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									                                 FINAL REPORT
            Status of Performance rendered according to Contract

Title of the PPP Project:         BIGAS Project

Name of the Private Company:      Bayer Cropscience, Inc.

Name of Local Partner:            APRSCP - Asia Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable
                                  Consumption and Production

Intended Project Term:            12 months (October 2005 to September 2006)

Actual Project Term:              15 months (October 2005 to December 2006)

Date of report:                   29th January 2006

Results (acc. To Annex 2 of the PPP Contact of Performance)
              Planned                                        Actual                          Appraisal1       Reasons for
                                                                                                          s on Consequences
Project Goal
Contribute to the                     The geographic coverage of the project has been            A        Under BCS’
competitiveness of SME                extended to include not only the island of Luzon                    Sustainable
suppliers and farmers'                but also the province of Iloilo in the island of                    Agriculture, Iloilo
cooperatives in the island of         Panay in the Visayas.                                               has been identified as
Luzon to increase productivity,       After implementing IEMS in phases, supplier                         one of the pilot areas.
meet global standards, resulting      SMEs reported improvements in their working
in poverty alleviation in the         culture,    environmental       conciousness    and
long run and gain better market       performance in areas such as good housekeeping,
access by implementing                cleaner production, resource conservation, waste
Integrated Environmental              management, (reduce, re use recycle wastes), clean
Management System (IEMS) in           transport ,vehicle emission testings, energy
their organization.                   savings,     use     of    renewable     energy,fuel
                                      conservation, among others. Interestingly, many
                                      participants, reported cost savings as well .
                                      Rice farmers became more aware of the harm that
                                      rice straw burning does to the environment and
                                      their health, and they were able to earn more from
                                      growing rice in a more sustainable way.

Result 1:
Training tools on Integrated          Training tools on IEMS were developed as of                A        Some of the materials
Environmental Management              October 2005, adopting the Acorn Method for the                     were ready for
System (IEMS) are developed           EMS following the Philippine Standard for Phased                    adoption/adaptation
(Sept 2005 to Oct. 2005)              implementation of EMS – PNS BS 8555.                                from various sources.
                                      Incorporated on the IPEMS (Integrated Phased                        Basic Environmental
                                      Environmental Management Systems) are the                           Awareness Training
                                      modules on EPI (Environmental Performance                           was included as
                                      Indicators) and EMA (Environmental Management                       requested by the
                                      Accounting) and the Eco-Inspector (for Cleaner                      companies.

                                      Other training modules have been added on                           Clean Transport
                                      Sustainable Agriculture (Palay Check- Integrated                    Training was
                                      Crop Management ), Environmental Management                         identified as an
                                      Accounting Training (EMA), Basic Environmental                      important component
                                      Awareness Training (BEAT) Clean Transport                           of the Transport
                                      (Economical Driving and Inspection and                              companies
                                      Maintenance to complement the IPEMS Modules                         participating in the
                                                                                                          BIGAS Project.
                                      Refer to Indicator 1 and Activities 1 for details.
Result 2:
Twenty (20) SME suppliers and         Twenty four (24) SME Suppliers with                        A
three (3) distributors (with one      participants have been trained in various Seminars
hundred twenty five (125)             and Trainings on the Philippine National Standard
trainees) and two (2) farmers’        / British Standard PNS BS 8555 (Integrated
cooperatives with one hundred         Phased Implementation of an Environmental
forty (140) trainees and other        Management Systems and Sustainable Agriculture,
multipliers (e.g. the                 and Clean Transport broken down as follows:
representatives from the Dept.

     A= according to plan, B= delayed, C = at risk, D = not possible
           Planned                                     Actual                           Appraisal1       Reasons for
                                                                                                     s on Consequences
of Agriculture) are trained on   -IPEMS Introductory Seminars/Launches - two
IEMS and are aware of             hundred twelve (212) participants (Combined
sustainable environmental         number of trainees for the separate Introductory
practices (Oct 2005 to June       seminars held at the Laguna Technopark, Nueva
2006, 9 months).                  Ecija and Iloilo, respectively.)

