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                                                                 When does the 50 years start
                                                                 from – the day we order the                         Burial
                               What are
                                                                 site or from the day it is paid?
                                                                 The tenure of 50 years starts from
                                                                 the date the site is ordered.
                               the benefits                                                                                                2009 / 2010

                               of choosing a                     What happens if I don’t use
                               ‘pre-need’ site?                  the site for many years?
                                                                                                                               entennial Park Cemetery
                         Purchasing a                            Burial licences can be extended after                         accommodates all forms of
                         memorial in                             5 years up to a maximum of 50 years                 burial such as lawn and vault burials and
                         advance ensures                         from today’s date. Please note-this is              includes general and specific religious
 your wishes are carried out and a site                          not compulsory. Anyone can top up                   sections such as Bahá´í, Catholic, Druses,
                                                                 the licence to a grave after 5 years has            Jewish, Lutheran, Muslim and Orthodox.
 of your choice is selected. This takes
 the task of selecting a memorial site                           expired on the licence. Otherwise,                  Burial licences are issued for 50 years.
 away from the family at an extremely                            the licence can be extended from                    At any time during this period, the
 emotional time and secures the                                  the date the 50 years expires.                      licence may be renewed up to a
                                                                                                                     maximum of 50 years from the date of
 cost of the site at today’s prices. A                           How many licence holders
                                                                                                                     expiry. In most areas it is possible to
 burial licence is for 50 years.                                 can there be per burial site?                       have three interments.
 What are my                                                     There can be up to two (2)                          Our experienced staff will be pleased to
 payment options?                                                licence holders. Please advise the                  show you around our grounds and assist
 You can pay in full at the time of the                          consultant at your appointment if                   you with this important decision.
 appointment or a 30 day account can                             you wish to have this option.                       Please phone 8276 6011 to book a
 be issued.                                                      Does the Cemetery provide                           no-obligation tour or to speak with one
                                                                                                                     of our friendly consultants.
 Alternatively a 6 month lay-by set                              and maintain lawn in the
 up can be arranged. We accept cash,                             beam section?                                       Environment
                                                                                                                     All of Centennial Park’s greenhouse
 cheque, money order, EFTPOS,                                    The licence fee for plots in the                    gas emissions are fully carbon offset
 Visa card and MasterCard.                                       standard beam section does not                      through the planting of trees, shower-
 Does the purchase of the                                        include planting grass on graves or                 head and light bulb replacement and
 pre-need site include the                                       the watering of established grass.                  methane destruction programmes.
 interment/opening fees?                                         Lawn 1, 2, 3, Derrick Gardens and                   Centennial Park also actively recycles
                                                                 Lutheran Lawn are the only burial                   as part of a range of environmentally
 No, you are purchasing the pre-need                             sections irrigated at Centennial Park.              proactive initiatives.
 site only. There is an additional cost
 for interment/opening services.

CENTENNIAL PARK CEMETERY AUTHORITY 760 Goodwood Road, Pasadena, South Australia 5042
Telephone: (08) 8276 6011 Facsimile: (08) 8275 2266 Email: Website:
Standard Size Graves
                                                                               Licence for
Graves with concrete beams for upright                                            a burial plot
                                                                               A licence for a burial plot may be
 50 Year Licence Fee                              $2,200.00                    purchased in advance of actual use.
 Selection Surcharge                              $1,039.50                    This is known as ‘pre-need’ and a
 Total                                            $3,239.50                    surcharge is charged on a licence fee
                                                                               when a family selects the site.
                                                                               In most areas of the beam section it
 LAWN SECTION                                                                  is possible for a grave to hold up to
                                                                               three burials and unlimited
Standard Size Graves                                                           cremated remains.
A sloping style monument on a                                                  The erection of a monument or
granite base set on a maintained                                               additional inscription to the
lawn area.                                                                     existing monument is subject
                                                                               to approval by Centennial Park.
 50 Year Licence Fee                              $3,300.00                    Monumental work must be
 Selection Surcharge                              $1,537.00                    conducted by an authorised person
 Total                                            $4,837.00                    and is subject to a permit fee.
                                                                               If a companion site is ordered
                                                                               through the funeral director
 CONCRETEVAULTS                                                                within five (5) working days of a
                                                                               burial, a surcharge will not apply.
Available in General Vault Area Only                                           When a licence is already held, an
Reinforced pre-cast concrete vaults with                                       interment/opening fee is applicable.
beams for upright monuments.                                                   A minimum of 10 years must be
                                                                               current on the licence prior to
 Double Vault – including installation                                         a burial.
 (Provision for 2)           $18,150.00                                        If you are considering a pre need
 50 Year Licence Fee          $3,300.00                                        grave our Burial Consultants
 Selection Surcharge          $1,554.00                                        will be pleased to speak with
 Total                       $23,004.00                                        you. Appointments are available
                                                                               at 10:00am or 1:00pm weekdays
 Vault Opening Fee                                    $660.00                  and can be booked by phoning our
                                                                               administration office on 8276 6011.
(For second interment)

Prices apply from 1st July 2009 to 30th June 2010 and are subject to change.

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