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									             Other Support Staff Posts
Code    Post                                                                                 Service
C1254 Admin Assistant \ Finance Support Officer                                              OS
C1272 Admin Assistant \ Senior D & T Technician                                              OS
C1249 Admin Assistant \ Senior D & T Technician with First Aid                               OS
J1925   Admin Assistant/Data Officer                                                         OS
C1222 Admin Officer – Post 16 \ Exam Secretary                                               OS
J1922   Admin Officer (Finance – Post 16)                                                    OS
C1210 Administration Assistant - Data                                                        OS
C1178 Administration Assistant / First Aid                                                   OS
J1569   Administrative Assistant                                                             OS
J1840   Administrative Assistant – Post 16 Support and CAS Coordinator                       OS
W260    Administrative Assistant (Behaviour, Communications)                                 OS
W259    Administrative Assistant (Work Experience, Inclusion and Enrichment)                 OS
C1153 Administrative Finance / Assistant                                                     OS
J1568   Administrative Officer                                                               OS
C1152 Administrative Officer – Personnel                                                     OS
J1564   Administrative Officer – Post 16                                                     OS
S166    Administrative Officer \ Examinations Support Officer                                OS
C1227 Administrative Officer \ Finance & Data Officer                                        OS
C1215 Administrative Officer \ First Aider / Receptionist                                    OS
C1336 Administrative Officer \ Personal Assistant                                            OS
J1926   Administrative Support Assistant                                                     OS
C1182 Admissions and Attendance Officer                                                      OS
C1059 Ancillary Assistant                                                                    OS
X1454   Animal Worker                                                                        OS
S181    Applied Learning and Careers Co-ordinator                                            OS
C1077 Art Technician                                                                         OS
C1252 Art Technician (Teaching and Learning)                                                 OS
C1311 Assistant Assessment Officer - Data                                                    OS
X1449   Assistant Assessment Officer – Data & Examinations                                   OS
A8779   Assistant Catering Co-ordinator                                                      OS

                                                    Other Support staff – alphabetical order - July 09
A8766   Assistant Cook                                                                      OS
S329    Assistant Head – Enrichment and Inclusion                                           OS
C1055 Assistant House Leader                                                                OS
C1100 Assistant ICT Technician                                                              OS
C1087 Assistant Inclusion Centre Manager                                                    OS
C1174 Assistant Learning Centre Manager                                                     OS
C1110 Assistant Manager Community Leisure Centre                                            OS
S115    Assistant Partnership Development Manager                                           OS
C1293 Assistant Progress Manager                                                            OS
L1712   Assistant School Health Adviser                                                     OS
A8691   Assistant SENCO                                                                     OS
S316    Assistant SENCO / HLTA                                                              OS
C1341 Assistant SENco Facilitator                                                           OS
S330    Assistant SENco/HLTA (Outreach)                                                     OS
S408    Assistant Site Co-ordinator                                                         OS
S404    Assistant Site Manager                                                              OS
C1312 Attendance Clerical Officer - Receptionist                                            OS
C1347 Attendance Officer                                                                    OS
C1359 Audio Visual / Graphics Technician (with Health and Safety)                           OS
S308    Behaviour Manager                                                                   OS
C1179 Behaviour Support Manager                                                             OS
C1350 Behaviour Support Manager \ Learning Mentor / Pastoral Support Officer                OS
L1687   Behaviour Support Officer                                                           OS
C1081 Bi-lingual Admissions and Attendance Officer                                          OS
C1282 Bottle Washer                                                                         OS
X1503   Breakfast Club Assistant                                                            OS
S108    Bursar – Level 4                                                                    OS
S113    Bursar – Level 4+                                                                   OS
S175    Bursar \ Facilities (Health & Safety) Manager                                       OS
S176    Bursar and Health and Safety Manager with Facilities Management                     OS
M403    Bus Supervisor                                                                      OS
S177    Business and Operations Manager                                                     OS
S114    Business Manager                                                                    OS
C1323 Car Driver                                                                            OS
A8681   Careers Co-ordinator                                                                OS
A8689   Caretaker                                                                           OS
C1318 Caretaking Co-ordinator                                                               OS