                                 -BIGAS PNS BS 8555 Phase 1 (Gaining
                                 Management Commitment and Establishing the
                                 Baseline) Plenary: 65 participants

                                 -BIGAS PNS BS 8555 Phase 2 (Identifying Legal
                                 and Other Requirements) Plenary 55 participants

                                 -BIGAS PNS BS 8555 Phase 3 (Developing
                                 Environmental Management Programs) Plenary 59

                                 -BEAT: four hundred two (402) combined number
                                 of participants, conducted separately with
                                 *Fourteen (14) SME Suppliers: 261 participants ,
                                 *Bayer CropScience Staff: 45 participants
                                 *two (2) farmers’ cooperatives: 43 participants
                                 *two (2 ) distributors: 53 participants.

                                 -Clean Transport Seminars
                                 -Economical Driving 52 participants
                                 -Inspection and Maintenance 42 participants

                                 - Special Training on Emission testing with four
                                 (4) BCS Staff
                                 -Special Training on Inspection and Maintenance
                                 at Legalas Transport 12 Participants,

                                 BIGAS Team has conducted on-site / in company
                                 mentoring with twenty four (24) SME suppliers,
                                 three (3) distributors and two (2) farmers’
                                 cooperatives on Phase 1 of IPEMS

                                 Thirteen (13) BCS Staff joined the various
                                 company visits as understudies (as part of trainor’s
                                 training), at least two (2) BCS staff joined the
                                 Consultants in the company site visits.

                                 Fifteen (15) participants from BPS, FSSI, BCS
                                 were given Introductory Course on IPEMS under
                                 the PNS BS 8555 for Auditors /Would-be

                                 88 farmer members of 2 Farmers’ cooperatives in
                                 Iloilo and Nueva Ecija were trained on Sustainable
                                 Agriculture /Integrated Crop Management and on
                                 the responsible and judicious use of crop
                                 protection products during pest management on
                                 their farms. They were also trained on organic
                                 fertilizer production using rice straw and Effective

            Planned                                    Actual                            Appraisal1       Reasons for
                                                                                                      s on Consequences
                                 Microorganisms (EM-1) technology
                                 ( as an
                                 alternative to rice straw burning

                                 Refer to Indicators 2 Activities 2 for details
Result 3:
IEMS Phases 1-3 are              Out of the 24 SME suppliers initially trained on            A
implemented by SME suppliers     EMS, 20 SME suppliers and BCS are
and farmers’ cooperatives,       implementing Phases 1-3 of PNS –BS 8555 as of
twenty five (25) are being       December 2006 of the Bureau of Product
identified by the Bureau of      Standards (BPS). These suppliers have been
Product Standards (BPS) and      audited and have been found to comply at different
have been certified; thus they   phases of the PNS BS 8555:
achieve global standards         *Phase 1 Compliant - 5 SME Suppliers
                                 *Phases 1-2 Compliant - 6 SME Suppliers
                                 *Phases 1-3 Compliant - 9 SME Suppliers and

                                 Two (2) Farmers Cooperatives are implementing
                                 Sustainable Agriculture using Palay-Check-
                                 Integrated Crop Management of the Phil-Rice
                                 (Philippine Rice Research Institute).

                                 See Indicators 3 and Activities 3 for details

Result 4: Awareness on           Both BCS and APRSCP are promoting the BIGAS                 A
sustainable agriculture/IEMS     Project with various stakeholders, in various fora
is propagated                    and, mass media (radio and print media) and
                                 through the website:

                                 The BIGAS Project has also launched an onsite
                                 emission testing of vehicles entering the BCS
                                 compound both BCS vehicles and those of their
                                 suppliers) to instill compliance with the
                                 Philippine Clean Air Act, fuel savings and
                                 greenhouse gas avoidance (This is part of BCS
                                 implementation of the Clean Transport Program.

