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                                                               You want ME to be
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Swearing – 2
Produced by Esther Pickup-Keller, Behaviour and Attendance Consultant

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The 5 w Form
Name:……………………………Class:………………………….Date of Incident:…………………

Please answer the questions in the spaces provided. Write as much as you can.

       1.   What I did (against our agreed school rules)

       2.   What rule(s) did I challenge?

       3.   Why I did it/my side of the story

       4.   What was the effect of my behaviour?

       5. What I think I could do to sort things out

When you return to school you will be asked to discuss this form with the person meeting you and
your parents on that day.
Before that day think about the agreements you can make about future behaviour.
Together with the member of staff re-admitting you to school you will fill in the box below

 Agreement/Action Plan                  Date:……………


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Task 1
Read the news item below:

                                                Pupils suspended for swearing

Sixty boys have been suspended from a secondary school in Surrey in the past six months for

Paul Templeman-Wright took over as head teacher at Beverley secondary school in New Malden
last year and immediately cracked down on language.

He claims the campaign has reformed the school and won the support of governors, most parents
and the police.

And he has hit out about the language of celebrities such as Liam and Noel Gallagher, Jonathan
Ross and Elton John.

Mr Templeman-Wright told the Daily Mail newspaper why he took the action.

"Society is giving out the wrong signals and the youth of today faces a big culture shock when they
come into this school.

"There is no place for such language in the classroom or the workplace."

The head teacher blamed celebrities for spreading bad language.

(From BBC Education News – Thursday 8th March 2001)

Task 2

Below are some responses to the news item, read these through:

Full marks to the headteacher! Swearing shows a lack of respect for the individual and
should never be used if there is any possibility of it causing offence. Swearing is just
another form of abuse and children should be taught to recognise this.
Michael, England

Am I getting old here??? When I was in school, back in the early 80's, there was ZERO
tolerance of swearing, by either teacher or pupil. In fact it could lead to a visit to the
headteacher and a few strokes of the cane for your troubles. Before people jump up and
assume I was enrolled in a grammar school, this was a London comprehensive with all the
normal problems that came along.
James Jeffrey, USA, but English

Swearing should not be tolerated in any public place. This includes schools, shopping
malls etc. I also think it should banned altogether from all TV channels paid for by the TV
licence fee. Films containing swearing should ALL be classified as certificate 18. I know

E:\Accountability Packs\Accountability Pack Swearing - 2.doc
we all swear from time to time, but not usually in mixed company and not out loud for
everyone else to hear.
Chris Zouch, England

If you try to ban swearing that makes it doubly cool, plus there is a human rights aspect to
the right to express yourself as you wish. Censorship never works.
Adrian Rox, England

There is nothing wrong with swearing "per se", but we should be sensitive to other people
around us who might be offended. In other words, to expel a child from school for swearing
is wrong, but to expel them for, say, swearing at their teacher, would be more reasonable.
Owen Southwood, UK

Doesn't this kind of ban violate human rights especially freedom of speech?
Marko, Finland

Some of these responses back the headteacher for suspending pupils for swearing, others criticise
him. Read the last comment through again and write an essay expressing your opinion about the
Freedom of Speech

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Task 3 Read the articles below:

Teachers want clampdown on swearing

Teachers are finally getting tough on kids who swear in

They could soon be given hard-hitting new powers
which could have you expelled at the drop of an

Under the new rules, teachers have total control. It

E:\Accountability Packs\Accountability Pack Swearing - 2.doc
would be up to them if they wanted to carry on teaching
you when you've been foul-mouthed.

Prison sentence

Bad language in the classroom is now being seen as
disruptive as fighting and misbehaving.

"It's horrible getting called things when I'm just trying
to do my job and teach kids," one teacher told

And if you think that's tough, schools in France are
considering sending kids to prison if they continually
swear and bad-mouth teachers!

Clarke's son suspended from school
Friday March 7, 2003

The son of the education secretary, Charles Clarke, was suspended today from his
secondary school for swearing at a caretaker's assistant.

Christopher, aged 15, was punished for a day after he abused a member of the school
staff who had confiscated his football, the Department for Education and Skills said. He
was at home in Norwich today and will be back in school on Monday.

Mr Clarke said the school, Eaton comprehensive in Norwich, had acted properly. In a
statement he said: "My son was excluded for one day as a result of an incident where he
swore at a member of the ground staff who confiscated his football. The matter is one for
the school, which has acted properly following its own disciplinary process, and my family.
I have nothing further to say on this matter."

A school friend was reported as saying that the minister's son was carrying a football in the
playground on Thursday when a fellow pupil kicked it out of his hands. The ball landed
close to the male caretaker's assistant who confiscated it. Mr Clarke's son then swore at
the assistant. The headteacher, Gordon Boyd, refused to comment on the matter today.

As you can see from the newspaper articles above, schools across the country
exclude pupils for swearing in school.

Write a paper in which you explain how you would stop swearing in school if you
were the headteacher

If I was the headteacher in my school, I would try to stop the swearing that goes on

and improve the language used by pupils by

E:\Accountability Packs\Accountability Pack Swearing - 2.doc
E:\Accountability Packs\Accountability Pack Swearing - 2.doc
Task 4:

Design a 6-frame cartoon strip to encourage pupils to stop swearing in school:

E:\Accountability Packs\Accountability Pack Swearing - 2.doc