                                                   Other Support staff – alphabetical order - July 09
C1363 Caretaking Co-ordinator (with finance)                                                OS
C1109 Cashier                                                                               OS
A8767   Catering Co-ordinator                                                               OS
K517    Cleaner                                                                             OS
K518    Cleaning Supervisor                                                                 OS
C1253 Clerical / First Aider                                                                OS
J1570   Clerical Assistant – Attendance                                                     OS
C1217 Clerical Assistant (Attendance) \ Cashier                                             OS
C1373 Clerical Assistant (Attendance) \ Clerical Asst (Level 2)                             OS
C1271 Clerical Assistant (Attendance) \ Data Officer                                        OS
C1177 Clerical Assistant (Attendance) \ Pupil Welfare Support Assistant                     OS
J1924   Clerical Assistant (Attendance)\ First Aider/Receptionist                           OS
C1116 Clerical Assistant (Finance / Training)                                               OS
X1442   Clerical Assistant (Health and Safety & Educational Visits)                         OS
C1113 Clerical Assistant (Health and Safety)                                                OS
C1114 Clerical Assistant (Reporting)                                                        OS
C1115 Clerical Assistant (Resources)                                                        OS
C1205 Clerical Assistant \ Lunchtime Supervisor + first aider                               OS
X1438   Clerical Assistant for SENCo (with Reporting)                                       OS
J1573   Clerical Assistant Level 1                                                          OS
C1338 Clerical Assistant Level 1 \ Ancillary Assistant                                      OS
J1572   Clerical Assistant Level 2                                                          OS
C1290 Clerical Assistant SENCo                                                              OS
C1300 Clerical Assistant/Finance                                                            OS
C1226 Clerical Asst Level 2 \ Admin Officer – Post 16                                       OS

C1301 Clerical Asst Level 2 \ Clerical Asst (Attendance) + Work Experience Co-              OS
C1273 Clerical Asst Level 2 \ Exam Secretary                                                OS
C1216 Clerical Asst Level 2 \ First Aider / Receptionist                                    OS
C1255 Clerical Asst Level 2 \ Work Experience Co-ordinator                                  OS
A8680   Clerk to the Governors                                                              OS
C1187 Clerk to the Governors – Administration                                               OS
L1715   Coach Guide                                                                         OS
S116    Community and Business Enterprise Co-ordinator                                      OS
C1060 Community Centre Co-ordinator                                                         OS
C1285 Community Duty Officer                                                                OS
S409    Community Learning Manager                                                          OS
S118    Community Leisure Manager                                                           OS

                                                   Other Support staff – alphabetical order - July 09
K1424   Community Liaison Co-ordinator                                                      OS
C1291 Community Liaison Support Officer                                                     OS
S168    Consortium Operations Manager                                                       OS
C1068 Cook-in-Charge                                                                        OS
C1103 Co-ordinator Curriculum Area Learning Supervisor                                      OS
C1228 Co-ordinator for Work and College Placements                                          OS
J1890   Cover & Educational Visits Co-ordinator                                             OS
C1248 Cover & Timetable Co-ordinator \ Exam Secretary                                       OS
W257    Cover and Timetable Co-ordinator                                                    OS
X1437   Cover and Visits Officer                                                            OS
A8771   Cover Co-ordinator                                                                  OS
C1142 Cover Co-ordinator \ Admin Asst                                                       OS
C1310 Cover Co-ordinator \ Admin Asst\First Aid                                             OS
C1143 Cover Co-ordinator \ Admin Officer                                                    OS
C1203 Cover Co-ordinator \ Admissions and Attendance Officer                                OS
C1132 Cover Co-ordinator \ Clerical Assistant (Level 1)                                     OS
C1133 Cover Co-ordinator \ Clerical Assistant (Level 2)                                     OS
C1125 Cover Co-ordinator \ Exam Invigilator                                                 OS
C1121 Cover Co-ordinator \ Exam Secretary                                                   OS
C1122 Cover Co-ordinator \ Senior Exam Invigilator                                          OS
X1459   Cover Manager, SIMS Co-ordinator and EMA Co-ordinator                               OS
C1278 Cover Officer                                                                         OS
X1505   Cover Officer (Attendance/Staff Absence)                                            OS
K125    Creche Worker                                                                       OS
S119    Curriculum and Exam Officer                                                         OS
L1689   Curriculum Area Learning Supervisor                                                 OS
C1242 D&T and ICT Technician                                                                OS
X1418   D&T and ICT Technician (supervisory pupil support)                                  OS
C1296 D&T and ICT Technician (with pupil support)                                           OS
L1701   D&T Technician                                                                      OS
C1261 D&T Technician (Health & Safety Co-ordinator)                                         OS
C1098 D&T Technician (Health and Safety)                                                    OS
C1097 D&T Technician (Teaching & Learning Specialist Area)                                  OS
L1702   D&T Technician (Teaching and Learning)                                              OS
C1250 D&T Technician (with pupil support)                                                   OS
C1099 D&T Technician Co-ordinator                                                           OS
C1079 Data Assistant                                                                        OS