                                 Awareness campaign on the Prevention of Rice
                                 Straw Burning and the Benefits of using it as
                                 Organic fertilizer were also launched through the
                                 farmers coops and the Department of Agriculture
                                 in Iloilo and Nueva Ecija; and through the radio
                                 and print media. Farmers were made aware that
                                 rice straw burning is the highest contributing factor
                                 to atmospheric dioxins and furans as revealed by a
                                 study of the Dept. of Natural Resources –
                                 Environmental Management Bureau.

                                 Farmers were also taught sustainable agricultural
                                 practices and the responsible and judicious use of
                                 crop protection products using the Palay Check
                                 tool developed by PhilRice

Indicators (In accordance with Annex 2 of the PPP Contract of Performance)
Planned                               Actual                                           Appraisal2   Reasons for
                                                                                                    Comments on
Indicators 1:                                                                          A
• Training Manual on IEMS             The following training tools have been
  covering EMS, EPI and               developed/adapted for the BIGAS Project:
  EMA is completed
                                      -BIGAS Training Modules adopted for from
                                      the Acorn Method (Annex 1.0) with permission
                                      from the Institute of Environmental
                                      Management And Assessment of Britain

                                      - BIGAS Journey Phase 1 Lecture (Annex 1.1)
                                      - BIGAS Journey Phase 2 Lecture (Annex 1.2)
                                      - BIGAS Journey Phase 3 Lecture (Annex 1.3)
                                      - BIGAS Acorn Phase 1 Workbook for SMEs
                                      (Annex 1.4 )
                                      - BIGAS Acorn EMS Implementation Plan
                                      (Annex 1.5)
                                      - BIGAS Eco-Mapping Exercise (Annex 1.6)
                                      - BIGAS_EMS Introduction for Assessors
                                      (Annex 1.7)

                                      -A Reference Manual from the Philippine
                                      National Standard (PNS BS 8555) on Phased
                                      Implementation of Environmental Management
                                      System has been required as standard reference
                                      of the companies (Annex 2)

                                      Other Training Modules were also

                                      - BIGAS EMS Tool Kit Introductory Module
                                      for Management and Staff (Annex 3)
                                      - BIGAS Philippine Environmental Laws
                                      Registry and Compilation (Annex 4)
                                      - BIGAS Eco-Inspector (Cleaner Production)
                                      (Annex 5)
                                      -Environmental Performance Indicators (EPI)
                                      Module (Annex 6)
                                      -Environmental Management Accounting
                                      Module (Annex 7)
                                      -Palay Check – ICM Module (Annex 8)
                                      -Basic Environmental Awareness Training
                                      (BEAT) Module (Annex 9)
                                      -Clean Transport Training (Annex 10)

                                      Note: the BEAT and Clean Transport Training
                                      Modules were developed in 2006.

• Attendance Sheet of the             Photo documentation and list of APRSCP
                                      Consultants and BCS Staff that attended the
     A= according to plan, B= delayed, C = at risk, D = not possible
Planned                            Actual                                           Appraisal2   Reasons for
                                                                                                 Comments on
  Preparatory Workshop is          Preparatory Workshop (Annex 11)

Indicators 2:
• Attendance Sheet is              See attached attendance sheets on
  available                        -Opening/Introductory Seminars cum
                                   Workshops in                                         A
                                      Laguna Park (Annex 12.1)
                                      Nueva Ecija (Annex 12.2)
                                      Iloilo (Annex 12.3)

                                   - BIGAS Journey Phase1: Getting Management
                                   Commitment and Establishing the Baseline
                                   (Annex 13)
                                   - BIGAS Journey Phase 2: Identifying and
                                   ensuring compliance with legal and other
                                   requirements (Annex 14)
                                   - BIGAS Journey Phase 3: Developing
                                   Environmental Management Program (Annex
                                   - BEAT Trainings (Annex 16)
                                   - Clean Transport Trainings (Annex 17)

