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					                                                                                                 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, including holidays
                                        IICUBA                                                   Services are confidential and free
                    Employee Assistance Program                                                  Services are available to all household members of the
             (Administered by CIGNA Behavioral Health)                                            employee (Eldercare Legal Services are also available
                                                                                                  to parent(s) of employee)
         877-622-4327 or www.cignabehavioral.com                                                 Translation services and TDD available
       Information, referrals, educational materials, counseling                                 No need to participate in any insurance program

Clinical Services
When a member contacts the EAP for services they are given the options for:

   Telephonic consultation with a trained counselor
   Referral to a licensed provider within their community at no charge for up to 6 visits (per incident/illness)

Work/Life Services
Child Care:                             Adult/Elder Dependent                     Legal Resources (Free                 Healthy Rewards
   Child care centers                  Assistance:                               telephonic consultations and             Discounted network of
   Family child care homes                Housing - home health care,           reduced-rate local referrals,             specialty health providers
   Preschools, Playschools,                nursing homes, assisted living        excluding employment law)                Telephonic & on-line
    Kindergartens                          Health care appraisals                 Domestic Relations, including           information service
   Summer Care – Day &                                                              custody, alimony, and divorce
                                            Health insurance information -                                                 Discounts on products
    Residential Camps                       Medicare and Medicaid                  Real Estate, Landlord Issues
                                                                                  Bankruptcy                             Topics/Services include:
    Before & after school programs         Legal issues such as setting up a
   Nanny services, In-home                 trust, estate planning, or             Personal Injury                         Massage Therapy, Chiropractic
    services, Camps                         developing a living will               Property claims                         Care, Vitamins, Herbal
   Special needs assessment and           Support services, including            Wills, living wills, estate             Supplements, Acupuncture,
    treatment                               transportation, meals, recreational       planning                              Lasik Eye Surgery, Hearing
   Support groups                          activities, and chore services                                                  Care, Non-Prescription Health,
                                           Education and counseling related      Financial Resources                       Fitness Club Membership
Adoption:                                   to the aging process, and coping
                                                                                     Spending habits
 State Adoption Specialists                with changing relationships as
                                                                                     Budgeting Strategies              Additional On-Line Services:
 Adoption Support Groups                   relatives age
                                                                                     Managing Debt                      Provider Directory
 National Adoption Organizations          Family Support for those caring for
                                            the welfare of adult/elder
                                                                                      Managing Credit                    Quarterly Awareness Series
                                                                                     Financial Planning Information     Frequently Asked Questions
Parenting & Child Development
   Parenting skills classes                                                      Life@Work                              On-Line Access & Referral
   Parenting in a non-custodial role   Pet Care                                   24/7 Telephonic Access               On-Line Self-Assessment
                                          Veterinarians                                                                 Tool
    Step-parenting/Grandparenting                                                  Information & Referral Service
   Preparing for childbirth and           Pet insurance                                                                Article Library
                                           Pet sitting, Pet supplies
                                                                                  Topics include: Working with
    parenting                                                                                                            Healthy Rewards On-Line
                                                                                  Others, Workplace Conflict,
   Providing positive discipline,         Obedience Training
                                                                                  Working Overtime, Managing Up,
    understanding adolescence
                                                                                  Balancing Work & Life