                                                   Other Support staff – alphabetical order - July 09
S207    Data Manager                                                                        OS
S212    Data Manager \ Data Systems Manager                                                 OS
S148    Data Manager \ Exam Officer                                                         OS
S149    Data Manager \ Exams Manager                                                        OS
S159    Data Manager \ Network Manager                                                      OS
L1699   Data Officer                                                                        OS
C1131 Data Officer \ Cover Co-ordinator                                                     OS
S160    Data Officer \ Curriculum & Exam Officer                                            OS
C1127 Data Officer \ Exam Invigilator                                                       OS
C1126 Data Officer \ Exam Invigilator + Cover Co-ordinator                                  OS
C1119 Data Officer \ Exam Secretary                                                         OS
C1120 Data Officer \ Exam Secretary + Cover Co-ordinator                                    OS
C1124 Data Officer \ Senior Exam Invigilator                                                OS
C1123 Data Officer \ Senior Exam Invigilator + Cover Co-ordinator                           OS
S203    Data Systems Manager                                                                OS
S213    Data Systems Manager \ Exams Manager                                                OS
S214    Data Systems Manager \ Exams Officer                                                OS
C1211 Departmental Administrative Support Officer                                           OS
S139    Deputy Community Leisure Manager                                                    OS
S324    Deputy Head of Care                                                                 OS
S406    Deputy Senior Site Supervisor                                                       OS
S169    Director of Business and Finance                                                    OS
S165    Director of Specialism                                                              OS
C1344 Display and General Technician                                                        OS
C1286 Display Technician                                                                    OS
A8770   Domestic Assistant                                                                  OS
C1229 Duty Manager – Community Leisure Centre                                               OS
S327    Education Leader                                                                    OS
S132    Education Maintenance Allowance Manager                                             OS
C1209 Education Maintenance Allowance Officer                                               OS
C1374 E-learning Developer                                                                  OS
S223    E-learning Development Officer                                                      OS
X1483   E-learning Web Development Technician                                               OS
J1907   Enrichment, Community and Extended School Support Officer                           OS
L1718   Exam Invigilator                                                                    OS
S104    Exam Officer                                                                        OS
L1709   Exam Secretary                                                                      OS