• Project video documentary A 30 Minute video documentary on the BIGAS
  is available              Project in DVD format has been prepared (see
                                   separate DVD labeled as Annex 18)
Indicators 3:
• Twenty (20) SME Suppliers,       The twenty (20) SME Suppliers and BCS have           A
  three (3) distributors and two   received certificates of recognition under PNS
  (2) farmers cooperatives are     BS 8555 Integrated Phased Implementation of
  certified                        Environmental Management System at various
                                   Phase 1 - Five (5) SME Suppliers
                                   Phase 1 to 2 - Six (6) SME Suppliers
                                   Phases 1 to 3- Nine (9) SME Suppliers and
                                   Bayer CropScience

                                   Three (3) distributors and two (2) farmers
                                   cooperatives were given certificates of

                                   (See Auditor’s Final Report in Annex 19)

• Certificates of recognition       Certificates of Recognition of the 20 SMEs
  are available                    (Annex 20)

• Project video documentary is     The recognition rites for the 20 SME Suppliers
  available                        is included in the 30 Minute Bigas Project
                                   Documentary on DVD (Annex 18 Separately
                                   attached Disc)
• 15 -30% increase of income
  of farmers have implemented      An average increase of 44% on return on
  IEMS                             investments from 1.6 to 2.3., and 72% in net

Planned                           Actual                                             Appraisal2   Reasons for
                                                                                                  Comments on
                                  income from PhP 25,000 to 43,000. were
                                  generated by the farmers of the Nueva Ecija
                                  and Iloilo BIGAS demonstrations farms, using
                                  Palay Check –ICM during the dry season.
                                  (Annex 21). During the wet season, average
                                  increase of 40% from an average income of
                                  PhP12,000 to PhP16,500 were realized (See
                                  Annex 22 )

• Increase of yield of 10 –       During dry season, the farmers at the BIGAS
  15% per hectare.                demonstration farms in Nueva Ecija and Iloilo
                                  generated increase of 40% and 50%,
                                  respectively. The Nueva Ecija demo farms
                                  were able to show increase yields from 5.20
                                  tons / hectare to 7.28 tons / hectare . The
                                  Iloilo demonstration farms were able to show
                                  increase in yield from 5.03 tons / hectare to
                                  7.53 tons per hectare (refer to Annex 21.0 and
                                  Annex 21.1 )
                                  In the wet season, farmers yield in the Iloilo
                                  demonstration farm increased to 80% from 2.8
                                  tons/hectare to 5.0 tons/hectare. Nueva Ecija
                                  demo farm had a 20% increase from 4.4
                                  tons/hectare to 5.5 tons per hectare.(refer to
                                  Annex 22.0 and Annex 22.1)

Indicators 4:
• Results of and success of the   The results of the project were propagated in          A
  project are propagated by the   various fora, publications and media:
  workshops and publications
                                  a) Presented in the Bayer Cropscience
                                     Science Forum 2006 held on May 2006 at
                                     Monnheim, Germany (See Annex 23 )
                                  b) Entry to Bayer Global Excellence in
                                     Communication (See Annex 24)
                                  c) Entry to Bayer QSHE Awards 2006 (See
                                     Annex 25)
                                  d) Philippines Business for Social Progress
                                     and Philippines Business for the
                                     Environment as benchmarking for IPEMS
                                     approach (See Annex 26 )
                                  e) Conference of Sustainability of the Planet
                                     in Stockholm, Sweden on October 3 & 4,
                                     2006 (See Annex 27) and
                                  f) The Project status is posted in Website
                                  g) To be presented in the Pollution Control
                                     association annual conference in april,2007

• Newspaper                       Newspaper Clippings on the BIGAS Project
  articles/publications are       in local newspapers (Annex 28)
  available                       - On the BIGAS Project Launch
                                  - Interview with Dr. Castillo by Philippine Star
                                   - Write up for BIGAS after radio interviews of

Planned                    Actual                                             Appraisal2   Reasons for
                                                                                           Comments on
                           Tess Cayton, Iiinas Lao and Tad Bautista and
                           Mario Padilla)

