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FARE 1:      Accounting standards and conceptual frameworks. Income statement. Income from continuing operations.
             Discontinued operations and exit or disposal activities. Extraordinary items. Accounting changes and error
             corrections. Comprehensive income Balance sheet and disclosures overview. Interim financial reporting.
             Segment reporting. Development-stage enterprises (U.S. GAAP). Fair value measurements and disclosures.
             First-time adoption of IFRS SEC reporting requirements.
FARE2:       Timing issues: Matching of revenue and expenses, correcting and adjusting accounts. Long-term construction
             contracts. Accounting for instalment sales. Accounting for nonmonetary exchanges. Partnerships . Financial
             reporting and changing prices. Foreign currency accounting. Other financial statement presentations.
FARE 3:      Marketable securities. Business combinations/consolidations. Cost method (external reporting). Equity method
             and joint ventures (external reporting). Consolidated financial statements. Acquisition method (external
             reporting). Intercompany transactions. Combined financial statements/push down accounting. Variable interest
             entities (VIES).
FARE 4:      Working capital and its components. Inventories. Fixed assets. Depreciable assets and depreciation. Fixed
             asset impairment. Appendix: IFRS vs. U.S. GAAP.
FARE 5:      Present values and annuities. Accounting for leases. Asset retirement and environment obligations. Long-term
             liabilities and bonds payable. Troubled debt restructurings. Other Liabilities and debt covenants.
FARE 6:      Pension plans. Postretirement benefits other than pensions. Other deferred compensation and benefits.
             Estimated and accrued liabilities. Contingencies. Subsequent events. Accounting for income taxes. Appendix:
             IFRS vs. U.S. GAAP. Class questions
FARE 7:      Financial instruments. Stockholders' equity. Earnings per share. Statement of cash flows. Ratio analysis.
FARE 8:      Governmental accounting overview. Modified accrual accounting. Governmental funds. Proprietary funds.
             Fiduciary funds.
FARE 9:      Governmental accounting (Part B). Not-for-profit organizations.


AUD&ATT 1:   Audited financial statements: The basics. Professional standards. Reports on audited financial statements.
             Reports on comparative financial statements. Events occurring after year-end. Reporting on other information.
             Professional responsibilities. Appendix: Licensing and disciplinary systems within the profession
AUD&ATT 2:   Quality control standards. Other engagements, reports and accounting services. Compilation and review of
             financial statements (pre-June 2011). Compilation and review of financial statements (post-June 2011).
             Reporting on comparative financial statements. Review of interim financial information. Letters for
AUD&ATT 3:   Engagement acceptance and understanding the assignment. Planning and supervision. Audit risk. Fraud risk.
             Understanding the entity and its environment. Internal control. Responding to the assessed risk of material
AUD&ATT 4:   Audit documentation. Audit evidence. Audit procedures by transaction cycles. Other audit procedures. The
             effect of information technology on the audit. Evaluating audit findings. Financial ratios.
AUD&ATT 5:   Audit sampling. Internal control communications. Communication with those charged with governance.
             Management representations. Government auditing.

REG 1:       Individual taxation: Filing status. Individual taxation: Exemption. Individual taxation: Gross income. Individual
             taxation: Capital gains and losses.
REG 2:       Adjustments and itemized deductions. Tax calculations and credits. Individual taxation: Other taxes and Items
REG 3:       C corporation, depreciation, and MACRS. Small business corporations (S corporations). Exempt organizations
REG 4:       Partnership taxation. Estate, trust and gift taxation. Ethics and professional responsibilities in tax services.
             Federal tax procedures and legislative process. Sole proprietorship and joint venture. General partnership.
             Limited liability partnership. Limited partnership. Limited liability company. Corporation.
REG 5:       Contracts. Sales. Employer-employee law.
REG 6:       Commercial paper. Documents of title. Secured transactions. Suretyship & creditor's rights. Money laundering.
REG 7:       Agency. Bankruptcy. Securities regulation. CPA legal liability. Antitrust law. Copyrights and patents.

BEC 1:       Corporate governance. Control environment. Operations management: Performance management and impact
             of measures on behaviour. Operations management: Cost measurement methods and techniques. Operations
             management: Process management. Operations management: Project management. Terminology
BEC 2:       Changes in economic and business cycles. Economic measures/indicators. Globalization and local economies.
             Market influences on business strategies. Financial risk management
BEC 3:       Financial modelling projections and analysis. Financial decisions. Capital management, including working
             capital. Financial valuation. Financial transactions processes and controls
BEC 4:       Organizational needs assessment. Systems design and other elements. Security. Internet implications for
             business. Types of information systems and technology risks. Disaster recovery and business continuity
BEC 5:       Market and risk analysis. Strategy development, implantation and monitoring. Planning techniques:
             Forecasting and projection. Planning techniques: Budget and analysis. Planning techniques: Coordinating
             information from various sources for integrated planning

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