                                                   Other Support staff – alphabetical order - July 09
S144    Examinations and Finance Support Officer                                          OS
S109    Examinations Manager                                                              OS
S125    Examinations Support Officer                                                      OS
S133    Exams Co-ordination Officer                                                       OS
S172    Executive Business Manager                                                        OS
C1238 Extended School Nursery Nurse                                                       OS
C1321 Extended School Support – Educare Co-ordinator                                      OS
C1320 Extended School Support – Senior Educarer                                           OS
C1305 Extended School Support – Teaching Assistant                                        OS
A8815   Extended School Support Educarer – Level 2                                        OS
C1276 Extended School Support Educarer – Level 3                                          OS
C1295 Extended School Support Officer                                                     OS
C1239 Extended School Support Officer (with finance)                                      OS
S156    Facilities (Health & Safety) Manager                                              OS
C1088 Faith School Student Support officer                                                OS
C1061 Family Links Co-ordinator                                                           OS
C1240 Family Support Worker                                                               OS
S328    Farm Manager                                                                      OS
K1437   Finance and Cover Support Assistant                                               OS
C1117 Finance and Data Officer                                                            OS
S134    Finance and HR Officer                                                            OS
C1348 Finance and Inset Co-ordinator                                                      OS
C1118 Finance and Inset Officer                                                           OS
C1263 Finance and Inset Support Officer                                                   OS
J1563   Finance Assistant                                                                 OS
C1150 Finance Asst \ Admin Asst                                                           OS
C1151 Finance Asst \ Admin Officer                                                        OS
C1148 Finance Asst \ Clerical Asst (Level 1)                                              OS
C1149 Finance Asst \ Clerical Asst (Level 2)                                              OS
S131    Finance Management Officer                                                        OS
S106    Finance Manager                                                                   OS
S130    Finance Officer                                                                   OS
C1101 Finance Support Assistant                                                           OS
C1102 Finance Support Officer                                                             OS
C1309 Finance Support Officer \ Finance & Inset Officer                                   OS
C1080 First Aider / Receptionist                                                          OS
C1364 First aider / receptionist \ Work Experience Co-ordinator                           OS

                                                 Other Support staff – alphabetical order - July 09
A8697   Food/Textile Technician                                                           OS
C1251 Food/Textile Technician (pupil support)                                             OS
C1281 Gardener                                                                            OS
C1069 General School Domestic Assistant                                                   OS
L1705   General Technician                                                                OS
C1274 General Technician \ Reprographics Technician                                       OS
J1856   Generic Support Worker                                                            OS
A8698   Graphics Technician                                                               OS
W210    Grounds person                                                                    OS
X1441   Group Premises Maintenance Technician                                             OS
J1844   Group Tutor (Support Staff)                                                       OS
S320    Head of Care (Level 4)                                                            OS
S311    Head of Care (Level 4+)                                                           OS
S331    Head of Children’s Centre                                                         OS
C1138 Heads PA / Clerk to Governors                                                       OS
C1112 Heads PA and Front Office Manager                                                   OS
C1231 Heads PA with Project Managements                                                   OS
S164    Health and Safety Co-ordinator                                                    OS
S167    Health and Safety Officer                                                         OS
J1836   Health Project Co-ordinator                                                       OS
C1063 Home School Liaison Officer (Pre-school)                                            OS
C1091 Home School Liaison Worker                                                          OS
C1056 Home School Link Worker                                                             OS
C1366 Home School Link Worker (exc. Child protection)                                     OS
C1054 House Leader                                                                        OS
S215    ICT Co-ordinator                                                                  OS
S222    ICT Development Manager                                                           OS
C1315 ICT Officer                                                                         OS
L1703   ICT Technician                                                                    OS
L1704   ICT Technician (Teaching and Learning)                                            OS
C1233 ICT Technician (with AV)                                                            OS
C1092 Inclusion and Mentoring Officer                                                     OS
C1057 Inclusion Assistant                                                                 OS
S305    Inclusion Manager                                                                 OS
C1058 Inclusion Officer                                                                   OS
C1170 Inclusion Support Assistant                                                         OS
S323    Inclusion Support Manager                                                         OS