                           - A Presentation on Rice Straw Burning was
                           discussed in a Technical Working Group of the
                           Department of Environment and Natural
                           Resources (DENR) Office last June 2006. (see
                           Annex 29). As a result, the campaign was
                           featured in news articles in a nationwide
                           newspapers, and discussed in various radio

• Brochure is available    One page brochure as printed and distributed
                           during the BIGAS Recognition rites. (see Annex

• Report on findings and   -Mentors Reports (Annexes 31.1 and 31.2. )
  action taken             -BIGAS Presentation to BCS Executive
                           Committee (Annex 32 )
                           -Before and After Photodocumentation on the
                           results of EMS Implementation in Companies
                           (Annex 33 )
                           -Letter of Bayer CropScience CEO, Mr. Joe
                           Reynolds, to the participants invoking its
                           commitment to implement Bayers Global Policy
                           to get suppliers that are environmentally
                           compliant and Corresponding response of the
                           participating suppliers on the benefit that they
                           got in joining BIGAS (see samples in Annex 34)

                           The BIGAS learnings by suppliers will be
                           sustained and improved thru periodic meetings
                           and trainings with BCS staff and external

                           The sustainable growing of rice using Palay
                           Check , advocacy against straw burning and use
                           of micro organisms to compost the rice straw on
                           site will form part of Marketing responsibility
                           to better disseminate to all BCS rice farmer
                           customers in the country

Activities (acc. to Annex 2 of the PPP Contract of Performance

                 Planned                                      Actual                      Appraisal3       Reasons for
                                                                                                          Comments on
 Activities 1:
 • Conduct of a three day               A two-day workshop was held at the Technopark         A        The target duration of
   preparatory workshop on the          Hotel in Laguna from 17 to 18 October 2005 to                  three days were
   development of training              develop training modules on the Integrated                     shortened to 2 days,
   tools; participants are              Phased Implementation of Environmental                         to reallocate time of
   representatives BCS and              Management System (IPEMS), incorporating the                   the International
   consultants on                       Environmental Management System,                               Consultant to other
   EMS/EPI/EMA                          Environmental (EMS), Environmental                             activities
                                        Performance Indicator (EPI) and Environmental
 • Development of Training              Management Accounting (EMA). The APRSCP
   tools on IEMS                        Consultants and BCS Staff participated in the                  Other Modules were
                                        workshop. Training Modules were developed on                   finalized and or
 • Completion of the training           Integrated Phased Environmental Management                     developed during the
    manual                              System (IPEMS) for the BIGAS Participants.                     Phase 1
                                        The EMS Module was adopted from the Acorn                      Implementation
                                        Method of IEMA following the British Standard
                                        BS 8555 and Philippine Standard PNS BS 8555).
                                        The EPI and EMA Modules were finalized in
                                        February 2006. Sustainable Agriculture Module
                                        was adopted from the Phil-Rice’s Palay Check -
                                        Integrated Crop Management.

                                        Other Training Modules were also developed
                                        during the course of Phase 1 implementation:
                                         -BEAT - Basic Environmental Awareness
                                         - Clean Transport Modules on Air Pollution
                                         101, Economical Driving and Inspection and
                                         Maintenance were adopted from Swisscontact’s
                                         Clean Air Program.

 Activities 2:
 • Organization of an opening          • An Opening / Introductory Seminar cum                A        Three opening/
   workshop to introduce the             Workshop on IPEMS for the SME Suppliers                       introductory seminars
   new program(one day, about            were held at the Technopark Hotel in Laguna on                cum workshops had
   100 participants)                     21 October 2005. Around 91 participants from                  to be organized for
                                         21 Suppliers attended the workshop. Seven (7)                 logistical and cost
                                         BCS Staff also participated in the workshop.                  effective reasons (It
                                                                                                       would be cheaper to
                                       • Separate Introductory Seminars on BIGAS’                      send Bigas Team
                                         Sustainable Agriculture (SA) and Integrated                   members to the site
                                         Phased Management Systems (IPEMS) for the                     than invite 120
                                         Farmers Cooperatives and Distributors were                    participants from the
                                         also organized                                                province (Nueva
                                         - in Talavera, Nueva Ecija (Central Luzon) on                 Ecija and Iloilo to
                                         22 Nov 2005 with one (1) farmers’ cooperative,                Manila and pay for
                                         one (1) federation of cooperatives, one (1)                   hotel and transport
                                         distributor, personnel from the Land Bank,                    fare.
                                         Office of the Governor with 60 participants

