, and in October
                                                              Lisa Hall, a teacher from Utopia who will be attending the
Norman Dulvarie and Waninya Marika from Yirrkala
                                                              conference with her Indigenous colleagues, said “We were
Health Centre are attending the National Indigenous
                                                              thrilled to be awarded a Remote Workforce Development
Men’s Health Conference.
                                                              Innovative Grant…. for the Indigenous women I work with
                                                              it will be their first opportunity to go overseas.
A local teacher from Ngukurr, Godfrey Blitner, has been
undertaking study towards a Cert IV in Youth Work.
                                                              More importantly it will provide them with the opportunity
Godfrey says he wants to be an active role model for the
                                                              to meet and share with Indigenous educators from all over
young people in his community, and work in role where he
                                                              the world. It would have been impossible for us to attend
can develop programs that get young people interested
                                                              the conference as a teaching team without this grant.
in healthy activities in their own community.
                                                              It has offered us a once in a lifetime opportunity and has
He says this course will help him to develop the skills and
                                                              made the entire community, students and parents alike,
knowledge to formally undertake that role; receiving an
                                                              proud of the efforts of their teachers. Who knows what
RWD Scholarship is the financial bonus that is helping
                                                              great things will grow out of this opportunity?”
him to achieve his goal.
                                                              For more information about the Strategy contact Libby
RWDS funding has also made it possible for eight remote
                                                              Doney, Remote Workforce Development Advisor (OCPE),
Indigenous employees to participate in the current Kigaruk
                                                              phone 89993757, or email
and Lookrukin programs. Roz Angeles, coordinator of the

       2006 IPAA National Conference
       13 – 15 September 2006
       Alice Springs, Northern Territory

       Does Size Really Matter?
       The challenges of size versus complexity

       To register your interest:


Department of Employment Education and Training

Indigenous Leaders Network Forum
  On the 25, 26 and 27 October 2005, the Department of          Potential models of Indigenous Leadership will be
  Employment Education and Training (DEET), through             shared and there will be discussions for planning ways
  the People & Learning (P&L) Division coordinated the          forward for the future in schools and communities.
  Indigenous Leaders Network Forum in Alice Springs             Both the Indigenous Leaders Network Forums and
  for 28 Indigenous Educational Leaders from across             the 2006 DEET Leaders Forum are significant DEET
  the Territory.                                                events.

  This forum was the first of three workshops to                The Leaders Forum brings together approximately
  investigate and establish models of Indigenous                250 participants from a range of positions, backgrounds
  and Bicultural Leadership across Northern Territory           and skills to build a strong network of leaders within
  Schools and included representations from each of             DEET and to contribute to the DEET learning
  the seven clusters within DEET.                               community.

  The primary focus is on remote Indigenous leaders             Overall this project will strengthen the capacity and
  who bring skills and knowledge to teaching but                capability of Indigenous employees and provide
  who also experience particular challenges within              options for future succession planning.
  the context of their school community. Models of
  Indigenous Leadership will be mapped against                  For more information, please contact:
  cultural, community and organisational needs.                 David Guy, Senior Consultant
                                                                Indigenous Capacity Building Unit,
  The three workshops will lead up to the 2006 DEET             People & Learning Division
  Leaders Forum in Darwin where the Indigenous                  on 89014990 or
  Leaders will present their learning.

 About First
 Australians Business                                          Aims

                                                                  •   To enhance the economic development
 First Australians Business (FAB) is a national one-to-               opportunities for Indigenous people.
 one mentoring program for Indigenous business people.
 FAB assists Indigenous people to initiate, develop and           •   To support the growth of small businesses
                                                                      operated by Indigenous people.
 maintain economically viable and culturally appropriate
 businesses through the provision of knowledge,                   •   To develop networks which will assist in the
 expertise and support from corporate Australia. FAB is               economic development of Indigenous people.
 proudly sponsored by the Commonwealth Government                 •   To promote positive images of Indigenous
 through Indigenous Business Australia (IBA). In addition             businesses.
 FAB continues to receive on going support from The
                                                                  •   To involve corporate Australia in Indigenous
 Body Shop. FAB is a not for profit organisation                       businesses.

                                                               Contact Details
 First Australians Business (FAB) is committed to              Shaun Wilde
                                                               Contract Management Officer
 promoting and extending the business management               89 52 7830
 skills and confidence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait
 Islander business people.                                     Tui Ford
                                                               Contract Management Officer
 FAB provides support to enhance the opportunities of          89 52 6490
 young Indigenous Australians by building long term
                                                               Lindsay Dunn
 partnerships with Indigenous and Non-Indigenous               Regional Manager
 Australians within Government and corporate                   89 52 6871
Published by the Office of the Commissioner Public Employment                                                              5

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