                                                 Other Support staff – alphabetical order - July 09
S334    Inclusion Support Manager (Special School)                                          OS
J1585   Janitor                                                                             OS
C1186 Janitor (with driving)                                                                OS
C1337 Janitor \ PE Technician                                                               OS
C1084 Keyholder                                                                             OS
A8778   Kitchen Assistant                                                                   OS
C1288 Laundry Assistant                                                                     OS
C1365 Lead ICT Technician                                                                   OS
C1062 Learndirect Facilitator                                                               OS
L1695   Learning Mentor                                                                     OS
C1094 Learning Mentor/Pastoral Support Officer                                              OS
C1193 Learning Resource Centre Administrator                                                OS
J1881   Learning Resource Centre and Work Experience Administrator                          OS
S110    Library Resource Centre Manager                                                     OS
S174    Library Resource Officer                                                            OS
S105    Library Resource Operational Manager                                                OS
C1183 Lifeguard                                                                             OS
C1303 Lifeguard/Swimming Instructor                                                         OS
X1409   Lunchtime Inclusion Assistant                                                       OS
X1466   Lunchtime Officer                                                                   OS
L1719   Lunchtime Supervisor                                                                OS
L1717   Lunchtime Supervisor (additional needs)                                             OS
J1868   Lunchtime Supervisor (additional needs) (with setting up)                           OS
J1869   Lunchtime Supervisor (with setting up)                                              OS
C1326 Lunchtime Supervisor \ Ancillary Assistant                                            OS
C1325 Lunchtime Supervisor \ General Technician                                             OS
S153    Management Information Officer                                                      OS
J1898   Marketing and Lettings Assistant                                                    OS
S122    Marketing Officer                                                                   OS
S126    Marketing Support Officer                                                           OS
L1716   Mealtime Supervisor                                                                 OS
J1870   Mealtime Supervisor (with setting up)                                               OS
J1911   Media Officer                                                                       OS
L1706   Media Technician                                                                    OS
C1128 Media Technician \ ICT Technician                                                     OS
C1130 Media Technician \ ICT Technician (Teaching and Learning)                             OS
C1129 Media Technician \ Senior ICT Technician                                              OS

                                                   Other Support staff – alphabetical order - July 09
C1287 Minibus Driver                                                                         OS
X1436   Multi Sports Coach                                                                   OS
X1439   Musical Accompaniment (Piano)                                                        OS
S204    Network Manager                                                                      OS
S219    Network Support Manager                                                              OS
S211    Network Support Manager \ Technical Support Manager                                  OS
S209    Network Support Officer                                                              OS
A8756   Night Attendance                                                                     OS
S128    Office and Attendance Manager                                                        OS
S180    Office and Attendance Manager/Management Information Officer                         OS
S107    Office and Financial Services Manager                                                OS
S161    Office and H&S Co-ordinator                                                          OS
S136    Office and Marketing Manager                                                         OS
C1175 Office Co-ordinator (Achievement & Guidance)                                           OS
S103    Office Manager                                                                       OS
C1085 Office Manager (Achievement & Guidance)                                                OS
S101    Office Services Manager                                                              OS
S179    Office Services Manager (including HR + Health & Safety)                             OS
S157    Office Support and Careers Manager                                                   OS
S102    Office Support Manager                                                               OS
S152    Office Support Manager \ Operational Office Manager                                  OS
S121    Operational Office Manager                                                           OS
C1185 Operational Reprographics and Finance Support Officer                                  OS
C1355 Operational Reprographics and Finance Support Officer (no first aid)                   OS
S171    Operations Manager                                                                   OS
W258    PA to Headteacher and the leadership team                                            OS
S170    Partnership Development Manager                                                      OS
C1334 Pastoral Support Assistant                                                             OS
X1504   Pastoral Support Assistant/Minibus Driver                                            OS
C1356 Pastoral Support Officer                                                               OS
A8768   PE Technician                                                                        OS
J1566   Personal Assistant                                                                   OS
S147    Personal Assistant (Policy Support with FM)                                          OS
S124    Personal Assistant (Policy Support)                                                  OS
S140    Personal Assistant (Policy Support)/Clerk to Governors                               OS
S141    Personal Assistant (Policy Support)/Cover Co-ordinator                               OS
C1218 Personal Assistant \ Clerk to the Governors                                            OS