        A= according to plan, B= delayed, C = at risk, D = not possible
           Planned                                      Actual                           Appraisal3       Reasons for
                                                                                                         Comments on
                                    - in Sara, Iloilo on 30 Nov 2005 with one (1)
                                    farmers’ cooperative and two (2) distributors
                                    with 61 participants attending.

• Documentation of Status quo     Baseline data gathered on farm yields and income
  at the beginning of the         were obtained from the Bureaus of Agricultural             A
  project                         statistics data and on interview with farmers
                                  about their past yields.

                                  Under normal conditions, they can get an average
                                  yield of 4.5–5.0 tons of rice grain per hectare
                                  during the dry season (DS) and 3.5–4.0 tons per
                                  hectare (t/ha) during the wet season (WS).
                                  According to the Dept. of Agriculture – Bureau of
                                  Agri. Statistics, the average yield in Nueva Ecija
                                  is 5.03 t/ha DS and 4.36 t/ha WS while in Iloilo, it
                                  is 2.96 t/ha DS and 2.83 t/ha WS

                                  Status of Companies before implementing the
                                  EMS are included in the BIGAS Project Video
                                  (Annex 18) and in the Before and After Photo
                                  Documentation (Annex 33)
                                                                                                      Due to the constraint
• Division of the participants    The BIGAS Team has conducted several in-                            on the availability of
  into 10 groups and conduct      company /on site tutoring and monitoring for each                   participating
  of monthly tutoring seminars    of the twenty four (24) suppliers on demand,                        company’s personnel,
  over a period of 9 months.      based on the availability of the companys’ Green                    it was not possible to
                                  team. A total of 179 mentoring sessions were                        conduct monthly
                                  conducted. Please see Mentors days on the acttual                   tutoring.
                                  time spent per company (Annex 35)

Activity 3:
• Preparation of a standardized   Standardised Evaluation Report Forms were used             A
  evaluation report               by the Mentors and Auditors based on the Acorn
                                  Method were prepared (Refer to Annex 36 )

• Preparation of Project Video    Video Documentary on the BIGAS Project has
  documentary                     been prepared – refer to (Annex 18 – BIGAS
                                  Project DVD)                                               D        BPS under the PNS
                                                                                                      BS 8555 allows
• Execution of certification by   Audit of the SME Suppliers was conducted by the                     second party
  BPS                             BPS Personnel; the certificates of recognition                      recognition with third
                                  were issued by APRSCP together with BCS.                            party audit. In the
                                                                                                      BIGAS Project
                                                                                                      APRSCP and BCS
                                                                                                      issued the certificates
                                                                                                      of recognition instead
                                                                                                      of BPS

           Planned                                     Actual                           Appraisal3       Reasons for
                                                                                                        Comments on

Activities 4:
• Set up of a demonstration      Three demonstration farms have been set up each            A
  farm to showcase sustainable   for Nueva Ecija and Iloilo in the dry season. After
  agriculture                    the Palay Check training of the farmers
                                 cooperatives in the two areas, a total of 88 farmers
                                 set up demonstration field trials on sustainable           B        No publication yet
                                 rice farming covering approximately 200 hectares                    several presentations
                                 per season                                                          in power point and
                                                                                                     tarpaulin posters

• Launch publications            - BIGAS papers and tarpaulins (see Annex 37)
                                 were presented in different environmental exhibits
                                 (DENR 19th Foundation Day, Recyclable
                                 Collection Event organized by Philippine
                                 Business for the Environment,
                                 Laguna Expo 2006 organized by Ayala Land at
                                 Glorietta Mall from July 16 to July 25 and
                                 Alabang Town Center from August 5 to August
                                 12, 2006,
                                 Management Association of the Philippine
                                 General Membership Meeting held at Manila Pen
                                 last June 7; 2006
                                 Philippine Chamber of Commerce Inc General
                                 Membership meeting last June 27, 2006 and
                                 9th Asia Pacific Responsible Care Conference held
                                 at Shang-rila Hotel November 2005.
• Development of a study/
  brochure including a status    Several analyses/studies were initiated on the
  quo analysis, comparison of    cost Savings of selected companies on
  the actual results and the     implementing EMS (Annex 38). Specific
  achieved target results        company case studies made by companies:
                                 -AV-GATZ Presentation (Annex 39)
                                 -COEX Presentation (Annex 40)
                                 -Before and After Photo documentation show
                                 improvements in the companies which                                 The closing
                                 implemented EMS (Annex 33)                                          ceremony was moved
                                                                                                     from last week of
                                 Baseline Emissions Results were gathered by the                     September to first
                                 BIGAS Team at the Bayer Plant-site (Annex 41)                       week of December
                                                                                                     2006 due to
                                 – Presentation about Sustainable Agriculture                        replanting of demo
                                 activities using the concept of BIGAS                               trials plots in some
                                 (Annex 42)                                                          areas destroyed by
                                                                                                     the typhoons.

• Organization of one closing    Recognition rites for the BIGAS Participants as a
  workshop (one day)             closing ceremony for the BIGAS Project was held
                                 on 6 December 2006 at the Discover Suites,
                                 Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

                                 See Program of BIGAS Recognition rites, (Annex
                                 43)., BIGAS Recognition Night Photos (Annex

Planned                       Actual                        Appraisal3    Reasons for
                                                                         Comments on
          44), photos of some tarpaulins from BIGAS
          partners displayed during the BIGAS recognition
          night. Annex 45), Testimonials of Companies
          presented during the ceremony (Annex 46)

                               List of Annexes

Annex 1.0     Original Training Modules from the Acorn Method with permission from the
              Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment of Britain was
              adopted as the BIGAS EMS Training Manual.

Annex 1.1     BIGAS Journey Phase 1 Lecture Gaining Management Commitment and
              Establishing the Baseline
Annex 1.2     BIGAS Journey Phase 2 Lecture Identifying and ensuring compliance
              with legal and other requirements
Annex 1.3     BIGAS Journey Phase 3 Lecture
Annex 1.4     BIGAS Acorn Phase 1 Work Book for SMEs
Annex 1.5     BIGAS Acorn EMS Implementation Plan Template
Annex 1.6     BIGAS EcoMap Exercise
Annex 1.7     BIGAS_EMS Introduction for Assessors

Annex 2       PNS BS 8555 Official Manual
Annex 3:      BIGAS EMS Tool Kit
Annex 4       BIGAS Environmental Laws (Registry of Relevant Philippine Environmental
              Laws )
Annex 5:      BIGAS Eco-Inspector (Evaluation Tool for Cleaner Production)
Annex 6:      BIGAS EPI Module (Environmental Performance Indicators)
Annex 7:      BIGAS EMA Module (Environmental Management Accounting)
Annex 8:      BIGAS Palay Check ICM Module (Integrated Crop Management)
Annex 9:      BEAT Module (Basic Environmental Awareness Training)
Annex 10      BIGAS Clean Transport Modules (Air Pollution 101, Economical Driving,
              Inspection and Maintenance)

Annex 11      Preparatory Workshop Photodocs (Photo documentation of the Seminar
              Workshop and list of APRSCP Consultants and BCS Staff that attended the
              Preparatory Workshop )

12.1 - 12.3   Attendance Sheets: Introductory Seminar on IEMS cum Launching at the
              Laguna Techno Park Hotel (Oct 19, 2005), Talavera, Nueva Ecija (Nov.
              2005), Iloilo (Dec 2005)