                                                    Other Support staff – alphabetical order - July 09
C1258 Personal Assistant and Reprographics                                                 OS
S162    Personal Assistant to Headteacher and Governor and Admin Support                   OS
X1485   Personal Welfare Support Assistant                                                 OS
S146    Personnel and Public Relations Co-ordinator                                        OS
C1052 Play Leader                                                                          OS
C1053 Play Worker                                                                          OS
C1072 Pool Dresser                                                                         OS
C1289 Post 16 Administrative and Reception Officer                                         OS
S333    Pre-School Co-ordinator                                                            OS
S335    Pre-School Co-ordinator (Children’s Centre)                                        OS
S318    Pre-School Deputy Manager                                                          OS
S319    Pre-School Manager                                                                 OS
A8754   Professional Support Worker                                                        OS
X1443   Progression Mentor                                                                 OS
J1935   Progression Mentor/First aider & receptionist/Minibus driver                       OS
C1322 Pupil Placement Co-ordinator                                                         OS
C1349 Pupil Placement Manager                                                              OS
C1292 Pupil Progress Manager                                                               OS
C1191 Pupil Support (Emotional & Social Support)                                           OS
J1915   Pupil Support Assistant                                                            OS
C1093 Pupil Support Co-ordinator                                                           OS
S306    Pupil Support Manager                                                              OS
J1921   Pupil Support Officer                                                              OS
C1089 Pupil Welfare Support Assistant                                                      OS
C1139 Reception Officer                                                                    OS
C1082 Reprographic / First Aid Officer                                                     OS
C1297 Reprographic Resource Technician                                                     OS
C1074 Reprographics / Events Manager                                                       OS
W212    Reprographics Co-ordinator                                                         OS
C1256 Reprographics Co-ordinator \ Cover & Timetable Co-ordinator                          OS
C1075 Reprographics Manager                                                                OS
C1073 Reprographics Operational Officer                                                    OS
C1324 Reprographics Operational Officer \ Data Assistant                                   OS
W213    Reprographics Technician                                                           OS
C1180 Reprographics Technician \ Clerical Assistant                                        OS
S127    Research Technician                                                                OS
J1914   Residential Child Care Officer                                                     OS

                                                  Other Support staff – alphabetical order - July 09
C1172 Residential Support Worker                                                            OS
C1339 Residential Support Worker \ Teaching Assistant (Special School) Level 3              OS
A8769   Resource Technician (Special Needs)                                                 OS
C1224 School and Community Liaison Officer                                                  OS
S178    School Business Director                                                            OS
S325    School Counsellor                                                                   OS
L1714   School Health Adviser                                                               OS
J1841   School Leadership Support Officer                                                   OS
C1090 School Liaison and Support Officer                                                    OS
C1107 School Liaison Officer                                                                OS
A8682   School Librarian                                                                    OS
C1308 School Librarian / Media Officer                                                      OS
C1192 School Librarian Co-ordinator                                                         OS
C1188 School Librarian Officer                                                              OS
L1711   School Library Assistant                                                            OS
C1184 School Meal Cashier                                                                   OS
J1567   School Secretary                                                                    OS
C1268 School Secretary \ Data Officer & Finance Support Assistant                           OS
C1106 Science and AV Technician                                                             OS
C1108 Science and Safety Technician                                                         OS
C1225 Science and Safety Technician (with 6 form support)                                   OS
C1196 Science Support Technician                                                            OS
L1700   Science Technician                                                                  OS
C1304 Science Technician (Special Equipment)                                                OS
J1581   Science Technician (Teaching and Learning)                                          OS
C1076 Science Technician Co-ordinator                                                       OS
C1096 Science Technician including Exam Invigilation                                        OS
C1141 Science Technician Officer                                                            OS
S332    SENCo + Teaching Assistant Team Leader \ Behaviour Manager                          OS
S312    SENCO and Teaching Assistant Team Leader                                            OS
C1212 SENCo Support Administrator                                                           OS
X1435   Senior Breakfast Club Supervisor                                                    OS
A8694   Senior D&T Technician                                                               OS
L1710   Senior Exam Invigilator                                                             OS
J1937   Senior Family Support Worker                                                        OS
S173    Senior Finance Support Co-ordinator                                                 OS
S123    Senior Finance Support Officer                                                      OS