Annex 13      Attendance Sheet: BIGAS Journey Phase 1 of PNS BS 8555 (Jan 11, 2006)
Annex 14      Attendance Sheet: BIGAS Journey Phase 2 of PNS BS 8555 (Mar 23, 2006)
Annex 15      Attendance Sheet: BIGAS Journey Phase 3 of PNS BS 8555 (Jul 12, 2006)
Annex 16      Attendance Sheets: BEAT – Basic Environmental Awareness Training
Annex 17      Attendance Sheets: Clean Transport Training (Economical Driving and
              Inspection and Maintenance
Annex 18      BIGAS Project Video in DVD format (separately attached Disc)
Annex 19      BIGAS Auditors’ Report (Audit on compliance of companies with regard to
              Phase 1 to 3 of BS8555)
Annex 20      BIGAS Certificates of Recognition
Annex 21.0    BIGAS Farm Results (Yield and Income of Farmers in the Demonstration
              Farms, Dry Season)
Annex 21.1    BIGAS Farm Results, Tabulated Data (Yield and Income of Farmers in the
              Demonstration Farms, Dry Season)
Annex 22.0    BIGAS Farm Results (Yield and Income of Farmers in the Demonstration
              Farms, Wet Season)
Annex 22.1    BIGAS Farm Results, Tabulated Data (Yield and Income of Farmers in the
              Demonstration Farms, Wet Season)
Annex 23      Entry_Bayer QHSE Awards 2006, Monheim

Annex 24      Entry- Bayer Excellence in Communication 2006
Annex 25           Bayer QHSE Entry
Annex 26           Bayer Entry to the PBE Benchmarking on Greening the Supply Chain
Annex 27           Sustainability of the Planet Conference (BIGAS Presentation and Entry into
                   said Conference held in Sweden)
Annex 28           Media Clippings on the BIGAS Project
Annex 29           Rice Straw Uses
Annex 30           BIGAS Brochure (Electronic Copy)
Annex 31.1         Mentors’ Report Phase 1
Annex 31.2         Mentors’ Report Final
Annex 32           BIGAS Report to the BCS Executive Committee
Annex 33           BIGAS Before and After Changes (Photo documentation on the status of the
                   companies and the changes implemented after EMS)
Annex 34           Letter of BCS Regarding Global Policy on Suppliers environmental
                   compliance and the response of select companies on the benefits they
                   generated from BIGAS Project)
Annex 35           BIGAS Company Visits /Mentor Days (Time spent with the Companies by
                   the mentors
Annex 36           BIGAS Evaluation Forms
Annex 37           Exhibit Photos (Photo documentation on Events/ Exhibitions where BCS
                   have participated)
Annex 38           BIGAS Cost Savings (Select companies cost savings from EMS)
Annex 39           AV-Gatz Case Study (Company Presentation on cost savings due to EMS)
Annex 40           COEX Case Study (Company Presentation on cost savings due to EMS)
Annex 41           Bayer Emission Testing Results (Baseline Data on Emissions of Vehicles
                   tested at BCS Compound)
Annex 42           Presentation about Sustainable Agriculture activities using the concept of
Annex 43           BIGAS Recognition Night Program
Annex 44           Photos at the BIGAS Recognition Night
Annex 45           Tarpaulins of BIGAS Partners displayed during the Recognition Night
Annex 46           BIGAS Company Testimonials


                                List of Abbreviations

APRSCP             Asia Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production
BCS                Bayer CropScience
BEAT               Basis Environmental Awareness Training
BIGAS              Bayer CropScience Integrated Environmental Gains Along the Supply Chain
                   for Sustainable Agriculture

BPS                Bureau of Product Standards
EMS                Environmental Management System
EMA                Environmental Awareness Training
EPI                Environmental Performance Indicators
ICM                Integrated Crop Management
IEMS / IPEMS       Integrated Environmental Managements System / Integrated Phased
                   Environmental Management System
PBE                Philippine Business for the Environment
PhilRice           Philippine Rice Research Institute


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