                                                   Other Support staff – alphabetical order - July 09
L1698   Senior ICT Technician                                                             OS
C1313 Senior Learning Mentor                                                              OS
L1713   Senior Lunchtime Supervisor                                                       OS
J1867   Senior Lunchtime Supervisor (with setting up)                                     OS
C1140 Senior Network Technician                                                           OS
C1345 Senior Play Leader                                                                  OS
C1269 Senior Play Worker                                                                  OS
A8755   Senior Professional Support Worker                                                OS
C1137 Senior Reprographics Manager                                                        OS
A8692   Senior Reprographics Officer                                                      OS
A8772   Senior Residential Support Worker                                                 OS
C1171 Senior Residential Support Worker                                                   OS
C1340 Senior Residential Support Worker\Teaching Assistant (Special School) Level 3       OS
C1095 Senior Science Technician                                                           OS
S202    Senior Science Technician (Teaching and Learning)                                 OS
S402    Senior Site Supervisor                                                            OS
C1104 Senior Site Technician                                                              OS
C1307 SIMS and Reports Co-ordinator                                                       OS
C1294 SIMS Co-ordinator and Cover Manager                                                 OS
C1237 Site Health and Safety Supervisor                                                   OS
S403    Site Manager                                                                      OS
S405    Site Officer                                                                      OS
S401    Site Supervisor                                                                   OS
W209    Site Technician                                                                   OS
S407    Sites and Building Supervisor                                                     OS
S206    Specialist HLTA                                                                   OS
C1232 Specialist Schools Officer/Receptionist                                             OS
A8695   Specialist Technician                                                             OS
S322    Sports and Mobility Co-ordinator                                                  OS
S315    Sports and Mobility Officer                                                       OS
C1111 Sports Recreation Assistant                                                         OS
W262    Staff Absence / Reception Co-ordinator                                            OS
C1230 Student Behaviour Support                                                           OS
C1343 Student Mentor                                                                      OS
L1694   Student Mentor Support                                                            OS
C1176 Student Mentor Support Assistant                                                    OS
X1484   Student Progression Mentor                                                        OS

                                                 Other Support staff – alphabetical order - July 09
C1086 Student Support Assistant                                                           OS
C1259 Student Support Manager                                                             OS
L1688   Student Support Officer                                                           OS
C1147 Student Support Officer \ Clerical Asst (Attendance)                                OS
A8693   Supervisory Science Technician                                                    OS
S220    Supervisory Science Technician (with Health and Safety)                           OS
C1317 Support Services Co-ordinator                                                       OS
J1916   Support Services Co-ordinator (Project Management)                                OS
S112    Support Services Manager                                                          OS
S129    Support Services Manager (including Facilities Management)                        OS
S111    Support Services Manager (without facilities management)                          OS
C1190 Support Services Officer                                                            OS
C1071 Swimming Instructor and Water Safety Officer                                        OS
S143    System Support Manager \ Office Support Manager                                   OS
S208    Systems Officer                                                                   OS
S201    Systems Support Officer                                                           OS
S304    Team Leader – Curriculum Area Learning Supervisor                                 OS
S218    Technical Manager                                                                 OS
C1357 Technical Support Co-ordinator                                                      OS
S205    Technical Support Manager                                                         OS
C1064 Transition Co-ordinator                                                             OS
C1262 Transition Co-ordinator Manager                                                     OS
C1277 Transition Manager (Special School)                                                 OS
C1314 Walking Bus Driver                                                                  OS
S216    Web Developer                                                                     OS
S210    Web Manager                                                                       OS
X1487   Welfare Support Assistant                                                         OS
C1342 Withdrawal Room Supervisor                                                          OS
J1571   Work Experience Co-ordinator                                                      OS
C1207 Work Experience Co-ordinator (with First Aid)                                       OS
C1145 Work Experience Co-ordinator \ Student Mentor Support                               OS
A8765   Work Experience Officer                                                           OS
C1146 Work Experience Officer \ Student Mentor Support                                    OS
C1154 Wraparound Care Club Manager                                                        OS

                     Combined roles

                                                 Other Support staff – alphabetical order - July 09

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